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Christmas Gift Idea – Handmade Photo Display Album

December 10th, 2013 | by

Here’s a quick and easy personalized gift you can create for your family and friends this Christmas! It is so easy, you can make one in less than an hour, and the more you make, the easier and faster you’ll get. And this will not look shabby at all, in fact, the receiver will love it very much I’m sure.

Personalized Handmade Photo Display Album

You can call this a mini album or a photo display, because this album opens up and stands well on its own on your desk or shelf. Ideal replacement for the boring photo frame you get in store. And to make this, you’ll need some crafting tools, pattern paper, photos and a little creativity. (Or you can just copy improvise with the sample in this post!)

Materials and tools you will need as follow:

  1. 4 printed 4R photos – I printed these photos with borders downloadable from the Canon Creative Park and with little help with Photoshop (layering and resizing of photo), I then printed them with my Canon Pixma printer on Canon Premium Semi-gloss Photo Paper.
  2. Pattern papers, washi tapes and embellishments – Since I’ve got many scrapbooking materials at home, I just grab some and used them. Alternatively you can use the kits on Canon Creative Park too.
  3. Tape glue or any strong adhesive
  4. Paper cutter, scissors or pen-knife
  5. Chipboard to make the covers

With the downloadable photo frames, I insert my photos in Photoshop in another layer below the png file. It is fairly simple to do if you are familiar with Photoshop. And these frames add a nice decorative effect for your album pages too. No need to add-on much things inside.

To make the pages of the album, you will need to cut the 12 x 12 plain cardstock paper into halves to get 2 pieces of 12 x 6, and then fold them at the 4″ and 8″ mark. Cut away one 4″ length from one of the pieces so you get the following as shown below. Create an accordion folded pages by pasting 2 of the pages together as shown.

For the covers, I simply cut out 2 pieces of 4 x 6 chipboard and wrap them up with 6 x 6 pattern paper. As the top and bottom isn’t wrapped up by the paper, I use washi tape to add a smoother finish to the top and bottom of the chipboard covers.

Once that’s done, you’ll just need to past the two ends of your pages to the covers. And decorate the cover with some embellishments, add a title and you’re almost done.

The final step is to paste your printed photos into the 4 pages in the album!

Simple isn’t it? I took about 30 minutes to complete this album. Give this a try and once you are done with the first one, you’ll be itching to create more! This album makes a more personalized gift and surely more memorable than a Christmas card don’t you think so?

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Together We Made it to Singapore Book of Records!

November 28th, 2013 | by

The Craft Gurus, together with participants at a recent workshop with Canon Pixma, we made it into the Singapore Book of Records! A first for us at The Loving Mum.

[local /files/2014/01/ nolink]

On 23 November 2013, at Suntec Convention & Exhibition Hall 324 – 326, 193 of us made calendars together! When have you ever been part of such a huge crafting session? The most I had before was with 8 others in a scrapbooking workshop. 193 crafting together at the same time is so fun! The session – Safari Animal Paper Craft Workshop with Canon Pixma workshop was an enjoyable one for the 2yo Ayra too. It was her first public event where she got to do some hands-on craft work and she got to use the kids-safe-scissors for the first time. And it was a stressful time for Mummy, afraid she’ll poke or cut herself or people sitting beside her! She needs more practice before she could be left alone with this crafting tool.

The workshop was fun, hosts Joanne and Johnny were very good with children, all of the kids went crazy interacting with the hosts. They came by to Ayra too to ask her a few questions, as usual this baby girl is too shy to react and just remained as still as she could during the “interview”. Mummy was too busy trying to make Ayra be less shy and forgot to ask for a photo with the two hosts!

Anyway, during the workshop, we created Safari Animal Calendar and 3D Animal craft! You can download the templates at the following link from Canon Creative Park…

Why not try these simple activities out with your kiddos during the school holiday? It’s simple and won’t burn a hole in your wallet! All you need are basic craft tools, papers and Canon Pixma Printer!

Quick and Simple Photo Wall for Baby Shower Celebration

November 22nd, 2013 | by

The night before Baby Zara’s one month baby shower celebration, we were rearranging the furniture in the house to accommodate the buffet line and the guests that we were expecting. While doing that, I realized I’d forgotten to setup a “showcase” of Baby Zara’s growth since the day she was born and it was already 11pm! With pack of photo paper and some washi tapes, I got straight to printing out photos from my Canon Pixma printer.

With fingers crossed, I was printing furiously trying to get everything up by midnight and praying I’ve got enough ink in my printer for all the photos I need to fill up the plain wall. As the photos are printing, I started creating a montage on the wall, sticking the photos with washi tapes which can be easily removed from the wall after the celebration.

And I am pleased with the end result…

If you are planning to create a simple photo wall too for your parties/ celebrations, here are some tips for you…

  • Collages of the photos can be easily created using the free google software, Picasa.
  • Use a combination of different sizes photos for the photo wall to make it more interesting.
  • Edit the photos with Picasa with different color effects e.g. black and white, sepia or retro feel to those photos which you love but color wasn’t ideal.
  • Use simple border for all photos so that the photo wall will look like its made up of framed photographs. (Visual trick!)
  • If you are planning to reuse the photos after the display, don’t paste the tapes over the photos cause they don’t remove well! Stick them from the back instead. (A mistake I made with all my photos!)

