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Monday, July 30th, 2007

My horoscope for this year says I don’t need to work too hard and yet I will still be able to perform mediocrely. So I translate it to if I work hard, I will still only perform so-so. HEH HEH. So anyway it’s proven. My sales came in today!!!! Albeit with much egging on my side but still all I did were make phonecalls unlike medical in the past…….But I must say that my sales were still sorely below target but faults’ not mine. There’s only so much consumers can buy. Until I entice them to buy something they diidn’t know they need with my attractive displays.

Ice Climbing today with Jo and YH was FUN. I like how sweat appears in droplets on your arms. And I went to run at Mac today. Yay. My training this week is turning out well.

And I am craving for my Ya Woon Sen …

And I am getting the jitters. Now, whenever I get to roll ard in bed, lie on the sofa, laze ard at home comfortably, I need to remind myself that all the comforts will soon disappear in two weeks. Flushable toilets will be but a memory. I shudder to think of the hardship we are willingly putting ourselves through.

Comforts we take for granted:
1. Flushable toilets
2. Home cooked food
3. Free flowing water
4. Electricity at a click
5. Lights at will
6. Warmth
7. Car
8. Soft bed
9. Being able to change course anytime anywhere and alternatives present themselves plentifully.
10. Familiarity
11. Showers
12. Floss
13. Too many

Scary scary….

Go Lite

Monday, July 30th, 2007

My new Bag!!!  I luuuurrve it. And to celebrate, I did stairs today by myself. After gyming ytd and BT the day before. Actually Go Lite is quite cool. The jackets are really soft and feel NON – EXISTANT. But got no $$ to buy and I haven fig out what I would want them for. Unless I go into some extreme adventure racing.

I have great plans. Going to gym tomorrow and hopefully swim before ice-climbing and wed stairs, thurs run,  sat BT…Hmmm maybe I should do the spin and run thing on thurs. Jane is mad but I think her madness is rubbing off me albeit but a little. She runs 15km and spins for 1 hr. followed by weights. Mad.

Fri will be rest day although I will spend it dreading Sat morning. Yay! odac reunion on sat. Hopefully they sponsor our team a bit. Climbing on sun.


Sunday, July 29th, 2007

My craving for Ya Woon Sen forced me to make it myself. And surprisingly it tasted so good I no longer crave for the one at black canyon coffee.

Although I must have squeezed at least 15 limes for this and suffered in the toilet for the chilli padi I so generously sprinkled. I love top shell too. Although I still haven’t figured what it really is or where it lives.


Saturday, July 28th, 2007

Brought up the topic of gender power with Esther..I asked how is it that it seemed that whichever industry, (less nursing and teaching), the males seems to play a dominating role…is it really that the women are of lesser capabilities..from the women that I have encountered, I don’t think so..there are a lot of capable women around..but why are they less prominent?

Esther then cited that the current richest and most successful writer is JK Rowling and the CEO of advertising industry is a woman..yet there were so few and far in between.

Not that I purposely want to see powerful women in action, as my personal belief is that the best person for the best job..but I cannot help wonder as a society are we harnessing all our resources in the most effective way.

Being a woman is not a born flaw..our capabilities are very much determined by what we choose to do with the resources that we have..

I guess that more needs to be done…especially where women in lesser developed countries are still fighting for their basic rights to dignity and education.

man & woman

Friday, July 27th, 2007

A friend of mine made this very stark remark (cannot remember the exact words but it went like this): When a man is busy, people will say that he is busy. When a woman is busy, people will say that she is stress. That was after my comment that she seemed stressed up…It set me thinking am I guilty of gender discrimination without my own knowledge…perhaps..perhaps..

Whenever people ask me whether is it tough to work in a male-dominated environment, I would reply that as long as one performed his/ her work to the best of his/ her ability,they would be  given a fair opportunity to perform.

Is it because I have not reached the top to really feel the glass ceiling effect…or that I have chosen to turn a blind eye to what is potentially a discrimination or perhaps, I am just oblivious of what is really happening…

The only incident where I felt distinctly uncomfortable was when a senior officer kept asking me whether I was out of the team so much so that I asked him point blank why did he keep asking me that; was it because he was hoping that I would be out of the team..he replied that it was his way of motivating me..the reverse way… to me.. it was just b#$# sh@#.


Thursday, July 26th, 2007

I have been so busy lately that I realized I haven’t met up with any of my friends (not counting my team mates, though obviously team mates are friends too) for weeks!

