A Work In Progress for the Jesta Heiliger Schilder

By , May 28, 2014 10:00 am

Hi True believer. It been a week and I would like to share with everyone on how my Jesta Heiliger Schilder is being constructed. And you are able to see some changes which made into the final piece but some that didn’t. I think it will be great to share the thoughts process and creations.

Armors pieces is being added onto the Jesta during pre-productions.

The Big Shield being mounted on the back pack of the Jesta

The signature horn added to the head armor of the Jesta.

A close up on the modifications.

A close look at the back of the Holy Shield of Jesta

As per the picture show below. Jesta is dual wielding but in the end I decided to stick onto the big beam rifle instead of dual wielding. Another thing that was removed was the energy cables that are floating out of the armor.

And finally is the burst shield effects parts shooting out but was drop at the end of the productions.

Hope this can give everyone some insights whom is keen in learning how to build gundams or other type of model kits an idea. It a long process but most importantly keep switching things out to see which one works well with your design Till then True Believers. See you soon.

A long return. Jesta Heiliger Schilder Custom

By , May 23, 2014 12:33 pm

Hi true believers. Been a while since I posted anything. So sorry for that as I was totally into my new day time job(Yes, I’m finally taking a Day time job and more more or less things are stable, I’m returning back into blogging as why you say…..It because I love blogging!!! :D)

Ok for a new start. I would like to share with everyone on one of my recent entry for a group build. Hosted by a good friend of Mine, Kenny aka Toymaker and Hobby Arts Gallery. The theme is called Jesta. It a group build where you can custom your Jesta unit (1/144 or 1/100) scale to any type of Mobile suit you wanted to portray. For those who are not familiar with Jesta. It a grunt unit from the hit Gundam OVA Anime series Gundam Unicorn. And for this time. I be using the HGUC 1/144 scale version.

I based off my designs from an old art sketches I did a long time ago using a RX-78 Gundam as a base. But the Jesta unit has a vibe which is cool yet non flamboyant. But if you have know me long enough. You know I like my creation to have an abstract visual touch to it. Hence I revert back to the old sketches off my old sketches book and came up with this idea.

The words Heilier Schilder is German. Hence the translations into english means= Holy Shield.

As you have notice. The Jesta is carrying a huge break apart shield on it back. During the design, It was design to have the shield and shield bits to detached itself from the Jesta to form a giant beam shield which covers 360 degrees within 3 KMs radius. Which it could mount the giant Vernichtung ( Mega beam cannon ) on the main shield, it could take apart the enemies Mobile suits from behind the front line yet still guarding the base. This Jesta is designed to be a walking sniper unit that is capable of guarding the important command center from any enemies fires hence the Holy Shield which will deflects all sorts of Bombings and beam attacks.

Here are the photos taken by Kenny during the event.

And last but not least I also won a MG kit sponsered by HobbyArts Gallery and Jeff. And here is Jeff presenting to me my prize.

Till next week. More gunpla coming soon. Stay tune.

Food for thoughts. Email Marketing!!! All Running Men can make more Money!!!

By , November 26, 2013 11:02 am

Hi True Believers. Would like to share something very different with everyone today.

I’m sure almost all Running Men in the sales and marketing industries has sent an email or two but received less then little results. Is it because of the method of ideologies are different? Customer scooping method is wrong? Or it just us?

I strongly believed it could be due to a few factor. Let me break it down to you. See if you would agree to me.

We email our marketing materials to customers for a sole purpose. To generate potential prospects for the business.

What is the pushing factor behind email marketing? It is to build the gears of fortune. It helps nourish the purchasing cycles from B to B or B to C into it own life form. Fully Automated whereby your Running Men can focus on expanding their marketing reach instead while you handle the sales automated by this set of Gears of Fortune.

There is so much things you as a Running Man can do. You could actually create unique emails to attract almost any kind of customers. Depending on the products and services you are marketing. Even if they don’t wish to make the purchase now. Your uniquely planned out emails will generated a tremendous amount of interests for them to be willing to join your mailing group and be openly willing to receive all your emails. This is the term “Receptive” And “Receptive” will always be accompanied by “Agreeing” And “Making Purchase” with little to no effort. So are you ready my fellow Running Men? I shall share the few simple steps that other successful Running Men is using till this day.

Step 1: Start conjuring up a informational “booklet”

All you need to do now is to get your targeted range of customer to be keen in your offering and thus signing up to be under your mailing list. A “booklet” or small digest with a few good topics that targets to educated and to give them a little push in the right direction mentally to veer towards buying your services or products. Don’t under-estimated this step as it the most important of them all in this set of Gears. Of course ideally is to “Conjure” up 1 or 2 emails with this mentality. And making sure the information you provided inside your email is easy to digest and on the go. This will make the customers who sign up or are looking forward to sign up feels easy and “Receptive” You must also make sure that the information inside the email is getting the targeted audiences. How you do that is up to your own interpretations skills. As long as you remember to highlight the key features of the services or products you are marketing on. Any kind of worthy tools are considered compliments on your services or products and not because of the extra add on that will make the item reach its full potential. This is very important as it gives the customer a sense of it a completed products and not something which has to count in the extra added on feature to make it whole. By the 1st glance your product or services should be considered the best of there are or the king of the hill. Make sure your emails make your customers feels that way.

