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Self-Confessed Up-Skirt Pervert Escapes Prosecution

By , October 14, 2012 8:49 pm

A mid-air pervert has escaped with no charges, due to a loop hole in Japanese law.


The so-called “Peeping Tom”, used a pen-shaped camera to take an upskirt shot of a cabin attendant during a domestic flight from Takamatsu (in the southwest of the country) to Tokyo last month.

However the Japan Airlines passenger got away scot free after prosecutors failed to decide “which prefecture the plane was flying over at the time”.

The 34-year-old man reached out from his seat, with a micro-camera concealed in his hand and took the picture of the flight attendant.

When he was arrested by police, he actually admitted what he had done, saying that he was “aroused by uniforms”.

At first, the police had determined the photo was taken over the western prefecture of Hyogo. This was based on eye-witness accounts and after analysis of flight data.

But prosecutors decided that they were actually unable to rule out (without benefit of doubt) that the photo may have been taken when the plane was over other nearby prefectures.

Under Japanese legislation, such an offence falls under prefecture-level law to “prevent public nuisances and their applications” and require prosecutors to state the exact location of the crime.

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Aussie Pete Needs a Favour – Latest in Fashion… Like, Follow, Visit!

By , July 18, 2012 9:36 pm

bou·tique /booˈtēk/
1. A small store selling fashionable clothes or accessories.
2. A business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele.

A Happy Customer is a returning Customer

NB: Dearest readers and friends – never in the many years that I have been blogging have I asked for your help on anything. Today, I have good reason to change this – for one time only. Please read the following article and then offer me the very personal favour of following, liking or visiting (or all three) of the links at the bottom! I implore you – I have never asked anything of you before, and I probably never will again.

For the longest time now – years in fact, Sammi has been talking about wanting to set up a business and an online shop. The idea was always to provide women’s clothing, lingerie and accessories that are all the rage in countries such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan, but have yet to hit the fashion scene in Singapore.

Her vision of such a ‘niche’ has been simmering, and eventually got to the point where we decided such an idea should finally become reality.

And so it came to pass…


Online shopping and even the old-fashioned ‘blog shop’ are abundant in Singapore – almost it would seem, to saturation point. So, just like opening any business, the first step was to come up with a robust business plan – what are the objectives, investment required, inventories, supply chains, even payment methodology etc. The most important thing in the front of Sammi’s mind was – “What will set me apart from the (fierce) competition.

Therein lies the opportunity…

After much research (yes, I’ve become like a personal consultant as well as web designer and all-round ‘gofer’), we discovered that there are a number of risks even for those running a simple blog shop. If the authorities ever decide to do a crack-down on the small operators, it will become apparent that most of them are operating without appropriate business registration or required permits.

logo_ACRASo to mitigate this risk and to put some ‘substance’ behind what we are doing, we decided to register the business with ACRA (the ‘Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority’ of Singapore). Quite simple and cheap actually. So we are officially now partners in the registered business, “SG Alternative Shopping”.

Next – and there is a wealth of information available through ACRA and other advising departments – we wanted to make sure that any and all permits or licenses we required were attained. I won’t run you through everything, but there are requirements around customs (if you are importing or exporting) and requirements around location and operation of business (in our case, to operate as a ‘home office’), just as a couple of examples.

In the background, Sammi was madly working with wholesalers and manufacturers to come up with fashion items that may not be readily available in Singapore. She managed completely on her own, to source inventories and set up shipping and supply chains (incoming). She actually displayed some skills that I didn’t even know she had. The first items are now with us and up on the site for sale.

To this point, the investment had been – registration and license fees, inventory cost and shipping / logistics.

dreampurple01Also in the background, was the painstaking front of store and back end development. There are a number of open source solutions out there, but at the end of the day, you are only going to get the basics.

We extrapolated on this, and managed to integrate various modules and extensions (re-taught myself some long-lost java skills) and capitalized on (one of) the URL and hosting that I already had.

Now the site is live – I will probably one day give Sammi and invoice for my services (not really… unless I want to risk death).

Continuing on with the high expectations set on ourselves to ensure we were offering something quite unique to the competition, we decided to brand the store as a ‘boutique’ style and unique shop, with eyes on the latest in Japanese and Korean fashion.

