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Epilogue Café – When Popular Bookstore Opens a Café

By , December 6, 2012

Popular Bookstore opens a café. Yes, the same Popular Bookstores where hungry, I mean kiasu parents hunt down assessment books and 10-years series for their adolescent to get a head-start of their successful life. Popular was my ‘saviour’ in that way too. (Won’t have cleared my Os and As without you, Popular!)

Epilogue Café within Prologue (at Level 4 Ion) provides a completely different vibe – quiet surroundings, lovely music, view of Orchard Road, artistic lights made of recycled books. Overall, a very cosy corner to read a book, drink a cup of cuppa or have casual business lunches.

In fact when I was there during a public holiday, the directors of Popular were having a lunch meeting there. Talk about working hard.

This new café concept offers not only gourmet coffee and cakes, but a plethora of Italian food selections such as soups, sandwiches and pastas.

Epilogue brings in a slight Asian twist to its special menu. I had a Rendang Chicken Set Meal ($11.90) which is really quite an interesting and workable combination with huge chicken chunks marinated in a sweet spicy rendang sauce topped on spaghetti. Thumbs up for this. The drink is an Iced Singapore Sling sans the alchohol.

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Epilogue Café ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn, #04-16 ION Orchard, Singapore 238801 (Orchard MRT), Tel:+65 6465 1477
Opens daily: 10:30am – 10:00pm
Branch: #06-01/02/03 Orchard Central

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Paris Baguette – Korean Bakery Finally Comes to Singapore, But Why Seoul Expensive?

By , December 5, 2012

Paris Baguette is finally here in Singapore! If you are thinking this is some French brand, nope. This chain is actually the top Korean bakery, receiving “constant love” for its freshly baked bread, cakes, sandwiches, desserts and brunch items.

It has over 3500 stores in Korea, US and China. None in France though, go figure. (Wheareas PAUL is really from France.)

Located at Level 2 Wisma Atria, Paris Baguette has replaced Ding Tai Fung (which has upgraded to Food Republic, or should I say downgraded) and attracted throngs of office crowd and the Korean expat community to land their support. Good chance to people-watch and spot a (almost) Girl Generation type customer.

Because it is newly opened, its self-service ordering system, service crunch, and lack of seats due to its popularity may throw you back a little. Customers were looking high and low for the menu sheet, only to find them lying around somewhere. Somewhere.

Indulge in a lazy afternoon with its brunch items, the best seller being the Cheese Omelette With A Difference ($18.00, and what a name). The omelette with spinach, gruyere and feta cheese is quite cheesy and yummy, plain in its own way, and heartily satisfying.

The Scrambled Egg Brioche Brunch ($18.00) is a photogenic dish with chorizo on toasted brioche, and the eggs evenly prepared and cooked. If we were to judge by the eggs alone, yes it is fresh delicious, but somehow lacks a punch. Should throw in a juicy sausage and some sautéed mushrooms.

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Paris Baguette Singapore (Wisma Atria)
435 Orchard Road, #02-48 to 53 Wisma Atria, Singapore 239977 (Orchard MRT), Tel:+ 65 6836 2010, +65 6836 3010

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Uma Uma Ramen – Top Restaurant Iggy’s Opens a Ramen Shop

By , November 9, 2012

Another ramen shop with an impressive CV opens in Singapore – famous Fukuoka ramen chain, 59 years of history, helmed by Ignatius Chan, owned by Iggy’s the top restaurant in Singapore. He is also behind the high-end Kaiseki restaurant Yoshiyuki downstairs.

Looks like there is another reason to go to the rather Forum the Shopping Mall at Orchard now, other than Toys “R” Us and California Pizza Kitchen.

There isn’t very much to choose from as there are only two types of ramen – Uma Uma Ramen ($14) and Spicy Chasiu Ramen ($16).

