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What Is Your God-Given Talent? Start Living the Dream!

By , February 10, 2014 10:43 pm

Original Source: Aussie Pete

Most of us go to work everyday to keep the order ticking along. At times, we probably think we’d rather be out fishing… but we understand that our commitments are such that we need to be able to provide – food on the table, safety and shelter for our loved ones, education and development for the little ones, to name but a few.

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Living the dream -

Living the dream -

When we ourselves were younger, we often had dreams that later in life might seem somewhat unfulfilled – perhaps it’s playing a professional sport, having paintings displayed in a national gallery or singing in front of an audience of screaming fans.

Whatever your dream is or was, I firmly believe that God has provided us all with at least one (or more) very special gifts. I also believe that these gifts are what our dreams are made of.

So my message today is quite simple – regardless of your age, status or current lot in life. Regardless of whether you are a student, a fireman, a lawyer, a banker :), a plumber… get out there and do something that you love – something that you have an aptitude for, something that makes you feel awesome about yourself.

It doesn’t matter if nobody else cares or listens – as long as you can remember what it was that brought a feeling of completeness to your soul. Go to the park and kick a football… take time out and buy a canvas and brushes… or simply, just sing a song that you love. It will all come flooding back to you.

So what is your God-given talent??

I recently became aware of a couple of guys that are living their dream. If what I read serves me correct, these blokes are attornies. But as well as meeting their commitments to family and loved ones, they are also doing what they love and what they definitely have a God-given talent for – making beautiful sweet sounds…

Living the dream - Lui in pink shirt and high hair, me bottom right

Living the dream - Lui in pink shirt and high hair, me bottom right

Interestingly, I first viewed one of their videos on YouTube through a mate of mine sharing it on Facebook. This buddy of mine, Lui, also happens to be a singing partner of mine from around 20+ years ago – we were in a teenage group in the 80s and believe it or not, had a pretty solid following – I remember touring through country Queensland performing to (at times) screaming schoolgirls, signing autographs on publicity pictures and quite simply – living the dream of that time in our lives.

I’m not going to say that we were anywhere close to having the talent of Mike Masse and Jeff Hall – but it is what we did, what we loved.

Following are a few of Mike and Jeff’s videos that really moved me and left me with the ‘Wow’ factor.

Firstly, a cover version of Toto’s ‘Africa’:

[youtube MLrC7e3vSv8]

How many Dads can listen to such a beautiful version of ‘Cat’s in the Cradle’ without tearing up?:

[youtube MEvfJSB7K8M]

Finally, for all the Eagles fans… ‘Hotel California’ – or is it?? Hmmm? One more Time??:

[youtube kgg2yuA9Xek]

Now do yourself a favour!! – Remember your dream. Live it – even if it’s just personally (or in a Pizza shop). It’s your God-given talent and right! 🙂
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Crazy Apple Store Meltdown Lady Cannot Be Singaporean – She Hates To Queue!

By , July 25, 2013 10:42 pm

Source: Aussie Pete Legacy Blog

The video is very poor quality and short (on loop), but it’s gone viral all thanks to actress, Porscha Coleman.

Crazy Apple Store Freak-Out Lady

Crazy Apple Store Freak-Out Lady

The incident occurred when an unidentified woman entered the Grove Apple store in Los Angeles pushing a stroller and asked for some parts for her phone… a staff member at the Genius Bar advised her that if she didn’t have an appointment she would have to wait.


[youtube iHO72tjJZ7M]

When she was given the bad news, she began screeching at the top of her voice, “I was told by Apple care that I could walk in the store and get the parts!!”.. all the while taking it out on her poor baby by smacking her hand into the pram.

In the video, stunned customers and staff can be seen looking over in absolute bewilderment.

Actress Porscha Coleman captured the video, looped it and posted it online. It has since been shared thousands of times on social networking sites (including also now, my blog).

Porscha captioned the short video: “This lady is goin OFF in the Apple Store! LOL U don’t have an appointment, lady!”

Below is a picture of Porscha – now I’m wondering why it really went viral??

Porscha Coleman

Porscha Coleman

The Apple store at The Grove in Los Angeles was the scene of one woman's meltdown

The Apple store at The Grove in Los Angeles was the scene of one woman's meltdown

The 2013 Speak Mandarin Campaign – If I Can Do It, So Can You!

