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Photos That Make You Think ‘WTH’!!

By , May 25, 2015 11:58 am

With social media today, it’s not difficult to find photographs on a daily basis that range anywhere between somewhat awkward to downright ‘What The Hell‘. Below are 20 images that are on the upper end of this scale.

The problem might be that Japanese fashion revolves around skirts that are too shortI’m not sure who is more creepy – the photographer, or the guy in the magazine shop standee looking up?
We would be nothing without our fans – that’s why we love them so deeply…
One happy cult family riding a tree
The eye shadow look good – not sure about the unfortunate wall shadow
It’s just his thumb folks… just his thumb
This is why I would never have flesh colored leather on my car seats – it could cause people to get the wrong idea

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What Is Your God-Given Talent? Start Living the Dream!

By , February 10, 2014 10:43 pm

Original Source: Aussie Pete

Most of us go to work everyday to keep the order ticking along. At times, we probably think we’d rather be out fishing… but we understand that our commitments are such that we need to be able to provide – food on the table, safety and shelter for our loved ones, education and development for the little ones, to name but a few.

(Scroll to bottom for videos)

Living the dream -

Living the dream -

When we ourselves were younger, we often had dreams that later in life might seem somewhat unfulfilled – perhaps it’s playing a professional sport, having paintings displayed in a national gallery or singing in front of an audience of screaming fans.

Whatever your dream is or was, I firmly believe that God has provided us all with at least one (or more) very special gifts. I also believe that these gifts are what our dreams are made of.

So my message today is quite simple – regardless of your age, status or current lot in life. Regardless of whether you are a student, a fireman, a lawyer, a banker :), a plumber… get out there and do something that you love – something that you have an aptitude for, something that makes you feel awesome about yourself.

It doesn’t matter if nobody else cares or listens – as long as you can remember what it was that brought a feeling of completeness to your soul. Go to the park and kick a football… take time out and buy a canvas and brushes… or simply, just sing a song that you love. It will all come flooding back to you.

So what is your God-given talent??

I recently became aware of a couple of guys that are living their dream. If what I read serves me correct, these blokes are attornies. But as well as meeting their commitments to family and loved ones, they are also doing what they love and what they definitely have a God-given talent for – making beautiful sweet sounds…

Living the dream - Lui in pink shirt and high hair, me bottom right

Living the dream - Lui in pink shirt and high hair, me bottom right

Interestingly, I first viewed one of their videos on YouTube through a mate of mine sharing it on Facebook. This buddy of mine, Lui, also happens to be a singing partner of mine from around 20+ years ago – we were in a teenage group in the 80s and believe it or not, had a pretty solid following – I remember touring through country Queensland performing to (at times) screaming schoolgirls, signing autographs on publicity pictures and quite simply – living the dream of that time in our lives.

I’m not going to say that we were anywhere close to having the talent of Mike Masse and Jeff Hall – but it is what we did, what we loved.

Following are a few of Mike and Jeff’s videos that really moved me and left me with the ‘Wow’ factor.

Firstly, a cover version of Toto’s ‘Africa’:

[youtube MLrC7e3vSv8]

How many Dads can listen to such a beautiful version of ‘Cat’s in the Cradle’ without tearing up?:

[youtube MEvfJSB7K8M]

Finally, for all the Eagles fans… ‘Hotel California’ – or is it?? Hmmm? One more Time??:

[youtube kgg2yuA9Xek]

Now do yourself a favour!! – Remember your dream. Live it – even if it’s just personally (or in a Pizza shop). It’s your God-given talent and right! 🙂
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Ah Boys to Men OR Ah Pete to Man? GV Great Movie Race…

By , December 2, 2012 9:52 pm

Source: Aussie Pete

November 24th, 2012, will go down as a memorable day for a variety of reasons… it was the day that Sammi and I competed as a team in the GV (Golden Village) Great Movie Race, as well as the day that I competed for the screaming fans with the cast of ‘Ah Boys to Men’ and it was also the day that I learned that I cannot trust someone who says, “it’s not that physical – looking at everybody here, it won’t be too challenging”.

Husband and Wife Team - Before The Sweating Started

Husband and Wife Team - Before The Sweating Started


Aussie Pete Fans? Or are the there for 'Ah Boys to Men'?

Aussie Pete Fans? Or are the there for 'Ah Boys to Men'?

All pictures in this article are courtesy of GV and OMY. The video is courtsey of OMY (watch the vodcast at the bottom of this article).

