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Coz He’s Got… ★♫’Smile… Personality, Charm… Personality’★♫

By , November 24, 2010 1:20 am

Urban Homme Mr PersonalityI think I’m probably throwing the lyrics of the song out there with no real respect… but this is the title that I won in the 2010 Urban Homme ‘Urban Icon Challenge’ – MISTER PERSONALITY!!

It’s been almost 2-weeks now since the finale event at the ‘Boiler Room’ at the ‘St James Power Station’ in Singapore, and many of my friends have been asking and wondering – did I win the event or not?
Well – suspense no longer… the answer is ‘no’, I am not the 2010 Urban Icon. That title was handed down to Darren Ng by his adoring fan base and their votes. But there are absolutely no regrets!! I proudly walked away with one of the two judges’ awards – the ‘Mr Personality’ of the competition… and Dennis took out the other judges’ award, ‘Mr Photogenic’.

But as we’ve said before, all of the six finalists were winners, including some now very great friends in Daniel, Emeric and Benson. By earning our spots as finalists, we have undergone quite a journey over the four weeks – and I don’t need to remind all of my readers about how much weight I’ve lost and how much younger that I look and feel. 🙂

From the picture below, you will see quite clearly that I’m a fitter and leaner individual than the person that modelled for the Standee just a handful of weeks earlier:

Pete and Standee

Along with an absolute ‘booty’ of prizes and hidden treasures, the value of treatments that we received at the hands of Urban Homme literally totals up to tens of thousand of dollars worth!! A huge score by any measure!

So now you all know… I thoroughly recommend the Urban Icon Challenge to all of my mates out there in Singapore. This year was the inaugural year of the competition and I’m led to believe that it’s been so successful that it will now become an annual event.

OMY Interview

The follow-up attention has been great – from friends and colleagues, print media and online Vodcasts, to name a few… check out the article in this week’s U-Weekly, and a very quiet ‘heads up’ – keep your eyes out on Men’s Health Magazine over coming months in early 2011. Shhhh… that one’s a secret!! 🙂


Finally, all thanks to OMY – please enjoy the Vodcast from the finale event… Until next year – keep up the grooming and presentation guys!! Cheers!!

[youtube pGM3IO7qEzY]

Along with my wife (who was interviewed on the night), and my wonderful friends and supporters (and OMY bloggers), it was great to have my great mate and colleague, Pierre, along to support me!

Along with my wife (who was interviewed on the night), and my wonderful friends and supporters (and OMY bloggers), it was great to have my great mate and colleague, Pierre, along to support me!

Urban Homme Standees

Not Afraid To Go Topless – Warning, Graphic Images

By , November 8, 2010 11:10 pm

OK – you’ve read the warning, but you still decided to click through… let me prepare you – although this is not the official ‘before and after’, to really be able to show-off my transformation with Urban Homme, I have to reluctantly, and quite shamefully, post an image (taken from my ‘before’ video profile just a few weeks ago) – it hurts me so much to do so – how did I ever let myself get like this over recent years? *tsk tsk* – I can blame the wonderful food in Singapore, but that would just be self-deceptive. It’s all about poor eating habits, lack of exercise and in general not treating my body like the temple it should be… and of course, I had never had Urban Homme in my life before!! Only now can I feel pride in being able to remove my shirt and go topless for all to see – how remarkably liberating!!

Get ready… the ‘before’ was mere weeks ago (snapshot from our first video at Urban Homme – hold back the shock and horror), the ‘after’ was just this evening after a very satisfying workout at Fitness First… the light doesn’t really do the picture justice, because not all the shadows and lines which I’ve worked so hard to achieve (with Jacky’s brilliant help) on my tummy are very clearly visible. But I’m sure you can see the clear difference in weight and overall definition before and after! (Today’s weigh-in – 83.3kg – is 11.5kg lighter than my first Urban Homme audition).

Transformed - Before and After

The secrets to success:

1. Count the calories!! – Thanks to Vince at Urban Homme, I received very clear direction on how many calories to take in – not only did he provide me with a very nutritious and healthy diet, he gave some very prudent advice on how to ensure that I keep the the calorie count where it should be, even if I don’t eat everything day-to-day as spelled out in the schedule… my maximum intake each day is just 1,000 – 1,200 (remember before I was just drinking almost 3,000 calories a day – before I even started eating).

