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Feeling Sexy and Patriotic at the Same Time – NDP 2012

By , August 3, 2012 11:11 pm

This August 9th, Singapore celebrates it’s 47th birthday.

So it’s time to get mobilized and do your patriotic duty! The marketing guys at Mentos have provided us with a ‘viral video’ and message to do just that (to be honest, how the mint making giant associates themselves with Singapore’s low birth rate and ageing population by promoting the ‘making of babies’ is quite beyond me – but what the heck, this video is absolute gold!)

I shared the clever rap called ‘National Night’ with many friends and colleagues today, but when I got some blank stares from some ang moh mates who didn’t get all the humour, it dawned on me that many of the references would probably be lost on them… Aside from the obvious ‘making babies’ message of course.

The fact that I found it hilarious (along with most of my local buddies), is I believe, attestation to my successful integration as a heartlander and Singaporean PR.

[youtube 8jxU89x78ac]

Strangely, this affirmation is enough to make me feel proud and patriotic in my own way… as we do every year, we have our national flag displayed in the window of our HDB loungeroom, the mini flag is waving as we drive with it attached to our car window, and this year, I’ve even got a Singapore flag as an iPhone 4S cover!!


On another note, for many years now, we have ballotted unsuccessfully for tickets to attend the National Day Parade (or NDP preview) at the bay… but this year it’s a different story!! Donning our red and white, we will be heading down tomorrow (4th July) to bask in the glory of the event preview. How exciting, right?

NDP Tickets

And who knows… once the fireworks are over and the kids are in bed, we may just do our own civic duty and create our own fireworks before the 9th August (if I’m lucky). But to be totally honest – ‘putting a bao in the oven’ is not on our agenda right now! 🙂

So sit back and enjoy the video – and for those who don’t get all the humour in it, I make no apologies – come and live in Singapore!

Finally, for those who don’t know the English meaning of the Malay words of the Singapore National Anthem, ‘Majulah Singapura’, I found this version online with English translation – goosebump worthy, or not!!?

[youtube TxRWSU8yNOo]

NB: The logo for this year’s NDP, is the ‘Orchid Star’ and the theme is ‘Loving Singapore, Our Home’!

Source: Aussie Pete

Big Brother Is Watching – Facebook Admits To Accessing Your Private SMS

By , February 27, 2012 12:36 am

[Full Story at Aussie Pete Legacy Blog]

As everyone knows, over the past couple of years, when confronted with disgruntled users, Facebook changed their privacy policies and created many ‘layers’ for individuals to customize what others can and cannot see on their Facebook profiles.


But unless you carefully read the Terms and Conditions when you downloaded the Facebook App for your smartphone (which is probably unlikely), you are probably unaware that Facebook accesses smartphone users’ personal text messages.

iphonetextmessageA recent investigation has uncovered this very alarming fact, and Facebook has admitted reading text messages belonging to smartphone users who downloaded the social-networking app. According to the computing giant, it has been “accessing the data as part of a trial to launch its own messaging service”.

But hold the phone!! (pardon the pun) – Facebook are not the only ones – Other companies that are accessing smartphone users’ personal data – including text messages – include the high-profile photo-sharing site Flickr, Yahoo Messenger, and dating site Badoo.

A report released by The (London) Sunday Times claims that certain apps will even allow companies to intercept phone calls (such as the security app, My Remote Lock and a popular game, Tennis Juggling).

In case this isn’t intrusive enough for you – YouTube has the capability of remotely accessing and operating users’ smartphone cameras to take photographs or videos at any time!!

iphoneapps01Currently, there are more than 400,000 apps that can be downloaded to Android phones, and more than 500,000 are available for iPhones… all apps that are downloaded from Apple’s App Store carry the same terms and conditions policy.

The Sunday Times went on to report that Emma Draper, of the Privacy International campaign group, said, “Your personal information is a precious commodity, and companies will go to great lengths to get their hands on as much of it as possible.”

A poll conducted by the newspaper discovered that a staggering 70% of smartphone users rarely or never read the terms and conditions policy when downloading an app.


Source: The Sunday Times

Bizzle – Priceless Viral Video – This Is Why God Gave Us The Internet

By , December 4, 2011 12:59 am

I always love a good viral YouTube video… especially when it involves a loveable American Bulldog in ‘smart casual’ attire eating a popular snack, known as dunkers…

The video was filmed on a mobile phone by the giggling girlfriend of Guy Jenkins, who decided to post it on YouTube at the suggestions of a mate.

Bizzle, the American Bulldog...

Bizzle, the American Bulldog...

According to Guy, “Basically, my friend Eddie (who works for social video site Meme Machine) saw the video on my facebook, and insisted it needed to be seen by as many people as possible… I never intended to YouTube it, but my all friends insisted that I did.”

The cute canine, Bizzle, is approaching his 2nd birthday and weighs in at a huge 60kg.

One comment on the clip, states, “This is what the internet is made for.” – I think that I tend to agree!

Check this out…

[youtube bgoDkwwpFx0]

Source: Aussie Pete

Young Indiana Jones – The Great Escape!

