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Jaime The Heart-Throb – Catwalk Fashion Model

By , December 12, 2012 10:57 pm

pediped’s Fall/Winter Collection – 2012


Thanks to Daphne of Mother Inc for reaching out to us and inviting Jaime to take part, last Saturday we headed out to Seb’s Bistro at Rochester Park to watch Jaime strutting his stuff on the catwalk, modeling the latest in cool and stylish kid’s shoes from pediped’s 2012 Fall/Winter collection.

His outfit for the day was provided by local kid’s apparel store, Elly.

DSC_1617pediped sponsorsThe day began quite early for us (being a Saturday and all), and we arrived at Seb’s around 9am still wiping sleepy dust from our collective eyes. Thank goodness for the organizers providing us with a yummy breakfast to get us all going.

Breakfast Time for Casey

Breakfast Time for Casey

As usual, I was more nervous than Jaime, thinking that perhaps he might freeze up when he walks out in front of the audience. Also as usual, my concern was unfounded. When it comes to stage performances or appearances in front of large crowds, Jaime is an absolute natural. Meeting someone for the first time (one-on-one), he can often be stand-offish and even a little shy… but put him in front of a group of people as the centre of attention and he morphs into a completely different kid.



His first appearance on the catwalk was no exception and he seemed to be surrounded by an aura as he walked hand in hand with another of the young models.

Jaime came across as both so natural and professional at the same time, and afterward I was approached by the marketing representative of a local fashion magazine to ask if he would be interested in taking part in a photo spread for their publication –  wow, they had ‘talent scouts’ in attendance?



The pediped Story (from the Singapore website):

“pediped® footwear was created in 2004 by Angela and Brian Edgeworth. After their first daughter Caroline was born, Angela started to do a lot of thinking about footwear and the kind of shoes that would be best for her child. She wanted a shoe that was comfortable and stylish and that could be worn both indoors and out. Most importantly, she wanted a shoe that was healthy for her daughter’s feet.

After doing a lot of research, Angela discovered that doctors recommended barefoot walking or soft leather sole shoes, but the choices for infants and toddlers were limited. That is when Angela and her husband Brian decided to create the perfect shoe, which would be “the next best thing to bare feet”.

pediped® has become one of the fastest growing children’s footwear brands in the U.S. and offers more than 120 designs spanning EU sizes 17-33. pediped’s three footwear lines include Originals® (soft soled shoes for children ages birth to 2), Grip ‘n’ Go™ (soft rubber soled shoes for children 9 months to three years) and Flex® (rubber soled shoes for children 1-8 years). pediped® is sold all around the world”
Casey in the Playground @ Seb's Bistro

Casey in the Playground @ Seb's Bistro

Source: Aussie Pete Legacy Blog

Kindergarten Marching Band or Rehearsal for National Service?

By , October 16, 2012 11:56 pm

Source: Aussie Pete

One of my mates that watched the video below commented that Jaime was very well-rehearsed in his debut in front of a large crowd and obviously knew exactly what he was doing… I agree completely, and this was as a result of months of practice and dedication.

He then went on to say that the marching band reminded him of the structured marching at Singapore’s annual National Day Parade and suggested that perhaps Jaime was being primed for his future in National Service  🙂


I kind of doubt that, but it was wonderful to watch and when the crowd screamed in appreciaton at the end of each segment, I was filled with an uncanny sense of pride. Later, Jaime told me that he was extremely excited and amazed when he marched out to see so many people watching.

The performance was part of the opening ceremony of the 2012 “Singapore Kinderland Sports Fiesta” held at the Toa Payoh Indoor Stadium.


The day itself was themed around, “it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s about having fun” – and this was reinforced by the fact that every single child received a gold medal at the end of the event.

Kudos to the organizers and well done to the kindergarten staff members who went above and beyond their duties as school teachers to make this day a memorable one for all.

Casey also had a great day watching his ‘ge ge’ and was also beaming with pride when he saw his efforts in the marching band – I think his voice was louder than the rest of the crowd combined.  🙂


Although the day was never about winning, it was quite amusing to see how serious some of the parents took the family and parents events… Sammi’s team came first in the ‘Let’s move as a team’ event (a variation of the old three-legged race) and we combined with Jaime to be a part of the first placed team in the ‘We are a Happy Family’ segment.


