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Quick and delicious mushroom meals for the lazy cook

Wednesday, December 9th, 2015 at 1:12 pm


While it may not be entirely true that eating mushrooms help you grow quickly like in old-school Mario games, fungi and mushrooms do have plenty of nutritional benefits. Here are some common plus points of incorporating edible mushrooms in your meals:

– Low in calories
– Fat-free
– Rich in selenium and anti-oxidants that protect your skin
– Rich in Vitamin D
– They taste delicious!

Depending on the variety, mushrooms can be light and easy on the palette or extremely flavourful, even without much seasoning. For instance, Shimeiji mushrooms have a lively firm texture, and carries a gentle nutty flavour when cooked, adding to the flavour profile of the dish you’re preparing.

3637269 - 29_11_2008Image: SPH

Craving for some shroomilicious dishes? We give you 5 quick and delicious ways to cook mushrooms!

1. Dry-sautéed mushroom – Look ma, no oil!

Mushrooms are high in water content, and the dry heat forces the moisture out while cooking the mushroom, so what you get at the end is nicely browned shrooms that are soft but not mushy. This is possibly the simplest way to cook mushrooms without losing flavours!

– Wash and pat dry mushrooms.
– Add into a hot pan (no oil or fats needed!), stir often and let the heat do its magic. The mushrooms will start to “sweat” (release moisture) after a while.
– Keep cooking till most of the natural liquids have evaporated
– Add pinch of salt and pepper to season if you wish to.

This takes 5 – 10 minutes, yields a delicious fat-free dish, and a pretty clean pan (minimal washing!). Goes great with rice, egg noodles, or on its own.

2. Shrooms on toast

toastImage: Pinterest

– Slice an onion thinly.
– Grab a handful of mushrooms and slice them up as well (white or brown button mushrooms are my personal favourites for this dish).
– Using a shallow frying pan, heat a teaspoon of cooking oil (or butter if that floats your boat) over low heat.
– Add onions and a bit of salt, stirring often till onions are soft and lightly browned.
– Add mushrooms to the party in the pan and turn to medium heat, keep frying till mushrooms are brown. Watch the heat so your onions don’t burn.
– Optional: Add a dollop of cooking cream for a delicious creamy mushroom mix!

Serve on lightly-buttered toast, drink some tea, and pretend you’re in a quaint country home in  England.

3. Creamy mushroom pasta

– Boil and drain some pasta of your choice (long skinny pastas like spaghetti and linguine work great with cream sauces).
– Refer to steps 1 to 5 for Recipe 2 (shrooms on toast), add diced bacon or ham if desired
– Stir in light cream after mushrooms are soft and brown.
– Add cooked pasta into pan, mix well, season to taste and serve.

4. Salsa stuffed mushroom (a.k.a. how to impress your party guests)

mushroomImage: Janet Ong

– Remove stem of large portobello mushrooms and wash thoroughly.
– Chop fresh tomatoes, onions, mushroom stems and jalapeño (if available).
– Mix these with preferred cheeses (I used grated cheddar).
– Stuff mushroom caps with salsa and cheese mix, season with black pepper and crushed sea salt.
– Roast in oven (preheated to 200°C) for 12 mins. Would work if you have a regular toaster oven too.
– Serve hot and enjoy between sips of mojito if you’re atas like that.

5. Gourmeji mushroom swiss burger

This is the simplest, fastest, and most fuss-free way for mushroom-lovers to satisfy your cravings.

– Head down to any Burger King restaurant in Singapore from now till mid-Jan 2016.
– Tell the counter staff (nicely) that you’d like to order a Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss Burger set.
– Pay, collect food, unwrap burger, sink teeth into burger.
– Sigh with gratification

BK Gourmeji ImageImage: Burger King Singapore

The Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss burger is a gourmet version of the classic Mushroom Swiss burger, with the addition of premium Japanese Shimeji mushrooms sautéed with aromatic black pepper sauce, served with melted Swiss cheese, Batavian lettuce, caramelised onions, BK’s original mushroom sauce, over a flame-grilled WHOPPER® beef patty or the Tendergrill premium chicken thigh.

While you’ve got to try out recipes 1 – 4 before knowing whether you like them, we have ready reviews for the Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss Burger so you can check out why the bloggers love this new burger, and go try it for yourself!

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To complete your Gourmeji Mushroom Swiss, do order the set meal (S$8.95), which includes a Creamy Tomato ROCK IT Fries and a medium soft drink of your choice.

Creamy-Tomato-ROCK-IT-what, you ask? Check it out:



The Creamy Tomato ROCK IT Fries is also available as an a la carte menu item at S$3.30, or swapped upon request with regular fries if you purchase any upsize BK meals.

Too lazy to try out the recipes, or to even head down to a BK restaurant near you? Burger King Singapore now delivers right to your doorstep! Place your orders at https://www.bkdelivers.com.sg.
To get more information and the latest updates from BK Singapore, follow them on Facebook now!
Article in partnership with Burger King Singapore. Only at Burger King, your way.

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