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Until Death Do They Part! World’s Most Evil Couple

By , February 1, 2012 8:51 pm

Firstly, my apologies to my dear regular readers for the unusual delay between articles – I’m still travelling right now and the access to my usual ‘online tools’ is somewhat intermittent using VPN to get through the ‘Great Firewall of China’.

Nevertheless, I’ve written before about weirdos and psychopaths that fall into the ‘cannibals’ and ‘vampires’ categories. So when I read a particular article recently, I was blown away enough to tolerate the slow internet speeds and get this ‘deviant love story’ on to my blog.


To be honest, I think it shows a real lack of justice for this kind of relationship to be allowed to flourish.

Infamous flesh eater, Isakin Jonsson and the self-professed vampire who worships satan, Michelle Gustafsson, have announced their engagement… setting themselves up as the world’s most evil couple.

This bizarre love story blossomed at the secure psychiatric unit where they both reside.

According to reports, 33-year old Jonsson asked 23-year old Gustafsson to “join him in unholy matrimony”.

Jonsson was found guilty of slitting the throat of his then partner, Helle Christensen (who was also the mother of five children), sawing off her head and eating flesh cut from from her body, while Gustafsson had stabbed to death a young father, Daniel Stenman before drinking his blood.

Above: Isakin Jonsson with the unfortunate woman he ate - Helle Christensen

Above: Isakin Jonsson with the unfortunate woman he ate - Helle Christensen

Of this demonic relationship, Jonsson was quoted as saying, “I love Michelle — have never met anyone like her… I want to live a non-criminal life”.

Both of the killers have seemingly expolited Sweden’s judicial process – which allowed the pair to opt for “indefinite psychiatric treatment at a secure medical facility” instead of life in prison.


Stabbing victim Daniel Stenman, who had his blood consumed by Michelle Gustafsson

Stabbing victim Daniel Stenman, who had his blood consumed by Michelle Gustafsson


Warning – Graphic! A Woman Scorned… A Man Eaten!

By , November 25, 2011 2:06 am

When it comes to the ‘blog genre’ of WTH (What The Hell), one can never go past a good story of a woman scorned – especially one who resorts to cannibalism!

The eerie part of this, is that it’s certainly not the first time I’ve heard of this happening. In the latest incident in Pakistan (in the Shah Faisal colony of Karachi), the arrested woman didn’t actually get as far as eating her husband. In fact, according to police chief, Nadeem Baig, “There could be two factors behind her intention to cook the husband. One is to destroy the evidence and the other could be her immense hatred against him over his plan to marry another woman”.


32-year old Zainab Bibi was arrested on the 24th November, along with her 22-year old nephew, Zaheer. They were alleged to have killed Zainab’s husband, Ahmed Abbas‚ chopped his body into pieces and were about to cook his flesh in a bowl.

Zainab was apparently angry at her life partner for his plans to marry another woman without her permission. You see, according to Islamic family law in Pakistan‚ a man can in fact take another wife, but has to get permission from his first wife to do so.

The knife with which the pair allegedly killed the man has been recovered.

In a very bizarre twist, television networks showed actual footage of the human flesh in a bowl and ready for the stove.

Now before you start casting aspersions on a particular race, country or religion, or suggest something like, “this could only happen in Pakistan”, think again my friends!

This week is the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. It also happens to be the 20th anniversary of probably the number one most crazy cannibal-wife incident in history.


Just last month, the Californian woman who killed her new husband and cooked his body parts over Thanksgiving weekend in 1991 had applied for (and thankfully denied) her bid for parole.

hannibal01Dubbed as a female Hannibal Lecter, Egypt-born Omaima Nelson’s is serving a ’25-years to life’ sentence for her crime. At the time of the killing, Nelson was aged 23, and was convicted of murdering her 56-year-old husband William Nelson (they had only been married three weeks).

WARNING: GRAPHIC DETAIL OF THE GRUESOME EVENTS OF THANKSGIVING WEEKEND 1991 FOLLOW (read on only if you have a strong stomach and not prone to queeziness)

According to authorities, Nelson tied up her husband, killed him and then decapitated, dismembered and disembowelled the body over the course of a weekend. She had churned his parts through a garbage disposal (neighbours reported that they heard the machine running non-stop for hours after the murder).