The former is a spicy miso base, with Hakata-style noodles, and toppings such as charsiu, spring onions and black fungus. The later, is a spicier version at $2 extra, and there really isn’t too much of a difference. Extra tamago at $1.50.

If you like your noodles thin, non-curly and springy (like mee kia, similar to Ippudo’s version), chances are you will enjoy Uma Uma a lot. Not for the Sapporo ramen fans though (ie Ramen Santouka’s version).

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Uma Uma Ramen
583 Orchard Road, #01-41/42/43 Forum The Shopping Mall, Singapore 238884 (10 mins walk from Orchard MRT), Tel: +65 6235 0855 Opening Hours: 11.30am – 3.30pm, 6.30pm – 10pm (Mon – Sat); 11.30am – sold out (Sun)

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The Manhattan Pizza Co – Huge XXXL Pizzas Lands In Singapore + Pizza Giveaways!

By , October 25, 2012

I have never been to Manhattan or the New York to judge their pizzas, but I do know that this Manhattan Pizza Co in Singapore serves HUGE ones. Huge to the extent that the pizza filled the entire square table, huge that each slice is bigger than my hand, huge that 5 of my hungry friends could not finish the whole thing.

20 inches long to be exact.

“Chief” Joey Manoli brought their signature pizza from New York City to Singapore’s Orchard Central. The Napoli style pizza was created by Joey’s ‘Poppi’ (his papa) when their entire uprooted themselves to NYC, and made a good living out of it.

The restaurant is at a difficult-to-find basement location at Orchard Central, already known for its crazy navigation. Fortunately, Manhattan is located right next to Gong Cha which probably brought some customers in.

Initially, I was a little doubting. Red and yellow décor, matched with plastic chairs, and rather loud music screams ‘fast-food restaurant’ – not the kind of place I would enjoy having long chats with good friends over pizza slices and sides.

But, the pizzas are pretty affordable. The classic variety such as Hawaiian and Pepperoni are $38-$39, while the specialty range such as seafood and meat lover are $40-$42. A classic slice with a drink is $5.90.

Joey said that a Singaporean Tan Yi Ling was ‘schmoozing’ over their pizzas at NYC, which motivated him to come over Singapore for a look. (Interesting, I checked HungryGoWhere and there is a Tan Yi Ling giving positive reviews on Manhattan. I wonder if Joey knows.)

My gym-going friends and I shared a Meat Lover / Roast Duck half and half combination ($42), with an OMG moment when the pizza first landed on our table. Proven right that size does matter.

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The Manhattan Pizza Company M.P.C. Singapore
Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Road, B1-01 (next to Gong Cha), Singapore 238896 (Somerset MRT) Tel: 800 852 3887 (toll-free)
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (Mon – Thur), 11 am – 10.30 pm (Fri – Sun)

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Pete’s Place – A Well Hidden Gem at Orchard

By , September 17, 2008

10, Scotts Road The Grand Hyatt Hotel S’pore S(228211) Tel: 64167113

We all know the saying “the older the wine, the finer it gets”. Restaurant Pete’s Place has been in operation at the basement of Grand Hyatt since the 1970s without a change in location. For something beyond the mediocre pizzas and pasta some of us have been eating, look for the authentic Italian flavours that Pete’s provide.

The Ambience
As you walk down the flight of stairs near the entrance of the hotel, you will walk into a hostelry-styled restaurant of bricked walls, black and white photographs, dim lighting and dark wood furniture.

The fact that it attracts tourists, expatriates and upper-middle class locals might of course also make you feel like you’ve transported to a European city. The matching checked blue and white table-cloth and napkins, and folded paper menu add to the unique essence of the place.

