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Young Indiana Jones – The Great Escape!

By , October 23, 2011 11:59 pm

This is not a scene out of ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’.

But this young toddler is just as brave as Indiana Jones… the fearless kid is young American boy, Dayn, and has become an overnight internet star.

It all started when his Mum was bewildered by how it was possible that he could escape from his cot – the simple solution she came up with, was to setup a video camera to film the action.

What she saw has left her and almost a million other YouTube viewers astounded. While Dayn’s twin brother watches on, he simply swings his left leg over the edge of the railings… then he dangles for a moment before falling to the ground.

Although he lands quite heavily, Dayn shakes himself off, and waddles over to the not-so-hidden camera and grabs hold of it – presumably to destroy the evidence?

Clockwise from top left ... Dayn swings himself out of the cot, lands heavily on the floor, shakes himself off and heads over to the camera

Clockwise from top left ... Dayn swings himself out of the cot, lands heavily on the floor, shakes himself off and heads over to the camera

Watch the Video:

[youtube -sPo-af9vKk]

As regular readers of my blog already know, my youngest boy, Casey, has just started to walk… I’m hoping it’ll be a while before he can pull off a daring escape like this one… in the meantime, we discovered how important Mickey Mouse is to him – check out how he goes from devestated to sedated in a matter of seconds – all thanks to Mickey – this video is titled “The Absence of Mickey Mouse”:

[youtube MVXQ41WIqBY]

Source: Aussie Pete

Life’s Milestones – One Small Step or One Giant Leap?

By , October 8, 2011 4:40 pm

There are certain moments in our life that take our breath away!

I’m not talking about the things that happen over again, like birthdays, wedding anniversaries or even great achievements of personal goals. I’m referring to the real milestones of life, and often these things come around only once (usually anyway).

It’s about the milestones in our life that remind is why we are here and how awesome it is to be alive, even if our physical time in this world might be relatively short.

One Small Step or One Giant Leap?

One Small Step or One Giant Leap?

The birth of a child, the union in marriage of two souls who love each other and were destined to be together, the last day of school – you know where I’m going with this, and I’m sure you can think of many others.

These milestones can help shape who we are and can sometimes reach down so deeply within us that it feels like our hearts just cannot take it. They can make us laugh and cry at the same time.

Yesterday, one of these milestones occurred in our family. Casey, our youngest baby who just turned one year old some weeks ago, went from just being able to barely balance himself on his tiny little legs to taking the biggest steps in life that he will ever take – his very first ones!!

Forgetting all fear and seeing nothing but the Mickey Mouse hat that I had placed on my head as his goal, he turned and walked (albeit somewhat wobbly) across the loungeroom floor completely unaided. To him, he achieved his goal – the hat. To me, I thought my heart was going to burst out of my chest… the tears more than just welled in my eyes, I can tell you.

[youtube 2cfQka_My1U]

So, my friends – life is short – cherish these milestones, and remember that whatever your goal (maybe in your case it’s not a hat with a Mickey Mouse logo), it’s often the journey to get there that defines who we are, not just the end game!

Child-Birth Is Always A Miracle… But These Record Breaking Babies Are Amazing

By , July 11, 2011 12:29 am

Any time a baby is born, it’s an absolute miracle – However, a couple of very cute but amazing records have been set recently.


In the first childbirth miracle, the proud parents of twin girls will have no problem telling them apart – although the babies were born just 10-minutes apart, the difference in size and weight is remarkable. Bigger sister Daisy who weighed 8lbs 1oz (3.66kg) at birth already towers over her smaller sibling, Poppy, at 5lb 7oz (2.43kg).

Secondly, the largest baby ever born in the state of Texas (recorded) has weighed in at a whopping 16lbs 1oz (7.29kg – more than a full stone!!).



As is the case with most expectant mothers-to-be of twins, Pamela Sutherland was worried that people might not be able to tell the babies apart… as soon as they were born, both she and her husband Barry knew that this was certainly not going to cause any problems.

Daisy and Poppy were born at Elgin Maternity Hospital five weeks ago. Their size difference is the largest ever recorded in the UK.


The 30-year old new Mum said, “We just couldn’t believe it when they were born and they looked so different… Even the midwife was shocked when she weighed Daisy. She did a double take”.


When JaMichael Brown popped into this world weighing over a full stone, it made him the biggest baby ever to have been born in Longview hospital, and now officials believe that he may also be the largest ever recorded in the state of Texas.