Somewhat disappointing was our efforts in the Yio Chu Kang Kinderland team for the ‘Tug-o-War’. If my back was not feeling old and sore before, this event just sought to remind me that I’m not as young and strong as I used to be… (of course I’m kidding – there was no disappointment – we had an absolute blast with our fellow parents)  🙂


Watch the amazing Marching Band Video here (remember, these kids are only Kindergarten age):

[youtube jzFHnz46dmE]

Again, thanks to Kinderland and the staff and volunteers. Special congratulations to the band master, Mr Victor Tan.




Jaime had his own “End of day Gold Medal Celebrations”:



Aussie Pete Needs a Favour – Latest in Fashion… Like, Follow, Visit!

By , July 18, 2012 9:36 pm

bou·tique /booˈtēk/
1. A small store selling fashionable clothes or accessories.
2. A business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele.

A Happy Customer is a returning Customer

NB: Dearest readers and friends – never in the many years that I have been blogging have I asked for your help on anything. Today, I have good reason to change this – for one time only. Please read the following article and then offer me the very personal favour of following, liking or visiting (or all three) of the links at the bottom! I implore you – I have never asked anything of you before, and I probably never will again.

For the longest time now – years in fact, Sammi has been talking about wanting to set up a business and an online shop. The idea was always to provide women’s clothing, lingerie and accessories that are all the rage in countries such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan, but have yet to hit the fashion scene in Singapore.

Her vision of such a ‘niche’ has been simmering, and eventually got to the point where we decided such an idea should finally become reality.

And so it came to pass…


Online shopping and even the old-fashioned ‘blog shop’ are abundant in Singapore – almost it would seem, to saturation point. So, just like opening any business, the first step was to come up with a robust business plan – what are the objectives, investment required, inventories, supply chains, even payment methodology etc. The most important thing in the front of Sammi’s mind was – “What will set me apart from the (fierce) competition.

Therein lies the opportunity…

After much research (yes, I’ve become like a personal consultant as well as web designer and all-round ‘gofer’), we discovered that there are a number of risks even for those running a simple blog shop. If the authorities ever decide to do a crack-down on the small operators, it will become apparent that most of them are operating without appropriate business registration or required permits.

logo_ACRASo to mitigate this risk and to put some ‘substance’ behind what we are doing, we decided to register the business with ACRA (the ‘Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority’ of Singapore). Quite simple and cheap actually. So we are officially now partners in the registered business, “SG Alternative Shopping”.

Next – and there is a wealth of information available through ACRA and other advising departments – we wanted to make sure that any and all permits or licenses we required were attained. I won’t run you through everything, but there are requirements around customs (if you are importing or exporting) and requirements around location and operation of business (in our case, to operate as a ‘home office’), just as a couple of examples.

In the background, Sammi was madly working with wholesalers and manufacturers to come up with fashion items that may not be readily available in Singapore. She managed completely on her own, to source inventories and set up shipping and supply chains (incoming). She actually displayed some skills that I didn’t even know she had. The first items are now with us and up on the site for sale.

To this point, the investment had been – registration and license fees, inventory cost and shipping / logistics.

dreampurple01Also in the background, was the painstaking front of store and back end development. There are a number of open source solutions out there, but at the end of the day, you are only going to get the basics.

We extrapolated on this, and managed to integrate various modules and extensions (re-taught myself some long-lost java skills) and capitalized on (one of) the URL and hosting that I already had.

Now the site is live – I will probably one day give Sammi and invoice for my services (not really… unless I want to risk death).

Continuing on with the high expectations set on ourselves to ensure we were offering something quite unique to the competition, we decided to brand the store as a ‘boutique’ style and unique shop, with eyes on the latest in Japanese and Korean fashion.

The customer experience is also extremely critical, and in the case of SG Alternative Shopping, we are determined to make it another differentiator – as the adage goes: “a happy customer is a returning customer”.

Research shows that a very high percentage of the population (globally) are still not comfortable using the internet as a means to spending money. Whether they are concerned with supplying PII (personally identifiable information) across cyberspace or perhaps whether or not their credit card or payment details are safe and managed securely… guess what! – these concerns are actually completely very valid.

crownbear01So, after even more research and advice (as well as some self-learnings), we have secured our site with the latest in SSL encryption protocol. This means that the site is certified, and any time a customer is logged in, or a user is providing information, the connection is secured and encrypted – nobody else can see any of the information.

Furthermore, we have very strict policies implemented to manage any information provided to the site or to us. Our privacy policy is very strict and very transparent.

