New energy for the new year!

Author: david, 01 12th, 2012


Lately, I worked with a new local talent, Serene Koong and she is going to Taiwan soon to do some promotions for her upcoming album. The pictures we did of her is a success and I think it is because we had the perfect photographer for the job! It was none other than the maestro Wee  Khim.

Her company was so happy with her pictures that they are getting the young stylist who styled her to contribute to her album cover. I am very happy that they are willing to try out new blood. Not always that a new album needs a stylist with a big name to do it. Even if a big singer useses a big stylist it does not mean anything.

I am very happy that Singapore is trying to groom local talent. Whether or not she makes it big is still a question mark. But at least she gains my respect. I always believe that when you get fame too easily you might lose it easily as well. It is better to gain it gradually and build on life experiences to make the foundation of your career stronger. This applies not only to your career but also your love life.

Personally, I like to do things that are not 雷聲大雨點小. I also don’t like to work with people that are 井底蛙. But people in our industry bounce from here to there still the same. Do things that are not convincing. It’s ok lah as long as I eat the better food. I also hope that I can improve myself constantly. But I always feel I must always take my birkin and fly overseas in order to learn. Sorry that I have been so busy that I have no time to post anything.

Anyway, All the best Serene! I hope you bring some new energy to the local entertainment industry! We need it!

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