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Brunei (Part 3, final) – From green to blue and lastly to gold

Thursday, June 27th, 2013 at 12:44 pm

This is the third and last part to the Brunei series. In the 1st part, bloggers share their first impression of the country as it was their first time there. In Part 2, they got to discover the natural and adventurous side of Brunei. Now, after leaving the forest, they go from green to blue, and lastly the gold.

The blue – as untouched as the forests are, the seas and marine life are other hidden gems in Brunei. Snorkelling and diving are among the must-do activities there.

The gold – refers to the best hotel in Brunei. The Empire Hotel & Country Club is highly recognized not just for its scale, luxury, view, as well as its services.

Snorkeling in Brunei

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Tiffany Yong

Brunei-tiffany-4 Brunei-tiffany-5

My jaw dropped (literally) and I finally understood why Rui Long shouted. The bathroom was gorgeous! I can spend the WHOLE DAY inside!

Malcolm Sunny

Brunei-malcolm-4 Brunei-malcolm-5

Our first stop was to visit the Kampong Ayer Cultural and Tourism Gallery which gave us a detailed introduction about the history and culture of the Water Village. I also heard that Brunei is applying for Kampong Ayer to be listed as a UNESCO Heritage site, I sincerely hope this will bring up the profile for the Venice of the East.

Karen aka Renzze

Brunei-renzze-6 Brunei-renzze-7 Brunei-renzze-8

Brunei-renzze-9 Brunei-renzze-10

When I think back, it’s amazing how I can go from walking in the clouds above the rainforest to being in the deep blue sea on the same day. That’s how varied choices of activities are in Brunei.


Brunei-andy-5 Brunei-andy-6

This whole trip to Brunei was beyond my expectations. I have never imagined myself of all countries, to visit Brunei…

Deenise Glitz

Brunei-deenise-5 Brunei-deenise-6

I didn’t know that there would a full load of surprises during my stay at the Empire. The moment I entered the room I saw a bottle of mineral bottle and a cup placed beside the bed. The curtains were drawn and the lights were dimmed. Awww… it’s so nice to have someone doing all these little things for you while you’re away.

During this trip, bloggers have seen the nature, beauty, as well as the luxury faces of Brunei. A even more valuable experience they got was to have met some of the biggest Bruneian bloggers and exchange ideas, presenting more insights in their blog entries on this trip.

We hope you enjoyed reading this series as much as the bloggers have shared! Read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

This trip and experience is made possible by Royal Brunei Airlines and Brunei Tourism.

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