Finally, when it comes to payment and shipping methods, we have found that a surprisingly large number of online businesses require pickup of items and cash on delivery only, or some significant courier costs if they choose to deliver.

In our case, we offer free shipping to all locations in Singapore – however we recommend that our customers take up a ‘registered mail’ option for a very small pass-through fee.

Payment can be made securely through all major credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer or as mentioned above, cash on delivery. For COD, central locations will be arranged with the customer for collection.

koreanstylecollegedress01So there you have it – in short – the differentiators between Sammi’s business and the thousands of other online shops across Singapore, are:

1. Boutique Style – the latest Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese fashion items not often readily available in Singapore

2. Multiple Payment Options: Secure Credit Card, PayPal, COD, Bank Transfer

3. Free Shipping to Singapore Customers

4. Secure, encrypted shopping experience (SSL), with strict data policies surrounding how personal data will be used and managed

5. The highest level of customer service

SG Alternative Shopping officially opened on this past Sunday (15th July), and when I briefly posted a link on my Facebook Page, I received very warm encouragement from friends – both on FB and by email… even a couple of well known local celebrities wished us congratulations and all the best on the launch.

Although Sammi’s ready to rock and she is available at times during the day for live interaction on the site (through site consultant live chat – watch for the green status) and inventory is on hand ready to go (apparel, lingerie, jewellery, etc), we are under no misconceptions that such a business will take time to build (although she – very excitedly – got her first order today.

I will continue to assist (although I won’t be giving up my day job just yet :p), by helping with SEO and social media integration etc. Sammi has her own skillset with Chinese social media and networks such as Weibo.

So, why not offer some support for her to encourage such a bold undertaking – visit the site, interact with her through the site (and news articles), send emails, join the Facebook page and follow her on Twitter (although the accounts are brand spanking new, so don’t be surprised if there are not too many ‘followers’ and ‘likers’ just yet… gotta start somewhere right?)

If you’re a regular (or sometimes) reader of mine or one of my friends, please do me the personal favour and grace SG Alternative Shopping with your presence – in fact, you may just find that something unique for you or your partner or family member that you’d like to purchase!!

Click to visit SG Alternative Shopping Now!!


Click here to Like the SG Alternative Shopping Page on Facebook!


Click here to follow SG Alternative Shopping on Twitter


Thank you, dear friends and readers….!!

Fully Endorsed by Aussie Pete

Oh – I almost forgot – if you have your own website, or you are a blogger and would like the opportunity to earn some cash, you can join us as an Affiliate… simply sign up, copy and paste some code to link to the site or any individual item you’d like to advertise, and for every sale that comes from your blog or website, you will get paid 5% commission!! Examples of the affiliate code are scattered throughout this article where you see an image of one of the products – just click the link and you will see the tracking code (mine) in the URL Click here to sign up as an Affiliate now!!

A Rising Star – Zheng Jia Kai (郑家恺) the Drypers Ambassador

By , June 26, 2012 12:46 am

Courtesy of Aussie Pete

Apologies dear readers, for the delay between articles – with the past couple of weeks having been very busy at work, fathers day and birthday celebrations, while battling with a nasty cold, time has indeed been very tight… so now I’m trying to play ‘catch up’.

Friends of mine on Facebook, would be well aware from the random pics I’ve uploaded, that my youngest boy (almost 2-year old Casey or in Chinese, 郑家恺), is the ‘brand ambassador’ for the latest Drypers advertising campaign and catch-phrase, ‘The Best Ever’.

Now that the ads have gone live and Casey’s pictures are appearing all over Singapore, I thought it would be fitting for me to give a quick plug for such a cool and quirky marketing and advertising campaign.


It first started with the main ‘best ever’ image appearing in newspapers across the island a few weeks ago and full page ads in Mother and Baby magazine.

Behind the scenes at the main photo shoot

Behind the scenes at the main photo shoot

Since then, we have seen other pictures from the photo shoot in shopping mall displays, billboards and even bus stops.

A Drypers display that we saw at the Giant hypermaket at Tampines

A Drypers display that we saw at the Giant hypermaket at Tampines

We are still waiting for the viral video campaign to be launched, where Casey will appear as the ‘best ever talking baby’.

