Jan & Elly English and Kopi Seletar!

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Photo credits: Rachell & Alvin!!

English Educated since young, I thought that since I could pass PSLE English, O level English and thereafter, General Paper in the A Levels, that I would be able to distinguish American English from British English.

Boy, was I wrong (and embarrassed).

The task was simple. Which of the two words is British English?
And my words were “Airplane and aeroplane.”

So all along I grew up spelling it as airplane right? So since we’re in Singapore and brought up in a british colony, by default the most obvious one should be the British English answer right???


Aeroplane is British English!!! *smacks head*


Evidently I need English tuition all over again! (I am seriously considering signing up)

Located on the 2nd floor,  here are the types of classes they offer:

  • Phonics – 4 to 6 year-olds,
  • Creative Writing & Grammar
  • English Made PosSibLE – Primary 3 to 6
  • Reading and Comprehension – Primary 1 to 6

We were given little tiny colour pencils and I thought of using colouring language in our caption! So our final caption was..

“Colour your world with good English”

Here’s 4 reasons why you should sign your child up with Jan & Elly!

1. Fun lessons, cosy surroundings and happy teachers
2. Passionate, Approachable, Loving, Smiley—We’re your kids’ PALS.
3. Low student-teacher ratio
4 They constantly engage in research and development

(revising lesson plans as well as sourcing the best programmes and methodologies from around the world and customising them to suit local needs)

After that, we headed down to..

We had really yummy Ice kachang that we ravenously wolfed down in like, 1 minute. Haha.


There’s seriously ALOT of variety here! Japanese, Chicken rice, Yong tau fu, Korean, whatever local food you’re craving, you should be able to find it here and curb it! 🙂 The food court is accessible from inside the mall and outside! (Plus it’s very near Gong cha haha)

This picture was really funny because Rachell was shouting through the glass but we couldn’t really hear her. Oops!

Thank you OMY and Greenwich V for this great opportunity!! 🙂 Will definitely visit Greenwich often!



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