With Urban Homme’s assistance, I eat and drink well each day, do not go hungry, and still manage to satisfy the taste buds at the same time…

2. Exercise Regularly!! – Once again, under expert instruction from Vince, my extra homework has been to continue my gym workouts both in preparation for each coming treatment session, as well as to maintain and improve on the body sculpting work – you see, it’s not just about losing the weight, it’s also about increasing muscle and definition (converting fat to muscle) and thereby reducing my overall body fat percentage.

Body-builder I certainly am not, but as you can see in the picture below, my arms have actually increased in size, but at the same time I’ve pretty much completely lost any ‘flabiness’ that used to sit on the back of my triceps (thanks to the cold wraps at Urban Homme and the huge weights I’m now pressing)… this has helped me build so much confidence.

Pete New Arms

3. Most Importantly – Urban Homme Body Sculpting Treatments!! – We’ve spoken about them here often… G5, G9, WF, Cold Wrap, Body Detox, LPG, etc, etc… when I started the treatments, my tummy fat (especially) was ‘rock hard’… from the treatments, the fat that is left is soft and much more easily broken down and/or converted to muscle. The missing ‘mountain’ when I lay down has upset my 3yo somewhat because he can no longer use my stomach as a human slippery slide 🙂

I would never have dreamed of putting a ‘topless’ photo of myself on my blog, but now I feel no fear nor do I feel self-concsious about it… for those of my readers who remember the infamous media bathtub race at the Hong Kong Dragon Boat festival, in which the bathtub being paddled by myself (as winner of the 2010 Singapore OMY blog awards) and Ang Geck Geck (winner of the 2010 OMY Singapore Modelling Blog), the common belief published across various media platforms was that the problem was with our mismatched body weight – in fact, I was even referred to on Singapore radio as being ‘3 times’ the size of my fellow paddler… I reckon now next year (if we’re lucky enough to do it again), we might actually have a shot at not just staying afloat but also of winning the race!! Bring it on!!

Model For A Day – Delusions Of Grandeur?

By , November 7, 2010 12:29 am

This week just gone by has been quite intense, with an absolute ‘marathon’ of treatments at Urban Homme on Wednesday night, the photo shoot at ‘The Studio‘ on Wednesday afternoon, followed by a shorter but very effective body sculpting session back at the Cocoon on Friday (which happened to be a public holiday for Deepavali celebrations)!

Urban Homme Promo - Pete

Now it’s absolutely no secret why we’ve ramped up the activity for the Urban Icon Challenge. This coming Thursday evening is the grand finale event of the challenge, with the overall transformation winner being announced. The night promises to be very exciting, and I’m lucky enough to be able to bring my family along for the star-studded event (truth be told, I’m hoping that the cute kids might help sway the judges’ decision in my favour). 🙂

To date, my blog posts in relation to the challenge have been very much focussed on the physical transformation (body weight and shape), but it’s critical to note that this is only one part of the overall challenge and experience. The intention is actually to discover the new ‘Urban Icon’ – someone who displays the characteristics of the Urban Man – from the body, to the skin, grooming and overall appearance.

The work that has been done on my skin is quite breathtaking. The skillful staff at Urban Homme have literally taken years off my features – one of my colleagues actually commented the other day that I’m looking like a younger clone of the real Pete! These type of unsolicited comments (along with those around my weight loss) make me feel on top of the world! Although I do have to spoil the illusion a little by explaining that I’ve had some first class assistance from Urban Homme – I don’t think I could have pulled something like this off on my own.

You’re probably wondering by now, why this article is splattered with pictures of me looking like a promotion for Urban Homme and the Icon Challenge? Well, I think it might actually be some delusions of grandeur. You see, the results of the photo shoot at ‘The Studio’ were amazing, and a couple of the images kind of lend themselves (through lighting and placement) to wanting logos placed in strategic locations… so after a little playing around, these are what I came up with.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I have my last two sessions of treatments at Urban Homme as an official icon challenger, and in a way I feel quite sad – I feel that I’ve developed some real friendships with the staff there, and their genuine concern with my improvement has been very moving. Let me say unequivocally, that regardless of how the results of this competition transpire, I will be continuing treatments and will unhesitatingly be referring and recommending Urban Homme to my friends and colleagues in the future.

Following below, are just a few more shots from the photo shoot on Thursday – these ones are some of my wife’s favourites (I could post many, many more, but don’t wish to chew up all the bandwidth – and also I don’t wish to be considered too narcissistic) 🙂

Please come on down on Thursday night for the final event – we’d all love to see you there!!






Roadshow Preparations – My New (Almost Sexy) Body

By , October 31, 2010 8:03 pm

soapboxThis entire transformation business just got really serious!! By now, most readers and subscribers of my blog know that I often write with a bit of ‘tongue in cheek’, diverting sometimes to stand on a virtual soapbox if the need arises.