Behind the scenes of one of the video shoots (in this one the set has been constructed in our home)

Behind the scenes of one of the video shoots (in this one the set has been constructed in our home)

Needless to say, we are all very proud of him – although I am still to get a cut of his earnings as his ‘manager and agent’ (and chief taxi driver) :p

At the Drypers 'Little Day Out' on Saturday just gone by, we noticed he even now seems to have his own line of 'shopping bags'

At the Drypers 'Little Day Out' on Saturday just gone by, we noticed he even now seems to have his own line of 'shopping bags'

As an aside, Casey had his first live media appearance at the Drypers ‘Little Day Out’, and both Sammi and I were interviewed – be sure to check it out this Thursday night on both Channel 5 and Channel 8 (immediately after the news)… Sammi also performed a ‘celebrity nappy change’ for the cameras

Breaking News: Australia Invades Singapore!

By , March 14, 2012 11:42 pm

aussiesoldiers2Any residents of Sengkang West (specifically in the Fernvale area) could be completely forgiven for thinking that our local area was being ‘invaded’ by Aussie Ang Mohs the Saturday before last!

In fact, it was a sight to behold – the infamous ‘Singapore Wombats’ Australian Rules football team had their first training session of the year, not at their home ground at Turf City, but rather they graced our presence on the open field opposite Fernvale Primary School.

Although it’s been a couple of seasons since I donned the footy boots and hit the paddock with the Wombats myself, I’m still on the mailing list and a fan of the Facebook page. There are quite a number of new (and younger) faces these days, but also a good many of the ‘old boys’ as well.


My wife and my orthopedic surgeon have both banned me from playing this brilliant hard full contact sport (the 6-week stint with a numb arm and chronic back pain saw to that), but when I saw the email and Facebook update that training would be happening at Fernvale, I immediately pumped up the footy and got Jaime and Casey fired up for a run and kick.


The locals might also have looked on in wonder as the football kicked around the park was oblong in shape as opposed to round, and that the players were constantly touching it with their hands – considering the field is most commonly used for soccer, the bewilderment would be understandable.


It was great to catch up with my mates again – I was impressed to see them make the trek to the heartlands – and my own boys had a great time… it’s very obvious they’ve got ‘Aussie’ in their blood, displaying an uncanny ability and skill that seems to pass from generation to generation in my culture. 🙂


I’m also impressed at how tough Casey’s head is – when the hard ball was kicked some 40-metres and landed smack in the middle of his noggin’, it bounced off again… knocked his hat to the ground, but he remained on his feet – cried for about 5 seconds and then laughed at the fact that his sunglasses remained intact.


In all, I reckon that the boys thought they were at a fashion parade – a couple of the Wombats said they looked as though they were part of a K-Pop band – hats and glasses – but in fact, Jaime was worried about the heat and glare, and once he dons the cool shades his brother Casey always has to follow suit 🙂


Footnote: Not long now until Jaime is old enough to join the Auskick (junior kids aussie rules footy) over here – hopefully I can get to sign him up next season!

Click here to view all photos in this set

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Nostalgia – Nestlé, You Made Me Cry…

By , March 5, 2012 9:46 pm

When my good friend, Christine, invited Jaime and myself to attend a ‘toy making’ afternoon a couple of weeks ago, I was completed unprepared for the emotions and strong sense of nostalgia that I was going to be faced with.

Click here to view all photos in this set…

In fact, it started dawning on me during the drive in to the Arab Street area of Singapore, that perhaps I’ve not spoken enough with Jaime about my childhood and what it was like growing up in the days before computers, electronic games and today’s generation of gadgets and social networking. Or maybe I’d just forgotten myself?


As Jaime and I discussed the kind of toys we would be making, he asked me the question: “Daddy, do you think we should bring our own batteries?”… for a moment I wasn’t sure what he was talking about. His automatic assumption was that if we were ‘making’ our own toys, then they would obviously be electronic in nature and would require a power source…. OH MY!!


Once we arrived at Children Little Museum in Bussorah Street, I also quickly became aware that although ‘back when I was a lad’ of about Jaime’s age (4-years old), Singapore was another world away – I’m not even sure I knew that it existed (forgive me if I thought the world was indeed flat) – our cultures were already operating in parallel. With global travel something that I wouldn’t experience for almost another decade, the idea that kids my own age in a country some 6,000km away from the small rural Victorian town of Rupanyup where I was living were doing the same things as I was, was quite unfathomable.

