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Author: david, 01 20th, 2009




I feel like a proud mother of two of my closest friends, Celia Tay and Jessie Leong. I’ve watched them grow from their modeling days to the successful individual women they are today. Both Fann and Zoe chose the entertainment industry after modeling, and I’m sure Celia and Jessie could have done the same thing, given their good looks and figure. But they chose to pursue their dream of becoming bag designers instead, and I must really give them my stamp of approval!

They have a wide range of well-designed bags and clutches under the quirky brand name, MUIIK, which can be found even in Harvey Nichols and many other stores internationally! Mostly made out of exotic skin, the bags’ finishing and interior are impeccable. It suits the individualistic woman with a great sense of style. Each bag is unique and has an elegant name to it as well! I’ll like to introduce a few of them to you (see images) – Love Letter Caiman (Olive/Black), Audrey Ostrich (Fushia with Crystal), St Tropez Lg Python (Gold). These are what I call personalised class and style!

Speaking of class and style, I can’t help but adore the many advertisements of Zoe, Fann and Stefanie on billboards and bus ads! I’d always greet the ads with a big smile of approval and sometimes even shout out “Hi, Zoe!” when I’m around close friends. Yes, that’s how mad I can get at times. But it’s all in the name of fun – life’s too short to be uptight!

Thing is – not all ads are tastefully done. We should all learn to appreciate the good ones we see around us. One good example of a bad ad is the one featuring a male and female celebrity for the lunar new year. One can easily tell that there were bad colour choices, bad composition and layout, and the list just goes on and on… If we have to do an ad, with a celeb or not, we should make it look good and tasteful. If that is even not attainable, then keep it simple at least. The ugly ad made the celebrities look so bad. It’s really such a pity, i feel… Oh well, at least these ads are gonna be taken down after the lunar new year – phew! Let’s hope the next one will be better!

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