Today, I stand not on a soapbox, rather I stand to testify to the incredible life-changing episode that I’m currently experiencing… Friday night, I finished my treatments at Urban Homme, and much to the delight (and maybe even pride) that I saw on UH’s Jacky (my personal body sculptor), I was literally almost moved to tears upon standing up and looking down to see what I thought must have been someone else’s stomach. Then after looking into the mirror, I became an instant believer in the magic that the team at Urban Homme can weave!! I don’t even know how to portray this feeling in words… it’s sort of like trying to capture Niagara Falls in a photograph – a picture just cannot possibly do it justice. My tummy was not only much smaller, it was a completely different shape.

The timing could not have been more perfect, with the ‘sneak preview’ to the public of the Urban Homme Icon finalists today, in an extremely well-executed on-stage event at the Jurong Point shopping centre… *pause for applause for Sharon Tan and her team* – following below are just a few snapshots of the event, along with a short video of my interview. I feel so much self-satisfaction to talk about my improvement just two weeks into the challenge. 🙂

Without ado, let me try and “briefly” expand on the leadup to the event on Friday night and Saturday lunchtime.


footspasmAt 6pm, I made my way from one of the most hectic days I’ve had in the office all year for my appointment at the Cocoon. I already knew what treatments I was heading in for, and they all revolved around abdominal trimming and sculpting. It was great to see Emeric also, my good friend and fellow Icon challenger.

As usual, the moment I arrived, I was treated to some wonderful tea and a ‘Dead Sea Salt’ foot spa. Given the busy week, I can tell you that there is nothing much closer to heaven than the feeling of soaking one’s footsies and subsequently having a ‘massage tap’ on the bottom of the feet. In terms of stress, it’s like going from ‘100 to 1’ in a matter of minutes.

Then, I was led in for the body sculpting – first the (now almost regular) G5 treatment…

Let me pause for a moment and just gladly point out, dear readers, that even before Friday night’s treatment, most of the bulging tummy has already disappeared from previous treatments, working out and dieting – checkout the following picture in my LPG suit – can you see the top line already clearly visible? The next line is also appearing – one more and it will be very close to a six-pack – something I haven’t seen outside of a bar since my early-twenties!!


Following on from this, I underwent my third session of LPG (to soften the fat cells in preparation for the ‘pièce de résistance’ and most premium of all of the Urban Homme treatments, the Advanced Wave Frequency).


This was when I was completely blown away – Vince explained that I should expect at least 0.5 to 1 inch to come off the tummy circumference from the Advanced Wave Frequency treatment – little did I expect the complete reshape of my abdomen that occurred. As I mentioned before, after feeling so disheartened with myself for gaining so much weight these past four years, the results of the AWF actually moved me quite emotionally! I couldn’t wait to get home and lift my shirt to show Sammi (who was equally as shocked).

The WF treatment actually works by sending radio frequency waves deep into the dermal and subcutaneous tissues of the abdomen to dissolve fat cells – this happens by causing them to heat up and burn… it also leaves you feeling very, very hungry!!

Not quite my own six-pack just yet, but not long to go I'm sure - the Wave Frequency (Image courtesy of Urban Homme)

Not quite my own six-pack just yet, but not long to go I'm sure - the Wave Frequency (Image courtesy of Urban Homme)


So here I was today… just a matter of hours before the roadshow was due to begin, and I was at my ‘second home’ again, the Cocoon at Ngee Ann City. This time, the focus is on my skin. Again I met up with another challenger and great mate, Daniel.

I’ve come to enjoy these sessions immensely – I never thought that having someone working on improving my face could actually be so fantastic and be so relaxing. Mind you, given that I now fall asleep during what feels like the most amazing face massage one could ever experience, I’m nervous to think about what my personal skin consultant thinks of me – I don’t know how much I’m snoring (I know it’s at least a little, because it wakes me from time to time) or even worse *aghast*, perhaps I’m dribbling!!

These treatments are making my skin so clean and soft, that even my 3yo son Jaime used one of my own expressions on me when I arrived home – while reaching up to touch my face, he uttered “Daddy, that feels as soft as a baby’s bum”! WTH??!!

Later that afternoon and after arriving home, I packed up the family to make the trek to Jurong Point – this was in fact a special moment, being the first trip out (except to the paediatrican) for 1-month old Casey… and boy, was I showing him off!!