You see, I clearly remember receiving a wooden top for my birthday… and the hours upon hours of enjoyment it provided were immeasurable. But guess what? – I have now learned that the same joy was being experienced well beyond the shores of down under and as far away as Asia.

spinning top

Then there’s the game of ‘Five Stones’ – in Australia, we called it knuckles and it was played with either a synthetic form or sometimes even real dried out knuckle bones. In Singapore, it was played with little satchels that feel like mini-bean bags (and now while we’re reminiscing, kids from my generation in Australia would see the obvious resemblance in shape of these game items to the old ‘Sunny Boys’). – Jaime got to take the ‘five stones’ home and has been trying desperately to teach Casey – I think their tiny little hands are not quite there yet :p


Now here’s the kicker!! I would’ve placed money on the fact that Milo was as Australian as Vegemite! Once again, while we were growing up and being told to drink our Milo to get strong bones, healthy bodies and heaps of energy… so were the kids in Singapore!



Herein is the underlying motivation for the entire afternoon… The icon behind the Milo brand is none other than Nestlé, and the team in Singapore invited us along (with some other very close mates… and even my Hong Kong travel buddies and witnesses to the now historical, 2010 Bathtub Racing Dilemma) to share in their 100th Anniversary… Yes, you heard it right – Nestlé is much older than me and was filling the Singaporean kids with sustenance long before I was even running around in nappies (and even before my mother was a wee lass… and even when my Grandparents were still little critters). 🙂

My dear Mum as a young girl...

My dear Mum as a young girl...

Amazing right!? The company behind every day brands such as Nescafe, Kit Kat, Maggi and Milkmaid are a century old!!

So what better way to showcase their celebrations than a walk back in time – before the iPad and Nintendo Wii were even flights of fantasy for the science fiction buffs… the ‘internet’ must have been something we used to help us fish for yabbies in the dams and mud creeks around the outskirts of town right?


Once we arrived and had a few snacks, I was offered an iced cappuccino from this amazing futuristic looking machine (Dolce Gusto Circolo coffee machine – a modern day invention)… I MUST MUST have one!! – the flavour of my ‘cold cuppa’ was divine!… and I’m one of those guys that lives for his coffee.



Then we learned about the 100-year history of Nestlé in Singapore from none other than the MD himself, Valerio Nannini. Mr Nannini also learned a thing or two himself – such as the fact that Nestlé produced tins with a handle on the bottom to be recycled as money containers for many of the store owners and hawkers of the day. Simply pull down on the handle and the tin moves on a pulley system – store your cash and let it fly back up – ingenious really – and an absolute nugget of a marketing and branding idea all those years ago 😀


Soon after, we were taken up a flight of stairs and were transported down another flight in time. A toy museum consisting of things I knew and things I didn’t… the school classroom setting that was so familiar to me that I was looking to see where (next to the pencil well) my name was engraved from times gone by.




Then the fun stuff began – first we made a ‘balancing pyramid’ – an amazing device that will balance anywhere.



Next was a kite – created and designed by us – Jaime is a much better artist than me and loves to paint, so he was the mastermind behind the design 



On the way home, I had so many thoughts running through my mind… days gone by when life was just so simple. How great it was to be a kid – I almost wish that Jaime didn’t ever have to grow up. As I looked to Jaime and saw him completely sound asleep, the tears again welled in my eyes… I could say it was because a piece of dust had lodged in them, or that the sun was just a little too bright – but either of these excuses would be a lie.

jaime sleeping

Thank you Nestlé for a magical afternoon… thank you for inspiring memories long-forgotten… thank you for some wonderful bonding time with my son… and finally, THANK YOU for growing with me from early childhood until now!!


Footnote: Keep your eye out for another initiative that Nestlé Singapore will be undertaking as part of their 100 year celebrations – the fulfillment of 100 wishes for lucky people. Simply visit the Nestlé 100 years website and check it out – Wishes should reflect the theme of “Good Food, Good Life” and must be meaningful and beneficial! Closing date will be 15th Nov 2012. So what are you waiting for??

Source: Aussie Pete

Exclusive – 100% Absolute Irrefutable Proof That Santa Claus Exists – Double Confirmed

By , December 13, 2011 1:39 am

Folks – today at Aussie Pete blog, I have an absolute jaw-dropping scoop!!

To answer the age-old question, “Does Santa Claus really exist”, we can now go one step further than the timeless, but as yet unsubstantiated response, of “Yes, Virgina, there is a Santa Claus”.

You see today, right here, I can provide video evidence that proves without a shadow of a doubt that ‘Jolly Old Saint Nick’ is more than just the imagination of children the globe over.