It was a bright Saturday afternoon when Golden Village (GV) held its first movie-themed race, known as “The Great Movie Race” at City Square Mall. The race was part of the opening of the 11th Golden Village multiplex at the mall.

My wife Sammi (Zheng Liang) and I formed the OMY media team (aptly named “Aussie Pete Dot Com”) and were the tenth team of finalists competing on the day. Although we didn’t win, we certainly learned all about our stamina limits in this ‘Amazing Race’ style competition, which proved much more physical than intellectual.

Team 'Aussie Pete Dot Com'

Team 'Aussie Pete Dot Com'

The other finalists were shortlisted from over 500 participants to compete in various tasks, including running 2.4 kilometers on a treadmill, guessing ice-cream flavours, a tug-of-war, archery and even testing ourselves in a karaoke version of ‘Don’t forget the lyrics’.

The various pitstops wera all based around movie themes – well-known box-office hits such as “Indiana Jones”, “Ice Age”, “Ah Boys to Men”, “The Hunger Games”, “Sherlock Holmes” and many others.

Sammi and I were actually extremely competitive (we smashed the poor girls who came up against us in the tug of war – their combined weight was probably 20kg less than my individual mass), and more than once my wife proved that she is definitely the ‘better half’ by out-performing me – surprisingly, she ran much further and more efficiently than me in the 2.4km run and was the only one in our team who knew the words to Elton John’s smash hit, ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’.

Sammi beat me hands down in the Karaoke 'Don't forget the Lyrics'

Sammi beat me hands down in the Karaoke 'Don't forget the Lyrics'


The problem for us kicked in at the 3rd pit-stop (at Amore gym – the location of the treadmill run). We checked in in 6th postition, and given that only five treadmills were utilized for the event, we could not start until one of the first five tems had completed this mini-marathon… putting us a full 10 to 15 minutes behind the leaders, that we could never make up… although we did almost catch up at the food court pice challenge, where we checked in before the race leaders had checked out.

The 2.4km run spread the field early

The 2.4km run spread the field early

Running the 2.4km - Sammi looking on in the background

Running the 2.4km - Sammi looking on in the background


Thanks OMY and GV for a fantastic day – we had a blast!! However, I think it will be a long time before I ever attempt again to eat five bowls of dry cereal with no milk or water. 🙂

Also, a huge congratulations to students Sherman Ho and Gan Chong Zhi (both 23 years old), who checked into the final pitstop first and scored around $2,350 worth of cash and prizes. Well done guys!!

The Winners

The Winners

All the Competitiors with 'Ah Boys to Men' Cast

All the Competitiors with 'Ah Boys to Men' Cast

Ah Boys to Men - Gangnam Style

Ah Boys to Men - Gangnam Style

Watch the VODCAST below:

[youtube ccrBtwmfEyE]

Kindergarten Marching Band or Rehearsal for National Service?

By , October 16, 2012 11:56 pm

Source: Aussie Pete

One of my mates that watched the video below commented that Jaime was very well-rehearsed in his debut in front of a large crowd and obviously knew exactly what he was doing… I agree completely, and this was as a result of months of practice and dedication.

He then went on to say that the marching band reminded him of the structured marching at Singapore’s annual National Day Parade and suggested that perhaps Jaime was being primed for his future in National Service  🙂


I kind of doubt that, but it was wonderful to watch and when the crowd screamed in appreciaton at the end of each segment, I was filled with an uncanny sense of pride. Later, Jaime told me that he was extremely excited and amazed when he marched out to see so many people watching.

The performance was part of the opening ceremony of the 2012 “Singapore Kinderland Sports Fiesta” held at the Toa Payoh Indoor Stadium.


The day itself was themed around, “it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s about having fun” – and this was reinforced by the fact that every single child received a gold medal at the end of the event.

Kudos to the organizers and well done to the kindergarten staff members who went above and beyond their duties as school teachers to make this day a memorable one for all.

Casey also had a great day watching his ‘ge ge’ and was also beaming with pride when he saw his efforts in the marching band – I think his voice was louder than the rest of the crowd combined.  🙂


Although the day was never about winning, it was quite amusing to see how serious some of the parents took the family and parents events… Sammi’s team came first in the ‘Let’s move as a team’ event (a variation of the old three-legged race) and we combined with Jaime to be a part of the first placed team in the ‘We are a Happy Family’ segment.


