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And My Valentine’s Day Date Is…

By Daniel, February 17, 2012

Before I go into the Valentine’s Day Date story, the long-story-short is that I auctioned my Valentine’s Day dinner date on and raised a decent sum of money for The Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore.

Some say I am very brave (I think the girls in this auction are braver). When Alvinology from invited me for this project, my first question was “Who would bid for me?!!” But since it was for a good cause, and it only cost me a night, I was all game for it in the end.

My bid remained at 15 cents for the longest time, slightly embarrassing, with an actual facebook comment of “Who the F is Daniel Ang?” adding a bit of insult.

Therefore, I am thankful for my friends and supporters for pushing the bid up all the way to $82.65 from 15 cents. Each auction jump on was 15 cents and cost 75 cents, which means a total of $495.90 was raised for charity.

Being on a date was actually slightly quite nervous for me (even though I am a guy). I haven’t been on a date for a long time! With a small bouquet of red rose, a newly bought red bow tie, and spending actually 15 minutes doing up my hair, I went to Limoncello Restaurant in anticipation.

And here is my charity bid Valentine’s Day date…

Without wanting to disclose too much, haha…. She works at a music school and we actually first met about 10 years ago when she was a guest on my Radio1003 programme. She once sang a MediaCorp Programme theme song which I liked a lot.

I was even more surprised she told me she bought me a birthday present by adopting a child from World Vision (because I was just looking at the World Vision catalogue in the morning!) Yesterday was the 3rd time we met over 10 years.

As it was a group date with all the bloggers and the founders at Limoncello Restaurant, it turned up to be a crazy and enjoyable night with never-ending food and laughter. I am in fact glad that we bloggers (whom some may deem as not credible,) can do something for this society. What I hope is, the charity does not stop here, and this Valentine’s Day dinner will be the start to many more good causes.

Thank you,, the other 9 bloggers (Ang geck geck, Calvin timothy, Claire, Chrispytine, Eric Lim, Joanne-marie sim, Kanny Theng, Moonberry, William Tan) my bidders and friends for doing their part for The Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore.

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I was ‘Sold’ for $82.65!

By Daniel, February 16, 2012

Last week, I blogged about auctioning a Valentine’s Date for charity. I am very happy to say that I have been ‘sold’ for $82.65! That means a total of $495.90 is raised for the Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore.

As one token for a 15 cent bid cost 75cent, a final price of $82.65 would mean (82.65/0.15 x 0.75 + 82.65) = $495.90.

In addition, is going to contribute $1 for every $2 raised! Although it is a small sum of money, we hope this can do something to help SCAS to support their work in providing early intervention, special education and rehabilitation services those suffering from Cerebral Palsy.

This online had another special meaning to me because it was held exactly on my birthday, very coincidentally. Therefore, I spent the last minutes of my birthday looking at people bid for me – which is rather… (I can’t find the right words). Though the auction was supposed to end at 12:00 midnight, it lasted all the way till almost 3am. Maybe the amount would have been more if it was earlier. Haha.

Thank you and for inviting me for this project and friends for all for your support!

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Going Once, Going Twice. I am auctioning my Valentine’s Date for Charity!

By Daniel, February 10, 2012

No, I am NOT kidding. Yes, I am auctioning a Valentine’s Date for charity.

Here’s how it works: Users will place bids on me using tokens (each costing 75c) provided at, an online shopping auction site. The person with the highest bid would win a dinner date with me which will be held at Limoncello Restaurant. The dinner is worth $95.00++ per person. And ALL proceeds will be given to the Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore (SCAS).

The truth is I was initially apprehensive about ‘selling’ myself on an auction site. What if nobody wants to buy me? In the end, I trust that everything would turn out well, and you would want to spend some time with me, and do something for charity right?

I tell you what. I will donate the same final amount bided for to charity as well!

About Me
This Food Blogger is probably the only one around who is also a fitness instructor. So you are getting two for the price of one. Or maybe more. He is currently single because he has no time for dates. He divides his time studying his Masters, teaching at a Polytechnic, hosting a radio programme, writing food reviews, instructing others and volunteering. However, he has decided that auctioning his time for The Spastic Children’s Association of Singapore and having a special dinner with a lovely date sounds too good to be true.

Also since it is his birthday week, he thinks it will be nice to have somebody share a slice of cake with him.

What You Are Getting Other Than A Dinner Date
- A Walking Food Directory (if you want to know where is the most delicious wanton mee)
- A Travel Guide (to share holiday tips)
- A Listening Ear (he promises to listen to your problems)
- A Chance to be on Radio (he brings his microphone and recorder around)
- A Blog Entry on

Link to register and get tokens
Link to my auction site

I will be waiting for you! Please support.

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When CNY is Not Just About Prosperity

By Daniel, January 20, 2012

This Chinese New Year seems to be a crazier rush as it is this early in the year. Sometimes, we can just get too caught up with buying, giving and eating that we forget that the festival is really about togetherness and family moments.

When invited me for a CNY dinner with a group of underprivileged seniors, it seems like a great opportunity to give back to society.

The dinner was at a beautiful scenic McDonald’s (perhaps the most scenic fast food restaurant in Singapore) located within Ridout Garden Queensway. Ronald McDonald himself made a surprise appearance (speaking Mandarin!) and many of the elders were extremely delighted like their own grandchildren.

You know how when we do volunteer work, we feel we are helping others – you know the ‘do a little something to feel good’? Is this really the case? This time I felt that I was learning a lot from the seniors instead, and indeed gained a lot from them.

The truth was when the senior group came down from the bus, I was not exactly sure how to approach them. How would they react? How should I react? And all of them were speaking in a dialect, then I have unfortunately left behind. You know what – I just pulled out a chair and sat down with them. I decided that language and unfamilarity should not be my barrier.

And then I spent some time speaking to a happy group of grannies. Auntie Chen was an 80-year old grandmother but never had fast food in her life ever. She laughed that her grandchildren would cry burgers every other day, and yet she never had the chance to try one. And there I was thinking, we could really have it any time we wanted. She kept laughing as she was having her fillet-o-fish, and I asked what made her so happy.

“It’s about enjoying the every little thing in life, even this fry. We have been through hardship and wars – What is there to worry about life now?”

Then I saw Auntie Chen requesting for a plastic bag, later packing her uneaten pack of fries. And I asked why did she not finish up her food, since she seemed to enjoy the indulgence. And she said, “Gei Wo De Sun Zi.” To them, their grandchildren always come before them. But how much do we ‘rank’ our own grandparents?

Full Post When CNY is Not Just About Prosperity

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