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CHARITY Garage SALE (part 5)

Author: david, 12 13th, 2010

Page 1 SOLD copy

page 2 SOLD

page 3 SOLD

page 4 SOLD

page 5 SOLD copy
page 6 SOLD copy

More unused treasures from my gold mine!! If you see something you like on here, please write in as soon as you can so you won’t miss the opportunity to get something nice for yourself!

CHARITY Garage SALE (Part 4)

Author: david, 12 09th, 2010

page 1 SOLD

page 2 SOLD

page 3 SOLD

Am still digging digging and have uncovered more things that I have bought and hardly used. I hope that all these items will go to someone who will find them more useful than I have. Quick buy  buy buy so that I can go dig dig dig for more things to add to the charity sale.

CHARITY Garage SALE (Part 3)

Author: david, 12 08th, 2010

page 1 SOLD copy

page 2 SOLD copy

page 3 SOLD

page 4 SOLD
page 5 SOLD

page 6 SOLD copy

page 7 SOLD

page 8 SOLD

page 9 SOLD

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Using the money that i make from selling the things that i don’t use often to do a little charity has been a very rewarding thing for me. I’ve always believe in karma and even though it might not always seem like anything is different after all the sacrifices you’ve made but good things always come unexpectedly =)

There’s this particular watch that I’ve been eyeing for quite some time but was hesitant because of the price… Today i got a call from the people from the watch company and they told me that I’ll be getting the watch from them free of charge!! Apparently a customer of mine and the watch company has decided to join hands to make my dream come true! It’s such an unexpected surprise and I believe it’s because of all the charity that I’ve been doing lately!

So please support my charity garage sale so you can gain some good karma for yourself as well and something good will come knocking very soon!

CHARITY Garage SALE (Part 2)

Author: david, 12 04th, 2010

hats 01 SOLD 1

hats 02 SOLD
hats 03 SOLD

Tiffany Box 80 SOLD

Super Sunglasses 40 SOLD

Prada Hanna 70 SOLD

More stuff from my closet for sale =)

The reason I’m selling off all my old stuff is because i think having the cash to donate would be of better use then just gifting them away to my friends. Plus everyone gets to gain something different for their wardrobe for the coming festivities or buy it as a Christmas present for their loved ones!! I hope this lot will sell out as fast as the last one =)

Happy Shopping!!


Author: david, 12 03rd, 2010

wallets SOLD

Gucci 120 SOLD

Gucci Flat 120 SOLD


Gucci 60 SOLD

Loewe 30 SOLD

Almost everything has been sold in 2 hours =)  So sorry if you saw and wrote in for something and it’s been sold but there might be more so keep checking the blog for new updates!!

MORE stuff for SALE!! ALL proceeds will be donated to charity so write in if you want to do a good deed and gain a new bag/wallet or sunglasses =)

Write in via the comment box to let us know which of the above item you’re interested in getting!

Payment to be made during pickup and pickup will be at Passion!

Please write in via the comment box with you phone number and name. Thank you!

390 Orchard Road #02-01/06 Palais Renaissance, Tel: 6733 5638