Sapporo Ramen Miharu – My Comfort Food

By Daniel, March 8, 2010

1 Nanson Road #01-11 The Gallery Hotel Tel: 6733 8464

Miharu’s ramen was my ‘breakup recovery dish’. If the term does not make sense, it was where my friends brought me to eat after a breakup in order for me to ‘find comfort in food’.
They must have a lot of faith in this place. And that they know that very bowl of ramen can cheer me up again.

Maybe you have not heard of Sapporo Ramen Miharu but it has earned its reputation purely through word-of-mouth. Firstly, not many people know of this haunt as it is not widely advised. Secondly, it is at a rather hidden corner of Gallery Hotel, a distance away from the bus-stops and MRT station.

As I enter the little shop, I immediately had a sense of familiarly, with the setup reminding me of what I watched in those Japanese dramas and movies. It had this traditional and ‘rustic’ feel, where Japanese workers would hang out after a day of hard work. You can choose to see ‘kneeled’ (there’s a hole in the floor to rest your leg) or along the counter row.

Back in 2008, perhaps I was too used to ‘mass market’ ramens. The first bowl of Miso Tonkostus ($13.00) I had was almost life-changing, and that to me was how ramen should taste like.

The bowl contained chewy Sapporo ramen, said to be made with water from the well. These Japanese noodles come frozen from Japan and have to be thawed for a number of days to achieve the bite.

And the soup was SALTY, full of miso and pork-flavoured fragrance. It almost felt like the all the goodness of the pork has been absored by the soup from the long hours of cooking. The broth was so tasty, my friend and I finished every drop of the soup.

What’s more important to me was that unlike most commercial eateries out there, Sapporo Ramen Miharu has a very homely and calming ambiance about it, which makes you feel comforted. My friends did not recommend wrongly.

Sapporo Ramen Miharu – No frills but full of thrills.

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4 Responses to “Sapporo Ramen Miharu – My Comfort Food”

  1. wen hui says:


    thanks for the recommendation.

    how is Miharu compared to Ippudo?:)

    next time i can go try=)

  2. BanBan says:

    Hard to compare. Miharu feels more ‘homely’ while Ippudo has a more commercial and refined take. My guess is most people would prefer Ippudo as the broth is not as salty.

  3. feefith says:

    Just reading the blog entry is enough to make me hungry and wish I was supping up a steaming, hot bowl of salty broth and springy noodles…
    Will have to wait till tomorrow I guess.

    Suggestion: Provide opening hours of restaurant in blog entries? :)

  4. BanBan says:

    Hi Feefith, thanks for the suggestion. Have included the opening hours in the recent entries.

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