2: Promotions?

Promotions should always be one of the key factors when creating a “Booklet” or “Email. Reason for doing so is us. Humans are all very attune to bring flashing lights or anything like words or images which thru our long culture has tells us that “ This is something good, It comes free, Ohh.” It has always been 1 of the key to unlock our “Shopping Ninja” that we all has, locked up deep inside our sub-conscious mind. And this key will set the Shopping Ninja Free. So in order to tap into that. You will need a few key things. 1st is to always provide a limited offer that would compliments the products or services when they purchase them. 2nd will be to ensure that there will be extra value in the lowest prices anyone could have fork out for. This no matter how expensive your pricing is or your competitors has offered. Studies have shown that once a customer has agreed that your services are good, he is attracted to the emails you have sent. Chances are if you are more expensive in regards to your price point. Customers will choose you. So have some faith in yourself! This will happened naturally if you have done your step 1 well.

Step 3: Provide additional incentives to those in your mailing list.

Now now, I know what you are think. Giving out incentives? There is a good reason for it. It was design to spice up your mailing list once is a while during the down period or the slow down season of your own trades or business. There is a few reasons for doing so. Let me explain. 1st is to gain as much exposures to the customers who has not taken the 1st steps or are in denial even though they wanted your product or services so badly. Could be a few reason, family members don’t allows the purchase, holding out the cash for other things else, or maybe buying a new car? There could be thousands of reasons which are all true. So when you are doing the additional incentives in your mailing list. Make sure they are genuine and also with reasons that will totally propel those dormant customers inside your mailing list to be active and excited again. And at the end you could always sweeten up the deal by giving discount vouchers so they can used it on their future purchase. Set a realistic date like 6 month or 1 year down the road the discount voucher is still usable. Don’t be so cheap and only give them 3 months to utilize the voucher. Good customer base must be build up strong. Not weak in the knees alright J

That is all for skills you needed to make a successful Gears of Fortune for yourself in terms of Email Marketing. So let get cracking Running Men.


Bloggers are not Beggers!!!

By , November 12, 2013 7:08 pm

Hi true believers. I truly believed that everyone would have known about the recent saga between this unknown blogger who goes by Janice Leong and her debacles with Conrad of Lacoco Vivo City or on behalf off.

According to the story being told is this unknown blogger Janice has demanded for a free hair services from the saloon he is speaking on behalf of. He decline her offer to be feature in her blog and after some exchanges of email. Janice started calling Conrad’s names and resorted to “ruin” the saloon’s reputations. Conrad counter back by posting the email exchange online via Facebook and does Janice’s unknown blog and reputation got destroy in the end.

So above are the short version on this issue. Which has gotten me to wonder. Who is right and who is wrong?

I have been a blogger for the past few years. And I have also gotten offer from companies asking for product reviews. I don’t accept all of them as I found some are not within my blogging categories. For E.g. I blogged about Model Kits, toys, IT products, Movies and Video Games. And when I received emails request from companies who wanted me to write coverages on their company’s products like food, books, interior product replacements, and yes…I also received offer to blog about women’s lingerie…. (Yes I’m married, but I don’t think my wife will be comfortable to help me with that review. And I also won’t be comfortable asking her to do so too) With these above products requests. I would have turn them down with a simple email by saying ” Hi, I’m sorry that I would have to decline your company’s offer as the products you wish for me to do a simple coverage don’t falls within my expertise.” Hence both parties can just walk away from there.

Everyone has to understand this is a two way traffics. Both have to come to an agreement. Yes there is one factor which you may consider which is, One of the two maybe a willing party and the other may not. But that don’t means you can be mean towards the other.

An exchange between Janice and Conrad.

So Janice’s short blogging journey may have some to an end. Yes I do agreed she is low on her EQ. Thus this happened. What Conrad say is correct in a sense that her blog’s traffics and her method of writing maybe not be in tune with his business. But does posting the details between them to public social networks consider as a correct move by Conrad?

Let me tell you. “NO!”

Reason is very simple, No matter how bad or piss off you are. You should not lower yourself to the same standard as the person you are dealing with. This goes to show how immature you as a person can be. 2nd thing is, You are a guy, the counter party is just a lady who is new to blogging. She may have low EQ. You are a spoke person for the saloon right? Is this how you want to portray your image or your saloon image? Atas is it LOLZ? Look at the way he replied to her in the email. All these gnarly remarks made you a better person? Hummm I wonder ha ha ha.
Yes the way she express herself is wrong. But by doing this does it makes you feel like a gentleman?

Again “NO!”

Check out this email from Conrad to Janice.

Lastly posting the conversations between you and her. It makes all bloggers who ain’t having these undesirable conducts like Janice Leong look bad. I mean really bad. Do you fully understand what you have done? You are putting it up front to everyone that bloggers are all like that. Who always wanted free stuffs, free services and such. But frankly not everyone is like her. Your way and conducts is the same as this Janice Leong whom you have clearly “Destroy” and thus helps generate traffics to this saloon of yours. Let me give you a piece of advice. To both you and Janice. “Be nice to others, No matter how bad that person is, You don’t have to resort to lowering your own status to meet his/her. As doing so will just goes to show how low your EQ can be and how immature you are.