By , October 23, 2011 11:59 pm

This is not a scene out of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’.

But this young toddler is just as brave as Indiana Jones… the fearless kid is young American boy, Dayn, and has become an overnight internet star.

It all started when his Mum was bewildered by how it was possible that he could escape from his cot – the simple solution she came up with, was to setup a video camera to film the action.

What she saw has left her and almost a million other YouTube viewers astounded. While Dayn’s twin brother watches on, he simply swings his left leg over the edge of the railings… then he dangles for a moment before falling to the ground.

Although he lands quite heavily, Dayn shakes himself off, and waddles over to the not-so-hidden camera and grabs hold of it – presumably to destroy the evidence?

Clockwise from top left ... Dayn swings himself out of the cot, lands heavily on the floor, shakes himself off and heads over to the camera

Clockwise from top left ... Dayn swings himself out of the cot, lands heavily on the floor, shakes himself off and heads over to the camera

Watch the Video:

[youtube -sPo-af9vKk]

As regular readers of my blog already know, my youngest boy, Casey, has just started to walk… I’m hoping it’ll be a while before he can pull off a daring escape like this one… in the meantime, we discovered how important Mickey Mouse is to him – check out how he goes from devestated to sedated in a matter of seconds – all thanks to Mickey – this video is titled “The Absence of Mickey Mouse”:

[youtube MVXQ41WIqBY]

Source: Aussie Pete

The Woman You’d Love Your Woman To Be Like (Hmmm)

By , November 22, 2010 12:28 am

The Sun - Viral SensationHow time flies – it’s now been more than nine months since the ‘Old Spice’ commercial, ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ became a YouTube viral sensation. Well, even more alarming for those of us who remember reading ‘The Sun‘ Newspaper from the UK when we were merely teenagers, is the fact that the publication is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary of the ‘Page 3 Girl’.

For those of you not familiar with the classic ‘tabloid’ style of journalism, ‘The Sun’ was always pushing the limit and ahead of it’s time, by unashamedly featuring full page pictures of (usually busty) British models topless and baring their breasts for readers of all ages to purchase straight off the local corner-shop shelf, without any need to heed to censorship ratings or classifications… in case you don’t know of the newspaper, perhaps you’ve heard of model (and wannabe one-hit wonder singer), the very buxom Samantha Fox. As have many who have come after her, Ms Fox started her road to stardom as a Page 3 girl for ‘The Sun‘.

To mark the anniversary, ‘The Sun’ have launched a 30 second viral video – a parody and ‘homage’ to the original Old Spice ad. The video as of right now, has had almost 2 million hits on YouTube in just a week.

Check it out:

[youtube i0LGW8urTOs]

And just so you don’t forget, here’s the original Old Spice commercial (again):

[youtube owGykVbfgUE]

PAGE 360

The Sun Page 360Finally, and as an aside, ‘The Sun’ have done a brilliant job of keeping up with technology – not only was it one the UK’s first papers to successfully make the transition to online, it has also just launched a ‘Page 3’ application that can be downloaded for the iPad.

WARNING: The iPad application and the website promoting it are not suitable for minors. They display mild nudity (in short, topless women in skimpy underwear). For the sake of my blogs, I have pixellated the images here.

Page 360 For iPadThe iPad application, just like the web version, is aptly called ‘Page 360’ – a digital version of Page 3 that gives readers a 360-degree view of their models, with just a swing of the mouse (or a ‘flip’ of the iPad screen).

According to their website, ‘Page 360’ “celebrates the 40th anniversary of the national institution by bringing it into the 21st century with our fab new interactive feature”.

Page 360 - Censored

‘I Quit Work For YouTube’ – The Top 10 Richest Stars

By , August 26, 2010 10:44 pm

youtubebirthdayFor some people it’s about more than just the 15-minutes of fame and sharing of their life’s most memorable moments!

According to a recent study conducted by analytics and advertising company, TubeMogul, the Top 10 ‘Independent’ YouTube stars made over US$100,000 between July 2009 and July 2010. The research was based on viewership data and calculations made to estimate the annual income (an ‘independent’ is defined as ‘any person who is not part of a media company or brand’).

According to TubeMogul, the estimates are based on the following assumptions:

– Revenue only comes from banner ads served near content (we ignored pre-roll or overlay since we can’t easily isolate by publisher).

– Since YouTube banner ads have a two-second load delay, we estimate 2.59% of viewers click away before an ad loads based on separate research.

– Ads were served near all videos that loaded (since there are partners, this is generally true).

– CPM for the banner ads was $1.50 (Google auctions a lot of this inventory off; we rounded this 2009 estimate down to be conversative).

– YouTube is splitting ad revenue with partners 50-50.

– Basically, take their views from the past year, assume a few don’t stick around long enough for an ad to load, divide that number by 1,000, multiply by $1.50 and divide that number in half.

It all seems a little complicated, but these are apparently very conservative esitmates…

So here’s the Top 10-List for the 2009/2010:

10. Natalie Tran– $101,000

10. Natalie Tran– $101,000

10. Natalie Tran– $101,000

Under the user name of communitychannel, Natalie Tran is the most subscribed to YouTube user in Australia.

