HISTORIC SUCCESS for NATAS Singapore Women Everest Team

Five years of preparation, training and fund-raising paid off when the NATAS Singapore Women’s Everest Team (NATAS-SWET) put the first Singaporean women on the top of the world.

On 20th May 2009, the first summit team saw success when members Lee Lihui, Esther Tan and team leader Jane Lee stood on the summit of Mt Everest at 8,850m. 48 hours later, team members Joanne Soo and Lee Peh Gee added to the resounding success and reached the world’s highest peak. Team co-leader, Sim Yihui did not ascend due to recurring chest pains.

All members of the team are safely back at Everest Base Camp and are currently making their way back to Kathmandu.

The NATAS Singapore Women’s Everest Team would like to thank our Patron, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, and our generous sponsors and supporters, without whom this journey and resounding summit success would not be possible. We would like to specifically thank:

Title Sponsor: National Assocoation of Travel Agents Singapore (NATAS)
Main Sponsors: TruMarine, Lee Foundation
Supported by: Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO)
Official Health Supplement: Centrum
Official Eyewear: Smith Optics
Gear Sponsor: Marmot
Training Venue Supporter: SAFRA Adventure Sports Centre
Product Sponsors: SingTel, SilkAir, Yeo’s, BUFF, PowerBar, Polar, Kyocera, Greenpac, NPE, Sin Mue Mue
Suppporting Organisations: Singapore Sports Council, National Youth Council, Singapore Mountaineering Federation, National Library Board, People’s Association Youth Movement, Singapore Pools, Tote Board, Central Narcotics Board
Cash Sponsor: Hyflux

We would also like to thank individual sponsors who contributed to our journey.

Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to our coach and Base Camp manager, Mr Lim Kim Boon, who was a constant source of guidance and encouragement throughout our journey.

We look forward to returning to Singapore at the soonest!


Approaching the summit of Mt Everest


Camp 4 at South Col the final camp where we can see the route we will take up the south summit of Everest


Coming down form the infamous hillary step after the summit


Joanne Soo, member of NATAS SWET on the top of Mt Everest on 22 May 2009, 5.31am


Lee Peh Gee, member of NATAS SWET touched the roof of the world on 22 may 2009, 5.56am


Long queue of climbers approaching the Everest summit via the hillary step


South summit seen from near the Hillary step


The summit of Mt Everest overlooking Khumbu Nepal


View from the balcony where climbers change their oxygen bottles for the final push

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  1. Cloudywind Says:

    congrats to the team and thanks for proving that Singaporeans gals CAN do! 😀

  2. Adam Says:

    Great stuff. Awesome to see you summit and all safely back. Enjoy the feast when you make it back to Namche. Congrats Adam

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