Eternal Beauty – Pan Ling Ling

Author: david, 03 26th, 2014

pan ling lingThis women is one of the brightest and most beautiful star we have in Singapore. She is born with a beautiful face but yet she is a kind and humble person. Pan Ling Ling is the most beautiful actress we have during the late 80s (since SBC days) and she is still one of the most beautiful faces we have now even after having 2 children. That is what star quality means!

We’ve been my friend for many years but I don’t think I’ve thanked her enough for being such a kind and loyal friend to me all these years. Dearest Ling Ling, I hope you know that I’ve always been very grateful and thankful for all the support you’ve given me and Passion throughout my career. Look at all these amazing pictures we’ve done together! I know I probably should say it more often but I really want you to know that my gratitude for you comes truly from the very bottom of my heart!

The reason I’m writing this blog is because one of my customer reminded me about how much I really want to show my appreciation for lingling but have always been so busy I never got around to doing it. She dropped by the salon yesterday while I was cutting one of my young female customer and as soon as she left, my customer said to me: “she looks so beautiful in person even after so many years!”. That made me realize that I felt the exact same way! She is indeed is still as gorgeous as before! This women is so strong she even fought the hardest battle in her life and came out a glorious WINNER!

Receiving the news about her illness during star awards last year was one of the most heartbreaking moments of my life. I shared it only with the one divine being that I knew could shed some light on an unfortunate situation like this. I prayed almost everyday since the day I found out and hoped with all my heart that Guan Yin Mah will bless Ling Ling and her family with the strength to go through this difficult time. Thank you Guan Yin Mah for answering my prayers! And bless you my dear friend for being so strong and unfaltering even when you’re faced with such a ruthless adversary! I believe that when you’re a kind person you’ll receive the same amount of kindness. Karma makes the world go round! Here is one final thank you again for being a wonderful person and a wonderful friend. I wish you all the best in this coming year and I look forward to the many more years of friendship ahead!

Endless Wait

Author: david, 03 25th, 2014

beijingA quarter of the year has already passed in just a blink of an eye! I’ve been quite a frequent resident in Beijing the past 8 months and I’ll continue my travels this second half of the year =) The money is good, the food is good and the company has been AMAZING! Everything has been more than I could ask for but the only thing that makes me a little bit sad is that I miss home very much and I will also be missing the upcoming star awards! BUT it’s ok! Coz I trust my team 110%! I’ve been grooming them for almost a decade and I trust that they are more than capable to handle this annual event! I wish I could be there to personally cook a flask of birds nest for all of my artistes who have been so kind and supportive throughout my career but unfortunately I will have to ask my maid to do it for me this year instead. It doesn’t matter if they drink it or not, it  is just my way of showing my thanks and appreciation for their loyalty =)

I’m always sad whenever I have to leave this beautiful country but I’m very glad that I can bring our Singapore stars to see the rest of the world and also help them realize that they shouldn’t be making factory worker wages! It’s my way of contributing to the progress of our young talents. I just feel like I need to help those that have been overlooked by our immature industry. Some of these talents might already have given up if they had to wait for the market to come to their senses. But I’m sure there are those who are determined enough to tough it out and their chance will definitely come. I’m so very thankful that I still get to the show my talent at my age and of course I have to thank Singapore for giving me that opportunity to prosper. I really would love to groom another Zoe or Fann but the personal relations of ppl have gotten so difficult that it hasn’t happen for me up until now. I’ve realized that most people would not want to help you when they want what you have and they most definitely will not give you a chance to get what you want. They also like to teach theirs kids to grow up exactly like them and want them to want what they want because they think they know best? Please grow up and let your children decide for themselves. It’s impossible to want the same things it’s impossible to control everything! If I was given a chance I would definitely move on and bring everyone with me including stylists, makeup artistes, photographers and also artistes to see the rest of the world! I hope I can help as many people as I can and I will try my very best!

Sylvester Sim – Careless Whisper

Author: david, 02 27th, 2014

sylvester sim

I’ve admired this particular talent for quite a number of years and his voice is what brings my lazy ass out to party at night! I’m not really a night scene kind of person but I do indulge in the occasional night drinks with some of my friends to see the very talented Sylvester Sim perform! I fell in love with his voice when I heard him sing careless whisper and now it’s like an addiction. He is doing very well in the night scenes but I always feel like he should be producing records and traveling the world instead so he can show the world that we have a Sylvester Sim in this tiny little dot we call Singapore!

He has so much potential and his stage presence is debatably better than most of the singers here in Singapore. I always like to tell the underdogs my story and hope that they will follow in my footsteps because I too had a big dream! I dreamt that the whole panel of windows at Palais will be mine! Guess what? My ridiculous dream came true without the help of any investors, partners or sponsors. I did it all by myself with my unfailing and unfaltering positive attitude towards my ability! I’m not bothered by the fact that i don’t have a million dollar in my bank account or a porche in my garage. I just know that as long as I have me, I will get what I want if I set my heart to it. The journey is not going to be an easy one because no one is going to serve you success on a silver  platter. You have to have the stamina and tolerance to swallow all the hardship that is thrown your way so as long as you keep moving you will definitely find your final destination. It might not be now but when success does come knocking, you know you’ll be ready!

Dearest Sylvester, I hope you feel the same way because you have what it takes to be a star! I believe in you and I hope you believe in yourself too. Dreams do come true so hold on tight! I know your faith will definitely bring you closer each day to achieving the impossible! JIA YOU!

