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Come On… I Dare Ya!! Light That Cracker in Ya Clacker!!

By , September 12, 2012 1:03 am

OK – My Mum always told me as a kid not to shove things up my nose…

How to make Mummy proud...

How to make Mummy proud...

But this guy’s Mum thinks it’s funny for her son to put stuff in his backside – the very mature 23-year old was rushed to hospital after setting off a ‘cracker in his clacker’ (for non-Aussies, that means he put fireworks in his behind and set it alight)!

According to police, Alex Bowden could have been liable for an A$282 fine, but Acting Senior Sergeant Crispin Gargan of the NT police confirmed that no charges would be filed against him, because “We believe he has suffered enough in relation to firecrackers” (I wonder if he said that with a smile on his face?)

Small-Bee-316Mr Bowden of Wagaman spent several days in hospital after burning both his bum cheeks with what is known as a ‘winged spinning “flying bee”‘.

Of course, alcohol was involved in the crazy prank and during the party that Mr Bowden was attending, he decided to show some friends from Queensland “a Territory good time”.

OK…OK…OK.. Now we’ve got it!! This happened to a guy from the Northern Territory!! This explains it all… (I’m kind of guessing that the Qlders were maybe a bunch of pranksters and somehow coaxed him to do it out of a dare)

According to Mr Bowden, “And I put one in my a***… I didn’t burn my b***s or back… Mum thought it was funny”! (Oh my… how proud Mummy must be)

Source: Aussie Pete Legacy Blog

Teacher’s Haircut – Just Following Rules or Child Abuse?

By , August 28, 2012 11:00 pm

haircut01Now this is very interesting indeed (at least to me). I am not one to want to usually draw comparisons between cultures, and anybody that knows me, knows that I love to embrace any differences not as challenges, but as opportunities to expand my own horizons and live life around me to the fullest.

Therefore, I am not going to preach what I think is right or wrong in this article.

This doesn’t mean that I am not sometimes surprised by how some of the smallest differences can sometimes appear to be the most impactful. Moreover, sometimes what might perceived as cultural differences, may just be a reflection of the speed in which things change in different countries.

I have mentioned before about some of the things that I’ve noticed over the years, such as when most ‘westerners’ brush their teeth in the morning (after breakfast) as compared to most (mainland) Chinese and many other Asian countries (before breakfast)… the preferred time of day for a shower or bath, the removal of shoes at the front door of most Asian homes… the list goes on.

What I don’t often touch on (and not really brave enough to, I guess), are some of the cultural nuances that lead to, and are driven by, rules or Government regulations.

One such example, is an article recently in a local Singapore newspaper, the image of which I placed on my Facebook timeline, and also shared with a few people by email… (Click on the image below to view and read the article)

The essence of the story, is that a young student getting ready to sit for an exam in Singapore, had his hair cut by his teacher. According to the teacher, he had been warned on previous occasions that his hair style was unacceptable under the particular school’s rules and policies.


The immediate response I had from most Aussies to whom I emailed the article, was complete shock and horror that a teacher would do such a thing. I even had one person (who works in the Australian education system) tell me that such an action would most likely result in dismissal of the teacher concerned had it occurred down under… it would be seen as a form of abuse.

The reaction I had from my Singaporean and Malay friends was quite the opposite – school rules need to be followed and obeyed… The teacher was in her complete rights to enforce this by cutting the child’s hair.

The mother of the child in question had lodged a complaint with the school, the police and the MOE. On Facebook, some of the feedback was that the parent was out of line contacting authorities or escalating this… rules are rules!

Like I outlined above, I am not going to state my opinion of what is right and wrong here – as an outsider trying to integrate into Singapore, it is certainly not my place to do so (but when you see some of the hair styles that kids in Australia and the US wear to school, if I were their teacher, I also might be tempted to take to their bangs with a pair of hairdressing scissors).

Anyway – I found it interesting – what is considered taboo in one country, is considered completely normal in another. Even for something as simple as a haircut.

