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Brunei (Part 2) – Put aside your phone and get closer to nature

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013 at 4:25 am

Merely 2 hours flight away from Singapore, Brunei is a rising destination and sets to break misconceptions of what people have of the country.

5 members from omy Blog Club went to Brunei, courtesy of Royal Brunei Airlines and Brunei Tourism. In Part 1, they shared their first impressions of Brunei, and had a good idea of the culture and lifestyle there.

This time, let them share with you what they did there. As Brunei supports eco-tourism, the country’s nature is also very well maintained, which calls for a perfect opportunity to get closer to nature. Nature lover or not, anyone will like it!

Brunei Ulu Ulu Temburong

Click on images to read their blog entries.

Karen aka Renzze

Brunei-renzze-3 Brunei-renzze-4 Brunei-renzze-5

“In Ulu Temburong, there are no use for mobile phones, no computers and no knowledge of what is happening in the outside world. It could be World War 3 and we would still be happy lounging in one of the many hammocks or day beds, enjoying the sun, fresh air and listening to the flowing river.”

Malcolm Sunny


“At the top of the hill, most of us were breathless but there was a final mission. We had to scale the scald-folding staircase to make it up the canopy top. Once we managed to ascend up the staircase to heaven, we were dazzled by the 360 degree view of Brunei’s green emerald.”

Deenise Glitz

Brunei-deenise-3 Brunei-deenise-4

“This is what I call a retreat into the woods. Suddenly, there’s this rush of fresh oxygen filling up my exhausted lungs. For a minute, you might start comparing this nature resort to the ones you have stayed in Bali, Phuket or Krabi. But here at Ulu-ulu, there’s nothing quite like this place. There’s nothing quite Balinese or Thai about its surroundings. It’s just … Bruneian. The true blue Bruneian style.”


Brunei-andy-3 Brunei-andy-4

“At some point along the river, there was almost no current and we had to frantically flap our arms to move our float. It (tubing) felt like white water rafting except that we were doing it individually w/o paddles. We were all screaming and shouting to one another, it was so much fun and definitely an experience of a lifetime. I wouldn’t mind doing it again!”

Tiffany Yong


““Ulu” in Brunei Malay language means remote or far away. Ulu Ulu Resort is the only remote destination in Brunei and is equipped with a good range of facilities.”

Apart from getting close to Mother Nature, there are also other activities you can do in Brunei! Find out more in our upcoming 3rd and final instalment for this series. Read Part 1 here.

Update: Read Part 3 here.

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Courtesy of:

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