Like most others on this list, she is a video blogger and occasionally uploads comedy skits.

July 2009 – 2010 Views: 138,871,829

[youtube ijgfBwq_vkM] 


9. The Young Turks – $112,000 

9. The Young Turks – $112,000

9. The Young Turks – $112,000

The Young Turks is a political talk show that also airs on Sirius Satellite Radio.

Founded and hosted by Cenk Uygur, The Young Turks talk show and their vast viewership has proven that the Internet can be a viable broadcast platform.

July 2009 – 2010 Views: 153,807,362 

[youtube fr-yZyEaJHM]


8. Smosh – $113,000

8. Smosh – $113,000

8. Smosh – $113,000

Smosh is the comedy duo of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, and with over 1.7 million subscribers, they make up the 5th most popular channel on YouTube.

They first shot to viral fame with their “Pokemon Theme Music Video” which became YouTube’s most viewed video in Spring 2006. However, due to copyright reasons, the original video was removed from YouTube.

July 2009 – 2010 Views: 154,936,876

[youtube APV5LnQvqFw]


7. Mediocre Films – $116,000

7. Mediocre Films – $116,000

7. Mediocre Films – $116,000

Greg Benson created Mediocre Films initially for a sketchy comedy TV series called “Skip TV.”

The show lasted for one season, and now Benson makes low budget comedy videos for the web.

July 2009 – 2010 Views: 159,030,703 

[youtube wJfYAJJYMqg]


6. Shay Carl – $140,000

6. Shay Carl – $140,000

6. Shay Carl – $140,000

As a radio DJ, Shay Carl started making comedy skits and put them on YouTube for the world to see.

He claims to have held 20 different jobs before settling down with his DJ and YouTube gigs.

July 2009 – 2010 Views: 192,309,247

[youtube QVdarAsB0E8] 


5. Fred – $146,000

5. Fred – $146,000

5. Fred – $146,000

Lucas Cruikshank plays “a lonely six year old named Fred” who uses his mom’s video camera and posts videos on a YouTube channel.

As the second most subscribed to YouTube channel, Lucas Cruikshank’s immensely popular Fred character even has a movie coming out backed by Nickelodeon.

July 2009 – 2010 Views: 200,656,150

[youtube nEqwKNNQBwc]


4. Ryan Higa – $151,000

4. Ryan Higa – $151,000

4. Ryan Higa – $151,000

Ryan Higa makes comedy skits and is a video blogger who turned into a viral star with his “How to be Gangster” and “How to be Ninja” videos.

Even though he doesn’t upload as many videos as his fellow YouTube celebrities, Higa is still the top dog at YouTube with over 2.6 million subscribers.

July 2009 – 2010 Views: 206,979,909

[youtube khFhF64P3VQ]


3. Philip DeFranco – $181,000

3. Philip DeFranco – $181,000

3. Philip DeFranco – $181,000

Philip DeFranco uploads a new video onto YouTube every Monday to Thursday for his show – The Philip DeFranco Show.

His video blogging topics range from politics to pop culture.

July 2009 – 2010 Views: 248,735,032

[youtube 4f0Mepuh3vM]


2. The Annoying Orange – $288,000

2. The Annoying Orange – $288,000

2. The Annoying Orange – $288,000

The Annoying Orange is a comedy web series that takes place in a kitchen and is about talking fruit.

Dane Boedigheimer is the mastermind behind the series and is also the voice of Orange.

July 2009 – 2010 Views: 349,753,047

[youtube cL_qGMfbtAk]


1. Shane Dawson – $315,000

1. Shane Dawson – $315,000

1. Shane Dawson – $315,000

Shane Dawson is so popular that he is three different YouTube channels. His most popular channel consists of his comedy skits and music video parodies.

Dawson created a second channel as a vlog and for a separate series called “Ask Shane,” and his third channel only has videos taken from his iPhone.

July 2009 – 2010 Views: 431,787,450

[youtube S-vwazINBcQ]

Pilot Faints During Flight – Chilling Video Footage!

By , August 3, 2010 9:35 pm

How would you react thinking you were about to die?... to your friend's amusement?

How would you react thinking you were about to die?... to your friend's amusement?

The terrified passenger recording this video could not be blamed for his absolutely hair-raising, blood-curdling screams or for needing a clean pair of underpants… nor could he be blamed if he was to punch the pilot in the nose once the plane landed!! I’m not actually too sure how I would react in such a situation…

The following footage has been released on YouTube – the sole pilot of a light plane apparently losing conciousness while taking a friend on a joy flight. One moment, the pair are engaged in conversation… the next, the pilot is slumped over in his seat with his mate trying frantically to try and bring him back – all the while screaming like a baby for his own life!

But wait!! – this supposed friend, was just ‘punking’ his terrified passenger. A couple of moments after the pilot appeared to pass out and fall against the window of the plane (and his companion had thought he was going to die), the prankster sat up, turned around and smiled.

I wonder if these guys are still mates??

[youtube vTmD0kuQrkI]

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