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Monday, June 1st, 2009

Yes, we climbed Mt Everest and we summitted the mountain. But beyond the support of sponsors, individual donors, family and friends, there is a group of people whom we are grateful for – our sherpa guides.

From the acclimatization climbs to the actual summit push, our sherpas have been with us, climbing, toiling, cheering us on. We would like to recognize them for their efforts which made a tremendous difference in our Everest expedition. To us, they are the true heroes behind the mountain. Here, we would like to mention by name, the sherpas who were with us on the final summit push, and thank them for their relentless help and support:

Panuru Sherpa (Lihui’s sherpa guide)
Jamling Bhorte (Esther’s sherpa guide)
Kami Sherpa (Jane’s sherpa guide)
Dawa Tenzing (Joanne’s sherpa guide)
Dawa Nuru (Peh Gee’s sherpa guide)

L-R- After the summits, the team with our sherpas, Danuru, Dawa Tenzing, Kami, Jamling, and Dawa Nuru.