Santa has a file on every single child

Santa has a file on every single child

Only the real Santa would know such personal information about Jaime – from his age, where he lives, what Mummy and Daddy would like to see him working on to improve his behaviour (being more quiet inside the house), what he wants for Xmas (this must have come from the letter that Jaime wrote a couple of days ago)… and a load more information!

Proof That Santa Exists

Proof That Santa Exists

Of course, Santa keeps all of this data on every child around the world in their very own file – he has pictures of birthdays and performances, and of course he has the one piece of knowledge that is the most critical at this time of year – Was Jaime naughty or nice in 2011? You really want to know? Then watch this video and see Santa’s elves enter Jaime’s file into the ‘naughty and nice’ machine for the final evaluation!

[youtube BbGAew-pBOI]

When Jaime watched this message from Santa today, his jaw really did almost hit the ground as he responded to all of the questions. He was so well behaved at bed time, I almost didn’t recognize him as the same 4-year old… and with still over 2-weeks left until Christmas Day, Jaime will be checking in on Santa’s message to see if there is any change in the ‘naughty and nice’ status – it’s going to be lovely to have almost three weeks of good behaviour! 🙂

So yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus! DOUBLE COMFIRMED!

Naughty or Nice? The suspense is intense...

Naughty or Nice? The suspense is intense...

Source: Aussie Pete

Young Indiana Jones – The Great Escape!

By , October 23, 2011 11:59 pm

This is not a scene out of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’.

But this young toddler is just as brave as Indiana Jones… the fearless kid is young American boy, Dayn, and has become an overnight internet star.

It all started when his Mum was bewildered by how it was possible that he could escape from his cot – the simple solution she came up with, was to setup a video camera to film the action.

What she saw has left her and almost a million other YouTube viewers astounded. While Dayn’s twin brother watches on, he simply swings his left leg over the edge of the railings… then he dangles for a moment before falling to the ground.

Although he lands quite heavily, Dayn shakes himself off, and waddles over to the not-so-hidden camera and grabs hold of it – presumably to destroy the evidence?

Clockwise from top left ... Dayn swings himself out of the cot, lands heavily on the floor, shakes himself off and heads over to the camera

Clockwise from top left ... Dayn swings himself out of the cot, lands heavily on the floor, shakes himself off and heads over to the camera

Watch the Video:

[youtube -sPo-af9vKk]

As regular readers of my blog already know, my youngest boy, Casey, has just started to walk… I’m hoping it’ll be a while before he can pull off a daring escape like this one… in the meantime, we discovered how important Mickey Mouse is to him – check out how he goes from devestated to sedated in a matter of seconds – all thanks to Mickey – this video is titled “The Absence of Mickey Mouse”:

[youtube MVXQ41WIqBY]

Source: Aussie Pete

Life’s Milestones – One Small Step or One Giant Leap?

By , October 8, 2011 4:40 pm

There are certain moments in our life that take our breath away!

I’m not talking about the things that happen over again, like birthdays, wedding anniversaries or even great achievements of personal goals. I’m referring to the real milestones of life, and often these things come around only once (usually anyway).

It’s about the milestones in our life that remind is why we are here and how awesome it is to be alive, even if our physical time in this world might be relatively short.

One Small Step or One Giant Leap?

One Small Step or One Giant Leap?

The birth of a child, the union in marriage of two souls who love each other and were destined to be together, the last day of school – you know where I’m going with this, and I’m sure you can think of many others.

These milestones can help shape who we are and can sometimes reach down so deeply within us that it feels like our hearts just cannot take it. They can make us laugh and cry at the same time.

Yesterday, one of these milestones occurred in our family. Casey, our youngest baby who just turned one year old some weeks ago, went from just being able to barely balance himself on his tiny little legs to taking the biggest steps in life that he will ever take – his very first ones!!

Forgetting all fear and seeing nothing but the Mickey Mouse hat that I had placed on my head as his goal, he turned and walked (albeit somewhat wobbly) across the loungeroom floor completely unaided. To him, he achieved his goal – the hat. To me, I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest… the tears more than just welled in my eyes, I can tell you.

[youtube 2cfQka_My1U]

So, my friends – life is short – cherish these milestones, and remember that whatever your goal (maybe in your case it’s not a hat with a Mickey Mouse logo), it’s often the journey to get there that defines who we are, not just the end game!

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