The customer experience is also extremely critical, and in the case of SG Alternative Shopping, we are determined to make it another differentiator – as the adage goes: “a happy customer is a returning customer”.

Research shows that a very high percentage of the population (globally) are still not comfortable using the internet as a means to spending money. Whether they are concerned with supplying PII (personally identifiable information) across cyberspace or perhaps whether or not their credit card or payment details are safe and managed securely… guess what! – these concerns are actually completely very valid.

crownbear01So, after even more research and advice (as well as some self-learnings), we have secured our site with the latest in SSL encryption protocol. This means that the site is certified, and any time a customer is logged in, or a user is providing information, the connection is secured and encrypted – nobody else can see any of the information.

Furthermore, we have very strict policies implemented to manage any information provided to the site or to us. Our privacy policy is very strict and very transparent.

Finally, when it comes to payment and shipping methods, we have found that a surprisingly large number of online businesses require pickup of items and cash on delivery only, or some significant courier costs if they choose to deliver.

In our case, we offer free shipping to all locations in Singapore – however we recommend that our customers take up a ‘registered mail’ option for a very small pass-through fee.

Payment can be made securely through all major credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer or as mentioned above, cash on delivery. For COD, central locations will be arranged with the customer for collection.

koreanstylecollegedress01So there you have it – in short – the differentiators between Sammi’s business and the thousands of other online shops across Singapore, are:

1. Boutique Style – the latest Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese fashion items not often readily available in Singapore

2. Multiple Payment Options: Secure Credit Card, PayPal, COD, Bank Transfer

3. Free Shipping to Singapore Customers

4. Secure, encrypted shopping experience (SSL), with strict data policies surrounding how personal data will be used and managed

5. The highest level of customer service

SG Alternative Shopping officially opened on this past Sunday (15th July), and when I briefly posted a link on my Facebook Page, I received very warm encouragement from friends – both on FB and by email… even a couple of well known local celebrities wished us congratulations and all the best on the launch.

Although Sammi’s ready to rock and she is available at times during the day for live interaction on the site (through site consultant live chat – watch for the green status) and inventory is on hand ready to go (apparel, lingerie, jewellery, etc), we are under no misconceptions that such a business will take time to build (although she – very excitedly – got her first order today.

I will continue to assist (although I won’t be giving up my day job just yet :p), by helping with SEO and social media integration etc. Sammi has her own skillset with Chinese social media and networks such as Weibo.

So, why not offer some support for her to encourage such a bold undertaking – visit the site, interact with her through the site (and news articles), send emails, join the Facebook page and follow her on Twitter (although the accounts are brand spanking new, so don’t be surprised if there are not too many ‘followers’ and ‘likers’ just yet… gotta start somewhere right?)

If you’re a regular (or sometimes) reader of mine or one of my friends, please do me the personal favour and grace SG Alternative Shopping with your presence – in fact, you may just find that something unique for you or your partner or family member that you’d like to purchase!!

Click to visit SG Alternative Shopping Now!!


Click here to Like the SG Alternative Shopping Page on Facebook!


Click here to follow SG Alternative Shopping on Twitter


Thank you, dear friends and readers….!!

Fully Endorsed by Aussie Pete

Oh – I almost forgot – if you have your own website, or you are a blogger and would like the opportunity to earn some cash, you can join us as an Affiliate… simply sign up, copy and paste some code to link to the site or any individual item you’d like to advertise, and for every sale that comes from your blog or website, you will get paid 5% commission!! Examples of the affiliate code are scattered throughout this article where you see an image of one of the products – just click the link and you will see the tracking code (mine) in the URL Click here to sign up as an Affiliate now!!

Lest We Forget – Thank You From Singapore and the Region to the Aussie Diggers!

By , April 25, 2012 12:29 am


Source: Aussie Pete

As we clock over past midnight to the 25th April, 2012, we welcome the onset of another ANZAC Day.

A national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand to honour the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) and to commemorate all those who died and served in military operations for their countries.

anzac04It also serves as a time for reflection for me personally as I recall the various stories that were handed down from my late Grandfather, Henry Thomas Aubrey Bowles, who served as an Air Force navigator.

Given that this year’s ANZAC day falls on a weekday (and there is obviously no national vacation here in Singapore), we will not be heading out to Kranji war memorial for the dawn service. However, every time I have visited the site, I am always overwhelmed at the number of Aussie graves lined up as far as the eye can see.

