Author: david, 12 02nd, 2015


I always wanted to own a BIG TABLE for the spacious entrance to my salon, but I never get to see one that suits my salon.

It’s either too thin or too short. So happy to have found this AMAZING TABLE.  PERFECT LENGTH and PERFECT THICKNESS.

Although I have contemplated for a long time because it cost me ALMOST $30k!!

I have been putting up fresh Xmas tree for the past  6 years, and each cost me about $3k( including decorations) and only last me one month.

Thanks to my good choice, instead of the getting a tree, I got this table to make my XMAS DECO DIFFERENT.

Now I can put candles and fresh flowers for this Xmas. For CNY, I am going to put many oranges on this table.

I really like the new change and I hope all my customer who come in like it too.

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