This turned out to be great fun indeed. Catching up with nearly all the guys (Daniel, Emeric, Benson and Dennis) and being made to feel a little like a celebrity in front of the large volumes of weekend shoppers. As soon as we located centre stage, we noticed the huge picture board with our faces and ‘love heart’ voting spaces… quite surreal, actually.

The boys and me at the Mary Chia Roadshow

The boys and me at the Mary Chia Roadshow

To see more pics from the day, simply add me on Facebook to view the album

Once it was our turn in front of the crowd, we were interviewed one by one, by a couple of well known radio (and my wife tells me, also TV) personalities.


As I’ve already mentioned, it’s always a great feeling these days to talk about the ‘then and now’ in terms of my body and weight loss – 9kg and gaining rapidly on the target!!

My number one fan in the crowd (that would be my 3yo, Jaime)

My number one fan in the crowd (that would be my 3yo, Jaime)

Our head magician (I mean the Cocoon Branch Manager, Vince)

Our head magician (I mean the Cocoon Branch Manager, Vince)

Here’s a short video of my interview at the Roadshow:

[youtube gKnyRYpBRwQ]

In all, a great couple of days, and I’m looking forward in anticipation of the Grand Finale event to be held on 11th November at St James… for those of you who would like to attend, there will be eTickets given out FREE of charge to all voters on the website (I said in the video, that we are all winners already, but if you do wish to receive the FREE tickets and a $145 Urban Homme voucher for voting, why not make the vote really count and vote for me? – Whoops, sorry fellow Challengers, that’s being a bit forward I know – please, vote for whoever you think should really be crowned the “Urban Icon”).. also, for all of those people who attend the Finale event, you will also receive a bag of goodies valued at $90! Come on – vote now… you know you want to 🙂


21st Century Battle Of The Bulge

By , October 24, 2010 11:22 pm

When I began the Urban Homme ‘Urban Icon Challenge’, there was no doubting that the challenge definitely lay in the hands of Urban Homme’s extremely capable and knowledgeable staff. How to reduce the weight, sculpt the body and find a quick fix to the many imperfections that are visible… all in just a matter of weeks!

davidstatueOf course, the weight reduction is obviously a challenge personally as well – no amount of treatment will swing the calorie intake vs calorie burn in the right direction without some very strict work on my behalf. At least one thing is for certain… sculpting is in fact an art form – and some of the most well known creative geniuses in history have credited their masterpieces with the quality of the clay with which they have had to work.

So there you have it – Urban Homme are weaving their body sculpting magic with a fair number of pounds of clay! And it’s all of the highest quality, let me assure you.

The good news is that it’s all working and coming together nicely – even if the Urban Homme challenge finished today, I feel transformed already. The improvement I am seeing is motivation in itself to work even harder. This coupled with the ‘before’ video recently published on the Challenge Microsite (which scared the absolute hell out of me – and every other viewer and reader, I’m sure), along with the beginnings of my younger stomach beginning to become visible again (I can actually see and feel some lines forming… maybe not a six pack yet – perhaps more of a twin or four-pack starting from the top down) are driving me harder than ever before.

The 'before' video and interview can be seen at the Icon Challenge Microsite (click on the picture)

The 'before' video and interview can be seen at the Icon Challenge Microsite (click on the picture)

Between working long hours (in the office and on late night global conference calls), spending many hours in the gym, running great distances and also spending three sessions a week in the evenings at Urban Homme (almost four hours a session), finding time to be able to blog about the transformation has actually been quite difficult. Having said that, I’m very impressed with the other Icon finalists’ well-informed articles over the last week – and it allows for me not to have to lay out the treatments in detail for fear of duplicating our efforts… it sort of feels like cheating at school.

I’m led to believe that my treatments have actually been somewhat more intense and demanding than my fellow transformers – predominately due to the time it takes to sculpt such a large piece of clay to which I’ve already alluded.

This past week, I’ve undergone the Diamond Microdermabrasion, Customised Facial, Oxy Face Rejuvenation (Steps 1 and 2) – twice, Inch Loss Program (twice), Bio-Electric Abdominal Sculpt on Tummy (G5), Thermal Eye Therapy, Cold Wrap (brrrrr) and the Detox and Fluid Drainage Program (sweating).

The treatments are so intense and jam-packed, it’s been very important to schedule very carefully so as to coincide with all of my other commitments whilst still allowing for my body to recover (ever felt like you’ve just done 1000 crunches the day before? Or had bruised love handles from a few rounds of mixed martial arts with a UFC side kick champion?… don’t get me wrong, the treatment is not that painful – just like any serious rapid physical improvement, it takes some serious work and determination… I would never feel satisfied if I didn’t feel the pain after a gym workout).