Some of the victim’s body parts were found stuffed in garbage bags and mixed with leftover turkey. A bag containing his entrails was discovered on the front floor of his Corvette.

Blood pools were found on the floor of the home, along with blood-stains on sheets and walls. Mr Nelson’s hands had been fried in oil and his head boiled and stuffed in a freezer.

His lower body and torso were skinned. Strangely, the crazed wife had tried to get two different friends to help her remove her husband’s teeth and dispose of his remains (to cover her tracks and get rid of evidence)… this proved her downfall – one of the friends alerted police – well, go figure!!

bbqribs01Nelson’s defence at trial was that she was acting in ‘self defence’ – she said that her husband William had sexually assaulted and beat her for weeks. She claimed William had tied her hands, and bit, kicked, grabbed and choked her and threatened to kill her.

Prosecutors didn’t wear this at all, putting forward evidence suggesting that Nelson killed her husband to obtain his money and other property.

At the trial, she said that after the murder she “freaked out, fell into a trance-like state, and spent 12 hours hacking up the body to simplify disposal.”

Nelson claims to have little memory of her husband’s dismemberment, but did recall cutting off his penis and his ring finger, before cleaning the apartment and packaging the body parts.

A psychiatrist testified that Nelson had put on red shoes, a red hat and red lipstick before spending hours chopping up her husband’s body. She had also confessed to cooking her husband’s ribs ‘barbecue-style’ and tasting them.


“Jurors found Nelson not guilty of first-degree murder, citing insufficient evidence of premeditation, but convicted her of second-degree murder. They also found Nelson guilty of assaulting a former boyfriend with a gun.”


Source: Aussie Pete

11 People Killed In Cold Blood – April Witch Hunt!

By , May 19, 2011 10:26 pm

witch03When you hear the term ‘witch hunt’, most people will automatically think about lessons from school and a place and time in history – Salem, back in 1692 – 1693.

Let me tell you, at least Salem held trials before killing those people accused of sorcery…

Now, roll the clock forward to today, to a place called Assam, a state in far North-East India. Believe it or not, the slaughter of people suspected of being witches is continuing.

Witch hunting has been rampant in Assam for years, with those suspected of sorcery frequently killed in cold blood by fellow villagers.

WHAT THE HELL?? – You may rightly ask!


The good news, is that thanks to a complaint from lawyer and rights activist, Radhakanta Tripathy, the killing of four women in the district has drawn the attention of the National Human Rights Commission.

assamAs a result, police officials have arrested nearly two dozen people for the murder of 11 men and women for allegedly practicing witchcraft and sorcery.

Fellow villagers in Assam killed seven women and four men last month alone. They were suspected of performing in witchcraft, which is believed to have caused death and disease in the area.

A police official told The Associated Press today, that 23 people have been arrested so far in connection with the killings and the police are looking for several others who have fled.


So how to punish these people? – Do they still burn people at the stake??

[youtube orElQ6v1Af0]

Source: Aussie Pete Blog

Child Killer To Walk Free – Pictorial Of An Innocent!

By , March 1, 2011 11:58 pm

Remember this name, and remember it well – Mohd Azhar Ghapar… For this gutless child killer will be released back into society in the prime of his life at just 42 years of age! His victim would have still been in her early teens, if only she had been given that opportunity…

I have been looking at the photographs of a dear little girl, 2-year and 4-month old Sri Alyaniz Nazri, and my mind has been left numb (pictorial below). The torture that this sadistic 30-year old Singapore permanent resident inflicted upon such an innocent child is unthinkable.

As I wipe the tears away, I cannot begin to understand the suffering that Sri Alyaniz suffered – it must have been absolutely hell on earth! Furthermore, I am completely bewildered as to why, when we live in such an otherwise strict society (that is the reason behind one of the safest countries and lowest crime rates in the world) how the criminal justice system can allow a violent predator such as Mohd Azhar Ghapar to ever walk the streets again as an innocent man… walking amongst other potential young, carefree and innocent victims.