On a side note – the mother says that she paid $60 for her son’s haircut just five days before the incident, and then another $60 to fix it again after the teacher’s impromptu styling… $60 for a child’s haircut in Singapore?? – she was definitely ripped off, I feel. 🙂

Source: Aussie Pete

Singapore Licence Renewal – Officer, The Photo Is Just Old One!

By , August 1, 2012 8:18 pm


Let me begin by clearly stating that I suspect I might be in trouble when I attend in person at the Traffic Police Headquarters in Ubi Avenue 3… I’m just hoping that at worst case there may be a fine involved, and if so, I can plead ‘ignorance’ as my defence.


IGNORANCE: “a state of being uninformed (lack of knowledge). The word ignorant is an adjective describing a person in the state of being unaware and is often used as an insult. Ignoramus is commonly used in the US, the UK, and Ireland as a term for someone who is willfully ignorant. Ignorance is distinguished from stupidity, although both can lead to “unwise” acts “

stupid01aWell, in this case I think I won’t make the distinction between the two – I was ignorant and stupid not to realize that all those years ago when I took up permanent residency in Singapore, I was required to replace my licence. It never dawned on me that the number at the top of my licence (which has a 5-year validity period) was my old FIN (Foreign Identification Number)… this was most probably because I’ve never been pulled over by the police here (*touch wood*), so have never had any reason to even take the licence out of my wallet.

Fast forward to 2012 (time flies) and one of the requirements of owning a car in Singapore, is that when the motor vehicle reaches the three year old mark, an annual inspection is required before road tax is able to be paid. I received my notification for said inspection the other week and as I was thinking about perhaps getting the latest service to the car before-hand, something prompted me to also check if my licence would be expiring.

There it was – expiry in October 2012!!

So, as per the usual sourcing of information, I googled “renew driver license Singapore” and was directed to this page on the Singapore Police website.

The opening paragraph on this page clearly states:

trafficpolice01“Renewal of Photocard Driving Licence: Foreigners holding a Singapore driving licence will have to renew their licence at the Traffic Police Department one month before the licence expiry date as indicated on the licence. No reminder letters will be sent out.

So that’s the statement for foreigners – but what about Citizens and PRs? So I thought maybe I need to check the ‘Replacement of Driving Licence’ link. That’s when I first realized I might have done something wrong – or actually, I might not have done something that I should have:

“You are required to replace your driving licence if you: misplaced or lost your driving licence; Your licence has been defaced or damaged to the extent the information or photo cannot be read; You have changed from a Foreign to a Singapore ID; You have changed your name or other personal information written on the photocard driving licence

Whoops… so now I know that I need to replace my licence, and should have done so well over four years ago.

Still a little confused, and perhaps just a little less ignorant, I wasn’t sure what a citizen or PR needs to do to renew their licence once it expires (assuming I had have ‘replaced’ it all that time ago), and not aware if I need to do two things – first replace the licence, then renew it (the new one).

wikilogo01Thanks again to Google and this time “Wikipedia – Driving in Singapore” (although I don’t always like to trust Wikipedia as the most accurate source of information). This is what I discovered:

“No renewal of a driving licence is required for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents since the introduction of the photocard licence. The driving licence is valid to age 65.”

REALLY??? WHAT THE?? A licence with my current picture on it is still valid when I’m 64-and-a-half years old?

Of course, I know I want to remain ‘ageless’ in my later years, but won’t it be difficult for the police to identify me if I do happen to get pulled over in 20-odd years from now?

Oh well – it’s off to Traffic Police Headquarters to ‘replace’ my licence and I guess I’ll see what happens from there… hopefully my next blog article won’t be written from behind bars 🙂

In Closure: So I’m now not quite so ignorant (or stupid) when it comes to renewing / replacing a licence in Singapore… but I am still ignorant enough not to know whether to use American or British English – is it “defence” or “defense”? Is it “licence” or “license”? Oh well… I can’t learn everything in one day!!

Naked Face Eater – Shot Dead By Police

By , May 30, 2012 12:42 am

Miami, Florida – often recognized for it’s sun and beaches – home to many retirees and this week the destination for thousands of people as the annual ‘Urban Beach Week Hip-Hop’ Festival kicks-off.

