Singapore Book of Records – The Safari Calendar!

December 16th, 2013 | by

It has been a few weeks since we set the record of the most number of people making calendar together with other 190 people (there were 3 of us so the total number is 193) but the excitement still lingers. I mean I’ve help a few other clients set some records during my years of work in the industry but being part of it and with two of the person that I really love and care makes it even more special.

When I first got the invitation, I was wondering how long it is going to take us to make that number of calendars and how much a logistic nightmare would it be for the organizers. I was kinda surprised cause the whole calendar making process is really easy. So this is what I am going to share for this post. Simply making the same Safari Sanctuary Calendar! You might not be at the event but you can still be part of this!

What you need:


The list might sound like a little long but actually it’s not. And most of the items can be printed using the Canon Pixma. All you have to do it visit the creative park and get them printed!

So how many steps are there altogether? 10? 20? Nope! Just 4. yes! FOUR!



Now you know why it is so easy for all 193 of us to get the calendar done so quickly? Cause it is so simple!

Of course, there’s always way to enhance it with your very own creativity! To fully use everything I’ve prepared, I decided to use both the decorative art piece as well as the photos that I got it printed using the Canon Pixma printer too! And of course, my favorite drawing to give it a final touch!


This is the very reason why I like to create stuff. Simply because the only thing that can stop me is myself. With the help of affordable technology in my daily lives, it is almost impossible for us to be limited on the things we wish to do these days. Who knows, few years down the road, Canon might just be the first to introduce 3D printing printers that everyone can just have 1 at home.

Anyway, I actually got my lion to kinda “fight” my cat on the cover of the calendar! If you are an avid gamer, you would recongize the life bar on top similar to one of those fighting games such as Street Fighter. It might not be the best piece of drawing ever but I just like the feeling of having control and freedom.

And within the calendar, you can simply add more images to decorate it or in my case, I choose to draw again!


You have to admit this is fairly easy for everyone to do right? Imagine having one of these hanging at your working desk with your daughter’s drawing or a calendar with a picture of your family and even pets? So sweet right!

Anyway, I do hope that this is something you wish to try out at home! If you do, I would like to take a look at your work too! You can always reach me on my personal Twitter at @Smithankyou or my blog!

Have a happy holiday everyone!

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