Another Year Has Gone By

Author: david, 01 20th, 2016


Throwback Thursday

Author: david, 01 07th, 2016

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Exactly a year ago, working with Lin Chi Ling in Shanghai.

#THROWBACK – The land of LOVE.

Author: david, 12 11th, 2015



Such  a beautiful city.

Good Memories.


Author: david, 12 02nd, 2015


I always wanted to own a BIG TABLE for the spacious entrance to my salon, but I never get to see one that suits my salon.

It’s either too thin or too short. So happy to have found this AMAZING TABLE.  PERFECT LENGTH and PERFECT THICKNESS.

Although I have contemplated for a long time because it cost me ALMOST $30k!!

I have been putting up fresh Xmas tree for the past  6 years, and each cost me about $3k( including decorations) and only last me one month.

Thanks to my good choice, instead of the getting a tree, I got this table to make my XMAS DECO DIFFERENT.

Now I can put candles and fresh flowers for this Xmas. For CNY, I am going to put many oranges on this table.

I really like the new change and I hope all my customer who come in like it too.

Popularity can never outlast LEGENDS.

Author: david, 11 13th, 2015


I’ve been working with ICON for many years and to be honest they’ve had their ups and downs. I don’t always agree with their visuals but they do surprise me sometimes. This new cover of AH JIE is AMAZING. When we were shooting it i thought it would just be another one of those browse through covers but i’m in so much awe with what they’ve chosen. It is so TIMELESS and CLASSIC, i absolutely adore it! Anyone who says its boring to have ah jie appear over and over again on the same title can go ‘F’ off because if you have a creative mind you would know that its not all about the subject but the person behind the idea! If you don’t understand that, then i think u need to take a break and let the new generation take the wheel instead. The future has no time for the past. On the other hand, LEGENDS LAST FOREVER! Irony? Maybe?! But popularity can never outlast legends and that my friend is recorded in history! AH JIE is so VERSATILE, she can do mass market and luxury as well!

There’s no stopping this WONDER WOMAN!