We Bloggers are not Beggers!!! Get your facts right!!! Those who wanted to be bloggers, my advices to you is to be humble and be true in what you wrote. There is no free lunch in this world. DO your homework and if you blogged well and with substances. Companies or sponsers will come to you.

For those companies or business owners who think you can short changes established bloggers like us due to this stunt pulled by Conrad. Think again as this current era is all about social networking. We have the right to decline offers and to accept offers. And most importantly is, This is a two way traffic, you don’t need to use excuses to say ” If you blogged for us free, we can help generate more traffics for you and make you famous” Cause this is not how it works. Remember that we, Bloggers are the one who drive traffics for your business. This is how the business model is nowadays, Almost every companies have facebook and in order to drive up your revenues. You needed us and we can choose whether if we needed you or not. Different bloggers are experts in different things. Yes, I do fully understand that there is always a black sheep in the herd. But don’t stereotype all bloggers are beggers. Cause clearly we’re not.

Ok I think I have said my share on this. From what we all can learn is. Be nice to others, Be humble and understanding, Be gracious towards others. Don’t make use of other’s plights to gain cause we’re all adults and like an old chinese saying “Paper can never cover up a burning flame”

That all for now true believers. Till next time.

Halloween Special Part 1

By , October 22, 2013 1:00 pm

Hi True Believers. Welcome to my very 1st Halloween specials at Gundam Hanger. Which I hope you are prepared for what is going to come your way for this entire month. Bring your talismans, Holy crosses while taking this trip with me.

Before we get started. I’m a person who believed in a higher power beyond what we’re at. I’m not a Ghost hunter of any kind. But what I do believed is everything happens for a reason. No matter what kind of hauntings we may have seen or heard. You must always remember there is always a history behind all these. We can look at things from the scientific point of view but it will never hurts to heed the advices from old wives tales and the words of our elderly. They in any sense won’t want to harm you by telling you off. It all for your own good. But being adventurous is our nature and with this in mind.

Before I carry on. I would like to introduce a good buddy of mine. IZ-Reloaded and his team is our resident Ghost Hunters. He and his team has investigated numerous famous hauntings location in Singapore. Which I will be covering with my research and the proof and facts his team has discovered during their hunting. All I can say is their evidences all points to one simple fact. When something sounds or looks wrong or odd, which cannot be explained by any science which we know today always hides a dark and sad history.

Check out his site and his famous web series “Singapore Haunted” here.

Singapore Haunted

Here IZ my good buddy 🙂

Now for one last time. Those who are feeling weak at your knees and have a faint heart please take care of yourself. I hope everyone is ready. It time to embark on our dark journey.

Top 3 Most Haunted Places In Singapore.

No 1: East Coast Park Yellow Tower Amber Beacon

Haunting Level: 4 Stars

Details: Words of mouth has rumor that there is haunting activities on the Yellow Tower located in Area C near Car Park C inside East Coast Park. The haunting is cause by a young lady who was rumored to have been brutally raped and killed. Hauntings reports indicated that she will appear as at the top or the staircase crying and moaning.

I’m unable to define which year or date this Rape/Murder case has happened. After snooping around the net. There has been reports that the murderers has been caught. But there is no way to confirm anything.
IZ and his team has visited this location a few times and they have also found evidences of the haunting. Check out this link to for their detail investigations. This video along sent chills down my spine. Don’t believe me? Click on the link to watch it for yourself.

Watch Me !!!


No 2: Old Changi Hospital

Haunting Level: 5 Stars

Details: Old Changi Hospital has been one of the most haunted location in Singapore. Reason for is it long history thru-out the British Colonization and it endure thru the Japanese Occupation during World War 2. You can imagine now a Normal Hospital which deal with birth and death every single day in our current peaceful time. Can you imagine the amount of death tolls it could have racked during war period? Old Changi Hospital has the legendary status of having multiples hauntings. Ranging from old British POWs, Japanese Soldiers and headless figures roam the derelict hospital. It was even rumored that Japanese has converted some rooms inside the Hospital for interrogations and tortures. The amount of deaths up till date is unable to conclude but I don’t have to have an exact counts of the bodies that was piled in Old Changi Hospital during the dark days of Singapore’s History.

You are not allowed to venture into Old Changi Hospital now as it was a restricted area and it going to be converted into a resort or sort. Much details will comes later but so far. Access to Old Changi Hospital is restricted.


No 3: The Charlie Three Door Bunk in Pulau Tekong.

