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House @ Dempsy

Monday, October 29th, 2007

I went here today. my ex-colleaguue works there. It’s my first trip back to Dempsy since we left for cho Oyu.

MY GOODNESS!!!! It’s amazing how they turned the ghostly deserted looking barracks into ‘dempsy hills’ complete withh fountains and gardens….I was pleasantly shocked as I drove in there. And I thought I would get lost (as I always do in Dempsy) but wow….they actuually label the places pretty well these days.

Back to House. It’s cool. it’s a damn huge place opened byy the woman who brought in Strip and Browhhaus and Spa Esprit. So anyway House is unique cos it’s a bar cum dining cum spa place…..and the place is just HUGE. they’ve even got their own creative team…(esther look out) there are bits of art pieces hanging ard everywhhere…..

So the atmosphere there is artsy fartsy cum army barrack cum lush tropics…..every room in the spa is jjust heavenly….It’s got a bit of retro nostalgic feel added to the design….standing in the rooms facing the forest, coupled with the whiffs of fragrant essential oils, it just sets you to an idyllic rainforest retreat far away from pesky crowds and office datelines.

And here I am raving about this place I am not even paid to rave for……

I am so going to org a drinks session there so I can get the discount….

hot off the press!

Monday, October 29th, 2007

hi folks, to commemorate and raise funds for our Everest climb next year, we’ve created a limited edition 2008 Calendar featuring our team story and pictures from our past expeditions. These A2 poster calendars are available for sale at $25nett each. You can email us at if you’re interested, or grab one fr the following ultra cool places:

Adventure 21
Books Actually
Camper’s Corner

Calendar 2008

Click on the images below to peek inside!

Calendar 2008Calendar 2008Calendar 2008Calendar 2008
Calendar 2008Calendar 2008Calendar 2008Calendar 2008
Calendar 2008Calendar 2008Calendar 2008Calendar 2008
Calendar 2008Calendar 2008

booze by the river

Monday, October 29th, 2007

i can’t believe i’m re-posting lihui’s pictures coz of the incedible size of her photos. anyway this is my interpretation of the night and the people involved, sorry i can’t comment on joanne, chu and the rest… dun have your photos!


lihui, jane


pg, mike


Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Seeling told me to go watch this utube video of the last lecture of a prof from carnegie mellon uni. Prof Randy pausch. The description of the video reads as follows:

andy Pausch set the tone early on yesterday at his farewell lecture at Carnegie Mellon University.

“If I don’t seem as depressed or morose as I should be, sorry to disappoint you,” said Dr. Pausch.

It is probably the last public speech Dr. Pausch will give anywhere. The 46-year-old computer science professor and father of three preschoolers has incurable pancreatic cancer. Doctors have given him months to live.

Yet, standing at the podium in McConomy Auditorium on the campus yesterday, Randy Pausch did not focus on impending death. Instead, he celebrated the chance he had been given to live the life he always had dreamed of.

He said the following which makes a whole lot of sense:

Brick walls are there for a reason – they let us prove how badly we want things.
Brick Walls are there for a reason – There are there to stop the pp who do not want it badly enough.
If you are screwing up and nobody cares to tell you, you’re in trouble. Your critics actually love you.
Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you want.
Wait long enough and pp will surprise and impress you.

In Heaven there is no beer, that’s why we drink it here

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Some pics from dinner at brewerkz with the cho oyu pp. What a change from ABC with everybody all dressed up. (except PG )
And brewerkz is amazing. I called on friday morning to book a table and they told me reservations were full and we needed to call 3 days in advance. How ridiculous. Singpaore has turned into a beer guzzling cohort.
So me and esther had to do the uncool thing of going early to ‘chop’ a table.

me n jane
KB, Esther n the durian man
PG N Mike

desert of death

Friday, October 26th, 2007


Finally met up with Rezal and Jamie after months! it’s such a nice feeling to catch up with the old familiar faces, and it felt as though we picked up exactly where we left off months ago! its no wonder how people can sit around a Starbucks table for hours and hours doing the same thing.

i used to think the whole idea of ‘chilling out’ is a waste of time. but as i get older, i’m starting to enjoy this relatively non streuous activity (as compared to running 2.4km under 10 mins), as well as the amount of satisfaction it can bring. friends are such great inventions! i suppose you can also try talking to yourself, but well it’s easy to run out of topics to talk about ( how many different points of view can one person have?) and it’s also quite easy to get bored of yourself, unless of course you have a super inflated ego. so, having a friend / friends to share a conversation with is much more interesting.

