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…and our 1st Friends of SWET Newsletter is born!

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

As a team, we’ve always maintained that our Everest journey would not be possible without the support of our friends. You know who you are. We lovingly call you the Friends of SWET, or FOS for short.

And what are friends for if you don’t keep in touch? So our FOS Newsletter is our little way of staying in contact with our friends, to let them know what we’ve been up to, how they can join our journey, where we are in terms of fundraising and how they can help.

Here’re some quick snippets of the newsletter. If you’d like to be a Friend and be updated about our journey, drop us an email at!


Ten years ago, I don’t think you could have imagined a women’s team wanting to go and climb Mount Everest, but today, there is…
~ Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, Inaugural National Day Rally 2004 Speech.

Formed from diverse background and experiences, the Singapore Women’s Everest Team (SWET) is forged by a common aim to challenge personal assumptions and self imposed boundaries. Through our expedition, we aim to:
1. Be role models of a highly motivated team
2. Set Everest as a symbol to motivate Singaporeans to pursue their own ambitions
3. Increase female and youth participation in the local mountaineering scene

Since our team came together in 2004, we have had a string of successful training expeditions gearing towards Everest. This Sept, we will be going on our next technical training on Mount Chola in China, where we will focus on crevasse-crossing skills we’ll need to navigate the Khumbu icefall next year.

When we’re not away on an expedition, we spend 6 days every week doing physical conditioning. Our local physical training is focused on building cardiovascular endurance through long runs, anaerobic endurance through interval training and gym work, as well as building performance specificity through pack-carrying training sessions at a 30-storey HDB block and Bukit Timah hill.

Join us! We would like to invite you to join us on our Bukit Timah training session on 21 June 2008. Please email info@womenoneverest to indicate your interest.

Trek to Everest Base Camp – Have a taste of sleeping at 5,400m above sea level!
Our expedition will be a milestone for Singapore and you can be part of this historic event. Embark on the Everest Base Camp trek – your journey will include a one-night stay at Everest base camp, something exclusive to members of this trek.

Travel period: April and May 2009
Trek briefing and registration: Oct 2008.
Participants need to commit to training – staircase climbs and Bukit Timah Hill trail walks. Training commences Dec 2008.


Silkair Team Building Workshop
SWET conducted a half-day team-building workshop for 18 SilkAir cabin crew trainees at SAFRA Yishun on 22 May.
“The fact that [Singapore Women’s Everest Team] come in and teach them to work together with each other as females and as a team – I think it’s really helpful to them and they’ve had immense fun this whole day.”
– Stephanie Yap, SilkAir Media & Marketing Comm Exec

SWET invited to talk at Rotary Lunch
SWET was invited to talk at the Singapore Rotary Club at Raffles Hotel on 14th May.
A short excerpt from Jane’s talk follows, “Climbing has touched each of us in intimate ways and we all strongly believe that each and every one of us has his or her own Everest to climb. For us, Everest essentially symbolizes the ultimate dream, be it to sail around the world, run a marathon or aim for that career high. This is the message that we take to our audiences and also young listeners when we go to schools across Singapore to share our journey with students, with our hope that they might awaken in themselves a spark that will ultimately lead them to their own Everest.”


Sharing session with Cedar Youth Alumni
Lihui and Esther, both ex-Cedarians, were invited back to Cedar to give a talk to their youth Alumni members on 9 May. Their mountaineering journey truly exemplifies Cedar’s school motto to persevere. They have been invited to address the entire school population in the coming months. Look out for the next update.

SWET Introduces “Aspiring Mountaineers’ Programme”
To further benefit our youth with the experience of SWET’s four-year journey of leadership and self-discovery of our Everest climb, we will be launching the Aspiring Mountaineers’ Programme (AMP) in July 2008.

AMP is a confidence-development programme that aims to empower our youth to dare to dream and to persevere in their ambitions. The programme is catered for youth between the ages of 15 and 21. All activities of AMP will be conducted by members of SWET and by the specially formed AMP Support Crew where additional manpower is required.

The Aspirng Mountaineer’s Programme is a youth initiative programme developed by SWET and partnered with the National Library Board. If you want to bring this programme to your students or your child, contact us at

As we actively source for sponsors, here’re a few ways you can support us and be part of our Everest journey!
– Adopt a Metre on our Virtual Everest for $10 onwards at our website,
– Refer us contacts for corporate sponsorship
– Refer us contacts for corporate team-building workshops
– Purchase any of our merchandises to support us
Postcards: S$10 for a pack of 8
Dri-fit T-Shirts: S$30ea
Car Decal: S$5ea
Badges: S$5ea

Team-Building Workshop for SilkAir Crew

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008


To thank SilkAir for their generous support, we conducted a half-day teambuilding workshop for 18 of their beautiful Cabin Crew on 22 May at SAFRA Yishun Adventure Centre.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience, for both the SilkAir ladies and SWET members. It was the first time that we had conducted such a team-building workshop, and how apt that it was to be for an all-ladies team and that we also share a commonality in terms of altitude – 29,000 ft is both the height of Mount Everest and approximately the height which commercial airplanes cruise!

Our team leader, Jane was the lead trainer for the entire workshop and it started off with a series of indoor activities to bring the energy level up and that also got the SilkAir participants to think about the concept of teamwork and what it entails for each individual to be part of a team.

We then moved on to the outdoors and the participants went through an activity called “Raft Escape” where they found themselves stranded together on a raft and having to “float” on the layer of ice to a nearby island. Through this challenging activity, the participants had the opportunity to examine the function of teamwork in resolving a challenging situation, which they could possibly apply to their work.

The highlight of the workshop was when the participants got to try their hands at abseiling off an 18m platform. It was the first time for most of the ladies, and some of them who had a phobia of heights. Kudos to all of them for having the courage and adventurous spirit to attempt something challenging!

The workshop then ended with the participants sharing with us some of their thoughts about undergoing the challenges and how they have benefited from working together as a team. As a final activity, we got all of them to pen down their own “Everest” on a laminated postcard of Mount Everest.

For all of us, it has been a tremendous learning experience conducting the SilkAir team-building workshop as it was truly satisfying to share our experiences working in a team with the SilkAir ladies. It was also rewarding to know that they have learned something more about themselves and from one another from this experience, and hopefully bonded together in the process.

Encouraged by this successful session with SilkAir, we hope to bring this team-building workshop to more organizations or companies as we can draw parallels between the valuable lessons we’ve learned throughout our Everest journey to that of organizations.

If you’re interested to know more about our team-building sessions, please email us at