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Exclusive Announcement – You Heard It First Here From Aussie Pete!

By , February 1, 2013 9:51 pm

Source: Aussie Pete

Many of my faithful long-term readers and followers would most probably recall an article that I wrote back in late 2009, about an extremely talented singer / songwriter by the name of Andrew Chen.

Well let’s now move the clock forward to January, 2013 and having rebranded himself as ‘Dru Chen’ he has really found his groove and developed into THE most progressive and unique talent to grace this generation.

dru002If you do remember my article of all those years ago, you will know that Dru spent the best part of a decade living and growing in Singapore, before heading down-under to pursue his career.

Now here’s the scoop – he’s back!!!

I’m talking about his first ever overseas tour – “The Singapore Solo Tour”. Dru will be performing with a guitar, voice looper, and a notebook full of dreams…

Check out his announcement video:

[youtube PETMi_nHiYU]

…and if you want to get to meet Dru in person, feel free to visit the events page on Facebook and RSVP so he’ll know to look out for you 🙂

Here’s a bonus: All gigs are FREE entry!!!

Details of the dates and gigs are as follows:

But wait – my exclusive news just not stop there… Dru’s brand new single, “You Bring Out The Best In Me” is complete and the official release will be happening on February 18th, 2013. This will be the first released single from his upcoming EP, “Intentions”.

In conjunction with this release, there will be an official music video – watch this space!!

To keep across the launch and how to get a hold of the new track, be sure to like Dru’s fan page on Facebook.

Be sure to link up with Dru and keep him at the front of your minds… drop down to his events in Singapore and see for yourself that I’m absolutely spot on about how freakishly talented this guy really is.


It's a Wrap! Dru has completed the filming of the video clip for the upcoming release of his brand new single, "You Bring Out The Best In Me"

It's a Wrap! Dru has completed the filming of the video clip for the upcoming release of his brand new single, "You Bring Out The Best In Me"

I’m Not A Tourist (Or A Celebrity)… Or Am I? Hmmm…

By , December 2, 2011 12:43 am

I’ll explain the ‘Not a Tourist’ piece in a moment, but first let me touch on the celebrity part…

I’ve actually been trying to play things a little more low key these past few months, following on from a year that’s seen more commitments than I can throw a stick at. With my ‘day job’ creating quite a significant workload outside of office hours (late night conference calls and 2012 planning) and my Grassroots activities, I’ve had to knock back literally dozens of ‘extra-curricular’ activities and engagements.

I'm not a tourist because...

I'm not a tourist because...

Having said that, the month of November saw a remarkable amount of exposure across various media – traditional and digital. With appearances on TV, interviews and ‘exclusives’ on a couple of international news websites, on Monday this week the Straits Times ran an article penned by one of their journalists based out of Sydney – I kindly agreed to the interview for this and was a little stunned to see how large the picture of my family was that was run with the story – I had SMS’s, emails, phone calls from every man and his dog to tell me about it.

Seriously? Looking out across Orchard Road

Seriously? Looking out across Orchard Road

Then the very next day, as Sammi and I were walking up Orchard Road to TAB to attend the official launch event for – I kid you not – our photos… one of me and another of Sammi and the boys appeared on the large screen facing the most famous of Singapore’s shopping strips. Let me tell you, Sammi and I took more than a double-take… how very surreal!

notatouristlogo02The reason for the images being displayed (along with the pictures of other ‘expat writers’) was part of the launch event.

As part of the proceedings, I was invited to participate on stage as a panelist in an informal dialog… along with local celebrities, the one and only (very cool) Hossan Leong and famous author and columnist, Neil Humphreys – a couple of very funny guys… I felt very honoured to meet them both.

Aussie Pete, Neil Humphreys and Hossan Leong

Aussie Pete, Neil Humphreys and Hossan Leong

Expat Panelists

Expat Panelists

I have gladly agreed to be part of the editorial team at the newly launched

NOT A TOURIST is about you — You, the expatriate in Singapore, in discovering your home away from home.

You’re an expat, not a tourist. You can pepper your English with lah’s and can’s, you know why taxis seem to be in hiding just before midnight, and you know that tissue packets left on hawker centre tables is not a process to be trifled with.

I'm not a tourist because...

I'm not a tourist because...

Maybe you are here for the abundant career opportunities, or you are trailing a spouse, or simply for the endless sunshine, clean parks and fantastic chilli sauce. Whatever the case may be, recognises that the expatriation process is about creating your own identity and foundations in Singapore, living life here to build lasting memories to share with each other and loved ones at home.

The stories you will find here are on the ground—real and raw—written by you and fellow like-minded individuals. We share stories from expatriates of all backgrounds, so that you find your commonality in the joys, quirks and even gripes unique to your Singapore experience. In this community and endless resource for advice, find tips on the relocation process, on easing into the local scene and on how to get to those hidden finds beyond Orchard Road.

We welcome you to join our network and feel a sense of home in Singapore. Making new connections is just the beginning of what this Lion City has to offer. is built in partnership with SingTel

Click here to check out more photos from the launch event!

Source: Aussie Pete Blog

Step Back In Time – Singapore Food Trail

By , March 3, 2011 11:34 pm
Famous Bloggers and Friends: Mint, Cherie, Pete and YongWei

Famous Bloggers and Friends: Mint, Cherie, Pete and YongWei

As is always the case with any event that I attend with Alvin and the OMY crew, the opening media event of the Singapore Food Trail at the Singapore Flyer was an absolute blast… and the local food delights just made this one sensational!

The new Singapore Food Trail, is set in a 1960s style era gone by, with food being served from push carts and decor to match the theme. I could actually author a picture book with the number of photographs I shot on the day, or I could morph into a food blogger and spend weeks reviewing the many dishes in which we delighted ourselves… but I won’t!! 🙂


Let me just tap into OMY‘s Vodcast of the event, where each of us talks about our favourite foods, our take on the entire themed Food Trail, and of course YongWei’s sense of humour – I notice that someone ‘bonked’ him on the head when he was making faces behind me while I was being interviewed… but one of the highlights of the videos is the very creative way in which he applies his own names to the various dishes… one in particular, he associates with a very private part of a male’s anatomy… I won’t spoil it – check it out for yourself!!


[youtube sZSOyo80gCM]

Just a few shots below – for many, many more, check out the gallery here!!


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