Somewhat disappointing was our efforts in the Yio Chu Kang Kinderland team for the ‘Tug-o-War’. If my back was not feeling old and sore before, this event just sought to remind me that I’m not as young and strong as I used to be… (of course I’m kidding – there was no disappointment – we had an absolute blast with our fellow parents)  🙂


Watch the amazing Marching Band Video here (remember, these kids are only Kindergarten age):

[youtube jzFHnz46dmE]

Again, thanks to Kinderland and the staff and volunteers. Special congratulations to the band master, Mr Victor Tan.




Jaime had his own “End of day Gold Medal Celebrations”:



Breaking News: Australia Invades Singapore!

By , March 14, 2012 11:42 pm

aussiesoldiers2Any residents of Sengkang West (specifically in the Fernvale area) could be completely forgiven for thinking that our local area was being ‘invaded’ by Aussie Ang Mohs the Saturday before last!

In fact, it was a sight to behold – the infamous ‘Singapore Wombats’ Australian Rules football team had their first training session of the year, not at their home ground at Turf City, but rather they graced our presence on the open field opposite Fernvale Primary School.

Although it’s been a couple of seasons since I donned the footy boots and hit the paddock with the Wombats myself, I’m still on the mailing list and a fan of the Facebook page. There are quite a number of new (and younger) faces these days, but also a good many of the ‘old boys’ as well.


My wife and my orthopedic surgeon have both banned me from playing this brilliant hard full contact sport (the 6-week stint with a numb arm and chronic back pain saw to that), but when I saw the email and Facebook update that training would be happening at Fernvale, I immediately pumped up the footy and got Jaime and Casey fired up for a run and kick.


The locals might also have looked on in wonder as the football kicked around the park was oblong in shape as opposed to round, and that the players were constantly touching it with their hands – considering the field is most commonly used for soccer, the bewilderment would be understandable.


It was great to catch up with my mates again – I was impressed to see them make the trek to the heartlands – and my own boys had a great time… it’s very obvious they’ve got ‘Aussie’ in their blood, displaying an uncanny ability and skill that seems to pass from generation to generation in my culture. 🙂


I’m also impressed at how tough Casey’s head is – when the hard ball was kicked some 40-metres and landed smack in the middle of his noggin’, it bounced off again… knocked his hat to the ground, but he remained on his feet – cried for about 5 seconds and then laughed at the fact that his sunglasses remained intact.


In all, I reckon that the boys thought they were at a fashion parade – a couple of the Wombats said they looked as though they were part of a K-Pop band – hats and glasses – but in fact, Jaime was worried about the heat and glare, and once he dons the cool shades his brother Casey always has to follow suit 🙂


Footnote: Not long now until Jaime is old enough to join the Auskick (junior kids aussie rules footy) over here – hopefully I can get to sign him up next season!

Click here to view all photos in this set

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WTH! – I Won At The SG Blog Awards Again!

By , July 25, 2011 1:43 am

On 23rd July, 2011, the winners of the 2011 OMY Singapore Blog Awards were announced at a star-studded function held at Shanghai Dolly at Clarke Quay in Singapore.

Aussie Pete

As I point out in my interview in the bi-lingual vodcast below, it was both quite humbling and exciting at the same time to have won the top prize in my category for a second year running.

[youtube 2RCZJjangxA]

Up against the most influential and respected bloggers in Singapore as well as across Asia, I was very surprised to be one of the only people to ever have won in back-to-back years in this prestigious competition that has been running for the past four years… it truly is the ‘Academy Awards’ of Asian Social Media.

Shanghai Dolly

Leading up to the event on Saturday, I was not feeling very confident given the high quality of competition this year. Having said that, the winners were determined via public voting (30%), as well as scores given by a panel of 13 professional judges.

According to AsiaOne news website, “Over a period of three months, more than 1000 blogs registered for the Awards and over 70,000 votes were cast to vote for the finalists”.

The judges this year, were Mr Kelvin Tong, movie director; Ms Kuo Jian Hong, Co-Artistic Director of The Theatre Practice; Mr Keith Png, fashion designer; Radio 100.3 deejays, Ah Ken and Anna Lim; Ms. Violet Lim, Founding Director of Lunch Actually and; Mr U-Zyn Chua, CEO of; Mr Samuel Ng, CEO of Marine Parade Family Service Centre; Ms Xiao Han, Director and Lyricist of Funkie Monkies Productions; singers Ms. Tan Diya and Ms. Carrie Yeo; Mr Walter Lim, Director of Strategic Planning, Policy and Marketing Communications ,National Art Gallery; Mr Danny Yeo, theatre practitioner and Mr Low Sze Ping, award-winning photography blogger.

