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Getting to the Roots of Trichokare

Monday, October 12th, 2015 at 2:36 pm

[Advertorial post by freelance writer Jeremy Goh for omy Blog Club.]

Royal crowns are bejewelled and ostentatiously crafted to inspire those who behold its glory. Make sure that your own crowning glory is kept magnificent, to convey the same message of vitality and virility. A trip down to Trichokare, the first-ever Trichological centre with an ISO 9001 certification, will see that your hair and scalp is carefully studied. Thereafter, a highly individualised European herbal treatment is formulated to suit your specific needs.

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At Trichokare, dedicated trichologists fully certified by the International Association of Trichologists understand the chemistry of commercial hair products and the benefit of European botanicals. Coupled with knowledge of scalp structure and its reaction to everyday stress, environmental factors and hormones, expertise is passed down to the committed team of hair specialists who will diagnose, dispense treatment and closely monitor the progression of your treatment. Only natural treatments derived from European herbs are used at Trichokare.

The herbal formulations, concocted by professional herbalists, are a product of a millennia of natural medicinal knowledge and modern scientific study. The chosen remedy aims to Regenerate, Restore and Revive hair and scalp based on each patient’s unique constitution, using only natural ingredients which, enhances absorption and efficacy.

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The whole precept of natural remedies appealed to me during my research and when the opportunity arose, I leapt at the chance to attend a half-day workshop and personal consultation at Trichokare. The session commenced with a presentation scalp and hair health and why we should care, with the most convincing reason for me, being that women are innately attuned to men with a lush head of hair. It went on to describe the growth cycle of each strand of hair and what factors affect that growth cycle.


With our attention being brought to the rear of the room, we were shown a sampling of herbs that go into Trichokare’s treatments. Herbs like rosemary for eczema relief, chamomile for acne and lavender for insomnia were introduced to us, after which we were treated to a DIY session where we were shown how to make our own bags of herbal mixtures to take home and use in our baths. It was a very educational lesson and I was most intrigued by the multitude of uses for what I previously viewed as merely herbs for flavouring meats or brewing tea!




In the course of my own consultation, I learnt that I have been washing my hair wrongly for a third of a century. Consequently, my scalp was not optimally cleaned, with clogged pores and residue coating portions of my head, leading to visible thinning of my hair.


The solution, I was taught, was to first lather the shampoo in the palm of my hand BEFORE applying the mixture to my head with a gentle head massage, using only the fingertips and not scoring the head with the fingernails. Additionally, I was educated about the detrimental effects of humid weather and hair styling products on hair growth. However, what really attracted me to Trichokare’s methods was that it taught me how to take steps to mitigate these detrimental effects instead of neglecting my coiffure completely. The whole raison d’etre of the Trichokare philosophy is to allow everyone to live their own lifestyle with minimal disruptions and also see marked improvements in scalp and hair health.

Before scalp cleaning, my scalp shows clogged pores and residue from environmental factors and shampoo.

Before scalp cleaning, my scalp shows clogged pores and residue from environmental factors and shampoo.

After treatment, my scalp shows less residue and unclogged pores.

After treatment, my scalp shows less residue and unclogged pores.

Natural shedding of hairs on the head is a normal, natural process, only warranting concern if it is outpaces regrowth. With Trichokare’s natural European herb remedy, the goal is to reduce hair loss and cultivate healthy, thicker hair density by creating optimal hair growth conditions like a properly cleaned scalp and clear head pores. This leads to a longer growth period before each strand naturally wilts and falls off, resulting in a fuller, more youthful head of hair.


Specialised Infra red equipment are used to aid absorption of the applied tonic.

Having spent a day in the care of the mane authority in hair care, I likened the experience to a relaxing day at a spa. Everything from the personal attention to the perfumed scent of herbs was reminiscent of a pamper session at a parlour. I suppose that part of the holistic package is to provide a tranquil, stress-free environment which was highlighted as a factor in fostering follicle health. I left feeling thoroughly rejuvenated inside and out. My scalp was visibly cleaner and felt fresh after the through rub-down it was given.



I highly recommend putting aside any skepticism and making an exploratory visit to Trichokare, if you have even the slightest suspicion that your locks might be lacking. Early intervention is essential, so seize the day and the Special promotion for Trichokare’s Hair Fall Preventive treatment at the special price of $59. Readers, register here now.

Find more information on Trichokare here:

Website: http://tk-hair.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TkTrichokare
Instagram: https://instagram.com/TkTrichokare
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TkTrichokare

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