The Wedding Game.

Author: david, 01 25th, 2009

Most of my friends enjoy catching movies at the cinema over the weekend or on a lazy weekday night but it was never my thing. I prefer hanging out with friends at a cafe or bar anytime! I even hesitated when my daughter, Fann, insisted that I must show up at the gala premiere of ‘The Wedding Game”.

I was contemplating all day as I was so tired from work and finally decided to show some parental support to both Chris and Fann. I immediately called for my driver and rushed down o Vivo City’s Golden Village with an empty stomach. Let me tell you this – no regrets at all! I’m impressed by their genuine performance, the cinematography, the beautiful locations and the wardrobe. Most of all, this wouldn’t have been possible if not for Ekachai’s (the Thai director) great effort and trust in the people he worked with. Thumbs up for him!

Throughout the movie, I kept commenting on how the shots made Singapore look great and how Singapore has finally broken out of the ‘I must look ugly and silly to entertain my audience’ syndrome. Let’s face it – how often does Singapore make a romantic comedy film for the Lunar New Year? Or even in general to begin with… I could tell that every actor, actress, special appearance and extra was very casted. There were one-too-many scenes that featured Singapore in such great light, and I must also credit the Malacca scene as well!

I highly recommend you to catch it anytime from 25th Jan onwards, I think. Have a great Lunar New Year ahead! 🙂









3 Responses to “The Wedding Game.”

  1. MICHELLE Says:

    Yes, its a very nice movie.

    I went to the gala too.

    I think Fann and Chris was pointing at you when they are talking below the cinema screen.

  2. Marc Says:

    I am definitely going to catch ths movie within the next few days… I love Fann….

  3. AtelierGal Says:

    I went to watch the movie too!
    You can really tell the good chemistry between Fann & Chris.

    BTW, Gong Xi Fa Cai!


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