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Monday, February 16th, 2009


usually after a long sweaty run, the button we’d reach for on the drinks vending machine is H-TWO-O, because it’s thirst-quenching, tastes great, and is non-gasy! so imagine our joy when we received a few cartons of H-TWO-O – this means the run-up to our Everest climb (just 33 days away, folks!) would be better supplemented, yay =)

6 more weeks to go!

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Counting down, it’s 6 more weeks before we depart for Everest. Last Dec saw us undergoing final overseas training climbs in Nepal and China and it was certainly good to be climbing on snow and ice again! Things are heating up now as we are going thru the final stages of our preparation for the BIG one! Besides training up to 6 times a week (sometimes twice a day), we have also been coordinating all the gear and logistics required for our 3-month long expedition. These include stuff like high camp food, batteries, PowerBar PowerGels (pic below), energy drinks etc. We will be expecting to carry up to 60kg worth of gear when we check-in at the airport – and this is excluding the gear that we have left in Kathmandu during our Cho Oyu climb in 2007! Sometimes, the sheer magnitude of the amount of planning and preparation for such a major expedition such as this scares me more than the actual climb itself!


On our public outreach front, we have also been giving talks to schools and the public. In the beginning of January, we kicked off the year with a talk and slideshow presentation at Campers’ Corner to people who were interested to participate in our NATAS SWET Everest Base Camp Trek happening in April. We are glad to be able to work with Pacwest Travel to offer such a unique opportunity for participants to trek to the Everest Base Camp and also stay one-night over there. We will certainly be looking forward to meeting the trek participants at the base camp when we’re there!

In collaboration with SilkAir, our official airline sponsor, we also presented a talk and slideshow presentation about Mount Everest as Asia’s highest natural wonder at the Marine Parade Library on 15 January. Looking ahead, we have a couple of school talks lined up and we look forward to sharing our stories and experiences with the students with the message of encouraging them to climb their own Everests in life.