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IMG_2915Welcome to GreenWich V mall.
GreenWich is pronounced as green-nich not Green-Wich, for your information. Like many other recent residential developments, this highly anticipated complex has plenty to offer.
As a solitary arcade established within the expanse of Seletar and Jalan Kayu, it was not at all surprising that families would be seen clustering within the restraining space. It is doubtlessly a place for everyone, young and old.

Caption for photograph above : “look Mom, i am an airplane.”
I can’t help capturing kids having a swell time around the fountain. It has been quite awhile since I am as carefree as them, looking at photos of mischievous brats I feel young again.
That particular weekend was overwhelmed with shoppers who came down for the Open House. I joined in the fun with a more reasonable objective, to participate in the Amazing Race with fourteen others organised by GreenWich V and OMY.sg.

These are no ordinary people but instead, Outstanding bloggers who took time off their personal schedules to make the event possible. We were dismembered into three variant bodies.

Party on the left, The Urban Team (Black) – ever ready US!

In the middle, we have the Gang with the robust assembly of representatives – The LifeStyle Team (Red).

Last but not least, the spirited Village Team (Green).
There we have it, the spontaneous Urban adventurers in a corresponding emotional colour ; Black.

From the left, Dawn who is a food blogger like myself. Grace, a bubbly individual who is a celebrity interviewer and stomp blogger. Jesslyn, a jovial chick whom constantly wears a smile on her face which never fails to brighten up the rest of the day. Me/Hazel aka Ai Makan and Melvin, the thorn among the lavish Black roses and I do mean literally that; the roses that is.
Before the whole journey started, we were all gathered in Empire State where the food gorging began. With a full-bodied burger the size of a voluminous adult face to kickoff the foodventure, no one knew what to expect for the upcoming hours of the affair.
The bedazzled expressions denoted a declaration beyond the calculated “What an enormous beast!’ but rather, a startling ‘We are definitely going to try chomping that down, we hope.’.

I have reviewed on other chows of Empire State in an arranged post we are supposed to write on as well, for GreenWich V. CHECK it out HERE!

The Amazing Race game started with a clue on a card that says, Sweet Love. As It wasn’t my virgin visit to this thriving enterprise, I solved the riddle in a nick of time.

Chinta Manis; sweet love in Malay.
Check out my previous review, a year back at myVillage.

Let’s just hope that Melvin’s girlfriend does not get jealous when she sees this photo.

The ondeh-ondeh we fed each other with, was love at first Taste. Bursting in the mouth were the slightly liquefied Gula Melaka, along with the glutinous exterior and coconut shavings; one word – Sedap!

Hockhua Tonic.

This initial Ginseng wholesaler ventured into the Bird’s Nests & Medicine industry and eventually expanded into a larger scale in order to meet customers’ needs. The outlet located in Greenwich V is exclusively for the sales of Bird’s Nests. A wide variety of the prized delicacy are found here, ranging from the bottled ones to dried ones (those in the glass containers).

We were a tad disappointed when we were told that it was a Q&A session instead of tasting any of their prized Bird’s Nest. You should have seen our whiny faces. A couple of minutes were spent in the store and the next minute you knew it, we were out looking for the subsequent arranged location.
Mai Thai Restaurant
This strong contender of the Thai cuisine scene has invaded this suburban territory with its authentic cooking and amazing array of sumptuous dishes.

When dining in any Thai Restaurant around the globe, the Tom Yum Goong ($8.50/pax, $16.50/pot, approx. 3 pax) would normally be an obliged preference for most patrons. Do not be deceived by this seemingly mellow broth as every spoonful was merciless and inhumane as can be. Okay, you caught me. It wasn’t all that fiery actually, I was just pulling your leg. If you have a low spice tolerance, do stay far far away from the pot. Else, do not fuss that I did not warn you about it.
I am unable to express my adoration for this next appetiser that we had, Tod Mun Goong/Prawn Cakes ($12.00/5 pcs) other than telling you that this was my favourite throughout the whole competition. The perfectly crisp exteriors compliments the nice and chewy insides that are made with minced prawns.  A great starter for any feasts that follows.
Pacing slow and steadily, we arrived at Paradise Inn with our seriously expanded tummies. More food to sample, dreadful.

The interior design is simple yet classy, being able to dine in this pleasant environment is bliss.
Greenwichv(paradise inn)
*Picture credits to Dawn (365days2play.com)*

Some years back in Malaysia, I was introduced to Salted Egg Yolk Crabs by my paternal Aunt. From that day onwards, I practically lost interests in other methods of cooking crabs, even my once choiced Chilli Crab.

Having tasted this Salted Yolk Prawns at Paradise Inn, I have got to admit that I was mesmerised. Why did I borrow Dawn’s photograph, you may ask. Even if you ain’t going to question me, I am still going to answer that! I was just too busy oogling at this dish, I did not manage to get one good photo; what a waste.

Yup, this is just a plate of stir-fried vegetables. It was reasonably delicious and we decided to polish it up. A little more fibre in the diet goes a long way, don’t you think?

How could a day of fun, laughters and bloated tummies do without a round of sweet treats? Would you be delighted to be having ice cream that are 100% fat-free?

At BerryLite, their FroYo (Forzen Yogurt) are created to taste less like the original yogurt and more like ice cream. For those who would abstain from this tarty dessert, you might just change your mind once you put a spoon of BerryLite’s flavoured FroYo into your mouth. AiMakan guarantees it, mark my words.

Check out my other write-up on BerryLite HERE.

Melvin as the real life TinTin in the shop.

Video Ezy, easy access to renting and buying videos of your choice.

Now to make your life even simpler, they provide delivery services to your door step. You don’t even have to leave your home for this. Purchase a rental pack which allows you to browse video titles online and when you see one that you fancy,call or email them. Before you know it, you could already be in front of the TV watching that show of yours.

Quick, effortless and inexpensive. Why relent to movies in a theatre when you can get the whole family on your comfortable couch, watch and enjoy quality time without having to step out of the house?

I was being talked into taking this photograph by my lovely group members. We were at ToastBox, a familiar chain in Singapore.

Yearning for any local delights out-of-the-blue? Drop by any Toastbox to curb the crave with satisfying fares like Curry Chicken, Kaya Toast and Thick Peanut Toast.


CEDELE, another frequent eating place in the dining scene is definitely one to visit for their fantastic mains and cakes.

This plate of salad and grilled seafood was undoubtedly amazing as usual. The succulent and fresh shrimps and fish fillet were cooked to perfection, worthy of two thumbs up from everyone in the team. 

Tucked away around a tiny corner on the first level, this one-stop shop is convenient for all laundry cleaning. Keep your mind off your laundries and let Rosabelle do the job for you. Life is too short for chores. As you send your clothes for a wash, treat yourself to a short Mani/Pedi or a pleasurable dinner at GreenWich V.
Talking about pampering yourself, how about a facial under the supervision of a dermatologist at Phoenix Medical Group?

Can’t imagine how lucky you would be lying down and having a face mask on? Take a peek at Melvin who has the privilege of getting his face washed and massaged after a long day of running around the Mall.

Hi cutie pie. One last picture to end this post, Finally.

Regretfully, the Urban Team did not win the on-the-spot competition that particular day. No worries, I am sure we have YOU to help for the next coming one.

VOTE for the URBAN team HERE, for a chance to win 6 X $50 GreenWich V vouchers. VOTING starts on 13th of March.

Thank you for supporting the URBAN team and I am Hazel/AiMakan by the way, signing off.

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