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Ice Monster 冰馆 (Plaza Singapura)

By , June 23, 2008

Plaza Singapure B2-53

Yong Kang Street in Taipei may be a rustic and unfamiliar street, but it is very famous for two eateries: Ding Tai Feng and Ice Monster. One has already come and conquered. So you can imagine my initial thrill when I found out that Ice Monster has set up franchises in Singapore.

The Taiwanese are well-known for their quality snow ice desserts, other than fried chicken and mee sua. And really, Ice Monster is known to be THE best there.  As what the founder Mr Luo said, “We know other copy our product, however we have no fear from their competition”.

Suffering from Taiwanese-food-withdrawal symptoms, I dragged my friend along to Plaza Sing basement to relief the memories of wondrous Taipei.

The Food
The best sellers include the Fresh Strawberry Shave Ice, Fresh Fruit Mix, and Fresh Mango Shave Ice with Sherbet and Milk. The price range from $4.50 for a small serving to $8.50 for the regular sized ones. The Mango Ice would cost about NT$130 ($5.80) for a jumbo size over at Yong Kang.

The fruits taste fresh and sweet, plus the sherbet gave the dessert a sour-sweet creamy touch. The ice felt a lot coarser here, and not what I would describe as ‘snow’. Overall, the shave ice felt like an upgraded version of an ice kachang, though I am not sure if the taste utility warrants the much higher cost.

They sell a variety of ice blended and fruit drinks, ranging from kiwi, yam, sour plum to red bean. I have special liking for papaya milk, emmmmmm…. not for its potential ‘health benefits’. Unfortunately, the papaya milk ($3.50) here is cannot-make-it plain and bland.

Hot meals are also sold: Taiwan Braised Beef Noodles ($9.00), Jar Jiang Dry Noodle ($6.00), Fried Dumplings ($4.50 for 5!) and Fresh Mango Meat Floss Egg Crepe ($4.50). It’s pretty average stuff, and going hot is clearly not their forte.

The Service
Service staff asked for payment right after the food arrived, which is kind of strange. They could never compare to the Taiwanese counterparts in terms of friendliness. The overall experience just made me miss Taipei a lot more.

Taipei’s Ice Monster

The Verdict
Good enough, but still way far what I had at Yong Kang. 2.5*

Aerin’s (Raffles City)

By , June 20, 2008

252 North Bridge Road #B1-11/12 Raffles City Shopping Centre S(179103) Tel: 63372231

Sex and The City in Raffles City? Well, close. Just imagine 4 women hanging out Aerin’s, gossiping and enjoying the chic bistro dining next to the Raffles City fountain. They would sip their latte, gasp over the delectable European cuisines, and laugh at men in the open-setting.

Well, almost. I didn’t fall into that category. Eat yes, but talk no. But in a very rare occasion where the four ‘reality junkies’ (who my ex colleagues call ourselves) met, we did dine, talked and laugh over ridiculous contestants in American’s Next Top Model.

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Ji De Chi 记得吃 (Liang Seah)

By , June 19, 2008

8 Liang Seah Street #01-03 S(189029) Tel: 63399928

Walking along Liang Seah Road, I would always notice this space currently occupied by “Ji De Chi” (JDC), translated as ‘remember to eat’. This shop space has probably changed hands several times in a span of three years, from a bao stall, mango dessert place to bak kut teh shop from what I can remember.

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The Cheesecake Cafe – A Slice of Heaven

By , June 4, 2008

685 East Coast Road S(459054 ) Tel: 64487725

With a tagline such as “A Slice of Heaven”, and rave recommendations from many, a trip down to this little cafe at Siglap is necessary for cheesecake lovers.

The Ambience
The Cheesecake Café has scored immediately in its unique take on interior décor, embracing a cherubic character different from other cafes. The Victorian theme was rather prominent, featuring replicates from the Italian Renaissance such as the Mona Lisa, angelic clay sculptures, lighted candles, and a little fountain amongst the yellow painted walls.

The Food
The selections include the specialty Peach Jelly Cheesecake, Rum and Raisins Cheesecake, Peanut Butter Cheesecake and American Cheesecake, each costing about $6.90. If cheesecakes are not your cup of tea, you have a choice of Chocolate Truffle, Chocolate Banana and Tiramisu.

Friends have generally given varying positive comments, ranging from “to die for”, “unbelievable” to “a spiritual experience”. That could be a little exaggerating, but I thought that the cakes’ texture had a balance between heavy and light, and wasn’t overly diabetic.

In a recent visit, I tried the Strawberry Oreo Cheesecake which added a light gentle sweetness to an already familiar taste. The Chocolate Banana though, was slightly ‘jelat’ (rich) to my liking but would appeal to chocolate lovers.  Although it is probably mass-produced, you get the impression that each slice served to you was prepared lovingly just for you. (I did send a mail to ask about their cakes but didn’t get a reply. 🙁 )

The Service
The vibrant, attentive and youthful staff makes this place a great hang-out. One even kneed down to serve me a slice! Iced water is constantly re-filled with genuine smiles.

The Verdict
This slice of heaven comes with a price.  3.75*

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Ah Chew Desserts 阿秋甜品 (Bugis)

By , May 26, 2008

#01-11, Liang Seah Place 1 Liang Seah Street S(189022) Tel: 63398198

I used to work in the Bugis vicinity. Many times, female colleagues would look for their ‘chew-ge’ after lunch, jokingly saying his papaya dessert would make their skin smooth. Working in the corporate world came with a high level of stress, and somehow what ‘Ah Chew’s treats had become my comfort food.

This dessert shop hidden among a row of eateries at Liang Seah is really a treasure. Do you know it used to take up just half the space, with the rest being taken by a Indian newspaper seller.  Fast forward a few years, and the treasure has finally been undiscovered through word of mouth. Just look out for the never-ending queue of people eagerly waiting to have their sugar fix.

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