Haunting: 4 Stars

Details: I cannot totally piece up all the information for the three doors Bunk of Pulau Tekong as there are too many versions of it. This is the best I could have compile via the power of the internet.
The story goes this way. During the day of the schedule 24KM route march. There is one recruit who is not feeling well and he reported sick on that day. So his platoon leave for the 24k Route March without him. During the Sick Recruit medical check up by the Medical Officer. The MO decided that this recruit is fit for the route march and decline his sick status. Thus sending the sick recruit was sent back to join his Platoon for the route march.
Upon reaching his platoon his sergeant was surprise that the sick recruit has joined back into the march. He did take notice and inform his buddy to take care of him. Thru out the route march. The sick recruit grew more sick and tired and finally the recruit cannot take it anymore and inform his buddy to carry on ahead and he will need to take a short rest and will join him later. His buddy decided to follow the sick recruit suggestions and proceed ahead.

Time passed and the sergeant signal for a short rest. That is when they do a head count and found one 1 recruit was missing. And the missing recruit is the sick recruit. Panic arise and the Sergeant inform the Platoon Commander and a location search is conducted but the sick recruit is never found. The search continued till the very next morning.
So the very next day morning. The recruit was finally found.. At the exact same location where he requested to rest and ask his buddy to move ahead. But no one found him at that location for the whole night. But now all they found was a lifeless corpse.
The recruit has all his internal organs removed from his body and was place side by side like how a stand by bed locker is. All place in neat and tidy order.

The Platoon commander has the dead recruit carried and place back into his bunk and was place on the same bed the dead recruit used to sleep. Reason is they will have to put him there till main land is able to sent for the morgue assistants to come and collect the body.

Soon enough the body of the dead recruit was collected and everyone thought everything will be fine. But things just got a lot real. The spirit of the dead recruit returns to haunts his bunk mate every night till no one can take it anymore. This haunting affected the morale and health of the other recruits bunking inside this bunk. This supernatural haunting also cause another recruit to hung himself inside the toilet. So in the end there is no choice but to request for spiritual aid from a Taoist Priest. He suggested that the spirit of the initial dead recruit is unable to leave the bunk unless a third door is erected that allows his spirit to leave to the under world. So the camp decided to heel the advice given and erected the third door. And the haunting stops since.

Lastly is my personal close shave with the after life.

I was enlisted in the Army in the year 1998. As a recruit. I was posted to Pulau Tekong Old Camp 1. Where I was to spent my 3 months of my BMT inside the old bunk build during the British days. These bunks are all 1 level . Not the new bunks you see in the new Camps which is concrete building. The one I say is called “Chalet” as per my Platoon Sergeant LOLZ. When I 1st move into the bunk. I notice a lot of talismens and our Singapore Flag is pin on the top of the wall above the bunk door. You must be wondering why I tell you this. Is it because the bunk I stayed in is the 3 doors bunk? Nope  It not but the story is as per my Sergeant. He told us that there was once a recruit who cannot take the pressure due to some reason actually hung himself using the ceiling fan during his confinement at the weekend. But when he was found by his bunk mates. It was already too late. Thus his spirit haunts the bunk that I was once staying in. Usually all of us will be very scare but due to all the training. I sleep like a log every night. But one night one of my bunk mate screams out loud at the top of his lungs. His scream echo thru out the camp until our sergeant came to check things out. It appeared that he saw the spirit of the young recruit hung on top of the fan and was spinning together with the movement of the fan. This happened during the very last month of my BMT training. But maybe I was too tired from all the training. I still sleep like a log till I pass out from my BMT. But the same cannot be said to that bunk mate who has seen the spirit of the dead recruit.

That all for today true believers. Stay tune next week for part 2 of this Halloween Special 2013. Remember to close your window and sleep tight. Ha ha ha……

1st Halloween Special on Gundam Hanger Notice!!!

By , October 1, 2013 9:00 am

Halloween 2013 Special

Hi True Believers. This is the very 1st time that I will be doing a four part special during this year Halloween month.

So I hope you all be ready to take this ride with me down this creepy path. During this month I will be covering these 4 sections. 1: The most haunted places in Singapore. 2nd The most creepy urban legends in Singapore. 3rd The most creepy Video Games ever made and lastly the 4th The most creepy and disturbed movies or flims to watch.

You have been warned that this month all the posts related to Halloween will be very disturbing and most likely be downright haunting to get you ready for all the Halloween events that you can join to heighten the experiences and to enjoy the festival moods with the Undead.

You may sent me your own horror stories on your most haunting experiences that I may compile them into reader’s selections where I will be publishing them on this blog at the end of the Halloween month.

XM-Studios Marvel Series Status Upclose and personal!!!

By , September 28, 2013 9:00 am

Hi True Believer, it me again with another wonder product review. I’m going to breath in deep cause I’m totally out of breath when I reach their studio for the very 1st time to have the very 1st look at their product for the very 1st time since they debut during this year STGCC. You can be very sure that it an absolute honor to be invited to check out their latest product.

I hereby present to everyone XM-Studios The next big thing in the whole world of high end collectibles.

Here is a little bio on their company.
XM Studios® is Singapore’s very own producer of limited edition premium statue collectibles. Sourcing only the most creative designers, experienced sculptors, renowned painters and combining feedback from what fans love and like, XM Studios endeavours to create only the most outstanding original designs of exquisite value.Current franchise properties include Marvel Movie Characters as well as Classic Comic Characters such as Ironman, Hulk, Captain America and many more beloved characters.