Friends are also the people who can share and help fulfill your dreams and your goals. Just like how Charles Blackmore together with a team of British, Chinese, Uyghurs (an ethnic group found in Xinjiang, China) and a caravan of 30 camels (animals are friends too!) embarked on a journey to cross the Taklamakan Desert in Central Asia.

I highly recommend the book, “Conquering the desert of death: Across the Taklamakan” to anyone who has been sitting around a Starbucks table for far too long, who is lacking some crazy inspiration and is in need of a few doses of adventure into his/her life. Read below for book description:

The ferocious Taklamakan desert in Central Asia, one of the largest sandy deserts in the world and the harshest on earth, is known by the Chinese as the “desert of death” or the “place of no return.” Its unknown depths are said to be haunted by demons and spirits and legend has it that ancient cities filled with treasure lie lost and buried beneath its dunes. The only certainty is that no human being in history had ever crossed it from end to end. But, after five years of planning, in 1993, Charles Blackmore together with a team of British, Chinese and Uyghurs and a caravan of thirty camels, set out to accomplish the seemingly impossible: they would cross the Taklamakan, west to east, directly through its unmapped, untrodden centre. Conquering the Desert of Death is at once a deeply personal journey and the story of an adventure that will go down in history as one of the great achievements of exploration.”
– taken from

Something to reflect on

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

I was talking to Jensen about a prospective trading date when he asked me if Jane was attached. to which I said yes. then he asked me if Esther was attached. Which I said yes again. then I questioned if he was initially interested in them? to which he replied that they looked nice in the website and he was trying to pair hhis fren up with one of them.

I kindly informed him that one of my teammate is only innterested in well built men. And as expected, his fren is L*E*A*N.

So anyway, I interestingly asked him why he din think of pairing ME up with his fren. ( I mean after all I knew him for like 8 years??? and I’ve been NICE to him ) and horrors of horrors he couldn’t reply me. sob…. wat a bruise to my ego.

In the evening when we were meeting these great pp from J lite, I relayed the story to the team. and guess what? Yihui asked me the same question too. She was eating this creamy pasta, got her creamy white sauce all over her lower lip in typical Yh style when she opened her mounth with the half chewed food asking if my friend asked if she was attached. I was like, what do you think????

ha, guess I was not the only one with the bruised ego.

Shopping Spreee

I was bored. NOBODY was free to eat free beef sandwiches with martinis at Mortons with me!!!! SO I went shopping. Oh our beautiful consuumeristic society. For a while after I returned, I actually intentionally avoided shopping centres. Crowded, pesky shoppers. Who says consumer goods industry are facing challenges with slowing sales in traditional mass markets, rising cost and waning pricing power.

and I din even know that my apple card gives me a 10% off. glorious.

Anyway I bought the FM transmitter so that I can listen to my ipod in my car. It works so beautifully. and easily. just tune to a station with white noise and use that freq as the transmitting station. how cool is that. and I am listening to smoke over water from my radio…..

and I was just thinking that if I got the apple phone, then I dont even need to bring an ipod ard cos my phone will be my ipod. majorly cool!!!!

And i got new birkies……about time since my old one is falling apart and some other brand shamelessly copied the design.

now I am doubly broke. Luckily its payday soon.

5 Yr Plan

I need a 5 year plan for my life. Lenin had one and he did well in Russia. I need one too.

For a while, my 5 yr plan was Everest. But now that it is finally coming to fruition, I need a bigger plan. One that does not cause my bank account to deplete as rapidly but does the reverse.