I know being busy should not be an excuse, but really, when there are pressing things to be done, one’s social life has to take a back seat. Be it training, meetings, drafting proposals, meeting sponsors, media and PR and of course recently more intensive preparations for Cho Oyu, everything demands pockets of time and it’s not something whereby you can do as and when such as travelling from place to place.

I’m just so glad that my close friends have been supportive and encouraging. Though I still feel bad la, that I cannot meet up with them as often as I would like….

Just the other day, Evan, my best friend (very old school I know) since Sec 1 sent me an sms asking me to be her bridesmaid when she gets married next year in Sept 2008. She was so sweet as to ask me when I would return from Everest as she wanted to make sure her wedding would take place after I come back.

I’ve always knew she has been steady with her boyfriend but finally hearing the news that she will be getting married in about 1 year’s time is really something to rejoice, as well as to thank God for. I really feel happy for her that she has found happiness and someone to spend the rest of her life with (Sweet or scary you choose).

Jane had to scare me by telling me that by the time Evan’s wedding arrives in Sept next year, it would have been about 3 months after we come back from Everest and by then, I would surely have put back all the weight loss during the 3-mth Everest climb and even worse, maybe I would gain much more! Yikes.

And I foresee that will be the case as obviously I don’t think I will train as hard after Everest and that I will still continue to eat alot. The only potential remedy for this problem would be to plan for another climb in say, Nov or Dec 2008.

In that way, I would be motivated to train hard for it and less likely to become too round to fit into a nice bridesmaid dress. Heh, obviously looking good in a dress is less of a motivation for me to lose weight as compared to the prospect of climbing a mountain 😛

Mizuno Run

Sunday, July 22nd, 2007

This was my first Mizuno Run. I signed for the one held at Mt Faber, but was down with a sore throat and flu then. This time, I signed up because my good friend, Ivy is also running. Ha, it was Ivy who did the registration for me, or else I may not have secured a slot. The run was good, just that the entire running phase was a bottleneck. I clocked a reasonable timing of 1hr 4mins (ok, at least to me it is! :)), I believe that I can cut another one min, looking at the bottleneck.

We took about an hour to pick up our goodie bag, it is a very nice shoe bag and a mizuno singlet! I like the shoe bag, I do not normally wear a singlet to run, but i shall keep it to challenge myself to wear it one fine day! I have tried running with my Addias singlet from the Great Eastern Women 10K run. I got abrasion on my arms.. 🙂 Moisterizer under arm is crucial


Thursday, July 19th, 2007

I tried the pee device in the shower today.Whiz Plus. They actually did CLINICAL TRIALS with 1400 women to determine the unique shape of the device.

I mean it sort of works but some of the claims a bit incredulous. Self cleansing plasma coating, one flick and its dry. I mean erm no matter how hard I FLICK, there’s still going to be pee on the thing loh. And that’s provided the pee doesn’t get to my clothes in my power packed flicks.

And they actually recommend using this in urban areas in dirty toilets????? Haven’t they heard of half squats??? Anyway it just doesn’t make sense to me to carry this silly thing in the handbag.

You know how they always ask these ‘stars’ on the last page of Urban what they carry in their bag? Makeup, ipod, wallet from some atas or exotic place, book, keychain but NO PEE DEVICE. Who the hell would carry a pee device around town?

Anyway, I am looking forward to peeing like a man. As long as the wind doesn’t blow the pee back to meself. That would be the dumbest thing ever. And no more struggling to pee in the vestibule. Oh the horrors peeing there. Esther would know how much I hate it. I would even walk out in the cold just so I don’t need to pee in the vestibule.

I bought a pee bottle since mera days and I have never used it. The days when we would wait for day break just so we can go out to pee. U really hate yourself if you had to get out of your warm and snuggly sleeping bag, put on your down, your boots go out in that insufferable cold just so release your bladder.

I maintain that climbing is really harmful to your body. You cannot pee or shit at will. You don’t eat at all. You don’t drink enough all the time.


Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

Such a remote seems to be on my mind recently. Random images of me trapped in an avalanche, with hardly a mouthful of breathing space… I wonder how fast will my breath expire in that small confined area; that is if I manage to create a cavity between myself and the thick layer of snow…

Suffocating..a slow and painful one or one that is quick and painless… I wouldn’t know..

People died while pursuing this sport known as mountaineering.. just the week before, Joanne smsed us that there were 3 climbers who perished in Muztag Ata (the 7500m peak that we had climbed last year). It did not seem to be a very dangerous mountain and I still remembered trudging alone on the way to summit path. No sherpa or team mates were beside me..they were ahead of me, keeping an eye on me from a distance. Good weather had given us good successes.