The popular city has made news over the past couple of days for a very different reason… in what can only be described as a ‘Hannibal the Cannibal’ moment, police have been forced to shoot dead a naked man to stop him eating the face of another (apparently homeless) man.


The unusual events unfolded around 2pm on Saturday near the bustling Biscayne Boulevard.

The first witness on the scene had yelled at the attacker to get off the victim, but to no avail. When the police arrived on the scene and repeated the demand, one officer drew his service weapon. The crazed assailant “just stood … with pieces of flesh in his mouth and he growled”.

According to the police officer, Larry Vega, the attacker was shot several times and “fell alongside his disfigured victim”. He described the scene as “one of the most gruesome things I’ve ever seen in my life”.

Westbound traffic on the MacArthur Causeway, approaching the Northeast 13th Street ramp, was backed up as a result of the bizarre incident

Westbound traffic on the MacArthur Causeway, approaching the Northeast 13th Street ramp, was backed up as a reult of the bizarre incident

The motives behind the attack are still unknown. It is also unclear why both men were naked. Police suspect that the attacker may well have been suffering from “cocaine psychosis” – such a condition can cause a person to not just become uncontrollable, but is also known to bring on feelings of extreme heat.

Police reports state that one ‘road ranger’ witnessed a naked man chewing another man’s face near an off-ramp and demanded over his loud speaker for the offender to back away… when he refused the demands, a police officer was said to have fired one shot… even after being wounded, the attacker continued to eat the victim’s face.

Eye witnesses claim that as many as six shots were fired. The officer who fired the fatal shots is today being touted “a hero”.

The victim is reported to be suffering from critical injuries and now fighting for his life in hospital. Police said that half of his face had been chewed off.



Stupidity – Taxi or Police?… And My Take On The TRE Legal Letter Saga

By , February 23, 2012 12:29 am

Source: Aussie Pete

I always love a good ‘stupidity’ story… and this guy from Florida takes the cake.


But before I share with you the antics of this either very drunk or very stupid Florida man, I want to step up on to my more serious soap box for a moment and offer my two cents worth on the whole Temasek Review Emeritus legal letter and apology saga that’s been making headlines here in Singapore this week.

kojakbt01For those readers outside of Singapore, you probably have no inkling as to what this is all about, so in short, a local website known as Temasek Review Emeritus (TRE) has had to remove an article from their site and publish an apology to Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong for making false allegations about Madam Ho Ching’s appointment as head of Temasek Holdings. Madam Ho Ching is the PM’s wife… the apology comes after Mr Richard Wan (pictured), was served with a lawyer’s letter requesting this course of action, due to the post that alleged cronyism in Madam Ho Ching’s appointment.

So why do I care so much? Well, actually I don’t… you see, over time, I’ve learned to ignore the inuendo, rumour-mongering and hurtful half-truths that Richard Wan (aka KojakBT) spews forth under the guise of ‘for the people’. All I can say, is that it’s a crying shame that such a ‘softly, softly’ approach was taken against Mr Wan. I would have much rather have seen him sued.

I was the subject of one of his personal attacks on the TRE website not too long ago, and the article in itself did not cause me too much concern, given that anybody that knows me and knows what I stand for, could clearly see through the (out of context) quotes and dubious conclusions he drew based on his narrow scope of research into my life. The article (as is common practice for the site) seemed to me to be clear bait to draw anti-foreigner sentiment among the TRE readers.

sgflag01What did hurt me, however, was the way in which the article then ‘propogated’ itself across many forums, quoting KojakBT as the article author. The forummers were even more harsh than Mr Wan – based completely on the inuendo – and carried different and very concerning titles which accused me of all manner of things. The comments that this led to were so personal in nature (even up to, and including very nasty attacks on my wife and family), that I was compelled to write this article – WE LOVE SINGAPORE… FOR THE RECORD

The outpouring of support on email, facebook and twitter from locals and foreigners alike, quickly restored my faith in human nature and allowed me to almost forget the incident. That is, until I saw Mr Richard Wan in the news regarding the apology saga, which has made me think again about his sometimes almost libellous style of penman-ship.