Upon reaching XM-Studios. I was greeted by their Managing Director Mr Ben Ang. Ben is a very professional individual who gives me a tour over at their studio and also letting me have a touch and feel on their latest product.

P.s do forgive the stars on some photos as some staffs is camera shy ha ha ha.

Can you imagine that I can actually hold a 1/4 scale Captain America on hand and feel the texture of the sculpting and my god the weight is alone worth the price tag it coming in. Check out these awesome photos I took in their studio. Upon close inspections as a professional scale modeler myself. The details on these statue is totally way off the charts!!!.


Can you see the bullet casing on the base!!! It all hand painted!!! I need my breath. Huff Huff

The details on Iron-Man alone, I could only imagine that the artist would need to takes hundreds of man hours to sculpt all the details and not to mention all the paint job after that.

Iron-Man readying his hand to delivered his Repulsor Blast!

Check out the likeness on Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow. Impressive correct? I know I am

A close up shot of the face plate.

Ben also pass me one of the component that makes up the Arc Reactor on Iron-Man. Of course I’m not going to tell everyone on the secret on how XM-Studios does it but holding such a detail piece of work is already a marvel in micro engineering!!!!

Check out the details on the Arc Reactor!!!!

Now for the 3rd entry in the 1st wave. He is BIG!!! He is Mean!!!, He is Green!!! But He is a loving Hero who defends and protect the weak and Innocents. He is The Incredible HULK!!!

Check out his bulk!!!

Hulk says: You better pre-order me or else I would get ANGRY… You Don’t Like Me When I’m ANGRY!!!

One thing for sure is XM-Studios statue is way more collectible friendly compare to the Hot toys figures. I still cannot get over the gaps on some joints on Hot toys products but for XM-Studios 1/4 scale Marvel Statue. It a clear win. Friendly to collectors and is alot closer to the movie and comic counter parts!!! And the best part is most of the pose is selected personally by Ben and his team of artist. This is the so call “A” pose which best reflected the characters.

I will be visiting XM-Studios soon as they will reveal their box arts, packaging and we hopefully we can have an un-boxing video when the product is near releasing date. In the mean time Pre-Orders for XM-Studio initial 3 statue is open as we speak. If you miss the pre-order price. Be prepare to pay a premium for it on a later date. As these statue are not mass produced and are numbered. According to Ben. These Statues will be release next year April to July Period. As all these statue is hand painted and has to go thru stringent Quality Checks to ensure that you all will get the premium high end products you are always looking for.

Here are the details and how to go about to per-ordering it
The 1st wave release consist of

Iron-Man Mark 42 Comes loaded with Interchangeable head sculpt that feature likeness of Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow as seen in Hit Movie Iron-Man 3.

Pre-Order price = $720 (Retail price at launch $799.90)

Captain America come loaded with detail base and the all American Flag

Pre-Order price = $720 (Retail price at launch $799.90)

The Incredible Hulk come loaded with huge detail base with a mean green attitude

Pre-Order price = $720 (Retail price at launch $799.90)

Please visit following address to make your pre-orders now.

Hobby Atelier
Address: 18 Cross Street, #02-24 China Square Central. Singapore 048423
Tel: 86127866

NINTENDO Wii U Console Review Part 2 of 3

By , September 27, 2013 9:00 am

Hi true Believers. It time for part 2 of the Nintendo Wii U system review. Last time I gave everyone a look at the overall look of the new Wii U console and their revolutionary Touch screen game pad. Courtesy of Spin Enjoyment. So without further ado. Let jump into the software side of the new Nintendo Wii U console.

Upon booting up the Nintendo Wii U console. You are greeted with the opening screen. And soon you will see the duo screen effects. The main display on your TV will always the Wii U universe. Where every players who is currently online will be showed on your TV screen. It a totally rad as gamers around the world gathering in front of your TV screen. You can interact with everyone of them via Miiverse. Which I will go in depth later.

So cute!!! Take a look at the Mii Universe on your TV screen.

The 2nd screen will be your Nintendo Wii U Channels screen. Where you have access to a lot of things. 1st off is on the top upper left corner is your Login Miiverse account. That is the character that you created using the Mii creation tool.

Main Screen on your Gamepad

Following by the 1st icon from the left is your game disc channel. It will display the current game disc that you have inserted inside the console. Follow on by Options, Where you can make changes on how your console will work. But it all minor stuffs inside. Like setting how long the system will auto shut-down after spending some time in-active. Inside the Option menu, you are able to configure your wireless settings too.

After that We have Video Chat. One of the main feature which I really like. I’m able to do video calls to my friends I have made over the Miiverse. Be sure to dress well when making a video chat everyone 😀
The next Channel is the Virtual Wii channel. Once loaded in you are able to play your Original Nintendo Wii game disc. And you are required to sync your WiiMote in order to use this channel. Do take note that even though the Nintendo Wii U is a HD system. The Virtual Wii still play it game in Standard Definitions only. It will not be “HD-fied”

Overall after trying out The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword on Virtual Wii. You can see the jagged edges off the polygons. So in my honest point of view. Play your Wii games off your Nintendo Wii still looks better on the Virtual Emulations off Nintendo Wii U Virtual Wii system. Cause it designed for HD games.

