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By , July 14, 2010 10:42 pm

It’s been a few days now since the OMY 2010 Blog Awards and as the excitement subsides, it’s really only the calm before the storm.

The whole idea of actually winning first place in this esteemed Singapore Blog competition in my category is in fact, very surreal. Even with all the media attention, huge social networking activity and the constant congratulations and support that I’ve received through email, phone, tweets and all manner of other communications, it’s still quite difficult to believe.

The original Aussie Pete blog has been some years in the making, and as any aspiring blogger or website designer will attest, it takes quite a lot of time and no small amount of effort to create, maintain and stay creatively motivated. So winning this award has made it all feel worth while.

With Yong Wei

With Yong Wei - runner-up in my category, and a very talented young guy (and also now a good mate). Did anyone not get their photo with Yong Wei?

Over the years, I’ve had an absolute ‘kick’ out of watching traffic increase (slowly at first and then exponentially as the blog has become popular), seeing the huge amounts of google (and other engines) searches displaying the blog in the first ten results (front page) from literally hundreds of key words. This has all come about through self-taught SEO – of course I tried all of the trappings when I started… link sharing, directory submissions, etc – which in fact do very little for increasing traffic or popularity, and can often lead to negative growth of a website. But over time, I’ve really worked out the formula – hard work, fresh content, interesting articles, clean HTML and following good webmaster practices and guidelines. I really don’t think there’s any other easy way!!

Anyway I digress somewhat – I’m not here today to lecture on SEO-101…

With Darren Ng

With Darren Ng - author of 'Celebrate Life' and winner of the 'Best Lifestyle Blog' Award... see you in HK, mate!!

I firstly again want to thank all the readers and subscribers to Aussie Pete, the team at OMY and of course my fellow bloggers (especially the other finalists in my category, who have also worked very diligently to get their blogs to where they are today).

Next, I want to announce the next stages of the award-winning process. Like I said, now is the calm before the storm… the weekend after next, I’ll be heading off to Hong Kong with nine other award winners to take part in the Dragon Boat Festival (part of the larger summer festival). This four-day event will keep us quite busy, with the highlight being paddling up the river in a bathtub, in which I will be teaming up with one of the other winners to represent OMY in the media race. How very cool that will be!!

As you can see, this is a new blog hosted by OMY, and I feel very priveleged to be invited to post some of my articles here as a guest blogger. I will still keep maintaining the original blog, along with another few side projects I’ve got going on (in between real work of course), but will be posting some of the more interesting Aussie Pete articles here regularly for all of the OMY fans! Why not bookmark me now??

With Ang Geck Geck,winner of 'Best Modelling Blog' award

With Ang Geck Geck,winner of 'Best Modelling Blog' award

I’m off for now – need to go for a gym workout and get in shape for the bathtub race!! 🙂

The winners of all the various categories in the OMY 2010 Singapore Blog Awards

The winners of all the various categories in the OMY 2010 Singapore Blog Awards

[youtube e2ZQEfLY_9M]

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