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Chérie Beauty Volume 4 for your reading pleasure!

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Chérie Beauty Volume 1

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Chérie Beauty Volume 4

I was chatting with a few friends the other day and we kind of touched on the topic of ‘when did you start wearing make-up?’.

And I was like, ‘Ummm … I remember how I brought along my compact powder and lipstick whenever I went out since I was around … 15 – 16 years old?’

I don’t know if that’s considered ‘too young to be vain’ by many, but at that time, I was convinced that I’d look ‘nicer’ if my face was less oily (hence, the compact powder!) and if my lips looked a little more red!

Well, if you ask me today, I’d still say that make-up DOES wonders to one’s looks.

One CAN look better (read:  more beautiful) with the right touch of make-up.

And, it doesn’t even have to be HEAVY make-up!

[Personally I don’t like to put on ‘heavy’ make-up UNLESS we’re going to a formal event or something]


Today, in my final post for Estée Lauder, I’d like to highlight to you that there’s this FREE service where you can get extra help and advice on how you CAN improve our natural look without doing ‘too much’.

Estée Lauder calls it its SIGNATURE SERVICES.

Their ‘beauty experts’ are available to help you ONLINE, IN-STORE and OVER THE PHONE!


Do take advantage of this free service, I say … and see how simple little ‘tricks’ can improve how we look on a day to day basis!

[As I always say, I personally believe that beauty on the inside is what’s more important, but it doesn’t mean that we forget about looking after the ‘outside’ and looking good for our loved ones and/or spouse. And this, to me, applies to everyone regardless of whether you’re 20 yo, 30 yo, 40 yo, or even 60yo and above]

Anyway, here are three links (from Estée Lauder’s site) where you can read (and gain!) more beauty tips!

– Learn our Signature Technique for BROWS NOW

Top 10 Brow Tips!

– Simple Tips for those who’re … a little ‘stressed out’.

You can browse for MORE tips online, btw!

Click HERE to check them out!


And, here’re my answers to the final two questions :

1) What do I think of the four Estée Lauder CyberWhite products after using them regularly, everyday, for the past FOUR weeks?

I feel my skin is so much more nourished.

I can see and feel the difference in my skin’s quality and ‘smoothness’.

2) Will you continue using these four Estée Lauder CyberWhite products when the blogging campaign is over?



And finally, here’s my question to you:

Have YOU voted for your favourite blogger? =)

If you have voted for me, THANK YOUUU so much for the support! =)

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Thank you so much, everyone!!

That’s right! Look out of the window now. If there’s sun, can you tell the temperature for the day? Do you know how humid/dry the air is? And most importantly, what should you put on your skin now, that is most suitable to fight against the weather?

Now you can, with Estee Lauder’s Cyberwhite 2011 iPhone app! Let me take you through step-by-step. First of all, go into your App Store and key in Estee Lauder. By then, you will see the application in your search screen.

Click on the FREE button to download, and now! Let’s look at the app! First of all, you need to select your location:

I’m in Singapore, so obviously I’ll click on the SG tab. This application is suitable for countries in Asia, as you can see. 🙂

Then you will see beautiful Hilary Rhoda, the face of Estee Lauder. Won’t it be absolutely nice if we all have skin like hers?

Clicking on the Main Menu will give us a range of icons that we can play with:

First, let’s click on the UV Advisor. This is when the app will use the GPS function to locate wherever you are.

So you would have to ALLOW the app to use your current location. But no worries, your privacy is still very much intact as your location will not be revealed to a third party. After you’ve allowed the app to define your location, it will tell you the temperature and humidity!

On 8th of March, it was 27 degrees celcius and 79% humidity. It was a perfect morning! (Except that it was kinda cloudy, as you can see from the cloud icon on the left.)

At the bottom, you can see a little “Do-You-Know” snippet that you can scroll and read. After which, you should click on the suggested products to explore the suitable skincare to use for the day.

As you can see, the suggested range of products will be lined up nicely for you. To look at more products from Estee Lauder’s CyberWhite range, you can also go to The Collection tab at the main menu, where you can see the products divided into different categories.

The Essential Care, Intensive Care and Make Up. For the past few entries, we have been talking a lot on the Essential Care – the most important skincare for your face. 🙂

You can also explore the Intensive Care range if you are aiming for the ultimate fair skin, and of course, make up that enhances the whitening effect!

Having seen The Collection, let’s go back to the Main Menu! Click on Videos to take a look at the TV commercial, and also an application tutorial.

After which, you should know Estee Lauder CyberWhite as well as you know your best friend. Then, you can check out how high your Whitening IQ is!

How much do you know about the sun, its UV radiation and the effects towards your skin?

But because you’re my Super-readers…. *cough* don’t say I never *cough* give correct answers. *cough cough*

I’m not sure if you’ve remembered that I did ask you girls to ask for samples to try before, but if you don’t, you can request it via the iPhone app too!

And if you know where are the nearest stores to you, you can whip out your iPhone too!!