The following is the stats, It records your game play details. The following Channel is the Parental Control, It works the same as the Original Nintendo Wii console. If you activated this channel, It will request a password to play games which is required for mature gamers. So Super Mario U is safe. So go get them Mums and Dads.

Now for the juicer portion of this review. The bottom selection bar on the Channel screen.

You have 5 icons which is separated from the Channels. The 1st Icon is the Miiverse Icon.
Miiverse is just like a community board or if you can say it, Nintendo’s Own Facebook page. You can go into the board and go into any game channels based off all the games that is release on Nintendo Wii U game library. Once you are in, you can see gamers from all around the world posting their thoughts, asking for help, make a drawing based off the game, post screen shots from In game. You also have the ability to follow any certain board by clicking to follow it. Just like how you press “Liked” on your facebook. The new posts will always be ported over to your page when you click on Miiverse. You can even click on the box named “Yeah!” which is equivalent to “Like” in Facebook. Another unique feature is you can access Miiverse to chat, post and “Yeah!” to other gamers while in game. All you need to do is pause the game. Press the “home” button on the bottom centre of your gamepad and click on the Miiverse icon to jump directly into the boards to do your posting. Once done. Just press the Home button and select your game channel to bounce back into the game. This save the trouble of saving the game. Quit and post then go load the game back. So it very innovative to me.

How the “Facebook” twin looks like LOLZ

Some gamers even make wonderful drawing to post on Miiverse. Check this out.

The 2nd Icon is the Nintendo Online store
. As so far Wii U is not officially launch. You cannot use your own credit cards to buy Nintendo credits to purchase classic games and DLCs for newer games. But you can purchase Nintendo point cards off Comic connections for a premium and used it on the E-shop.

Check out the Nintendo E-shop

The 3rd Icon is the Internet Browser. You mainly use it like a normal Internet browser.

The 4th Icon is the Nintendo Wii U TV. It not usable locally, It just like the Netflicks in US. You can rent and watch shows or movies off Nintendo Wii U.

Some screen shots I pulled from the official source.

How the movie will looks like on screen. Why we don’t have this kind of service in Singapore except for Mio TV and Starhub as choices only???

The last Icon is Notifications. Which the system updates you on things like update or such.

Finally the last icon is the “screen switch” which is on the bottom right of the game pad touch screen. Which with one touch. You will switch the Wii Universe from the TV to your gamepad and your Gamepad channels will port over to your TV.

So this concludes the 2nd part of the review. Stay tune for the 3rd and final part of the Nintendo Wii U console review. Where I will be reviewing the Game Pad in details when using with Games that Howard has sponsored for me to review it. This is about the unique features you can do with the game pad and such. But will not be an in-depth review of the games itself. So in the near future weeks I will be doing another separated review on the Games like Zombi U and Assassin’s Creed 3. Sort of like how my regular video games review which will focus on the games instead of the accessories or in this case the gamepad. So till next time True Believers .

NINTENDO Wii U Console Review Part 1 of 3

By , September 15, 2013 3:05 pm

Hi True Believers. It a me, Reeve. Let take a look at the Nintendo WII U (Insert Italian accent)

1st of all before I begin my 3 part review. I would like to personally express my thanks to the CEO of Spin Enjoyment.Co, Mr Howard Goh. For making this review came true. Spin Enjoyment.Co is part of the parent company that was owned by Mr Howard’s Father Mr Goh Chin Teck. So stay tune for more exciting entertainment products from Spin Enjoyment.Co.

The Nintendo Wii U console and games are sponsored by Spin Enjoyment.Co solely for this 3 part review. So Thank you again Howard for giving me this chance to review this next gen Nintendo Gaming Console as I believed I was the only one in Singapore right now who is having a sponsored gaming console unit to review and to keep. As a gamer myself. How could I resist this LOLZ.

According to Howard, Spin Enjoyment will soon launch an online shopping website where you can just purchase entertainment products ranging from Electronic Entertainment systems like Gaming Console, Retro Gaming devices and rental of Video Games. They will also be selling Toys and Collectibles like Action Figures and dress apparels based off movies and games. Another thing is they also retail novelty gifts for friends and family. I will put up more information here once Howard has launch their website 😀

Here is how I look like after doing some research….No Joke. I’m angry….


Please take note that Nintendo Wii U is not officially launch in Singapore yet. Reason is unknown as the sole distributor is this company called Maxsoft has not done any publications or “Launching Event” till date. I have seen their poster announcing the Wii U console as “Coming Soon” around the period of March 2013. Don’t believed me? Go check out their website and click on Wii U. You will be greeted with a big “Coming Soon”

But the funny thing is until now. Wii U is already launched overseas for the since the start of 2013. While the other parts of the world is already enjoying this new gaming console. We’re left in the dust……

I have not check with Maxsoft personally but having read some reviews on Facebook and Local Nintendo Wii/U console owner. Do take note I have not purchase any things from Maxsoft before so I cannot vouch for anything but one thing I can trust is the words of Netizen due to the fact that is 99% of them says the same thing about Maxsoft. So Either you are very good or really terrible LOLZ 😀 So here is what they all say. They are very piss off with Maxsoft for their lousy services and the way they mark up their console price. Being a sole distributors don’t give you the right to be mean to others right? If you wanted to know how bad their services are. Go run a check on google on their servicing on local 3DS unit. You will know what I’m talking about.