As I said – the change is already very noticeable – it’s wonderful to have friends and colleagues (and even my family) comment on my skin and how much slimmer and fitter I’m looking! And it’s not so frightening these days to look in the mirror after my shower. In fact, it’s quite rewarding!

The work at the gym (away from the Urban Homme Cocoon) includes many hours of cardio work along with pretty intensive weight training… and of course, very strict control over what is going into my body – I’ve never counted calories before, but now I’ve started, it’s almost like an obsession. It’s like a challenge to see how I can sate myself with as few fats and calories as possible… it’s about how much I can increase the gap between in and out.

Of course, I miss my favourite foods from time to time, but the results and the fitness and self-well being I’m achieving far outway the longing of my taste buds!!

Check this out:


Anyway, it all starts again tomorrow – into the office early in the morning, then gym at lunchtime (followed by a tofu salad). Back to the office until early evening before heading down to Ngee Ann City for the next round of treatments!

I’ve gotta say – besides not sleeping much (thank goodness for the Thermal Eye Therapy to remove those eye rings and bags) because I also need time for the family – Sammi, Jaime and new baby, Casey – this entire journey so far has been (to use Aussie colloquialism) an absolute ‘little bloody beauty’!!

Anticipating The New Me – The ‘Urban Icon Challenge’

By , October 7, 2010 9:37 pm

I’m actually a little nervous that my close family and friends will not be able to recognise me in four weeks time… for those of my readers and subscribers that don’t already know, I’ve been fortunate enough to be selected as a finalist in the ‘Urban Homme, Urban Icon Challenge’!!


You may well ask, ‘what does that mean’? Well, simply put, you can very well expect an absolute transformation in my appearance! As the top six finalists, among other exclusive prizes and priveleges, we will be enjoying over $28,000 worth of extensive face, body sculpting and grooming treatments… [PRIZES]

Modern, Well-Groomed, Sophisticated

Modern, Well-Groomed, Sophisticated

The journey begins this Sunday with our weigh-in and BMI test along with a skin test. Taking part with my very good friend Darren Ng and the other four finalists, the BMI is a test that I expect to respectfully come out on top and ahead of the other guys… hang on – I expect to get the highest score!! I’ve just been told that the lower the score the better. 🙁 That’s just like golf – where I always achieve the highest score!!

Also on Sunday, we will have our first filming session – to establish a baseline for the ‘before and after’ metrics. I should warn everybody now, that I have been working out very hard over the last couple of months (three days a week at the gym) and have lost four kilograms – NB: the warning is actually for the cameraman to bring along his wide angle lens. You see, I still have much more weight to lose before I hit my target.

In all seriousness, I will be taking this opportunity to combine the treatments with very tough exercise and work-outs along with strict attention to my diet to ensure that I get the most out of this opportunity.

It's not all about relaxation - I expect to put in 110% effort

It's not all about relaxation - I expect to put in 110% effort

I’ve had a chat with my wife and also some repartee with friends on social networks. As soon as they visit the website/s and look at the pictures of some of the various treatments, the immediate reaction is that this will be four weeks of relaxation therapy… let me assure you all, that I will be working very, very hard indeed!!

So there you go! Along with the other finalists, I will be covering the challenge on a joint blog designed especially for the Urban Homme, Urban Icon Challenge, as well as on both my own Personal Blog and my OMY Star Blog.

Urban Homme Finalists

If you haven’t seen them already, check out the profiles of the six finalists here. I am sure that we will forge great friendships and I sincerely look forward to getting to know each and every one of them much better as the challenge progresses.


Today, the concept of self-image and aesthetics has transcended gender, thus inspiring the introduction of Urban Homme under the Mary Chia brand. The Urban Homme brand reflects the modern, urban male who is savvy, sophisticated and takes pride in his personal grooming as part of his social and professional personas. At Urban Homme Studios, our customers will enjoy professional skincare, grooming and body sculpting services. Urban Homme – a leading face and body studio specially catered to the needs of cosmopolitan men… [MORE]


Modern, Well-Groomed, Sophisticated.

These are attributes of the urban male, and valued traits of the Urban Homme brand.

Through the Urban Homme, Urban Icon Challenge, we hope to identify men who want to unleash their potentials to become representatives of the modern, urban male.

6 Finalists have been chosen to receive professional Urban Homme consultation and treatments, followed by Face, Body or Grooming treatments targeted at enhancing their overall images.

At the end of the Challenge, one of the Finalists will be selected to be the Grand Winner of the Urban Homme, Urban Icon Challenge.


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