How can this happen????

The methodical attacks, beatings and downright sickening behaviour of this animal over a 3-week period culminated with a headbutt that ended Sri Alyaniz’s life as a result of traumatic brain injuries.

The punishment? – 12-years jail and 12 strokes of the cane! WTH!!!??

According to 30-year Mohd Azhar Ghapar, each time he was doing housework, the little girl would vomit or mess up the place, causing him to fly into fits of violent rage.

The girl was his girlfriend’s daughter – he would often pinch her on her ears or cheeks, or grip her arms tight and fling her onto a mattress. He admitted to twice head-butting the helpless child. He also punched her and stepped on her stomach.

The autopsy report showed that along with the fatal injuries, she was also suffering from two broken ribs, numerous bruises all over her body and bleeding inside her skull.

Instead of being convicted of murder (of the cruelest kind) and strung up, Mohd Azhar Ghapar had pleaded guilty to two counts of “voluntarily causing grievous hurt” and three counts of “ill-treatment of a child”.

Remember this name, and remember it well – Mohd Azhar Ghapar !!!

Innocent Life Cruelly Taken Away:

The History of Abuse – From AsiaOne (24th Feb, 2011):

The series of abuses that ended in the girl’s death began on Sept 23, 2009. There were 11 such incidents including the last assault on Oct 10.
Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Gail Wong told the court that Mohd Azhar had been in a relationship with the child’s mother, Ms Siti Junaina, 30, since early 2008.
On Sept 20, Ms Siti, a sales assistant, asked Mohd Azhar to help her look after Sri Alyaniz while she went to work. She was working the afternoon shift at the time.

Mohd Azhar, who had recently been retrenched, agreed. He started taking care of the girl from Sept 23.

During this period, he also cooked and did some household chores for his girlfriend. He would sometimes take Sri Alyaniz to his flat at Petir Road in the mornings so that his mother could help to take care of the child.

Then, in the afternoons, he would take her back to Ms Siti’s flat at Block 126, Pending Road. On Sept 27, after Mohd Azhar had finished doing housework at the flat, Sri Alyaniz vomited in the living room.

According to court papers, Mohd Azhar gripped her upper arms and shook them twice while he said: “Uncle is tired, right.”

Then, he cleaned her up and took her to a bedroom where he applied ointment on her stomach.

When she threw up again, he snapped. He punched her in the abdomen, causing her to groan in pain.

He then gripped her thighs hard and told her to sit on the sofa quietly. When she stood up, he knelt down, gripped her upper arms, lifted her and threw her onto the mattress.

As she cried, he pinched her arms.

Later that evening, Ms Siti noticed the blue-black marks on her daughter’s upper arms and thighs and questioned him about it. He lied and said he had beaten the child softly.

Three days later, while sweeping the floor, he saw that Sri Alyaniz had dropped a cracker he had given her onto the floor. He pinched the child’s right ear and she made what court papers described as a “hek” sound.

After he mopped the living room, Sri Alyaniz vomited on the floor. Upset by this, Mohd Azhar punched the girl’s chest

On Oct 6, angered by Ms Siti’s request that he put on a change of clothes for Sri Alyaniz, he pinched the child’s stomach while putting on the clothes. The abuse would get worse from here on.

On Oct 8, the girl vomited while playing with her bicycle in the living room. Mohd Azhar then pinched her cheeks.

After cleaning up the mess, Mohd Azhar took the girl to a bedroom, knelt down and headbutted the left side of her forehead. There was a sound, and the girl fell onto a mattress.

While she cried, Mohd Azhar stepped on her stomach. Then he pulled her left hand, walked with her towards the living roomand smackedthe right side of her head.

He again lied to Ms Siti when she asked about her daughter’s injury. He said the swelling on the girl’s left foreheadwas the result of a fall from her bicycle.

That night, Sri Alyaniz had a high fever and vomited again. The next day, when she threw up in the living room, Mohd Azhar slapped her on the left side of her head, causing her to cry in pain.

On Oct 10, Sri Alyaniz was playing in the flat and creating a mess. Mohd Azhar slapped her once on the left and once on the right cheek and hit the left side of her face.