Another thing is imported units of Wii U has been coming in to Singapore and are being sold as small gaming shops. Which is not widely distributed hence the sales of the console is currently slow in the shores of Singapore. But when Wii was launch last time. There is a lot of gamers who bought the unit just for the innovative motion control gaming style made famous by Nintendo Wii. So why is Wii U different? Local Netizen demanded a reason. But till now there is non from their side….

They all believed is all down to the local distributor Maxsoft who is not doing their part to launch the Wii U due to their mark up and was being halted by a lot of gamers who found out that by importing themselves from Amazon is a lot cheaper. Another issue was bought forward to me is they didn’t do any major marketing and promotion about the unit. How can Nintendo allow all these?

After reading all these info. Something struck me. Nintendo is the name I grew up with in the 1980s. Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda is the games I grew up with. It really sad to see it being chopped by distributors who only cares about profit and not bringing joy to gamers. Heck even the US is not that bad. But for Singapore wise… I mean they can launch Nintendo 3DS but don’t even care for Nintendo’s latest next Gen console. Hello!!! It NINTENDO NEXT GEN CONSOLE!!!. Their 1st HD Game Console which can stand on par with PS3 and XBOX 360. Nintendo Wii U is also geared up for processing Next Gen Games that will be release on the upcoming PS4 and XBOX One. So what does that tells you?

So after speaking to a few fans of Nintendo locally. All of them believed that either Nintendo gets another local distributor who treats us local Gamers right or they strongly suggest getting gaming consoles from other source then to put your hard earned money on Maxsoft. You can clearly see the effects as if they distributor don’t do marketing well due to their own profit. Games sales will be slow and hard to come by due to the fact the Console is not being sold locally. You cannot walk into Courts or Best Denki to find games for Wii U cause there is no Local set!!!

Some things to take note off

One more thing about the Wii U and 3DS connections is they can be used to play game together. For an example, 3DS owner who owns Monster Hunter can play together with Wii U owner who owns a copy of Monster Hunter. This is online co-op in action.

I personally don’t own a Nintendo 3DS so I’m not able to do any review for you all until I got one or some sponsors will provide me one to do the review for you all. I’m actually more keen in the 3DS XL. Cause I’m a big size man LOLZ. But I do own a old Nintendo DS Lite and I’m still playing Zelda on it till today.

Speaking about importing.

After currency conversion. One Deluxe unit only cost around $480++ with additional accessories you can tag on. Having check with some other local gamers. All have agreed that the price quote is close to what Maxsoft could have done after marking up is around $600+. So Nintendo Japan. Is this what you wanted to see? By depriving gamers from their favorite new upcoming Nintendo Exclusive games like The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD and Super Smash Brawl? Please do something about this.

Look up here. Assassin Creed 4 Black Flag on Wii U!!! What does this tells you? Nintendo is back on the playing field and they are stronger then ever!!!Nintendo is still kids and family friendly but they are also geared towards hard code gamers and releasing good games that can be found on the current gen and next gen console like Sony and Microsoft is putting out soon. And due to the fact of having Wii U gamepad feature. I can get more with new games release more then the other counter part the Playstation or Xbox can offer. So Please, anyone please make Nintendo Wii U official in Singapore 😀

Rant Ended!!!

Console Review Time 😀 Fanboy Mode On!!!

Ok Now to the meat of this part 1 of the console review. This unit is a US Unit. This is the basic 8GB set. There is another Black Wii U set called the Deluxe set with sports a 32gb memory space. But we’re going to focus on the 8GB basic set only. But I would suggest to get the Deluxe set as it contains more goodies and a free game inside. Unless white is your thing (Apple sydrome anyone? LOLZ)

Out of the box, It will contain 2 trays.

Box content.

1: Wii U Console
2: Wii U Gamepad with Touch Screen
3: Power brick to be used for the Wii U Console
4: Power brick to be used for the Wii U Gamepad
5: 1 HDMI Cable
6: Wii Sensor Bar
7: Instructional Manual

Do take note that due to this is an Imported unit. The power brick plug size is different from Singapore three pin plug. So all you need to do is to grab a adapter that convert the pin to three pin plug will do. The voltage is dual so it will automatically switch to local voltages.

This is the new Nintendo Wii U Console fully hook up to my TV. Notice how slim and small this console is? Sexy Ya 🙂

And check out the gorgeous Wii U Game pad!!! WOO!!!

And my good old Nintendo Wii. Still in her prime and she rocks!!! But she is not running on HDMI but AV Component cables. And The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Swords still kick ass

Upon setting up the unit. All you need to do is to follow the instruction manual to hook up the unit to your TV. Once that is done. Go and do a system update. While charging your Gamepad controller at the same time. You will ask “Why?”. Cause the initial update took me around 2 hours to finish. And while the system is updating it firmware ( This is a must as most new games will required you to do the update, this will also help solve some previous issue with the load time of games) Your game pad will be fully charge.

