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Brunei (Part 1) – More than military training, Wu Chun and gold taps

Monday, June 10th, 2013 at 12:30 pm

Tell people you are going to Brunei, and most of the times the kind of response you will get is “Brunei?! Why go Brunei, there’s nothing there!”.

Rank what you know about Brunei, and easily the top 3 you can get from Singaporeans are “military training”, “Wu Chun” (Bruneian born and Taiwan based artiste, member of boyband Fahrenheit) and “ooooh gold taps”.

That means they have yet to see what Brunei is about. Just 2 hours of flight away from Singapore, Brunei begins to rise as a good alternative for a weekend getaway.

Bloggers with Royal Brunei Airlines crew

5 members from omy Blog Club went to Brunei on a 4D3N trip, courtesy of Royal Brunei Airlines and Brunei Tourism. So, what is the first impression of Brunei through these Singapore bloggers’ eyes?

Click on images to read their blog entries.

Deenise Glitz

DeeniseGlitz DeeniseGlitz

“I had a couple of university mates who were Bruneians and they, too, told me about how small but rich Brunei is. Whatever that is, those are just my first impression of this country which has changed after discovering and learning more about its place and culture. So what’s unique about this country? Their love and care for the environment. ”


AndyStorm AndyStorm

“… the different places i went, the different food that i tried, the different activities i engaged in, the people i met along the way and all these experience was an eye opener for me.”

Malcolm Sunny

Malcolm Sunny Malcolm Sunny

“We froze in awe and paused for photographs as the view of the gigantic honeycomb of gold came into our view. I had seen many mosques in Singapore and Malaysia but seeing the SOAS Mosque glowing at night was a very special experience.”

Tiffany Yong

Tiffany Yong Tiffany Yong

“For this trip, it is only 2hours, just a nap away! The seats are really comfortable, and I didn’t get neck-aches like how I do when in some flights.”

Karen aka Renzze

Karen Renzze Karen Renzze Karen Renzze

“Even though the Brunei International Airport is still under renovation, you can immediately feel their sense of pride and love for their country.”

“The reason why I like trying street food so much is because I find that street food is the quickest direct access to the locals tastes, history and culture.”

These are merely our first impressions of the trip and country. What else can you do there? Watch this teaser by Karen aka Renzze, and find out more in our next post!

Update: Read Part 2 here and Part 3 here!

[youtube vnZzWv10gn4]

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Courtesy of:

Royal Brunei Airlines

Royal Brunei

and Brunei Tourism

Tourism Brunei

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