The Food
If you go during lunch time, you can choose from the salad or pasta buffet range from $20 to $30. There are four main components to the menu – the appetizers, pizzas, main course such as pasta and desserts.>

The Caesar Salad ($15) we ordered was refreshing with romaine lettuce, bacon and croutons. The greens are very fresh and provide a crunchy bite with the flavourful dressing.>
If you are on Atkins, then stay off the bread buffet which is complimentary. Offering a wide selection of whole-wheat, sunflower seed bread and walnut doughs, you can say goodbye to your ‘off-carb’ plans. Other than the typical olive oil and vinegar, the herb butter and sun-dried tomato butter has a distinctive blend three ‘S’ – sour, sweet and soft. Delizioso! 

Instead of a ‘normal’ flat pizza, I ordered a Pam Pam ($19) which is a half calzone filled with mortadella (Italian cold cut calume), mozzarella and ricotta (a type of Italian whey cheese), and a half pizza with minced pork sausage meat, garlic, fresh chili and mozzarella. Beyond the crunchy slightly burnt yet soft outer crush, the succulent meats, cheese and tomato sauce makes every bite a luscious treat. Being freshly prepared and over-baked, it offered a hot and hearty meal.

The Service
The serving staff, clad in uniform black maintained the standard of what a restaurant in a hotel should provide. They were prompt in serving requests and refilling of water.

Although there were some sentiments that the pasta was overcooked and thus soggy, the dim lights, checkered tablecloths, tomato butter, still makes the whole eating experience here a satisfying one. Italian food seldom tastes this good in Singapore.

The Verdict 
More than 30 years of history can’t be wrong. 3.75*

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe (Cineleisure)

By , July 15, 2008

8 Grange Road #02-11, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard S(239695) Tel: 62356481

This Hong Kong Café has named itself quite aptly “Xin Wang”, which means ‘new’ and ‘prosperity’ when you look at the two words separately. Indeed, when you are forced to walk past level 2 of Cineleisure, you would almost notice queues every weekend.

They know who their target crowd is – youths hanging out with their friends for light supper or leisure tea and desserts after a movie upstairs.

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Fish & Co (The Glass House)

By , June 16, 2008

9, Penang Rd #01-24, Park Mall S(238459) Tel: 63341858

Fish & Co. has been around for 10 years! When it first opened at Plaza Singapura, it scored with us (the youths then…sigh) immediately with its generous and succulent portions of fish served in a pan. While most other eateries diversified, they stood to what they did best – just seafood, and very fresh indeed.

It became a place where I had several class gatherings and fond memories. And since my friend Jinquan would be leaving the country,  for his ‘last meal’ with us, he picked Fish and Co at The Glass House (previously occupied by T.G. I. F).

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The Manhattan Fish Market

By , June 9, 2008

68, Orchard Rd #06-07, Plaza Singapura S(238839)

With their signature fish and chip served in shallow metal pans with three types of sauces, Manhattan Fish Market is often seen as the closest rival to the other fish company, Fish and Co. Their similarities are uncanny, from the menu, décor to price. Both also had their first flagship store at Plaza Singapura.  

A little on the background: Manhattan Fish Market’s director was a former operations manager in Fish & Co and started out an outlet at Malaysia during 2002, and subsequently in Singapore. After being sued and lost to Fish and Co during a court case last year, Manhattan had changed their serving pans and modified their ingredients as directed.  

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Ayam Penyet Ria

By , June 2, 2008

“304 Orchard Road #04-25 Lucky Plaza S(238863) Tel: 62356390

“Ayam Penyet” is really the ‘IN’ thing now. Several eateries, hawker centre stall, and even my school canteen is selling this popular dish. 

Ayam penyet which hails from Indonesia, is a fried chicken dish flattened with a wooden pestle. It is a simple dish which is served with fragrant rice, some vegetables such as cabbage and potent sambal chilli sauce. Some serve the dish with fried tahu (beancurd) and tempe (soybean cake) on the side. 

If you want to try out the original, Ayam Penyet Ria located at the 4th storey of Lucky Plaza is one of the first few places which brought this dish in. Do note that it is often very crowded during the weekends, so expect to wait in line with locals and Indonesians alike.

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