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who/what/where would you like to be ten years from now?

Monday, July 7th, 2008


over the past couple of years on various occassions, i’ve commented to yihui that i think both of us were really lucky to have been in NUS and gotten into the Make It Real Student (MIR) Mountaineering programme back then. MIR gave us the opportunity to become mountaineers and it all began with one simple step of answering a poster stuck on a random notice board to attend a talk given by one of the MIR seniors.

who would you like to be ten years from now?

i’ve always been very thankful for the mountaineering opportunity that MIR gave me and now with SWET, i’m glad that as a team, we’re committed to sharing our team experiences with youths and inspiring them to find their own passions in the prime of their lives, to climb their own “Everest”. just as our mentors gave us inspiration, encouragement and a platform to develop our potential, as SWET, we aim to be inspirational role models for the youths that we meet as well.

now, for the very first time, SWET is putting together a holistic programme for all youths to experience what it is like to be a mountaineer. it’s a two day programme which we call the “Aspiring Mountaineers Programme”. invitations have been sent to schools and the two-day event is brought to participating youths free of charge, thanks to the generosity of our venue partners, the National Library and the Safra Adventure Sports Centre at Yishun Safra. in a show of support for our efforts, our patron, dr vivian balakrishnan, minister for community development, youth and sports, will be gracing the event as our guest-of-honour.

and because i think we’re doing an awesome event that is so totally worth screaming about, here’s what we have planned for the two days:

Day 1: Saturday 2 August

National Library, Victoria Street Level 16 POD
on this first day, we’re going to share our journey as a team with our young participants. why climb mountains? what are the challenges? do we fight? how do we train 6 days a week and still find time to work and have a life? how cold does it get up there? can anyone climb? what lessons can climbing a mountain give? is fulfilling a dream hard? why dream at all?

what would you like to be ten years from now?

following that, we’ll invite our participants to share and identify their own goals on our brand new “specially-created-for-this-event” website. so while we’re reaching for our literal Everest, our youth participants can commit themselves to their own “Everest” on our website. we all have our own mountains to climb and that is a challenge to celebrate and be proud of.

finally, we have this really cool set up in conjunction with hivelocity that will simulate a high altitude atmosphere and participants can experience for themselves how it feels like to climb at altitude.

and all that, on just the first day.

Day 2: Sunday 3 August
9am to 1pm
Safra Adventure Sports Centre, Yishun Safra

we’ll follow up the excitement from the first day with a superultramegacool challenge activity of simulated ice-climbing at Yishun Safra. if you thought rock climbing well, rocked your world, then wait till you get to strap on crampons and swing an ice axe.

and i’ve saved the best for last. nope it’s not another adrenaline pumping activity, but rather, how this two day programme all links back to mountaineering.

Day 1–Talk by SWET: “Base Camp”
Day 1–Online Pledge: “High Camp”
Day 2–Challenge Activity: “Summit”

when we climb, there is always a base camp, a high camp (sometimes more than one) and of course, a summit. each “check point” represents a phase in the realization of a goal. the aim of our Aspiring Mountaineers Programme isn’t to turn all our young participants into mountaineers, but rather, to use our unusual sport to demonstrate that it is possible to reach for the stars, (or a summit) and surprise! you’re not crazy. what we’re doing, is providing a unique platform to engage youths and invite them to consider where they would like to be, what they would like to achieve and offer them a chance to challenge themselves with an activity that is out of their comfort zone.

so we all need to start with a “base camp” somewhere and just like how yihui and i responded to the MIR talk years ago, if you’re interested, come for our talk on day 1.

where would you like to be ten years from now?

who knows? it might just be the first day of the rest of your life.

if you’re interested to come either as an individual or together with your school mates, drop us an email at

spaces are very limited and priority goes to students, so rsvp with us soon!