By , January 29, 2013 9:08 pm

Source: Aussie Pete

Senior Minister Mentor Lee Kuan YewIn 1979, the Prime Minister of Singapore at the time, Mr Lee Kuan Yew launched The Speak Mandarin Campaign (SMC). The intention of the campaign was to “transform a deeply entrenched social-linguistic habit of Chinese Singaporeans who were long used to the speaking of dialects”.

The objectives of the campaign were as follows:

1. To simplify the language environment for Chinese Singaporeans.

2. To improve communication and understanding amongst Chinese Singaporeans.

3. To create a Mandarin-speaking environment conducive to the successful implementation of our bilingual education programme.

Now 34-years on, the campaign is once again gaining momentum. This year the ‘Promote Mandarin Council‘ has teamed up with OMY, to challenge all Chinese Singaporean and Permanent Resident parents to create a five minute performance and stand to share in up to $8,000 worth of prizes.

There are two categories – Open Category and Parent-Child Category. Participants may choose to participate in either one or both categories. Parent-child interaction must be shown in submissions to the parent-child category.

So bring in Aussie Pete and the kids!! A couple of weeks ago, we attended the studio to produce our own sample video for the website and to promote the competition… ours was only around 40-seconds thank goodness – 5-minutes of me speaking mandarin would be an absolute nightmare for me, the producers and my kids who can already speak three languages fluently!!

Check out our video below: 

[youtube eTdY3i1VEFM]

Now that you’ve stopped laughing and poking fun at me, be sure to jump on board and create your own videos and perhaps share in the wonderful prizes.

All the details of how to enter, the timelines, process and of course the prizes, can be found by clicking here.


According to the Speak Mandarin website:


“Singapore is a young country of many races that heralds its immigrant population from all over the Asia-Pacific basin – Chinese, Indians, Malays, and many others. Their diverse backgrounds make Singapore not only a culturally rich city, but also one with many potential divisive lines. The forefathers of the Chinese community came from many parts of China, belonging to a multitude of dialect groups and speaking different languages. The Malay and Indian communities have less problems with dialects as they each have their own common language to communicate in. Being the majority race making up more than 70% of the population, there was thus a need to unify the various Chinese dialect groups via a common language, Mandarin.

For the Chinese community, our aim should be a single people, speaking the same primary language, possessing a distinct culture and a shared past, and sharing a common destiny for the future. Such a Chinese community will then be tightly knit. Provided it is also tolerant and appreciative of the other communities’ heritage, able to communicate with them in English, and work with them for a common future, Singapore will grow to become a nation.

 – PM Goh Chok Tong, 1991 Speak Mandarin Campaign Launch


Lifeless Drowned Body Wakes Up – When a Corpse is not a Corpse!

By , September 12, 2012 12:26 am

A man’s lifeless body was found floating in a river in the United States.

A forensic team was called in to investigate the drowning, and the Lycoming County Coroner, Charles E. Kiessling Jr. attended in person at the morbid scene.

The lifeless body floating in the river

The lifeless body floating in the river

Authorities spent some time deciding on the best way to retrieve the body, when the unthinkable happened – The “dead” body sat up!!

Check out the video below!!

As was later learned, Joseph DeAngelo was not actually dead or even close to drowning – he had simply fallen asleep while watching the clouds… And he had absolutely no idea of the furore going on around him. The strange thing is that none of the professional forensic team went and checked on him upon their arrival – he was snoozing very close to the shore line.

According to Kiessling Jr., “Let me tell you, it was quite a shock for us… He was bobbing up and down in the water and he really looked like he was dead”

Williamsport Police Captain Michael Orwig, exclaimed “It’s a miracle!”

DeAngelo himself said that he had no idea what was going around him until a dragonfly landed on his nose… he simply woke from his slumber and sat up. He apologised for any confusion he might have created, and said he was “living life the best way I know how”.

[youtube PbAN0mGSjM4]

Source: Aussie Pete Legacy Blog

Bizzle – Priceless Viral Video – This Is Why God Gave Us The Internet

By , December 4, 2011 12:59 am

I always love a good viral YouTube video… especially when it involves a loveable American Bulldog in ‘smart casual’ attire eating a popular snack, known as dunkers…

The video was filmed on a mobile phone by the giggling girlfriend of Guy Jenkins, who decided to post it on YouTube at the suggestions of a mate.