It was a so matter-of-fact team discussion on what will the team do if one of us had bring the body down or to leave it up there. I had thought of staying up there because it would simply take up too much energy to bring the body down and then someone reminded me that the body is another form of litter on the mountain…so it was better to be brought down.. So, I think that I will sign on the body disposal form to bring my body down..

These morbid thoughts somehow occupied my mind for the past few weeks. So much so, that I ordered the DVD ‘Living and Dying on Everest’ from Amazon to understand the people who did not survive the climb. How do you know when you have reached the point of no return? Unfortunately, the DVD did not give me an answer.

Even as I pondered over this for weeks, I know that my immediate family and close friends are worried about me too. When I first told my family that I had applied to join the Singapore Women’s Everest Team 2008 back in 2004, my mum looked visibly worried. She remarked that every dinner that I had with my family could well be the last one that I spent with them..morbid thoughts..casual yet serious…that’s my mum.

Much as I feel that everyone has to leave sometime, somewhere and somehow and that most probably, my passing on will not change the order of day, the sun will still rise and set, the waves will still keep moving..I am still accountable to the people around do my part and shower them with my love and attention as long as I am still around.

Why then do I still climb the mountain? I embarked on this journey to find a purpose larger than my existence. To rise above the mental and physical challenges that it posed. Interestingly, the challenges that I had to face were not found on the mountain only. It was a process when I learnt more about myself on how I would respond when confronted with fears, anxieties, difficulties, disappointments, self doubt or even doubt by others.

This awareness of oneself brought about choices, choices to change or stay the way I was..change was painful yet it also paved the way for growth..

To understand a bit more why some choose to be there; view from Everest summit:


Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

I was at the airport today to see my Watsons store. Needed to ensure that they keep their shelves stocked full of Centrum and Caltrate…Needed to befriend the store manager and pharmacists so I can get to know the business better…I still think I am half mad to ask for this transfer so I’ll have more things to do.  But that’s another story.

Since I cannot remember the last time I was at the airport for non-departure reasons, I called up Anthony for a drink to catch up. Anthony is my ex-colleague from SIA. Used to sit to my right and can be the most expressionless and un excitable person ever!!!

And I cannot believe how incredibly NICE my ex-colleagues and staff can be. I had asked them to buy t-shirts for our team fund-raising and they actually agreed to consolidate orders for me. Jimmy even wanted to buy 6 t-shirts from me. I felt so incredibly grateful. And its been nearly two years since I left SIA.

So anyway going into control centre my ex-office was pretty nostalgic for me. I remember those unglam days when I went to work in crappy clothes and flats without any makeup and I wasn’t even carrying a proper handbag. Things got worse on stairs training days. I would actually walk 20 min from my house to TPY take the bloody train all the way to the airport with my backpack during rush hour traffic to work and lug the bloody bag all the way to tiong bahru for training. GOODNESS!!! I can never do that again. I wonder if I have really gotten lazy over the years or that I have progressed. I remember that I detested absolutely abhor waking up early to walk to mrt. There’s never a moment now that I don’t marvel at how I manage to keep up the lug bag to stairs thing. And after stairs I would take the mrt back home. All sweaty and smelly.

Ahhh maybe we did lesser sets then so I could get home earlier.

– I drive to and fro training
– I only pick up my backpack b4 stairs instead of b4 work cos I am forever late
– I no longer gym at the pathetic hole in tpy but enjoy hot showers and white towels in California fitness
– I have a new bag albeit its not exactly very comfortable. I want PG’s MCHALE
– New running shoes Asics GT2100  they are not fantastic. I should have ignored that Dom n bought kayanos instead
– New shoebag from company
– WE use ANKLE WEIGHTS and I HATE them
– new platypus just cos I felt like owning one
– I eat dinner b4 and sometimes after stairs these days. (damn now I know why I never EVER lose any weight despite the incredible training) I used to survive on just lunch and straight to stairs.
– I have an ipod although I no longer use it
– New insoles but I think they are non existant really.
– I try to use my HRM more frequently
– I am 3 kg heavier
– I still use my Chem eng textbooks as part of my weights in my bag
– I do not empty my water from my water bag after each training.
– Bag stinks
– Shoes stinks
– Same socks
– I still cannot fit into the green dress from top shop sized 8. I bought it when I just started work. How much I have GROWN ……  I still fantasize about the day I come back from the mountains and lose so much weight I can slip into it effortlessly..