So now we check out some games Howard gave for me for this 3 part reviews. The Wii U game case is almost the same size of the original Wii game case.

Check it out side by side with my Zelda Twilight Princess. One more thing is the Wii U case is Eco friendly. Used recycle plastic. Good work for the environment.

How it looks inside the Wii U game case.

Compare to Wii game case.

Zombi U and Assassin Creed 3!!! Ok I have to be frank, I’m a fan of survival horror and Zombi U is in my alley. Assassin Creed 3 I have already gotten it for my PS3. But I will be revisiting the Civil War and meet the founding fathers again with Conner in Assassin Creed 3 on the Wii U.

LOLZ, Check it out. Not for resale ha ha ha.

Check out my current gaming set up. Did you notice something?

There is a lot of white gaming consoles in my house LOLZ. My PS3, My Nintendo Wii and now the new Nintendo Wii U. So this is part 1 of my 3 parts review for the Nintendo Wii U. Next time I will be reviewing the Nintendo Wii U specs and game pad which will once again revolutionize the way we games.

Till next time. Stay Cool and Keep gaming. And remember if you have things or gadgets your company wanted me to review on. You can reach me via my mobile or email listed on the top right hand side of my blog 🙂


By , August 23, 2013 10:25 am

Kick-Ass 2!!! Welcome true believers. It time for another movie review. This time brought to you by OMY.sg and United International Picture. We’re invited to attend the private screening of Kick-Ass 2 the movie. In case you didn’t know. Kick-Ass was created by comic book artists Mark Miller and John Romita Jr. And this is a direct sequel of the 2010 Kick-Ass which tells the Origins of this comic adaptation.

Notice: This movie is for 18 years and above. No Minors ok 🙂

Trailers Time!!!

Standard Version

[youtube qc6tL8cd9KQ]

Naughty language Restricted Version( Do not click this unless you are 18 years and above. Parents if you seen your kids click on this. Stop them. You have been warned)

[youtube FadLk0egtPs]

Directed by Jeff Wadlow

Starring: Aaron Taylor Johnson as Dave Lizewski aka Kick-Ass, Chloe Grace Moretz as Mindy Macready aka Hit-Girl. Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Chris D’Amico aka The “Mother F*&^er”(Due to we have younger readers. I better leave his name out. But you can check out the movie to find out his Alter-Ego’s Name)and Lastly one of my favorite actor of all times beside Mr Clint Eastwood. Mr Jim Carrey who plays Colonel Stars and Stripes.

This Movie takes off a few years after the 1st movie. Dave has lead a normal life after putting down his crime fighting career to a halt since Big Daddy has died and Mindy aka Hit-Girl has adopted by Marcus. The friend of Big Daddy. Dave’s life has been a norm but what he did back then has inspired ordinary citizens to come front and don their cape to become super heroes that fights and protect the innocents out on the street.
Another reason why Dave feels so insecure about his life is he still miss the front line action when he was Kick-Ass. So he approached Mindy to help him train. Thus pushing the story forward.

Mindy on the other hand has grown older and in her teenage years. Aww what girls during that age will do 😀 Listening to boy bands. Little hearts fluctuated to the looks of young handsome men. That is the phase Mindy is going thru. She tried to lead a normal life but due to an important turn of event that happened to Dave. She once again put on her Hit-Girl costume and when into full fledge war against the Evil Mega C*&T that was lead by Chris.

Jim Carrey puts up an outstanding performances but without the usual quirky Jim Carrey-ques Movement. You know what I mean by that right ha ha ha. He looks bitter and torn inside the movie and for an actor of his caliber. He is one of the best and no one can portray Colonel Stars and Stripes as well as he does. Love his dog also ha ha ha.

While Chris on the other hand is one of the main star who propel this movie forward, The way he turns into the Super Villain is heinous yet funny at the same time. The way he recruits his evil gangs called The Evil Mega C*#T and how he name them is really stereo typing. And do watch out for one of his Henchmen called Mother Russia. She is Awesome!!!

I will no spoilt further of the story plot. Tomorrow is the start of the weekend and I seriously think you all should pop by the nearest cinemas to catch this movie. Oh and yes. DO stay for the after credit scene. Don’t miss that.

Oh one more thing. If you are a fan boy like me who reads Kick-Ass comic series. Do take note that there are changes inside this movie that kinda make sense during the live action adaptations. Which are not reflected or altered from the comic books itself. I won’t tell you which one so you have to go and find it out ha ha ha. And also at the end of the flim. You will find out that Mindy did something which you thought it might not be possible. If you know what I mean hee hee.

Check it out. My 1st issue of Kick-Ass comic issue 1. Still one of my favorite series till date ha ha ha(Fan-boy mode engaged)

Finally is the score of this movie. I gave it a 4 out of 5 popcorns. I will get this on Blu-ray onces it comes out too.

Till next time true believers. Time to Kick-Ass!!!

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