I’m not usually big on acceptance speeches and I know that I might start getting timed-out with music like at the Academy awards, but it would be completely remiss of me not to briefly thank some very special people – so, please allow me to digress for a moment…

Award Acceptance

Firstly, to Alvin, Janet and the team at OMY (way too many of you to name individually, but you know who you are) – you have out-done yourselves in an event that keeps getting bigger and better every year. The environment that OMY has created for bloggers to network, through these awards as well as numerous opportunities for aspiring writers and bloggers to participate in events and competitions is extremely unique. It is no wonder that OMY is the leader of the social networking scene in Asia.

Secondly, to all my readers, subscribers and those who voted for me… both locally and internationally – a large portion of the outcome of the Blog Awards is determined via online voting and I’m sure I could not have won without your support! In fact, it was not discussed much at the ceremony, but when I was with the organizers after the event, I was amazed to discover that I had also walked away with an extra award for achieving a place as one of the five finalists most voted by the public across all of the categories (I’m not sure where I placed – 1st or 5th – it would be interesting to try and find out though).

What The Hell Trio

To the sponsors – WOW!!! Just like the awards ceremony, the prizes just keep getting more huge! The entire process is indebted to your full and ongoing support – as with any achievement recognition, although attaining a place as a winner is enough for many, the prizes and support offered by the sponsors ensure incentive enough for all of the most influential bloggers to participate.

The main sponsors for Singapore Blog Awards 2011 were HTC,, Asus, Asia Pacific Breweries’ Get Your Sexy Back, Domino’s Pizza, Tourism Victoria, Jetstar, Adonis and United International Pictures. Other sponsors included Fabrix, 1-Rochester Group, Get Singapore and Night Safari. Publicity partners are Stomp, ST701,, MyBloggerCon and Venue partners were Shanghai Dolly and Tiger Beer.

Finally… my family! My wife, Sammi, always supports me in all of my endeavours – for this (among other reasons) I love her deeply. Not only is she the one who nominated me this year, she was my number one campaign coordinator… working with my readers and subscribers to rally for votes… communicating through the wide network that is Kaixin (China’s version of Facebook), her efforts were tireless. This is not unique to the Blog Awards either – Sammi is so very tolerant. The hours I put in to my career and ‘day job’, along with the huge hours required by my Grassroots volunteer work and my obsession for everything online (I never have less than a half dozen ‘side projects’ going on at any one time) – these things always ensure that I do not sleep on any given week-night before around 4am. Then I get to ‘sleep in’ most Saturday mornings to catch up and recover.

Aussie Pete and Sammi

For the Awards event itself, thanks to the GOH, Major-General (NS) Chan Chun Sing, Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports and Minister of State, Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts, for his extremely kind words of his opening speech, in acknowledgement of the work that I do to promote Singapore through my writing locally and abroad as a great place to work, study, live and play. Also for his encouragement for being an active Grassroots leader in my community.

Guest of Honour and Aussie Pete

I would like to finish up with a quick special mention of three other blogger finalists in my category. WTH (What The Hell) can be very broadly interpreted, and each of you has a unique and powerful way of writing – and each of you are truly WTH authors in your own right! I really did think one of you would win the main prize this year.

My other three favourite WTH Bloggers – and good friends!

There really is no need for a title…. / Goh Yong Wei

Yong Wei is a full-time student of ITE, loves eating, never had a girlfriend, hoping to find a rich tai tai

Yong Wei

挑灯夜谈 / Lonely Teacher 寂寞老师


Willy Wah

Yummy Chrispytine / Chrispytine

Curiosity like a kitten, Google is my best friend on lonely Friday nights. Writing on all things random, when your jaw drops when reading, i have achieved.


Anyway – Congratulations to all the winners on Saturday – it was well deserved!… and watch this space – there is much more WTH action coming your way on this as well as my OMY Star Blog!!

The Winners

In case you missed it, I have been ‘competing’ with one of my sons this week for the media spotlight. A video I embedded here on this blog of him singing about his love for the National Flag had sparked the attention of journalists from the national Lianhe Wanbao chinese newspaper. This led to an article where they have labelled him as the “4-year old Mixed Kid Internet Superstar” (loosely translated). As you can see from the pictures below, he received more space in the same newspaper (in the same week that I won the blog awards) than I did.