Now that I’ve had my say, it’s time to once again forget KojakBT and his style of article writing that has the potential to be very damaging to this beautiful country of Singapore – my home!

Back to the stupidity post – oh wait, did we ever digress? 🙂


55 year old Florida resident, Mr Michael Barker was arrested by police on Sunday, for repeatedly calling 911 – asking dispatchers to call him a taxi!!

michaelbarkerBarker used his cell phone to call the emergency hotline close to a dozen times and had also advised that “he had lost his football and was standing on his head atop a telephone pole”.

Modern technology enable police to “ping” his location and apprehended him while he was still talking to the police operator.

Barker was charged for the non-emergency 911 calls and his phone was impounded. He is currently being held in the county jail in lieu of US$150 bond.

I could sort of understand his action and empathize with the guy if he was somewhere in Orchard Road in Singapore on a Friday or Saturday evening, trying to get a taxi just before midnight 🙂


Shock And Fear Campaign – Is It Too Much? (NB: Violent Image Warning)

By , July 15, 2011 2:30 am

It’s not uncommon these days to view graphic images as part of ‘shock’ campaigns to bring about emotive responses and sometimes even fear in the public. This is even true in Singapore – one just needs to look at the labelling on any packet of cigarettes.

However my question to you, my dear readers, is when do you feel that such campaigning has gone too far?

According to psychologist, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, the latest billboard campaign in Australia depicting graphic violence inflicted on police officers (including a glassing injury) could potentially be harmful to children.

The 'offending' images after violent attacks on Police Officers

The 'offending' images after violent attacks on Police Officers

The Police Association of Victoria launched the “shocking” images yesterday in an ongoing dispute over police pay.

Dr Carr-Gregg said that the ads had “the potential to cause significant anxiety among children”. He continued on, “They are very graphic and whilst I totally support the Police Association and their bid for a pay rise, let’s be very clear about this – this is an adult discussion and we shouldn’t drag children into it”.

policeassociationlogoHe went on to say that he did not believe the campaign should be banned, however he has put a call out for the Victorian Police Association to ensure that children are not exposed to the violent pictures.

The images show the violent and even gory results of a policeman after being bashed, as well as a policewoman after being glassed while attempting to break up a fight.

In response, Police Union Secretary, Greg Davies, said “With more than 2000 police officers assaulted every year out of a force of 12,000 the odds aren’t great that you’re going to go home in the same condition that you left that morning… These are real people with real injuries being asked to take a real wage cut by the Government and it’s just not good enough”.

[youtube uRi9hl_ZGZU]

Below are a couple of other previous ‘shock’ campaigns.

From a 2008 commercial about the dangers of binge drinking:

Police Association of Victoria

From the 1996 ‘Bush Telegraph’ road safety campaign:

Police Association of Victoria

The following is the Press Announcement from the Police Association of Victoria website:

Graphic ads highlight increasing danger of police workThe Police Association of Victoria will today escalate its pay campaign with graphic portrayals of bashings and assaults against police.

Mobile billboard ads show the results of a male officer being bashed and a female officer after being glassed while trying to stop a fight. Radio ads depict the voice of a policeman talking about receiving 50 stitches and a policewoman telling how she is now permanently disfigured.

Police Association Secretary Greg Davies said the two cases were examples of the dangerous nature of police work in protecting the community and why it is important that police are paid fairly.

“Serious assaults against police have risen by nearly 20 per cent in the past two years,” Sen‐Sgt Davies said.

“Whatever the cause, it shows that police work is becoming even more dangerous, yet we have a government that steadfastly refuses to even discuss reasonable pay rises for our police.”

Sen‐Sgt Davies said the rising physical risk of police work added more weight to their claim for a fair pay rise.

“The government cannot insult police with a sub‐inflation pay offer and at the same time expect them to take the hits in the street, while they watch politicians give themselves a pay rise well in excess of what they’ve offered us.”