Hethen fed her some medicine for her fever. But she vomited it out.

That was when he head-butted her on the same spot on her head as he had done two days earlier. There was a sound upon contact and the girl again made a “hek” sound.

About five minutes later, noticing that she was moving her hands and legs and biting her tongue, he thought she was having a fit. He called Ms Siti.

Ms Siti’s father also arrived with her. The child was then lying on a mattress in the living room in a drowsy and unresponsive state. Ms Siti tried to wake her daughter up, but could not.

Mohd Azhar went to a nearby Singapore Civil Defence Force fire post to seek help. An ambulance arrived and took the girl to the National University Hospital.

Medical staff there suspected that her injuries were non-accidental and alerted the police the next day. Mohd Azhar was arrested on Oct 12.

Meanwhile, doctors at the hospital operated on Sri Alyaniz twice. But her prognosis remained grave.

Two days later, following a discussion with the doctors, Ms Siti and her ex-husband, Sri Alyaniz’ father, decided to take the girl off life support. She died that night.

In his mitigation, Mohd Azhar’s lawyer, Mr S. S. Dhillon, said his client had been planning to marry Ms Siti in mid-2010 and had treated Sri Alyaniz as his owndaughter.

He did not realise that his assaults would lead to her death and he was”personally traumatised” by it.

The lawyer said the abusive acts took place on the spur of the moment when Mohd Azhar lost his temper, and he had meant to “chastise her to keep the place tidy”.

Mohd Azhar was also feeling tired from doing the housework and was stressed thinking about his problems when he assaulted the child.

He had lost his job as a chef at a Brazilian restaurant about a week before he started taking care of her and was stressed about being unable to find another job.

But DPP Wong said that even if he had been tired and frustrated, there was no valid reason for him to vent it on a helpless child, who was so young that she “would not have been able to describe fully the assaults against her”.

She added that Mohd Azhar had treated the girl “in a particularly cruel manner”, using “his own adult skull as a weapon to headbutt (her) much smaller skull”. And he had done it twice, on the same spot.

What he did was sadistic and not on impulse, she said. And the frequency and degree of violence had escalated over time.

Chilling Video Confession From Lady Sentenced To Death By Stoning (And Actual Footage Of A Stoning)

By , December 13, 2010 12:15 am

The case of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, the woman who was sentenced to death by stoning in Iran for the crime of adultery (she was found guilty for several relationships – one with the man convicted of her husband’s murder) has just reached a new crescendo, with Ashtiani confessing to her part in the murder on Iran’s Englishlanguage Press TV, via a chilling reconstruction of the crime.


For those of you who have had their head under a rock (pardon the pun) over the last five or six months, here’s a quick background:

Way back in 2006, 43-year-old mother of two, Mohammadi Ashtiani was sentenced to death in separate trials by two different courts in Tabriz (northwestern Iran). One of the sentences (execution by hanging), was commuted to a 10-year jail term by an appeals court in 2007. This was for the involvement in the murder of her husband. But the sentence of stoning to death for the adultery charge still held fast.

Stoning ProtestThe story had received wide coverage in the global media, and specifically much outrage by predominately western countries for what is considered a most barbaric and outdated mode of capital punishment (in Iran, women sentenced to stoning are buried until their arms are no longer mobile, and rocks are then pelted at the upper part of the torso and head).

Let me be quite clear – my personal views on capital punishment and the methods used to carry out the sentences in various countries have no bearing on this article. It is especially not my place to question the practices – for example, in Singapore, the death penalty is still very valid for what might be considered ‘minor’ crimes by western standards, and caning is still applied to criminals for a variety of offences… whether or not I find such sentences barbaric or outdated, the fact remains that Singapore has one of the lowest crime rates on the planet.

Nor is it for me to say whether or not the numerous claims of Ashtiani’s confession as being ‘forced’ or ‘coerced’ are true. Many supporters of the abolition of death by stoning in Iran, have denounced this latest video as a ploy by the Government to try and answer the criticism of their laws by the international media.

