Kelly Poon’s Latest Album!

Author: david, 09 08th, 2014


Kelly, Congratulations on the latest album!

Another tasteful album with the BEST Styling and of course the BEST Voice!

Good job and keep up on the good work!



Author: david, 06 12th, 2014

Wang Feng 001

Wang Feng 003


一開始我不知道誰是汪峰。每次去KTV,人家點他的‘北京北京’ 那首歌,才發現這首歌很好聽。這一次去北京, 沒想到我能現場聽他彩排=)汪峰八月二日會在北京办演唱會, 我一定要去!



Positive Energy!

Author: david, 06 10th, 2014

Beijing ScenicBeijing Scenic 001

I’ve been flying around so much to absorb positive energy.

At the same time, I’m hoping that I can find a very tasteful house and a shop.

Will I able to fulfill my DREAMS? =)

Time Flies! Toodaloo!

Author: david, 06 07th, 2014

private jetprivate jet 001

I’ve been flying so much the past year that 2014 is literally flying by with a blink of an eye!

Do you think I should and would be able to continue my travels for another year? Wish me LUCK! =)

Exhibit X YOYO

Author: david, 05 17th, 2014

yoyoI’m so very IMPRESSED!

Yoyo Cao has showed me with her debut runway showcase yesterday that there is still a beacon of hope for the fashion industry in Singapore! She is so detailed with every aspect and it definitely shows in her work! I was in aww from the first model to the last one! Exibit is born and raised in Singapore but I can tell you now from my experience last night that this baby is going to go very far! She has fused her roots with her wings and it blended so flawlessly that I’m sure anyone with a good eye and feel for fashion would definitely share my views! Success is not measured by the money you make but instead surround yourself with the people that believes in the same goal as you do because ultimately nothing feels better then following your passion.Unfortunately our dream is cradled by this superficial industry that only recognizes connections and relationships! You’re either convenient of you’re an expert at juggling balls! Be and stay unique because believe me when I say this: “The bees will always flock to the HONEY!”. I was suppose to leave for work yesterday but I stayed because I wanted to support your first show and you definitely DID NOT disappoint! Congratulations my friend and I wish you all the best in your future!