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Fre(n)sh – Bon Appétit!

By , October 15, 2008

#01-163 Vivocity 1 Harbourfront Walk S(098585 ) Tel: 63768005

Authentic French cuisine, anyone? And you don’t even need to fly to Paris.

That one thing I remembered most fondly about Fre(n)sh is not the food, ambience or the price, but THE waitress. As she went around serving customers, one hand holding quiches and the other with glasses of water, I immediately thought about Penelope Cruz in movie Volver. Ooo….

Ah….You know the free spirited European woman who knows what she wants, and gets what she wants? No, I didn’t get her name. I was shy, too shy. She could be the co-owner (or girlfriend of the owner), spoke reasonably good English, and served the whole café with earnestness.

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White Dog Café – Nothing to Bark About

By , September 4, 2008

Harbourfront Walk #02-131/132 VivoCity S(098585) Tel: 63769970

The only reason I am eating here is because it’s called ‘White Dog Café’.

I thought that this could be an interesting theme café, half expecting to have ‘doggy meals’ served in a serving dish.

When I asked the serving staff why the place is called White Dog Cafe, the response was “There’s no reason. It’s just so.” 

That was quite an anti-climax from my initial excitement. At least they didn’t cook up some fake stories about a dead best friend.

The Ambience
Black walls with circular motifs, white floor with strips, red booth seats, and purple chairs – this café does suffer an identity crisis with its interior. On last count, there were only 1, 2, 3 dogs in the whole place. No paws, no bones, no spots, nothing.

The Food
Even though it’s called a café, it serves heavy going main dishes such as Tenderloin Steak ($28.90), Herb Lamb Chop ($23.90), Pork Knuckle ($19.90) and Texan Beef Ribs ($25.90).

For starters,  I had a Clam Chowder ($6.50) which was described as ‘a delicious and flavourful potage’.  No to potage, but yes to thin broth. Although dashed with some bacon bits, the soup lacks favour and is too diluted for the experience to be wholesome.

It’s hard to find a signature dish on its menu, so I ordered a White Dog’s Chef Salad ($12.90). The salad was a hearty mix of honey-baked ham, smoked chicken and duck laced with tangy orange mayonnaise and greens. I must say the portion was generous, but this simplistic salad is not something I cannot whip up at home.

The Mango-Chicken Delight ($15.90) was a combination of chicken thigh, breaded and deep-fried till golden brown, and sweet mango filling then coated with a light lemon butter sauce. The blend was interesting enough, but the taste (or lack of taste) of frozen chicken dipped fried was a downer. 

The Verdict
Nothing to bark about. 2.5*

Corduroy Café – We are now Closed!

By , September 2, 2008

1 Harbourfront Walk #01-06 VivoCity Tel: 6376 9895

I hate to say ‘Good Bye’. It wasn’t too long ago that Corduroy Café announced proudly that ‘We are now Opened!’

I loved being here.

After a show, I would just sit at the corner on the large mahogany seats, drink hot chocolate, and watch the world go by.

Just imagine having a cake with your loved one or friends, amongst the European style furniture, chandeliers and old picture frames, chatting about the next holiday plans. In the evening, you can set your eyes on the sun going down not too far away at Sentosa. Beautiful.

It’s the quietness. To be away from the busy and frantic stress of the mall crowd just outside. But it’s also this quietness that took it away.

A place for romance, friends, chill-out music, delightful cakes and a simple time. Corduroy Café… Thank you for the memories.

Central (Vivocity)

By , July 28, 2008

1 Harbourfront Walk #B2-13/14 VivoCity S(098585 ) Tel: 63768270

It’s peculiar to see how the same brand name can differ so much in another location. Central at Takashimaya is always filled with crowds, but this branch outside Giant Vivocity is a lot quieter.

The Food
The unique feature of this branch is the Pick Up Sticks, signature of what you see in the street stalls at Hong Kong. They probably were ‘inspired’ by the people at Old Hong Kong Tea House at Marina Square.  

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HK Kim Gary Restaurant (Vivocity)

By , July 18, 2008

#02-128 Vivocity S(098585) Tel: 63768183

Readers who noticed my constant critical reviews of the Hong Kong cafes told me to try Kim Gary at Vivocity. I did notice the constant queues outside and figured it was not worth the waiting. The interior design for one was not as attractive as its competitors like Xin Wang but there must be a reason for the queue.

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