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The CNY Calories Showdown

By Daniel, January 19, 2012

Before you continue munching on them while watching TV movie reruns, think about it, you need to run for 47 minutes to ‘get rid’ of a single slice. For 3 pineapple tarts, that is a 30 min jog. Three seemingly harmless thin fluffy love letters would take 21 minutes as well.

Don’t you love yusheng? This ‘Chinese salad’ containing fresh vegetables and salmon does not seem to add inches to the waist. That’s if it is without the oil, golden pillows and so much plum sauce.

According to Health Promotion Board (HPB), these are an estimated calorie intake for our favourite Chinese New Year goodies.

Snack (Portion size) – Calories
Peanut Crackers (3 rolls) – 418
Bak Kwa pork (1 slice) – 370
Pineapple Tarts (3 pieces) – 246
Kueh Lapis (1 slice) – 240
Twisted Cookies (3 pieces) – 201
Love Letters (3 rolls) – 168
Yusheng (1 serving) – 145
Roasted nuts salted (1 handful) – 123
Kueh bangkit (4 pieces) – 61
Nian Gao non-fried (1 piece) – 46

To put it further into perspective, that single innocent looking pork bak kwa slice at 370 calories is ‘worth’ more than a prate with egg (288) and prawn noodle soup (293). Help!

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Your Favourite CNY Goodies

By Daniel, January 21, 2011

It’s time to pile on those calories once again with those wonderfully tasty Chinese New Year goodies. They are always all around, yet taste better as the dong-dong-dong chiang season approaches. Strange yah. Here’s rounding up some of my favourite CNY goodies. What’s yours?

Egg Rolls
Hand-made love letters are really a rare find now. Many also end up being too brownish or ‘lao hong’ (not cripsy) when it is not packaged properly. Kedai Kue Kue’s love letters are hand-made at a Central Kitchen in Singapore, and yet assures a consistent quality. Light and crisp, they are so fluffy the rolls crumble on one bite.

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