Bizzle, the American Bulldog...

Bizzle, the American Bulldog...

According to Guy, “Basically, my friend Eddie (who works for social video site Meme Machine) saw the video on my facebook, and insisted it needed to be seen by as many people as possible… I never intended to YouTube it, but my all friends insisted that I did.”

The cute canine, Bizzle, is approaching his 2nd birthday and weighs in at a huge 60kg.

One comment on the clip, states, “This is what the internet is made for.” – I think that I tend to agree!

Check this out…

[youtube bgoDkwwpFx0]

Source: Aussie Pete

Young Indiana Jones – The Great Escape!

By , October 23, 2011 11:59 pm

This is not a scene out of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’.

But this young toddler is just as brave as Indiana Jones… the fearless kid is young American boy, Dayn, and has become an overnight internet star.

It all started when his Mum was bewildered by how it was possible that he could escape from his cot – the simple solution she came up with, was to setup a video camera to film the action.

What she saw has left her and almost a million other YouTube viewers astounded. While Dayn’s twin brother watches on, he simply swings his left leg over the edge of the railings… then he dangles for a moment before falling to the ground.

Although he lands quite heavily, Dayn shakes himself off, and waddles over to the not-so-hidden camera and grabs hold of it – presumably to destroy the evidence?

Clockwise from top left ... Dayn swings himself out of the cot, lands heavily on the floor, shakes himself off and heads over to the camera

Clockwise from top left ... Dayn swings himself out of the cot, lands heavily on the floor, shakes himself off and heads over to the camera

Watch the Video:

[youtube -sPo-af9vKk]

As regular readers of my blog already know, my youngest boy, Casey, has just started to walk… I’m hoping it’ll be a while before he can pull off a daring escape like this one… in the meantime, we discovered how important Mickey Mouse is to him – check out how he goes from devestated to sedated in a matter of seconds – all thanks to Mickey – this video is titled “The Absence of Mickey Mouse”:

[youtube MVXQ41WIqBY]

Source: Aussie Pete

Exclusive iPhone Preview Video – Or Is It?

By , August 30, 2011 11:57 pm

With a backlog of articles to write after a short break from blogging, here’s a video that I’ve been meaning to feature for some time…

An exclusive preview of the iPhone 5… Or is it??


Millions of people have watched the original of this video on YouTube, and by all accounts many of them have actually thought the features are for real.

The video is titled “iPhone 5 Concept Features” and was created by a three-person start-up in San Francisco specialising in visual effects and 3D animation, known as Aatma Studio’s.

Prashanth Shantharam from Aatma said, “A lot of people say it’s fake — but we clearly mention that it’s a concept phone… (Other people) think this could be the real life phone, and they’re sort of debating whether it is real or fake… We’re pretty sure that the iPhone 5 which will come out in October will not have all these features… But this is something that we want to see in the future of any smartphone really — not just the iPhone”

Mr Shantharam went on to say that although the features in his studio’s video might look futuristic, they were actually feasible… “I’m not sure about the timeframe, but it’s definitely in the realm of possibility… The laser keyboards have been used before. Even IBM did this back in 1992, but it hasn’t gone mainstream and mass-market… It’s in the realms of possibility though. It’s up to the companies to incorporate and innovate and try to include these on their smartphones”

The concept iPhone features a finger-nail thin handset, laser keyboard and holographic projection — I could only wish such features are going to be available with the real-life iPhone 5. 🙂

[youtube lzsBwnv_dAg]

Courtesy: Aussie Pete

NZ Air Travel – Miss Your Flight And Get Punched In The Head

By , June 29, 2011 12:37 am


The Location: The Check-In Counter for Jetstar (Operated by Skycare)

The Players: In the blue corner, Radio DJ (shock-jock) Iain Stables and in the red corner, a much larger Check-In Staff Member, Patrick Joseph Ulberg

The Problem: Mr Stables turns up late for his flight and is not allowed to board the plane

What followed, can only be described as absolute mayhem. The absolutely dramatic CCTV footage has just been released as a part of the assault case against Mr Ulberg.