Latest WorkCover figures show police made 3727 claims between June 2006 and May this year. This is on top of the fact that, in the 157 year history of the Victoria Police Force, 157 police officers have died at work.

Sen‐Sgt Davies called on the State Government to come to the negotiating table on the police enterprise bargaining agreement.

“The Police Association has been negotiating in good faith with negotiators from Victoria Police for eight months, but they have no authority to talk about money.

It’s time the government got serious and paid some respect to the men and women whose blood is being spilt to protect the Victorian community, instead of paying them lip service at election time.”

‐ ends ‐

Media opportunity:

What: A mobile billboard featuring the graphic images will be unveiled at a news conference today

Who: The news conference will be held by Sen‐Sgt Greg Davies, Secretary of The Police Association

Where: The Police Association building car park located on the corner of Clarendon and Albert Streets, East Melbourne

When: 10.15am, Thursday 14 July 2011

Media contact: Sandro Lofaro 0419 311 427
Source: Aussie Pete

Why You Should Never Argue With A Tattoo Artist

By , October 26, 2010 11:49 pm

yinyangI’ve never had a problem anytime that I’ve had ink placed on my body canvas. This is probably because I’ve always gone to someone that I’ve trusted and have a good rapport with. The same cannot be said for a 25-year old man in Queensland, Australia…

I’m not sure what started the argument between the ‘victim’ and his 21-year old professional tattoo artist, but insulting a guy with a needle and ink just before he’s about to permanently mark your body is definitely not a good idea.

The recipient of the tattoo had requested a 40cm Yin and Yang symbol (now there’s some irony right there) along with some dragon designs to be etched onto his back. Out of spite and after the argument, instead of the requested images, the tattooist permanently inked a 40cm p***is ‘male appendage’ along with obscene words on the man’s back.

The victim has alleged that as well as receiving a d**k ‘male appendage’ on his back, he was also punched and thrown out of the house.

Stay tuned for more updates on this from me after the case goes to court – I’ll be following it with extreme interest!! 🙂

Instead of receiving Yin and Yang with Dragons, the victim received a 40cm 'male appendage' and an obscene slogan - Brilliant!

Instead of receiving Yin and Yang with Dragons, the victim received a 40cm 'male appendage' and an obscene slogan - Brilliant!


Three Strikes… And Your Car Gets Squashed Like A Pancake

By , July 29, 2010 12:50 am

The Holden Commodore being crushed at a metalworks in suburban Melbourne

The Holden Commodore being crushed at a metalworks in suburban Melbourne


It’s a common enough expression in Australia and New Zealand, but the problem is universal and occurs in just about every country where young people drive cars.

“Hoon” is term most commonly used to describe a young person who engages in loutish or anti-social behaviour. According to Wikipedia, “Hoon” activities can include speeding, burnouts, doughnuts or screeching tyres. Those commonly identified as being involved in “hooning” or street racing are predominantly male (although increasingly female drivers) in the age range of 17 and 35 years.

In June, 2006, the Victorian State Government introduced “hoon laws” to target offenders as outlined above, as well as those who repeatedly drive while having a disqualified licence.

Given that the behaviours of these hoons are the cause of a very large number of teen deaths, the current (and very successful) laws are about to be given a facelift. According to the Minister for Police and Emergency Services, they want to ‘CRUSH the spirit of hoons‘.

The new laws will see first time offenders lose their vehicles for seven days (as opposed to two days under current legislation). Second time offenders will have their cars impounded for thirty days. If you’re stupid enough to offend a third time, the vehicle will be dealt with in a similar fashion to that of a 22-year old man who was the first person to have his car crushed under Victoria’s anti-hoon laws. The Holden Commodore was crushed today at a suburban Melbourne metalworks. Checkout the video:

[youtube 3SkiFpXTIKY]

Since the laws first came into effect in 2006, police have impounded an average of ten cars a day. There is even a ‘hoon hotline’ setup for neighbours to ‘dob in a hoon’.

Hoons will have their cars impounded - Three strikes and your squashed!

Hoons will have their cars impounded - Three strikes and your squashed!

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