So I was at Woodlands area, and so, the nearest Estee Lauder counter to me would be the Causeway Point!

If you’re thinking of going overseas to procure some Estee Lauder Cyberwhite products, you can also refer to their list of stores, made available all the way from Singapore to China.

Here’s a list of Estee Lauder counters in Singapore. Clicking on one of the location also brings you to a Google Map on the exact location:

There! Simple isn’t it?

What have you learned from these 4 posts on Estee Lauder?

Full Spectrum Brightening Moisture Creme, Brightening UV Protector (SPF50+++), Brightening Moisture Lotion and Brightening Essence.

    • The availability of Estee Lauder iPhone Application that tells you the humidity and temperature of the particular day, and tells you the suitable products to use. It also tells you where the nearest outlets are for your Signature Services, if you’re looking for one!

      And lastly,

      • How to vote for me so that you stand a chance to win not only a $200 hamper from Estee Lauder, but also a mini goodies bag from me!

      This marks the end of the Estee Lauder campaign for all of us bloggers. Voting ends on 25th March 2011, so till then, I will be praying that you guys will be one of the lucky winners to walk away with Estee Lauder products and my bit of goodies!

      Have a great weekend!

      One of the most basic need of the human body is WATER!

      We have been advised that we should drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water a day.

      In some articles, such as this , it is also said that we get dehydrated while we are sleeping! Even though we are sleeping, our bodies are still active, pumping blood, breathing air, refueling muscles, rebuilding cells, cleansing our blood of toxins and waste.

      So when we are awake, we are dehydrated. So we must drink lots of water to replenish the water used up when we are asleep.

      Drink the first glass during the first hour when you are awake.

      And drinking enough water helps our skin to stay moist and smooth!

      So just like our body needs water, our complexion needs enough moisture to stay radiant and healthy!

      Water 2

      A dehydrated skin leaves the skin tight and vulnerable, and lack of hydration is a also a key contributor to an overall dull look. Without proper hydration, the surface cells becomes opaque, and creating a look that lacks healthy vibrancy and clarity.

      Pic 1

      My views….

      Overall: What I like most about the Moisture Creme is that my skin absorbs it instantly and my skin feels much smoother and even at the end of the day, my skin feels moisturized.


      final ad 8

      Read all my posts at Snow White and her 4 helpers Series (Part 1 – 4)

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      Thank you Omy.sg and Estee Lauder for this opportunity to try out their fabulous products and for giving great tips to having radiant and fair complexion! It has proven to be effective! And I love it!

      Love, Ariel

      Beginning with Ariel

      Hi it’s Sharon here!

      Time flies and this is going to be my last post for the

      In this final post for omy.sg, I shall share with you the famous Estee Lauder Signature Services!

      so WHAT exactly are their signature services?

      there! the 4 signature services that ALL Estee Lauder counters provide for free (no purchase required!)

      My favourite would be “2 min touch-ups”, as the name suggests they can help you with adding on some blush/lipgloss or fix that running eye liner!

      This could very well be your saviour before going for that important interview/ school presentation/meeting your date (:

      You can find out more about each of the services here

      and also,

      Estee Lauder Cyberwhite Brilliant Cells now has an iphone app!

      gives you little tips and helps remind you little things that you can do to care for your skin, great for busybees!

      and so it’s time to bid farewell, i hope the entries by the various bloggers have been useful!

      and yes, today is the last day to vote for us on facebook! more details on how to vote here

      don’t miss the chance to win for yourself $200 worth of Estee Lauder products simply by voting!

      so here’s Sharon signing off! you can hear more from me back at my Personal BlogTwitterFacebook



      most of them are prettier in real life than in pictures ^.^

      here is a link to 2 OMY videos of the workshop we attended to prove my point haha, im sure you will agree with me 😉


      p.p.s. if you missed my previous Estee Lauder entries, you can read them here:

      1. Estee Lauder Cyberwhite Workshop for Bloggers

      2. Estee Lauder Step 1-4 with Sharon (Review)

      Chérie Beauty Volume 3 for your reading pleasure!

      26 Beauty Secrets



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      Read all about my Estēe Lauder Experience

      Chérie Beauty Volume 1

      Chérie Beauty Volume 2

      Chérie Beauty Volume 3

      Chérie Beauty Volume 4

      20th Mar, 2011

      Shanice’s Blog Post 4!

      Good things deserved to be shared don’t you agree?

      So, other than sharing with you ladies about this new line of products, other exciting news and awesome goodies to share, I shared the products with my dear mummy as well! She has always been taking care of her skin and all, so she was excited as well when I brought home the products after the workshop that day. And of course, she tried them out as well. Haha.

      And like me, she loves the scent of the products. She doesn’t have oily skin, only at the T-Zone, so she only used the moisturizer at night since she feels it’s more rich for her skin (cos I have the creme one which is more for dry/normal skin) so it’s good because she feels that sleeping in an air-conditioned room will make your skin dryer. She doesn’t have an issue with sunblocks, unlike me haha. Protection from UV rays is very important to her so she makes sure she has sunblock on before leaving the house. And she’s very pleased with the SPF level of this sunblock.