Article about Jaime:

Lianhe Wanbao Jaime Zheng

Article about Me:

Lianhe Wanbao Aussie Pete

A few other press releases and coverage of the Awards (and my back-to-back wins):

Oh – I forgot to mention that the theme of the awards was ‘History Gets Social’ – and prior to the event, I had agreed to take part in a phot shoot where I was representing Sir Stamford Raffles… when we arrived at Shanghai Dolly, we found a (almost) life size standee of me playing the part… although he was much shorter than me and appeared to be wearing a tonne of make-up, he seems very interested in my wife, don’t you think?

Aussie Pete and Sir Stamford Raffles

Click here for mor photographs of the event

Source: Aussie Pete Legacy Blog

Cuteness Alert – Help Pete Get His Aussie Back Campaign

By , June 24, 2011 12:43 am

Up until now, aside from a small side-bar ad, I’ve not done much promotion to rally for people to vote for me in the 2011 OMY Blog Awards. After walking away with the first prize in my category (‘What The Hell’) last year and the amazing activities and follow-ons that have lasted for almost the last 12-months (including the tour of Hong Kong and the now infamous ‘swim’ that I had in Victoria Harbour during my participation in the OMY media team for the HK Dragon Boat Carnival Bathtub race), I think that perhaps I’ve got my work cut out for me if I’ve got any chance to pull out a back-to-back win in the same category in 2011.

Help Pete Get His Aussie Back

Having said that, I am still feeling some (small) level of confidence – perhaps delusional? – based on the fact that thanks to my friends, readers and family in Singapore and around the world, I’m sitting in the Top 3 for the category from an online voting perspective – voting accounts for 30%, while the other 70% is based on the decision of a panel of independent and quite knowledgeable and respected judges.

If the 70% was based on hard statistics alone – eg, SEO, PR, Backlinks, Readership, Subscriptions, search engine rankings etc – the quick research I’ve done shows that I would be the clear front runner… but at the end of the day, the awards are all about blogging and content – not necessarily popularity or page views.

What The Hell?

What The Hell?

Therefore, much of the result will come down to what the respected judges deem to be the right or appropriate content to fit the particular category for which we are finalists. The other finalists in my category are unique in their approach to ‘What The Hell’ subject matter, and I wish them all the best of luck and success for the Awards presentation on the 23rd July!

I’ve really got no idea how much of a chance I stand of winning the OMY Blog Awards for consecutive years, but perhaps I can at least rally some more votes online in a couple of different ways – firstly, let’s take this article as the kick-off of the campaign to “Help Pete Get His Aussie Back”!!

You see, the award winners this year get to travel back to the city in which I spent 10-years of my professional career before heading up into Asia (Shanghai, and now my home for the past 5+ years, Singapore). The city of Melbourne in the state of Victoria, Australia – just think of the value to the other winning and travelling bloggers that my local knowledge and expertise has to offer. 🙂

Jiayou Aussie Pete! - Cuteness Alert

Jiayou Aussie Pete! - Cuteness Alert

Secondly, as a part of the rally video that we recorded at the SPH News Centre (and perhaps this is exploitation of cuteness) – I brought my nearly 4yo son, Jaime, along to join me in the latter half of the video as my #1 fan – for a total burst of absolute cuteness check his cheers for Daddy!… and of course, you will now be obliged to vote for me by clicking here, and then clicking the vote button next to my picture.

Watch the Video (Warning – Cuteness Alert):

[youtube PcmJTvg3h_I]

Once again, best of luck to my fellow finalists – see you all at the awards presentation!!

Don’t forget the campaign – “Help Pete Get His Aussie Back” !!!!

OMY Star Bloggers – The Crazy Ang Moh, The Photographer, The Traveller and The Cam Wh*re

By , June 10, 2011 2:24 am

OK, so here’s the thing! – When I was first invited a few weeks ago by OMY to be a member of the media ‘Star Bloggers’ team to take part in the AsiaOne Adventure Race 3 which happens this Saturday, my mind – which often works in very mysterious ways – did some very strange things indeed.

