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Awesome skincare tips, in time for V-day and CNY!

Monday, February 2nd, 2015 at 10:00 pm

With less than 3 weeks to Chinese New Year, time is never enough with all the errands going on, much less for a more intense skincare routine that your skin deserves. On top of that, imagine all the dust your skin is coming in contact with while spring cleaning, yikes!

Zits! Yikes!

Good news is, achieving significantly improved skin in such a short time is NOT impossible at all.

SKII YouTube stars meet local bloggers

Popular YouTube stars Rae (The RAEViewer) (3rd from left), Nayoung (Oiseau88) (4th from left) and Suzi (StyleSuzi) (4th from right) were in town last January as renowned skincare brand SK-II‘s digital influencers, and shared with some local bloggers their beauty tips and secrets.

Here are 3 skincare tips you can start with:

1. Know your skin type. You wouldn’t want to apply products that will give you a breakout after!

2. Learn about the ingredients in skincare products so you know what’s being absorbed into your skin and whether the ingredients are suitable for your skin at all.

For example, SK-II‘s famous “miracle water” Facial Treatment Essence with Pitera is known to have a tremendous following, but do you know what Pitera is at all? Musicalhouses here has provided an analysis and review of the famed products!

Review by Musicalhouses

3. If you have a pimple on your face, it is best not to cover it up with layers of makeup as that will clog the pores and worsen the problem.

SKII review by EileenLoves

(L to R) Jenn Im, Rae, Suzi and Nayoung.

(L to R) Jenn Im, Rae, Suzi and Nayoung.

Rae, Nayoung, Suzi and also Jenn Im are some of the high profile cult followers of SK-II. Are the products they have sworn by THAT good? Our bloggers test them out!

***Click on image to read full review***

SK-II Review by Renzze

SK-II Review by Celine Chiam

SK-II Review by Chloe WL

***Click on image to read full review***

Hurray, now you and I know some quick ways to improve our skin!

omy Blog Club and SK-II wishes every blogger and reader a Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Chinese New Year in advance!

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