Therefore, this year, I thought I would offer up a few statistics on the number of Aussie POWs (prisoners of war) and fatalities as recorded in history in Singapore and surrounding areas within the region:


Twenty-two thousand Australians were captured defending Malaya, Singapore, and the Netherlands East Indies. Over 21,000 were from the Second AIF (particularly the 8th Division); 354 RAN; 373 RAAF officers; and 71 women from the Australian Army Nursing Service. Of these, 14,792 were captured at Singapore; 2,736 on Java; 1,137 on Timor; 1,075 on Ambon; and 1,049 at Rabaul.

Nearly 36% of Australian prisoners (8,031) died in captivity.

Massacres of Australians occurred at Tol Plantation on New Britain (160 Australians); Parit Sulong in Malaya (110); and at Laha on Ambon (over 200). Twenty-one Australian nurses were executed on Banka Island, and an unknown number of Australians elsewhere in Malaya and in Singapore, especially at the Alexandra Hospital.

Nearly 2650 Australians died on the Burma-Thailand Railway.”

“[In September 1945] the largest numbers of Australians were congregated on Singapore Island and Johore (5,549); 4,830 were distributed in several camps and on a number of working parties in Thailand and remote areas of Burma; 265 were in French Indo-China; about 750 were distributed throughout the islands of the Netherlands East Indies, with the largest group (385) in Java, and in Sumatra (243); about 100 were on Ambon; two were at Macassar, seven on Bali; another 150 were at Kuching in British North Borneo. About 2,700 were distributed between Japan, Korea and Manchuria. About 200 remained on Hainan”. [Wigmore, p. 633]


Peter Dennis (et al), The Oxford companion to Australian military history, (Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1997)

Lionel Wigmore, The Japanese thrust, Australia in the war of 1939-1945, vol. IV (Canberra: Australian War Memorial, 1968)


To all past and current Australian service men and women – thank you for what you have done and what you continue to do. I thank you, Australia thanks you… and lest we forget, Singapore and the region thanks you for your continued allegiance.

Video: 15th February, 2012 – The 70th Anniversary of the Fall of Singapore:

[youtube ZU3FnuYxwm8]

Feeling Envious – Can I Also Live a Care-Free Naked Life?

By , April 17, 2012 11:10 pm

As the saying goes, “Life Wasn’t Meant To Be Easy”… but that doesn’t always ring true!


Take the case of 76-year old Masafumi Nagasaki, who has spent the last two decades living alone on a desert island. Sotobanari is a secluded island located to the west of Japan’s Okinawa prefecture.

Call him crazy or call him the most laid back guy on the planet, Nagasaki-san spends his entire life living totally stark naked, risking insect bites to very delicate places.

In a recent and rare interview, he explained how he used to clothe himself whenever boats went by because he felt embarrassed.


He does still don clothes at times – making a few trips a month for food and fresh water… thank goodness for that – I’d hate for him to feel uncomfortable :s

I do kind of feel a little envious of this stress-free lifestyle!

Check out the video to see a day in the life of a naked hermit!

[youtube v60k12iHYEA]

Source: Aussie Pete

‘Legend Of The Seas’ – Or Legends In Our Own Minds?

By , November 25, 2010 1:41 am

Captain Pete and Mark TwainMonday this week seemed like just the ideal opportunity to take a vacation day off work! Little did I know that instead of just attending a tour of a cruise ship followed up with a wonderful lunch, I would actually be getting teased so much with pure luxury and the atmosphere of a tropical holiday, that I was seriously contemplating how I might be able to deceive security and customs and stow-away for the real voyage… *still singing Agadoo in my head (push pineapples, shake the tree) to relive the atmoshpere*

Royal Caribbean ‘Legend Of The Seas’ – that’s the name of the cruise ship… but included among the invited guests were the ‘Who’s Who’ of the Singapore Blogosphere… Real legends in their own right! (or at least in our own minds) 🙂

Some of the 'Who's Who' of the SG Blogosphere

Some of the 'Who's Who' of the SG Blogosphere

The tour organized by OMY, has spurred mine (and my wife’s) interest and yearning – you see, neither of us have been on a real cruise (for vacation) in our lives. Over recent months, Sammi has been hassling me to organize our next holiday – amazingly enough, I found each one of her preferred destinations included in one single package advertised in the brochures handed out – Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Given that we travel back home to the in-laws in Shanghai often, a cruise that starts out there, stops at Okinawa, Taipei and then Hong Kong would earn me huge brownie points!

