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Fortune Cuisine 八味坊 – Steamboat + BBQ + Japanese Food

By , February 27, 2009

Blk 106 Clementi St 12 (Sunset Way) #01-38A/B Tel: 6777 8622

The truth is, I haven’t got the chance to foray much to Sunset Way, other when I have ice cream cravings for Daily Scoop. Located at the far side of Clementi, this area does have its rustic charm, bringing a range of eateries from a Japanese restaurant, Thai restaurant, Pizza place, Hong Kong cafe to a seafood restaurant.

This meal at Fortune Cuisine is a birthday treat from my ex-colleagues, and there’s got to be some good reason they brought me here.

The steamboat business in Singapore is definitely booming, with many fighting a piece of the pie at Bugis and Geylang. They all taste similar (or worse), don’t they? Fortune’s just opened for a year plus, and this new kid of the block aims to bring something different to the platter.

The Ambience
There is a choice of an indoor or outdoor seating area. Obviously, the outdoor area is a lot warmer. And the indoor patrons get their food stuff barbequed by the staff. But you may just want to indulge in the atmosphere and grilling your meat outside on charcoal.

Well, even though it’s a self service buffet, it isn’t much the typical I-must-go-grab-that-last-plate-of prawn situation. Civil-mindedness is the way to go.

The Food
Buffet dinner during weekends is priced at $23.80++. You can start off your meal with some light Japanese food the likes of sushi, sashimi and fried tempura. My personal favourite is the shishamo which is always freshly fried at the tempura corner.

You choose two out of the four choices of soup available: chicken, tom yum, seafood and spicy, with tom yum being the most popular choice.

The unique feature is the charcoal pot located at the side of the table instead of the usual Korean-style hotplate. While barbequing the satays and clayfish can be painstakingly slow, the fragrance and flavour is there. Make sure you have self-sacrificing cooking friends like mine.

The Service
Eating here feels like eating at home and this is a major plus point. The auntie who came to fulfill our soup kept the dinner alive with her constant chatting, urging us to try this-and-that. There is another serving staff (whom my friend affectionally call “Xiao Pang”) who entertained us with cold jokes (leng xiao hua) like “Beware of the COLD soup!” (Huh?) But we appreciate his candidness.

The owner Desmond was a shy but friendly person, being very pleased that his restaurant is always fully packed during weekends. “I will make sure my customers get a value meal that they can enjoy.”

The Verdict
Steamboat places are aplenty, but Fortune’s has its charm. 3.5*

Thai Noodle House – Authentic Thai Delights

By , November 7, 2008

5 Coronation Road #01-03 Coronation Arcade S(269406) Tel: 64670104

Thai food remains one of my favourite cuisines, for its rich flavours of spicy, sour, sweet and salty, yet not being too overwhelming. The seemingly harmless tom yum soup that can send quivers down the spine, and Pad Thai which is the ideal example how 4 flavours can go together on a noodle dish and still taste perfect. 

The hunt for Thai food is never ending. From the stalls at Beach road, to eateries contemporary twists found in mall, they just do not feel the same as those found in the land of smiles.  

A friend recommended this little family-based eatery tucked away at the side of Coronation Plaza. It is inconspicuous and would most likely be missed. Look out for “Thai Noodle House” with rows of scrumptious looking Thai cuisines picture at the entrance.

The Ambience
Interestingly, it was an instant memory trip back to Bangkok upon entering the shop. With yellow and green walls, Thai cravings and relics, pictures of the Thai King, and a framed red Premier League shirt bearing autographs, you can almost say there is neatness in this ‘mess’.

Opened by a Thai couple Madam Achara Siripong and her husband, you can be assured of a certain authenticity in its food selection.

The Food
The recommendations include Tom Yum Noodle Soup ($7.00), Thai Green Curry Chicken Noodle ($7.00), Thai Belachan Chilli Fried Rice with Chicken and Egg ($8.50), Fried Beef and Basil Leaf Over Steamed Rice ($8.50).

I had a Thai Olive Rice ($8.50), Fried Sambal Kangkong ($7.50) and Thai Green Chicken Curry ($8.50). Although I am not a rice lover, the olive rice with its generous portions of Chinese black olive and minced pork has a right fluffy texture with light fragrance. It didn’t taste like the ‘normal’ Thai rice we were used to eating, and was right to the bite without the dryness.

The rice went with the fried kangkong, which was fried properly so that it wasn’t too soggy or crunchy. 

The green curry had a decent amount of ingredients, wasn’t too spicy but could be a little too ‘lemak’ (coconut taste) for some. The Thai Ice Tea ($3.00) on the contrary was slightly diluted for my liking, but would please those who do not like it too sweet.  There is more good news – no GST or service charge.

The Verdict
For this no-frills family eatery, with its signature Thai friendly service, I would gladly pay for service though. Definitely a place for authenticity and good Thai memories. 3.5*

Island Creamery – Chendol, Teh and Milo in your Ice Cream

By , September 29, 2008

10 Jalan Serene #01-03 Serene Centre

Somebody gave me two tubs of ice cream during my birthday – this friend certainly knew what BanBan craved for.

I still distinctly remember it said ‘Pineapple tart’ ice cream in a cute white little tub. It was a life changing experience. Crunchy butter bits with sweet strips of pineapple danced a waltz with vanilla ice cream, and this new year goodie never tasted the same again.

The Ambience
Island Creamery is located at Serene Centre, and constantly visited by young people (eh-em like me) and tertiary students, most coming from nearby my old school (Hwa Chong Ke Ma Ma!). There is so much positive and energetic vibes here, and I do aim to open a café like this one day.

The girls serving ice cream are usually cute and bubbly, but with an occasional bitchy one (could hear her complain and gossip constantly!).  You may spot the friendly looking owner Uncle Stanley right behind, who started this shop to provide quality local flavoured ice cream.

The Ice Cream
Chendol, Horlicks, Tiger Beer, Bandung, Burnt Caramel, Black Forest, Apple Crumble, Reverse-O and Cookies & Cream are some of the usual flavours. Many adults would throw their calorie-counter out of their windows (temporary), and get excited over so many favourite childhood dessert flavours.

I heart the Pulau Hitam. Somehow it never registered with me when it’s a hot piping dessert, but the cold creamy version was a familiar and sweet experience. Yummy.

Strangely, I never liked Nutella on my toast, but it being in an ice cream sent bursts of excitement if you want something to compliment your chocolate ice cream.

In my most recent visit, I had a Milo Ping Pong and Teh Tarik combination ($4 for 2 scoops) as I wanted to try how my two flavour drinks would taste frozen. Unfortunately, there were too many marshmallow in the Ping Pong ice cream (inspired by Lee Jia Wei is it?) and the Teh Tarik ice cream lacked a strong tea taste. So it felt neither-here-nor-there.

People come here from various reasons: to people watch, to study, to catch up with old friends or to look at pictures. And here’s one of mine I spotted on the wall taken two years ago! (Sigh. When we were still young…)

The Verdict
With such delicious ice cream, being here is almost always a happy experience. 3.5*

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