Friends around me are all thinking of or applying for MBA. Very attractive as I think it would be a very insightful experience bound to open more doors. But its a long drawn process not to mention expensive. And I need to be clear on where I see myself eventually. The coporate world? The outdoors? My own boss?

This life plan will take a while…..

Run & Trek

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

The GE 10k Run

Took place on 21st Oct, Sunday

My race actually started from the car park next to the old ACM. After securing a lot, I dashed my way towards the Padang. I was relieved to see many ladies still strolling into Padang and was thinking “wow, these ladies are late too?” Then I got to realise, they were in for the 5km run to be flag-off at 8.30am :p

At the start line, the time clock was already reading 3:23 … I was late for the 7.30am flag-off. Hurriedly, I ran passed the start line, pinned up my number tag, took big strike hoping to catch up with the main pack of the runners. That morning had been raining, the rain stop in time for us, hence the weather was quite cooling.

Along the way, I met Nisah and Julie (both are avid adventure racers). The duo were enjoying their run when I greeted them. Amazing ladies they are, they could sing and run at the same time, which they would normally do so too at adventure races. I wondered what the other runners were thinking while they were grasping for air to keep in pace, the two big lungs ladies were singing in tune with a steady strike *grin* 🙂

My watch read 18mins ++ when I witnessed the two leading runners zoom passed me after they U-turned at the junction of Mountbatten Road. When the Kenyan lady finished at 33:44, I was probably still struggling at the 5th km! LOL

My run time: Gun time: 1:06: 24hr / Chip time: 1:02:47hr … there’s room for improvement

The people I met at the end point … Loyce (with OBS) who gave me water to drink at the finishing :); Jasmine, the petit & pretty adventure racer; Ros, a teacher also an adventure racer; Mike who busied ushering runners to return the Champion chips; Mrs Leong (my ex-boss’ wife) & friend; Raymond the runner/tri-athlete, he introduced me to his wife – Joanna; Nisah & Julie, the funning duo were queuing at the Osim booth; Jinella Chua (mother of one!) who left OBS for a teaching career; Wilfred of NYP (also formerly from OBS), the friendly students from ARC (Ngee Ann Poly) volunteering their time as officials even after organising an adventure race the day before …

Belumut Trek

Went to Belumut (1010m a.s.l.) today. I really miss the tropical jungle treks in Malaysia. I bet the leeches miss me too. I got two leeches leech-ed to my legs, one on my left ankle, another on my right knee (they can crawl that high even with me wearing trek pants!)

Leech That blood sucker leech!

leeches The bloody stain!

Kluang At Kluang Railway Station waiting for the delayed scheduled train

Look forward to my next tropical trek, hopefully soon! Anyone keen?

it’s time…

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

i feel like taking a break from this all…..

Everest is less than 5 months away and we all know how fast time flies, especially when you’re busy. ever since i came back, i’ve been feeling so overwhelmed with work, as if to make up for all that i didn’t do when i was away.

yea serve me right. maybe i shouldn’t be complaining, especially so when all my colleagues are probably working much harder than me. well, i love what i do but there is also this gnawing feeling in me that i should just take a break and focus on the right things at this moment. perhaps i might sound a little obsessed and extreme, that my whole life simply revolves around Everest.

but well, climbing Everest with my team is also a once in a lifetime dream and if i don’t truly give my best shot now, i am not sure when the chance will come again, if ever.

dreams are free, but being able to pursue and realize them requires sacrifice and hard work. i don’t want to cut myself any slack in terms of preparation and training because of ‘work’, and possibly face the prospect of failure or in the worst scenerio, injuries and death on Everest.

i know it can be humanly possible to balance full-time work and preparation for Everest, and that there is the possibility of failure on Everest but i know i wouldn’t be able to live with it if the failure is a result of me not giving it my best effort. i suppose i could simply slack at work and give like 20% effort but i don’t think i would be able to live with that either.

how?? i guess decision making is never easy. i pray that God will provide me wisdom and courage…..

cuz on a mountain like Everest, there is simply no room for error, and no room for regrets.

Ski Korea anyone?

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

Ski in Korea!