The great thing about this 5-night cruise package, is firstly the price. The cost for the two of us in one of the luxurious suites is actually significantly cheaper than flying to each of the destinations and paying for hotels. But wait, there’s more! – our first discussion on the idea of a cruise vacation, was around what to do with the kids. Problem solved – not only would we be checking into the family suite, which is absolutely huge with separate rooms and balcony (it’s like an apartment on the ocean), Royal Caribbean have the award-winning ‘Adventure Ocean Youth Program’. “Led by qualified staff and designed for children from six months to 17 years old, the kids will find themselves having fun and making new friends”… Don’t get me wrong, we would want to spend most of the time experiencing the awesome holiday with both of the boys – but at least we have the comfort of knowing that we would still have ample opportunity to sneak off to the casino on our own sometimes, or maybe even bask in the sunshine for some romantic kanoodling by the pool. 🙂

Shanghai - Hong Kong (Itinery)

For my friends and regular readers, you will know that Casey’s way too young when we’re in Shanghai for CNY, 2011 – he’ll be just 4-months old, but that’s ok because when the weather will be quite cold then – I’m guessing the perfect time would be the 8th October, 2011 cruise… *mind starts wandering again in anticipation*

Shanghai to Hong Kong (Cruise Details)

Anyway, I digress. The cruise ship tour has completely caused the travel bug to bite. The only real issue, is that once we get into the family suite, it’s going to be difficult to leave the room. With all of the activities available, we could be risking not making the most of the cruise – perhaps we might have to take two trips back-to-back. Whether it’s playing mahjong, relaxing in the library, eating (and eating), gambling, rock-climbing, golfing, swimming, or partying until the wee hours – I’m not sure how to fit it all into 5-nights. It’s certainly going to require some serious scheduling on our part.

Don’t take my word for it – check it out for yourself:

[youtube 5wUNF11mOeY]

A huge thank you to OMY and Royal Caribbean for the opportunity on Monday. You have successfully gained a true fan and future customer (and online influencer) – James, our tour guide did a wonderful job, and it was thoroughly enjoyable to break the diet at the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ dining room for the mouth-watering lamb shank and ‘chef’s surprise’ dessert.

Royal Caribbean LogoOMY Logo

Aside: there’s one major thing that I didn’t tell my wife for fear of a credit card blow-out… the onboard shopping is akin to an upmarket department store – with a price guarantee!! (that is, if something is cheaper at any of the stopover locations, they will match the price on-board – what the?? – that’s almost like a guranteed perpetual sale). 🙂

Do yourself a favour – join Royal Caribbean and sail the high seas in luxury on board ‘Legend of the Seas ‘- we, without doubt, certainly will be!!

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World Cup 2022 – 360 Millions Fans Can Watch Live At The Stadium

By , August 1, 2010 11:52 pm
World Cup fans will be able to watch the games live from their country's home stadium, as though the players were there live in front of them

World Cup fans will be able to watch the games live from their country's home stadium, as though the players were there live in front of them

In 2010, the break-through technology for the FIFA World Cup was 3D TV. If Japan win their bid for the 2022 tournament (22nd Edition), officials have vowed to go more than ‘one up’ by proposing that the actual games will be broadcast around the globe in ‘real-time holographic’ technology (known as ‘Universal Fan Fest’).

If this technology is realized, it will mean that more than 360 million fans from 208 countries will be able to watch 3D feeds of the games in their home stadiums as if they were actually in Japan watching it live – this will be achieved by the simultaneous capture of the action using 200 high-definition cameras that will be placed in a 360-degree circle around the stadium.

I’m no tech-junkie, but this all sounds a little far fetched to me… especially since the proposal is also being promoted as ‘green’ – apparently some of the energy required to operate the required equipment will (somehow) be generated by the crowd’s excited screams, cheers and feet stomping. Hmmmm – How, exactly??

According to Jun Murai (director of technology), “despite the idea seeming like something out of a science fiction film… the technology will be up and running as early as 2016”.

Check out the video – I personally also really like the idea of the automatic translation technology and ‘augmented reality’ through iPhone apps…

[youtube Weg9NQZfVq8]

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