CNY Almond Cookies Recipe

By , January 14, 2009

What’s Chinese New Year without some baking of cookies? (I wonder where I found the time. Haha.) Sorry, I couldn’t make for all the OMY readers, but here’s a simple recipe you can try at home. 🙂

1 egg + 1 egg yolk
6 oz castor sugar / icing sugar
7 oz butter
4 oz hoon kweh
10 oz plain flour
0.5 tsp baking powder
0.5 tsp vanilla essence
4 oz ground almond (optional)

Beat butter and sugar till light, then add in egg. Beat till combined.
Add in flour, essence and let dough stand in the fridge for half an hour at least.
Cut out cookies using cookie press.
Glaze with beaten egg if desired. Decorate with almond flakes and cherries.
Bake for 9-10 mins in 180C / 350F oven.

And there you have it…. Happy Chinese New Year!

7 Responses to “CNY Almond Cookies Recipe”

  1. sk2 says:

    looks nice leh 😉 share your recipe at the EAT section leh 🙂

  2. may may says:

    what is hoon Kweh

  3. Windbreeze says:

    Am i going to get the chance to try it?!

  4. MGBY says:

    Hi hi, your cookies look great! may i know what’s hoon kweh? Thanks 🙂

  5. miracle says:

    can you pls advise what is hoon kweh?

  6. MB says:

    What is Hoon Kueh pls?

  7. christine says:

    what is hoon kweh,how about in gram?

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