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In the festive mood . . .

Author: david, 01 03rd, 2009

The month of December has been super exciting for me. Christmas in Bangkok was really fun because I had a few friends that flew in with me to celebrate this important occasion. It was such a pity that one of my closest friends could not make it as he was busy doing alot of unnecessary things. We had a wonderful christmas dinner by the river at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok. It was such a great feeling to eat and make merry with my close friends in such a beautiful setting. I also want to mention that Grand Hyatt Bangkok upgraded my room to a suite and prepared a black forest christmas cake for me when I arrived. I was very happy with their thoughtful arrangement. Another thing worth mentioning was the Christmas decorations in Bangkok. They were spectacular! I remember that Singapore used to have really beautiful decorations to usher in the festive mood but now Bangkok is catching up with us and i personally feel that they have surpassed us. Despite the bad economy, they still bother to make an effort to doll up their buildings to celebrate Christmas even though it is not a national holiday for them. Maybe it is time for us to buck up, maybe it is because we lack creativity and we already think that we are the best. If Bangkok has already surpassed us in many ways, what about countries like Taiwan and Hongkong. We obviously have no fight, be it in terms of our fashion industry or entertainment industry although our country is so refined. That is my personal opinion though. The younger generation should work harder to motivate the veteran bunch, so that we can come up with better and more innovative ideas. I think that the young should not only learn from the old, but the old can also learn certain things from the younger generation as well.




The festivities did not end when I got back to Singapore. I was invited to a Black and White new years Eve party at the St Regis hosted by Frank Cintamani. I was accompanied by my 3 granddaughters to the party. I made extra effort to dress up for the party. I did not want to wear a very predictable black suit and white shirt as there would be at least 30 other people wearing the same ensemble. I threw on my signature Hermes hat, Jil Sander translucent jacket, Mcqueen shirt, Undercover pants and Gucci knee high boots. The party was great and i hope that every year someone will organise tasteful parties like this. Although the party theme was a simple theme like black and white, me and my 3 granddaughters used the theme of the party to create stylish and fashionable outfits that stood out from the rest. To me fashion is not about copying what is on the runway looks or magazines, but creating an attitude and style that is individual.



I am very happy that i received many well wishes from my friends around the world. after the countdowm at St Regis, we proceeded to my favourite club, Zouk. It is one of the only clubs in Singapore that i crave go to. Although I was informed that I had no table, I still decided to go down with my gang (Georgia Lee in her JPG gown, Karen Ng that just got back from London, my granddaughters and my lovely staff from Passion). I feel Georgia and Karen really put in effort everytime they make an appearance, they always make sure that they tastefully style themselves from top to toe. The stars in Singapore should look up to them and learn from them as everytime you appear in public, people will remember you. We had endless amounts of champagne at Zouk and that is why I spent the rest of the New Year Day sleeping in my beautiful apartment.


After a full day of beauty sleep, I had to do an interview with Taiwan’s Zhong Shi TV station. They were doing a special programme for the entertainment industry and I am very honoured that I was the only one selected in Singapore for the interview. I hope that 2009 will be a great year and i am already preparing my angpows for the Chinese New Year. I look forward to have my sons, daughters and grandchildren over at my place to celebrate Chinese New Year. No matter how bad the economy will be, Chinese New Year only comes once a year. So everybody should celebrate it. I hope that everyone will have a fruitful and prosperous 2009!!