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Snowed in at Namche!

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Photos: Map reading en route Namche, Pulse oximeter, Acclimatization hike in Namche

At Namche, we used the pulse oximeter to check the oxygen level in our blood

Reading the map en-route to Namche

acclimatization hike towards everest view hotel

Snow fell on us an hour later

On our last day in Kathmandu, we woke up bright and early at 4am to catch the first domestic flight to Lukla (2820m). The plane landed us on the highest and shortest runway in the world and once we got off the aircraft, we wolfed down our breakfasts, strapped on our backpacks and began the 5-hour trek in to Chumoa.

We rested for the night at Chumoa and set off the following day for Namche, where we are now. The trek to Namche began on mostly flat terrain along the riverbed and also across several suspension bridges. However, once we’re near Namche, the uphill terrain began. Up and up we went for close to 1.5hours before we reached our campsite which is situated at the top of Namche, at 3450m. The moment we stepped into our dining area, it started snowing!

We’re staying one more day at Namche, so that our bodies can get used to the increase in altitude. It’s important to stay active at altitude so that our bodies produce more red blood cells to cope with the less amount of oxygen in the air we breathe. So today, we went on an acclimatization hike up towards Everest View Hotel. The weather wasn’t so kind to us today, it started snowing heavily 10mins after we set off, and the snow didn’t let up all through the journey. An hour into the hike, we were at an altitude of 3677m before we decided to return to our campsite.

We’re headed for Deboche (3770m) tomorrow where we’ll spend another day for an acclimatization hike. Hope to update you more then!

Hello from Kathmandu!

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

~ by the NATAS Singapore Women’s Everest Team


Our 33 duffel bags from Singpaore arrived, much to our relief
THANK YOU for the resounding send-off at the airport! Our patron, sponsors, family and friends have moved us to tears with their well wishes. It’s great to know that with the highest mountain in the world ahead of us, we’re backed by tremendous support.

We’ve landed safe and are settled into Hotel Tibet in Kathmandu. Our major concern about logistics was solved as all our 33 duffels have arrived safely, thanks to SilkAir. We spent the first 2 days sorting out our gear and settling the admin with our guiding company. Packing our gear and personal essentials into seperate duffel bags is no easy task!

Packing our immense amount of gear
It rained the day we arrived and that was a great thing because it washed away the city’s layers of dust. Showers of blessings indeed! In order to prevent catching a cough from the dust, we resorted to walking around the city with surgical masks on. Yes we look ridiculous, but it’s worth it to keep the cough at bay!  24mar_nepalwomensteam.jpg

All Nepali Women’s Team

We were also hosted for dinner by the Nepal Tourism Board and the All Nepali Women’s Team, which summitted Everest last year. We had a great time chatting over dinner about their climb and exchanged tips about our past mountaineering experiences. It’s a rare chance to meet another all-women’s team so we really treasured this opportunity.

We’re headed for Lukla on a domestic flight the day after (24 March), and will be trekking in to Everest Base Camp from there. Along the way, we will do an acclimatization climb at Loboche East Peak, and we hope to update you from Loboche Base Camp next!

Everest, here we come!

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Yes, we’re headed for the big Everest expedition!

Thank you for your support all these years, we wouldn’t be where we are today if you weren’t behind us.

If you’d like to see us off at the airport, here’re the details, we’d love to have you there:

MI 412 / 09:10AM
21 March 2009 (Sat)
7.30am onwards, Changi Airport Terminal 2
Area outside Starbucks Coffee (near Row 12)

We’ll be sending back online updates about our progress up Everest as often as we can from base camp. So bookmark our website, for the latest updates!