Michael Brown, the boys father, said that his new-born son is already known around the hospital as “The Moose”… “The doctor told us he was going be about 12lbs, but when he pulled him out it was a different story”.

His mother, Janet Johnson, was healthy but exhausted (go figure!) – although she obviously knew that JaMichael was going to be a big baby, she never imagined that he would be four pounds heavier than the doctors had predicted.


JaMichael was 24″ long, with head circumference of 15″ and chest a huge 17″ (measurements akin to a child who is already around 6-months old). The little giant was born with a full head of hair and the hospital didn’t have stocks of nappies large enough to fit him.

Ms Johnson said, “I can’t believe he’s that big. A lot of the baby clothes we bought for him will have to be returned. They’re already too small for him to wear”.



Now I’ve Heard It All! – Win A Baby in IVF Lottery

By , July 7, 2011 12:55 am

Sometimes I discover real nuggets of stories from the global media which leave even me with very little to say and in some cases cause any potential commentary to remain lodged in my brain with no way to convey my thoughts into words.

This is one of those articles.

The British Gambling Commission has issued a licence for the world’s first ‘IVF Lottery’ to be launched this month.

World First IVF Lottery

World First IVF Lottery

Essentially, gamblers will stand the chance to “win” a baby. The tickets will be available online at a cost of £20. The winner will walk away with £25,000 worth of fertility treatments at one of the country’s top clinics.

The ‘game’ is certain to ignite a huge debate among people who might view it as “selling” precious human life. Already, a spokesperson for ‘Comment on Reproductive Ethics’ (an ethical dilemma group), Josephine Quintavalle, said, “This demeans the whole nature of human reproduction… Creation of human life should not be reduced to a public lottery. Instead of this, shouldn’t more be spent on research into fertility problems?”

According to the organizers, the lottery will offer the chance to become a parent every single month, and will be open to people from all walks of life and circumstances – single, elderly and gay players will all be eligible to take part in the lotto.

To begin, there will be one draw each month, with a good chance that this could be expanded to every two weeks once the competition is underway.

FertilizeMirroring something from a reality TV show, each winner will be collected and chauffeured to the clinic, be given complimentary accommodation and will be given a mobile phone to enable them to keep in contact with medical staff at all times.

If for some reason the standard IVF fails, the winners will be offered donor eggs, reproductive surgery and if necessary even a SURROGATE birth.

The specialists at each fertility centre will use their expert clinical judgment to determine the “feasibility of each possible pregnancy”.

What The FFor example, if a woman is healthy but over the age of 45 (which is the upper limit for UK NHS fertility treatment), they are likely to suggest donor eggs. Or, if a single woman or man win, they will be given donor sperm or a surrogate mum and donor embryo.

All profits from the lottery will be donated back into a charity called ‘To Hatch’ – an online support for childless couples and those who have trouble conceiving.

The competition is called the ‘To Hatch Lottery’ and if the game proves a success, tickets are expected to eventually be sold in newsagents nationwide.


The Miracle Of Life!

By , October 1, 2010 10:55 pm

Today, I must take a blog diversion into my personal life. You see, on Tuesday the 28th September, 2010 at 6:31pm in the evening, an absolute miracle occurred.

Casey Zheng Jiakai Breitkreutz was born on 28th September, 2010 at 6:31pm

Casey Zheng Jiakai Breitkreutz was born on 28th September, 2010 at 6:31pm

It all started around 11:30am while I was in my office at Millenia Tower attending a very important business meeting. While I was right in the middle of negotiations on an important deal, my cell phone began vibrating in my pocket. I was so engrossed in what I was doing, that it didn’t immediately dawn on me that the caller could very possibly be my pregnant wife, Sammi, trying to alert me to the fact that our new baby boy was ready to be born.

After some seconds, I stopped mid-sentence and explained to the other meeting attendees that this could be an urgent call that I need to take – I reached for the phone just as it stopped ringing… my suspicions were confirmed when I noticed the missed call was in fact from Sammi. Of course, I immediately called back – after finally being able to hear what she had to say (above all the background noise of some extremely excited parents-in-law and a maid), I politely excused myself from the meeting and ran to collect my coat and personal items before heading down to the carpark to make the trip home and assess the situation for myself.

Upon arrival at my apartment, Sammi was actually quite relaxed eating her lunch – the warning signs of the impending birth did not include any intense labour pains. At around 1:30pm, we collected the pre-packed suitcase and necessary paperwork for the hospital and drove into the Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre to consult with our Gynocologist.