Immediately, my hidden desire to one day participate in the popular TV reality show, The Amazing Race (or The Amazing Race Asia) boiled to the surface. Soon after, I started having flashbacks of the most recent instalment of the blockbuster movies, ‘The Fast and the Furious’… However, instead of seeing myself on the streets of Japan ‘drifting’ around sweeping bends, burning rubber while chucking doughnuts and using the handbrake for some radical manoeuvres, my mind was running 100mph trying to consider how I could emulate these skills on the streets of Singapore (without getting myself – or my team – arrested).

The OMY Star Bloggers Team

The OMY Star Bloggers Team

Obviously, there was absolutely no hesitation in my acceptance to participate in this inaugural event.

The first thing I did, was to go online to check out the event’s microsite, to see what the race was all about. On the home page, they have the following information:

“Form a team of four and pit your team against 91.3 DJs Jeremy Ratnam and Adam on June 11 in sponsored cars. Sort out the clues and complete the challenges in a treasure hunt that calls for your brains, brawn and beauty.”

Let me emphasise – Brains… Brawn… Beauty… well luckily for me, my fellow team members and OMY Star Bloggers have got my back on these critical factors.

As a media representative team, we are not in the running for the very attractive prize pool, but we are definitely in the running to secure ‘bragging rights’. You should know by now, that most Aussies are very passionate about their sports and usually extremely competitive!! I am no exception.

The OMY Star Bloggers team, are made up of the Crazy Ang Moh (that would be me), the Photographer, the Traveller and the self-proclaimed ‘Cam-Whore’.

WTH – you may rightly ask… but the way we figure it, we have such a diverse mix of skills we are bringing to the table that we will definitely be a challenge to be reckoned with. We expect to remove the prefix ‘Dys’ completely and end up with a fully ‘Functional’ team.

Before you get too nervous and think that you better stay in on Saturday and tell all of your loved ones to stay clear of the roads, on Tuesday night this week, we attended a pre-race briefing, and my ‘Fast and furious’ delusions were rapidly shot down.

Of course, no event organizers are going to give out sponsored cars to a bunch of ill-bred street racers. It was made quite clear (along with a number of other regulations), that the first rule is to ‘follow the rules’ – the race winner is not determined by the team who arrives at their final destination first. Success on the day, will be measured by a points scoring mechanism as awarded at each of the checkpoints or activities (I think my team can all breathe a sigh of relief).

We were also given two mobile devices by Singtel which will be used in the day, and the kind team from there gave us instructions on how to download and use Apps on these Android devices. Jerome and Eunice have taken them home to charge and familiarize themselves with the technology. We also received a Nikon camera on which Eunice was fully trained on at the briefing.

At this stage, I’d like to offer a huge ‘Thank You’ to my team who were quick to nominate me as ‘Team Leader’ for the OMY Star Bloggers Team – partly because I arrived 30-minutes late to the briefing and the decision was made in my absence. 🙂

The vehicles will be provided by Sime Darby Select, who are the official car sponsors. The other participants all drew out of a ‘lucky’ draw for their car selection – the OMY Star Bloggers and the 91.3 DJ team had already been allocated a vehicle.

Ours is a Volvo XC60 T6! I have not driven a Volvo in my life, so after a quick Google search I found our car – pretty neat huh? I’m not sure if ours will be red, but below is a mock-up with some OMY and star bloggers branding… if you see a car resembling this cruising the streets of Singapore this Saturday, be sure to wave and holler at us!!

Our Sponsored Volvo - Or Something Like It

Our Sponsored Volvo - Or Something Like It

From Aussie Pete

Early Xmas at Ang Mo Kio – Exclusive Heartlands Pictorial

By , November 30, 2010 12:48 am

If you haven’t checked it out yet, let me give you the heads-up now!! Be sure to take your kids to AMK Hub in the early evening and let them live the fantasy that is Singapore’s North Pole. The decorations just seem to improve every year, and this time around it’s quite spectacular.

Jaime at home getting himself ready for the evening at AMK Hub

Jaime at home getting himself ready for the evening at AMK Hub

I took the family out on Sunday night and also seized the opportunity to get in some practice with our new Nikon D90 camera. The most difficult part is knowing which photos to print, post online, embed in a blog or simply upload to Facebook or our digital photo frame… I was just ‘click happy’. Also, the resolution and image size makes for such wonderful memories, but unfortunately I need to reduce the pics right down to get them across the social network.

So here you go, dear friends – let me take the opportunity to wish you all the very best of our blessings for a happy and joyous festive season with your loved ones!! 🙂


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