Protest of the sentence by an Iranian Exile

Protest of the sentence by an Iranian Exile

It certainly is a fact that the report (which also included interviews with Mohammadi Ashtiani, her son Sajjad and their lawyer, Javid Houtan Kian – both also in jail), did not offer up any new information about the case.

It did, however, point the finger clearly at Iranian anti-stoning activist Mina Ahadi (based out of Germany) for attempting to undermine the Islamic republic by creating hype in the western media. According to the case prosecutor, Mousa Khalilollahi, Ahadi is involved in counter-revolutionary groups.

In the video reconstruction, Mohammadi Ashtiani relives the details of her husband’s murder, with very little emotion. It was filmed in her home in the town of Oskou.

Ashtiani is shown injecting her husband (played by an actor) with a sedative, and then another actor playing the part of her lover arrives on the scene and attaches wires to the sedated man’s feet and neck before plugging them into an electrical power point.

The reconstruction also shows actual photographs of the deceased, Ibrahim Abedzadeh, with burns clearly visible on his body.

[youtube HMAaQfeF0uQ]

Perhaps the next video I’ve embedded here is a little insensitive to this entire debate, and many may indeed criticize me for being heartless… but what the heck – this is one of the funniest ‘stoning by death’ scenes that I remember from my younger years… Enjoy!!

[youtube MIaORknS1Dk]

Classic Whodunnit!! – The Crime of Boob and Butts

By , September 5, 2010 9:39 pm

The News Headline Reads, 'Butts Arrested in Boob Murder Case'...

The News Headline Reads, 'Butts Arrested in Boob Murder Case'...

One could be forgiven for mistaking this for the title of a low budget adult video, but this is in fact, related to the news headlines following a breakthrough in a 12-month old murder investigation in Potter Township, Centre County.

All thanks to my good friend, and number one food blogger in Singapore, Camemberu for bringing this story to my attention… kudos to Catherine for not only identifying a very good ‘WTH’ article candidate, but for also (frighteningly enough) knowing me well enough now to understand what inspires my somewhat warped sense of humour.

State police arrested 26-year old Kermit Butts of Madisonburg, Centre County on Friday, for his alleged participation in the killing of 29-year old, Samuel Boob of Potter Township in August last year…. wait a minute!! “Kermit” Butts?? Perhaps it’s a Muppets version of a cheap adult movie? – I’m not sure how he survived at school, but for his sake, I hope his fellow prisoners don’t find out his real name.

Butts is the third person arrested in the murder investigation, with the victim’s own wife, Miranda Boob having previously been charged with first degree murder (she is also the alleged mastermind behind the crime). Ronald Heichel of Bellefonte has been accused of pulling the trigger – having shot the victim twice with a shotgun.

Butts was a co-worker of Heichel, and allegedly drove him to Boob’s house, where the murder occurred, and then also acted as ‘get away’ driver.

Butts has been charged with ‘aggravated assault’ and ‘providing aid while hindering apprehension or prosecution’. According to transcripts from Court, Miranda Boob and Ronald Heichel were lovers.

[Read More]

A Shotgun Wedding? No, An AK-47 Wedding!

By , August 10, 2010 12:00 am

The AK-47 is a selective fire, gas operated 7.62x39mm assault rifle, first developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov

The AK-47 is a selective fire, gas operated 7.62x39mm assault rifle, first developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov

At least 3 people dead and 8 more injured

At least 3 people dead and 8 more injured

Believe it or not, it’s quite common in Turkey (much to the chagrin of authorities) to celebrate special moments such as weddings and certain victories in sporting events, by opening out in gunfire.

This custom took a turn for the worse yesterday, when a groom accidentally sent a volley of shots from an AK-47 assault rifle into the crowd of relatives and friends who were attending his wedding in Turkey. Three people were killed – his own father and two aunties. At least eight others were seriously injured (including some children).

Akcagoze, in the south-eastern province of Gaziantep

Akcagoze, in the south-eastern province of Gaziantep

The incident occurred at the village of Akcagoze (in the south-eastern province of Gaziantep) when the man celebrated by firing a volley of bullets from the AK-47 into the air. Unfortunately, he then lost control of the weapon and sprayed his guests with bullets.

The man was arrested by police shortly after.

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