Where are all our Super Stars?

Author: david, 02 27th, 2014


Singapore is definitely not short of beautiful celebrity faces but why are they so invisible? We don’t see them even though they appear everywhere?! Some of you might not know this but every celebrity has a manager to help them decide what they should and should not do for their career. That is a very important role for any aspiring actors because they are your guide and negotiators. If they are crap you’ll be shit as well! So what I’m trying to say is that we need more knowledgeable managers to help surround our artistes with what they need to grow into a superstars! We don’t need nannies who only know how to bargain and buy coffees. We need mentors who actually want to help bring an extraordinary talent to achieve extraordinary things! I feel like clients should also be educated about the value of hiring a personality to be the face of their product. Obviously if you are interested in any one particular artiste, they are already valuable so you should know that the amount requested for the job would be worth every cent. Just like a manager should convince the clients the worth of their artiste and what their artiste needs instead of bringing down their value just to get the job?! How would the economy grow if everyone is selling and bargaining like aunties?! Are we trying to mass produce like ZARA or do we want to be couture like CHANEL?

I just had a realization and my conclusion to all these weird mannerism from the industry comes from the TOP! If your boss is ‘o biang’ obviously you’ll be too. It’s human nature to follow by example so maybe minions are not to blame? The Gru of every ‘o biang’ organization should be REPLACED! Publications included! Do you think it’s necessary to commit all 12 issues of the year to a socialite with 100 birkin bags? Why don’t you find another person who has 300 or 500? Or using and re using a model because he decides that showing more skin is ok? Settling is another contributing factor to the downfall of creativity! We have countless talents and artiste in Singapore but why do I always see foreign artiste or models on the cover of our magazines? WHY? Who is going to help us if we don’t help ourselves? I actually really don’t have to give a shit because I know I eat better food BUT I love this country and I want us to be BETTER!

So Dearest White King, I truly think you are our only salvation. I want to see Singapore prosper into a entertainment hub with  blooms of our own flowers! Nothing is impossible so I will keep my fingers crossed and hope for the BEST! We can do it!


Author: david, 02 12th, 2014



Look at all these lovely photos of my queen and princess! I’ve been cutting their hair for 2 decades and never once have I had a slip in judgement about what kind of look I should do for them. I am so blessed to have the good fortune to meet these 2 beautiful ladies! They’ve help me in so many ways and have always been and always will be my true friends <3 It has been a very long process of hard work and determination for me to craft something in me that now comes out effortless. Just like possessing the x factor, you need that innate talent in you even before you can start this long road towards your dream! I’m so happy I get to do what I love now and travel at the same time! First class nonetheless! I’m so thankful for everyone that has contributed to my success. Now I get to enjoy the company of an amazing client that pays amazingly and not forgetting my fabulous salon as well!

A friend asked me recently why I don’t do any shampoo commercials? Maybe cause I’m bald? hehe! Honestly I think my fees are too high and I won’t do it unless I get what I want! I don’t understand if these commercials are trying sell the shampoo,the artiste or the hairstylist? Whatever the reason, if the purpose of having a hairstylist in the commercial is to make the hair look good than that is the least that hairstylist should do! Because what is the point at all if the hair is horrible? Maybe they think it just have to be supermarket standard? KIDDIN! hehe! But seriously, I’m sure these people can do better! I can’t deny the fact that I did learn some of my basics skills from studying overseas but I believe that because my market is in ASIA I have to create and adjust my newfound skills to suit my customers. I don’t use my education as a selling factor! I believe in building my own style instead of being a good imitation of the original =) Plus I build a good price as well with my style! You pay for what you get. I’ve been trained to be refined in my work that’s why I don’t know and understand how someone can do mass. I do admire their stamina! I want to emphasize the fact that my skills are definitely worth the amount I charge! It’s very annoying when the customers try to bargain rates with you! I mean it’s same for makeup artistes as well. These customers think that your rates should always be the same even though your skills have improved through the years. Are they really that cheapskate? I definitely won’t up my prices if I didn’t know for sure that it’s worth every cent. If you have eyes you will be able to see that I’ve transformed and upgraded my salon into a luxury hair retreat for my customers to enjoy the space and comfort. I don’t think any reasonable person would expect the prices to stay the same? I want to urge all hair and makeup artistes to stand their grounds on demanding the increase of their rates. Please don’t be bullied into submitting! We are not maids even though we are in the service line. We have a skill that no one can replace and we in our industry are considered professionals! Btw, we should be happy if they want to ban us because we don’t need to absorb all these bad energy surrounding us! They can continue to be unreasonable in their blind and senseless state but we have to move on to greener pastures! All the cheap people can go to their cheap corner! Bring their next generation into that LC place too! We have to believe in ourselves before other will that’s why I want to emphasize again to all my friends in this industry to stay strong!  Anyways, I’m very proud that I’ve had the opportunity to go out of Singapore to learn from other cultures but I’m still an ASIAN so I have to come back to my ASIAN roots!

I want to share my deepest appreciation for Fann and Zoe for always being so loyal and truthful to me all these years (friends like that are hard to find now). There many many other friends that have been with me all these years but Fann and Zoe will always be the first 2 in my mind. They have never been stingy with their friendship with me and my success has never altered their generosity towards me. If I have another 20 years in me I want to be able to give back to their next generation! A lasting friendship is never easy and I’m glad we’ve gone through all the tough times and came out holding on tight! I love you girls and I’m sure our friendship with last forever <3