      She is a user of some other Estee Lauder products and for this CyberWhite range, it’s a *thumbs up* from her! Because spots are the  main imperfections she hopes to get rid of on her face.


      Another thing to share with you ladies!

      Did you know about Estee Lauder’s Signature Service? There are six categories and you ladies will love it.

      The first is the “Two Minute Touch-Ups”

      Have you ever had times when you wanted to touch-up on your make-up but then realised you forgot to bring your make-up pouch or that particular item out? You can head over to any Estee Lauder counters for a quick touch up! They will give you that fresh new look again!

      Second, is the “Expert Colour Advice”

      The staff there will help you understand and know what colour flatters your skin tone the best. And you will know how to make any makeup look your own and good.

      Third, is the “Your Shade, Your Finish, Your Match”

      Ever wondered if your foundation shade is the right one? Like is it too yellow, too dark or too light? Fret not, because the staff will help you match your skin tone to the perfect foundation shade and you will receive a 10-day supply of your perfect foundation shade!

      Fourth, is the “Fragrance Your Way”

      I am sure you ever had times when the perfume you have on slowly disappears as the day goes by. Or perhaps, you havent found the fragrance that you like yet? Then head down to any Estee Lauder Counter to smell fresh and good again or try out the perfumes they have. I personally own “Estee Lauder – White Linen” and I love the scent. It smells lovely. Not very heavy, so it suits a student like me! 🙂

      Fifth, is the “Skin Check-Up”

      If you have a skin concern, Estee Lauder will help you identify the problem and offer you solutions to deal with it. Getting complimentary advice from trained and experienced skincare personnel, you know you are in good hands because they know their stuff!

      Sixth, last but not least, “EXpress Bright”

      I mentioned in my earlier posts that Estee Lauder knows that all spots are not created equal. And uneven skin tone is not the only thing that prevents you from getting radiant skin and a luminance complexion, spots are also one of the main culprits. So, Estee Lauder will customize a gentle, yet effective brightening skincare system meant for your skin!

      Estee Lauder’s Signature Service, great isn’t it? It practically solves every problem a girl would have.


      P.S: Do you know you stand a chance to win a Estee Lauder hamper worth $200 simply by voting for me at the Estee Lauder Singapore facebook page?

      Step 1: Like the Estee Lauder Singapore facebook page.http://www.facebook.com/EsteeLauderSG

      Step 2: Click on the CyberWhite tab.

      Step 3: And you will see this

      Vote for your  favourite Blogger

      Click on VOTE and fill in your particulars and select me, Shanice Koh at the “My Favourite Blogger” tab. Thanks in advance!

      1 lucky voter will be selected every week! So good luck! :)





      vote for me @ http://www.facebook.com/EsteeLauderSG?v=app_11007063052

      read other blogger’s entries @http://blog.omy.sg/estee-lauder/

      & rmb to do all 4 steps! to get fairer and brighter skin!



      So here is my third post on Estee Lauder’s CyberWhite Brilliant Cells range.

      Being someone who is really busy and lazy (haha sounds contradicting), but I like to make things as easy as I can. So I rather take care of my skin now instead of putting heavy make up or concealer. I would sometimes drag my feet just to make sure I clean my face thoroughly before sleeping and make sure I do the full range of skin care routine. Prevention is better than cure!

      So here you go!

      pic 3

      This is an essential step that prepares the skin to receive the full benfits of the entire Cyberwhite Brilliant Cells system, so it looks flawless, luminous, and unbelievably bright!

      It softens, soothes and conditions the skin.

      Its better to use with a cotton pad so that there wont be wastage of the lotion. After applying this, apply the Full Spectrum Brightening Essence.

      My views….

      Overall: Basically the lotion acts like a toner for me, and I feel more refresh and cleaner after use! After removal of make up and washing your face, you will be surprise that actually the skin is not completely cleaned, thus the lotion helps to give it a final clean up.

      Its improves the overall cleanliness of my skin removing any residue, dirt, any excess oil and dead skin cells.

      And of course the to apply moisturizer after this, which I would share in my next post!

      One of the interesting thing that Estee Lauder has created is the Cyberwhite Ipone App for you to read and know more about their products and to help you to take care of your skin in a greater way!

      pic 4

      Provides you with the full details of the new CyberWhite Brilliant Cells whitening product.

      Getting daily weather forecast and UV Protection tips with the new UV Advisor function

      There is a 5-step video to show you how to get the best luminous look!

      Finding out the nearest Estee Lauder store with the store locator.

      So start downloading now!

      Please vote for Ariel Leong

      Stand a chance to win an Estee Lauder Product hamper worth  $200 in the weekly draw.

      Click “Like” on Estee Lauder Facebook

      Click on Vote!

      And submit your details.

      Love, Ariel

      Beginning with ariel