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Before Empire State step foot into this new Urban sanctuary, this reputable eatery already had patrons rave about their remarkably reasonable tabs and delectable fares.
Reminiscing the jaw dropping moments we had when this 8-INCH Empire State burger ($29.90) was set down on our tables was hilarious.

If you are dubious about how enormous a 8-inch monster is, think of your 6-inch Subway sub plus 2 inches more and that would be the diameter of this jumbo sandwich.
The photographic beams on my Groupmates’ faces did not last long as we literally digged into this.

With a trademark slogan “You don’t know what juicy is until you’ve tried this!” for this signature dish, you are ensured a substantial oatmeal bun crammed with mushrooms, bacon, caramelized onions and assorted melted cheeses on a bed of lettuce and tomatoes. Not to forget the most vital ingredient of all, a mouth-watering grilled minced Colossal beef patty.


A quarter of the hefty sandwich was a regular sized pounder when dissected into four equal parts. It was a chore handling the meddlesome burger as the ingredients would fall apart, as shown. Melvin went, ‘Woahh.’ as he was trying his best to tackle the situation.

More carbs followed after the teams managed to devour the beast. By the way fyi, we did not expect to be stuffed with a heap of goodies before our torturous food-a-thon began.

A twin flavoured Empire State Pizza lured us in with two of the commonly popular toppings, Mushroom and Teriyaki Chicken. Spoilt for choice or just being indecisive, why not try out this pizza which gives the best of any two worlds?
Singaporeans love their pizza base thin and crisp, the lighter the better. At Empire State, you get to enjoy just that with no chunky options available.
Sautéed Mushrooms laid over a bed of specially concocted wine sauce and tender chicken pieces on some neat teriyaki sauce, finished off with lots of cheddar! Anything with it wins my vote anytime but it has got to be warm, I hate stringy cheeses.

This American-inspired diner is serious about bringing in the most authentic eats and the SIZES as well.
LOOK AT THAT MEATBALL. It looks more like a miniature canon ball more than a beef ball. The al dente bolognese was mediocre but the intentional shaped ‘garnish’ left an immense impression in us all.

By the time we arrived in BerryLite, our faces seemed bloated with the food we reluctantly stuffed in. More to go, OH NO!

Desserts were usually top on the list even at a buffet but not this time. The sight of my personal preferred American 100% Fat-Free Froyo did not manage to create an exception and the chances of that happening is equivalent to the possibilty of winning a lottery. I am serious.
As there were a handful of us, the staffs at BerryLite were so generous that they entrusted their best five flavours into our hands.

Original, Strawberry, ^Cookies & Cream, ^Red Velvet and ^Irish Mint. (^ daily specials)

Several FroYo (frozen yogurt) chains have been florishing in Singapore for the past year if you noticed. The short-termed craze continued from Bubble tea, Gelato, Popcorn to the recent Silky beancurd.

Do you know why I adore their yogurt so much? Simply because they taste just like ice cream, without the guilt of growing sideways. Can’t seem to believe anything I just said? Why not try it for yourself.

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