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What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex… Ummm…

By , March 13, 2011 11:46 pm

What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex - Sold Out On Amazon

What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex - Sold Out On Amazon

The book entitled “What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex” has become a best-seller, and has actually sold out on Amazon.

So just what topics are covered in the book? – Absolutely nothing! It is 200-pages of blank pages… and sells for almost S$10.

It was supposed to originally be a novelty gift, but in the UK it has become very fashionable among students to use as a notebook.

University of Nottingham student Jess Lloyd, told the UK’s Daily Telegraph, “I bought a copy for my mate as a joke and he started using it as a notepad for lectures… Now everyone seems to have one. It’s started a real craze on campus.”

According to the book’s author, Oxford University graduate Sheridan Simove, “After many years of hard work I finally realised that men think of absolutely nothing apart from sex. It was a shocking conclusion and I realised that the world needed to be informed of my findings.”

Simove’s next research project is a PhD on the subject of what women think apart from sex… I’m guessing this one will actually be full of text and the thickness of an encyclopedia!! 🙂

Nintendo and Playstation Adult Sex Game OK For Kids? We Dare!

By , February 27, 2011 10:49 pm


I’m not prudish enough to think that the latest adult game for Nintendo Wii and Playstation that is due for release next month should be banned. In fact, I’m all for partners engaging in whatever games they feel fit to improve their lives and add a bit of spice to their relationships.

We DareHowever, the Independent body in Europe that has given the ok for a 12+ certificate rating must have rocks in their head! It is no wonder that some concerned parents are outraged just by watching the promotional trailer by software giant, Ubisoft. The British parents allege that it “promotes orgies and lesbian sex to kids as young as 12”.

The trailer available on YouTube that promotes the game, “We Dare” features two couples following on-screen instructions from their game console… The girls in the ad are seen with the Wii remote sitting suggestively between their lips. The couples then hide the “Wiimote” inside their clothes while the others spank their bums which in turn controls one of the characters on the screen.

There is a couple of versions of the trailer, but there is no doubting that they are suggesting couples play the game together during a ‘swinging’ kind of party and partner swapping.

According to a spokeswoman for French makers Ubisoft: “We Dare is intended for an adult audience… the age rating was set by an independent European panel.”

[youtube Bxd96qRa6wY]

So let me ask the question – will you let your young kids play the game??

We Dare Screen Shot

Sex With A Maid – 100 Lashes (And Maybe A Year In Jail)!

By , January 16, 2011 11:51 pm

We’ve seen it many times before – but when it comes with horrifying pictures, it’s still difficult to comprehend.

As I’ve written in other articles, The United Arab Emirates is conservative and a predominately Muslim population. This often means that many expatriates fall into the trap of ‘misbehaving’ by local standards… with sometimes dire consequences.

In the latest crime to be reported out of Dubai in Sharjah, an unmarried foreign couple have been found guilty by a sharia court after admitting to having sex – and because both parties are Muslim, they were sentenced to the harshest penalty – 100 lashes and deportation (non-Muslims would most likely be jailed and deported).

Whipping Scars

The unidentified couple – a Bangladeshi man, known only as S.M. in court documents and his girlfriend, Filipina maid known as N.M. – were arrested by police when the house owner (and maid’s employer) made a report after she saw the man leaving the home.

The lovers admitted to having unlawful sex several times at the house owned by the maid’s sponsor.

The man has already undergone his punishment, and has suffered welts on his back and legs that will most probably leave permanent scarring… but wait, that’s not all!! – because he entered the house of the sponsor illegally, he is also facing a further sentence of one year in prison.


Original Source

Never Seen This At Changi Terminal 2 – Sex On The Big Screen!

By , December 20, 2010 10:22 pm

Once again, my sense of humour has gotten the better of me. This is absolutely hilarious and it’s something that the operator of the large display screen at the Shahjalal International Airport in Bangladesh can have a laugh about and tell his kids – that is, once he gets out of jail!!

The unfortunate operator was imprisoned immediately for airing a pornographic movie for all travellers and their friends to see.

The patrons of the airport were apparently shocked when they looked up and saw the sexually explicit adult movie playing… for a full five minutes!!

(Now that’s something I’ve not seen at Changi Terminal 2 before)

Shahjalal International Airport

It’s important to note that Bangladesh is a very conservative Muslim country, where even just talk of sex is taboo.

The authorities have launched an investigation after the show was aired, in an attempt to determine if there was any criminal intent involved.

The display screen usually runs recordings of documentaries about the culture and geography of Bangladesh – it seems like in this instance they may have confused the local culture with that of a more liberal European country… either that, or this is the mother of all Bangladeshi practical jokes!!

According to Magistrate, Siddiqa Akhter, “The operator has been jailed instantly for two months. We have also summoned the owners of the cable firm to investigate the incident.”

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