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DIY a mini album with Canon Pixma Printer

June 17th, 2013 | by

It’s time for some DIY crafting fun! As an avid scrapper, when asked to share a holiday craft activity, a mini scrapbook is a must-have on my list! It takes a little more time than usual as I printed the papers and most of the embellishments on my own with my Canon Pixma printer, but it’s more cost effective and I can scrap anytime I want without having to dig through my messy stash of scrapbook materials to find the right designs/ embellishments.


Here are the things you’ll need to create this simple DIY mini (scrapbook) album.

Papers – I used different types of papers for different parts of the album. Canon Photo Papers were used to print the photos and embellishments.

Artcard was used to print the pages from Canon Creative Park. I used this instead of the Canon Photo Paper because I wanted to print on both sides of the paper, and Photo Paper only allows single-side printing. These you can get at Popular bookstore and they come in different thickness. This is the thickest in the series.

Next of course you’ll need a printer, in my case the Canon Pixma MG3170. Print all your paper selection, embellishments and photos on the appropriate paper type.



Print your pattern papers on both sides so that your album will be filled with designs on all pages.

Do have spare ink cartridges around, in case it run out half way through your printing spree. I bought these XL packs on the third day of using my printer, because my color ink was running low already then! Yes! I went a little over with the printing!

Next up, you’ll need some crafting tools, here are some of the common ones I use when I scrapbook…

  • Scissors/ Craft knife
  • Corner-cutter (to round your paper edges)
  • Bone folder
  • Hole puncher/ slot punch/ paper binder (I used the Zutter to bind my album)
  • Tape Glue/ Stick Glue
  • Paper trimmer



This is the cover of my mini album. This album is made with quarter of an A4 sheet. So your pattern paper printed should be trimmed to four equal parts and sorted in any order you want before punching and binding them together.

Many times, friends think that it is very difficult or need a lot of creativity to put together an album, fact is, it is pretty easy if you don’t think too much about it, and just go-with-the-flow. What I usually do is to stick the photos first onto the page and add in some text.


Then add some embellishments to give the page a little more texture/ color.


For photos which you would like to journal a little more, I’ll use two pages for it. One for the photo and the other for journaling.

See! It’s not that difficult right? Just paste a little here and there (not too much and end up cluttering your page). A basic rule – Keep It Simple

Hope this little project idea will inspire you to get your first mini album going. Do share your creation with me ok!

Let’s get crafty together with Canon Pixma! Check out what other bloggers have created with their Canon Pixma printers over at OMY website.
Holiday Creativity with Canon Pixma

Simple projects with Canon Pixma Printer for Toddler’s Use

June 10th, 2013 | by

If you are looking for simple and fuss free craft projects for your kids this June Holiday, why not try out the projects from Canon Pixma Town? There are so many pretty things to make and they are relatively simple for kids who can handle scissors and glue. Or you can create them for your kids instead. Some of the basic tools you will need for these projects include:

  1. a printer (like the Canon Pixma I’m using)
  2. sturdy paper like the art card or the Canon Matte Photo Paper
  3. scissors and/or craft knife
  4. glue or double-sided sticky tapes

My first project was a Stationery Holder designed by Simone Legno, the brain behind Tokidoki.

Below shows how the completed stationery holder looks like! Continue reading 'Simple projects with Canon Pixma Printer for Toddler’s Use'»

Get Crafty with Canon Pixma

May 28th, 2013 | by

I am SUPER pumped to be part of this campaign with OMY! Yes, I did get a complimentary Canon Pixma MG3170 printer and attended the Holiday Creativity workshop at Sheraton Towers some time back. But what gets me super excited is that I am part of a group of “Craft Gurus” who will be sharing crafting tips with readers at OMY and also on this humble blog.

I loveeeeeeeee crafts and I loveeeeeee printing stuff. To me, this is a perfect campaign for me! I have a valid reason to get crafting for the next one month and this is going to help motivate me to catch up on the long overdue scrapbooking projects that have been sitting in the corner of my room for longest time.

Before I continue, let me share some facts about myself aka The Loving Mum:

  • I am a mum to a 20 months young girl with cute curls.
  • I am expecting our No. 2 to arrive in September 2013. Probably with cute curls too. 😛
  • I used to work and teach at a local scrapbooking store for more than a year. Love the job to bits but had to leave because of a back injury which hindered with my duties.
  • Scrapbooking is one thing I enjoy a lot but is tough to find time for it now that I am working full time and needs all the time I need after work to spend time with my No. 1 and rest.
  • I love all things crafty.
  • Have been a true supporter of Canon printers (Pixma and Selphy) and Canon cameras (currently using S95 and EOS 7D) for many years.
  • Most photos (and videos) I take these days are taken with my mobile phone, the Samsung Note 2 and felt that I’ve neglected the real cameras. (How many of you feel the same too?)

Having owned Canon Pixma printers for so many years, and knowing the existence of Canon Pixma Town, I’ve never got down to trying out any of the projects on Pixma Town, just because I always have no time! Again because of this, I have a purpose to fulfill and so I got down to trying out those crafts that I’d been eyeing since.

With both the Photo Paper Plus Glossy II and Matte Photo Paper which have been sitting around at home for long long time, I used them finally and printed quite a few of the projects from Canon Pixma Town and Canon Pixma Town Kids.

Canon Pixma Town

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing the end product from these printouts and also creating a few simple DIY keepsake projects which you can refer to and make your own. Keep the links of The Loving Mum and the Holiday Creativity with Canon Pixma blog in bookmark! Check back daily over the next few weeks and see what other Craft Gurus will be sharing. I can’t wait to see all the amazing creations the other 9 bloggers will be making.

Let’s get crafty together with Canon Pixma!