The video was played for the local court and shows Mr Stables sweeping bag labels off the counter and throwing a radio at Mr Ulberg. Next thing, Mr Ulberg comes out from behind the counter and starts swing haymaker punches.

jetstar2Ulberg was found not guilty of assaulting Mr Stables – the court ruled that the check-in staff member acted in self-defence.

However, despite his injuries, Mr Stables might not be off the hook – he was charged at the time of the incident with “disorderly behaviour likely to cause violence.”

Apparently, the incident was sparked when when Mr Stables turned up late for his Jetstar flight and when told he could not board the plane, was told in no uncertain terms, to “f*** off to Air New Zealand”.

It was further alleged that Mr Stables then yelled a racial slur – calling Mr Ulberg a “black mother f****r”, and then leaned over the check-in counter and punched him.

SkycareA witness testified that they had seen Mr Stables “mouthing off”, throwing something and hurling a racist insult at the employee at the Jetstar desk, whereafter Ulberg retaliated by throwing punches to the head.

Mr Stables was treated for concussion, bruising and cuts.

[youtube rItHVddTm-8]

Source: Aussie Pete

John Travolta v Richard Simmons – Qantas v Air New Zealand

By , March 30, 2011 12:24 am

Source: Aussie Pete Legacy Blog

Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons

The battle between Qantas and Air New Zealand, is actually one of who’s video is the most “cringe worthy” and “inappropriate” (as described by airline staff).

You see, the three-minute Qantas demonstration video which is played before take-off on every domestic and long-haul Qantas flight, stars none other than airline ambassador and Hollywood actor, JOHN TRAVOLTA… it has apparently upset some cabin crew and pilots who would rather have a “real pilot” fronting for the company.

Travolta opens the video with the announcement, “This is your captain speaking – well, maybe not today.”… One Qantas flight attendant had described the video as “corny” and “tacky”.

Let’s pause there on these descriptors – CORNY and TACKY!!!

John Travolta

Captain John Travolta

This air hostess has obviously not seen the latest inflight safety video from Air New Zealand… after the ‘gay outrage’ incident that I reported about right here on this blog a few months ago, it seems that the national airline from NZ has opted to show the world that they are NOT homophobic… in fact, they are embracing their sexuality with open arms, by engaging none other than fitness enthusiast, RICHARD SIMMONS!!

The three-and-a-half minute video, entitled “Fit to Fly”, mashes safety information with an aerobics workout… Along with Simmons, the video has cameo appearances from Phil Keoghan, host of ‘The Amazing Race’ and Paul Henry, a well known TV host in Kiwi land.

Without further delay, dear readers, you decide which one you think is the most ‘Corny’ and ‘Tacky’… and more importantly, which video would make you feel safest when travelling thousands of metres above solid ground?


[youtube 3iaTEgoezNQ]


[youtube rKwavvE1ZEc]

Death By Silicone – Warning: Graphic Video

By , March 16, 2011 12:42 am

Perhaps you’ve already seen this story circulating on the internet – the death of a snake from silicone poisoning after biting Israeli model and actress, Orit Fox, on her fake boob.

Well if you haven’t seen the video of the actual bite – check it out here… but be warned, this might be disturbing to some readers – it looks quite painful to me… although Ms Fox doesn’t seemed overly stressed – would she still have nerve endings on the surface of her skin to feel the pain? I, for one, really don’t know – but the snake latches on pretty hard and really pulls at her skin.

Spanish TV channel Telecinco’s footage of the unfortunate encounter found it’s way on to YouTube… at first, you can see the model fondling and licking the reptile for a feature on Israeli DJ Shmulik Tayar’s radio show. Not long after… tragedy strikes!

Ms Fox was rushed to Hillel Yaffe Hospital in Hadera, northwest of Jerusalem, and was given a clean bill of health after a tetanus shot. The snake was not so lucky, as days later, Telecinco announced that the poor creature had died of silicone poisoning! W… T… H… !!!

I’m guessing that maybe the snake really died from fright after seeing Ms Fox’s really bad facial surgery!! :p



[youtube QHs–QJLHV4]

Source: Aussie Pete Legacy Blog

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