After a quick check in the clinic, we were advised that labour was well underway and in fact the cervix was already dilated to around 3cm (regardless of the fact that painful contractions had still not begun).

Some of the gifts from friends

Some of the gifts from friends

Next stop – straight to the delivery suite at Mt Elizabeth Hospital. By this time, we were getting near to 3:00pm in the afternoon – this is when the ‘real labour’ started. The rest of the process was very rapid. By 6:31pm (just over a few hours later), a baby boy by the name of Casey Zheng Jiakai Breitkreutz emerged looking very healthy and just a little unhappy that we had disturbed him from the comfortable resting place in which he’s spent the last nine months.

For anyone that has witnessed the miracle that is childbirth, you will completely understand why the moment reduced me to a complete blubbering mess. How can any father hold back the tears of absolute joy when they witness such a remarkable event as this?

Casey weighed in at a very healthy 3.550kg and measured 50 cm in length.

We spent Tuesday and Wednesday nights at Mt Elizabeth Hospital (I was allowed my own bed in our single room, as a ‘lodger’ and also got to enjoy the hospital food – which included a lovely romantic ‘celebratory’ dinner for two on the second evening).

Mummy and baby both very healthy - Casey weight 3.550kg and measured 50cm

Mummy and baby both very healthy - Casey weight 3.550kg and measured 50cm

We are all back at home now and have adjusted very well to having another ‘new born’ baby in the apartment. Although we are all a bit sleep-deprived, every waking moment is amazing – I could stand there for hours just looking at our baby sleep. I am still astounded at how powerful and moving this time of life can be!!

I was going to take the opportunity to apologise to all of my readers for such a long absence from blogging, but I cannot bring myself to do so… I am not sorry at all that I have experienced one of the most memorable and joyous moments that any person can participate in.

As an aside, my prayers go out to my dear Dad and Mum… last year my Dad (my inspiration) passed away – the 28th of September was his birthday. Over the last 12-months, life has been pretty tough on my Mum being all alone (although she is incredibly tough and resilient). The fact that Casey was born on the anniversary of Dad’s birthday literally brought Mum to tears – I called her in Australia as soon as Casey was born, and she was so moved and emotionally charged that she could hardly even talk. The birth of this, her 14th Grandchild, on such a very special day, is a wonderful gift for her.

Below is a very quick collection of photographs taken on my iPhone on Tuesday… Enjoy!! Life truly is awesome!!

[youtube nI9c6tJ-qCc]

Stop Press!! Absolute ‘Must Follow’ Twitter Of The Year… 郑家恺 (Breaking News)

By , September 8, 2010 2:09 am

This is absolutely breaking news!! For those of my readers who have not been watching any of our ‘side projects’, you may not be aware that we we are affiliated with the official ‘World’s Youngest Blogger‘. Between now and the next few weeks, this little celebrity will be mixing it up in the real world!! It is critical that you follow him on Twitter at the following account, or you will be missing out on some serious action:

World's Youngest Blogger

World's Youngest Blogger

You see, this blogger is not even born yet!! The journey started about 9-months ago with his first article simply being a picture of a positive home pregnancy test kit. Since then, there are have been ‘milestone’ updates (such as learning if he was a boy or a girl, first 4D ultrasound videos and more).

Today marks the 37th week of the journey and this little fella now weighs more than 3kg. By all accounts, he is ready to take the final steps into the big wide world, with his Mummy’s doctor saying to be prepared for any day now – head down, in position – the time is nigh!!

After much ‘heated’ discussion with my wife, I will need to secretively hide my iPhone in the bottom of my deepest pocket – I have been told quite clearly that if I’m seen using it to post twitter updates from the delivery suite, it will get embedded in some place much more uncomfortable (and much deeper) than my pocket!!

But rest assured – the updates will come and you can follow the ‘blow by blow’ live action at:

The twitter feeds will also hit the ‘Youngest Blogger’ website as it happens!! Check out the journey so far and bookmark the blog for all the excitement of the day:

World’s Youngest Blogger

Here’s the latest 4D Ultrasound video (to cool music) – Casey is hiding his mouth a little with the umbilical chord – but the technology makes for some absolutely mind-numbing and jaw dropping imaging…. in case you didn’t guess already – Casey Zheng Jia Kai (郑家恺) is my very own, and I couldn’t be more excited right now!

[youtube kYulyqANYHo]

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