A star is born…

Author: david, 01 05th, 2009


I first got to know Shi Sin Huey over dinner with a couple of friends some time back. There and then, it didn’t occur to me that she was the singer who sang the song that goes – “…taibei dao beijing…”. However, she only came across as a young beautiful girl with a petite frame.

It was only much later in the night while we were chilling out, that she mentioned working on a new album. Only then did I realise she was actually the singer with that catchy song. See thing is – nothing impressionable came out of that album for her, except the catchy lyrics and tune that went along with her first single. Well, three months later, I met her again at my salon. It was very sweet of her to have personally gave me a copy of her new album with a personal message and autograph.

Before even judging on the quality of the songs, I was already taken aback by the cover of the new album – it may look simple but I must say her new image and the clean and chic layout really does her some justice this time round. And her great vocals and songs are really a huge bonus! She’s now a star!

Packaging and branding is really important. And even though Sin Huey did not launch her career in Taiwan, she still is popular here in Singapore. Now that is something to be proud of. I hope our local media will show more support to our local talents because every form of exposure, be it big or small, helps. Let’s not only focus on the celebrities who made it big overseas, let’s start grooming people here from scratch.

Work hard, Sin Huey!

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  1. A reader Says:

    I really like your posts. Hope you are really free to update everyday.
    Thanks for your updates that I know what kind of person you really are.
    Thanks a lot.

  2. Sherry Says:

    Hi David,

    Just want to find out from you if there is any way u can upload pictures of your collection of watches?


  3. Anthony Says:

    I would love to see your watch collection too!


  4. david Says:

    Hi guys, I’ll do so soon when I find the time to consolidate my favourite pieces 🙂

    Till then, take care!

    Kung Hei Fatt Choy!

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