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Photos That Make You Think ‘WTH’!!

By , May 25, 2015 11:58 am

With social media today, it’s not difficult to find photographs on a daily basis that range anywhere between somewhat awkward to downright ‘What The Hell‘. Below are 20 images that are on the upper end of this scale.

The problem might be that Japanese fashion revolves around skirts that are too shortI’m not sure who is more creepy – the photographer, or the guy in the magazine shop standee looking up?
We would be nothing without our fans – that’s why we love them so deeply…
One happy cult family riding a tree
The eye shadow look good – not sure about the unfortunate wall shadow
It’s just his thumb folks… just his thumb
This is why I would never have flesh colored leather on my car seats – it could cause people to get the wrong idea

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Parents and Technology Don’t Mix – Hilarious SMS Exchanges With Their Kids!

By , April 26, 2014 10:33 pm

Source: Aussie Pete Blog

I’m not even talking about computers or social media here – simple texting can be challenging for the ‘age-challenged’. I recently caught the following gallery of very funny texts between parents and their offspring.

All I can say is LOL (Lots Of Love) and WTF (Well That’s fantastic) !!  🙂




























Spooky Find In Grandparents Attic – Preserved Dead Body!

By , September 22, 2013 10:08 pm

Source: Aussie Pete

Well, this is one of those classic ‘What The Hell’ Moments…

But the story gets weirder and weirder as the facts emerge.

When a 10-year-old boy found a human mummy in a sarcophagus in a corner of his grandparents’ attic, it left German authorities in a state of bewilderment.

The mummy found by a ten-year-old boy in Germany lies in its resting place. (Pic: EPA/Lutz Wolfgang Kettler)

The mummy found by a ten-year-old boy in Germany lies in its resting place. (Pic: EPA/Lutz Wolfgang Kettler)

An x-ray picture showing the skull of a mummy with headband and arrowhead at an institute for radiology in Diepholz, Germany. (Pic: EPA/Lutz Wolfgang Kettler)

An x-ray picture showing the skull of a mummy with headband and arrowhead at an institute for radiology in Diepholz, Germany. (Pic: EPA/Lutz Wolfgang Kettler)

A number of tests have been performed on the remains, and as a result (through CT scan) it was discovered that the well-preserved human skull had an arrow sticking out of the left eye socket. According to local newspaper Kreiszeitung, there were also large parts of a skeleton with the arms crossed over the chest.

To make things even more confusing, a ‘death mask’ also found in the box and X-rays show a metal layer covering the bones. At this stage, the gender of the 1.49-metre long human remains is unknown.

It is thought that the boy’s late father, Lutz-Wolfgang Kettler, might have brought the mummy back from North Africa in the 1950s.
According to pathologists and researchers, things just don’t add up!!
The mummy has not been unwrapped for fear of damaging the remains, but the bandages used actually date from the 20th century and are machine-woven. According to pathologist Andreas Nerlich of Munich’s Bogenhausen hospital, “the skull and the bones are real, the mummy is a fake, made from one or several human bodies… What we have are questions upon questions”.

The mummy is examined through with the help of modern science. (Pic: AAP)

The mummy is examined through with the help of modern science. (Pic: AAP)

Police and prosecutors from Diepholz, Lower Saxony state, are waiting for more information on where the body came from. Police spokesman, Frank Bavendiek told German news agency DPA, “We’ll wait until we know how old the bones are… If they are a few hundred years old, then it’s a mummy and we won’t investigate”.

So let me ask you, dear readers – When was the last time you snooped around your Grandparents’ attic?

Ball-Cutter Pacu Fish… Brings Tears To My Eyes Just Thinking About It

By , August 14, 2013 9:10 pm

Known as a PACU, the “ball-cutter” fish has a set of chompers very similar to that of a human.

Usually found only in warm waters of the Amazon River, the Pacu, a relative of the Piranha, can grow up to a length of 90cm and a weight of 25kg.


So it came as a complete surprise when a 21cm Pacu was caught in an eel trap in Oresund Sound off the south coast of Sweden.

Although the Natural History Museum of Denmark is testing the DNA of the fish to confirm that it is in fact a Pacu, they issued a very succinct warning to the public: “Keep your swimwear on if you’re bathing in the Sound these days – maybe there are more out there!”

This is absolutely no joke – this species of invasive fish has become infamous for attacking human testicles. In fact, Pacus have reportedly killed fishermen who have bled to death after losing their testicles.

According to fish expert Henrick Carl of the Natural History Museum, the freshwater fish bite “because they’re hungry, and testicles sit nicely in their mouth”. He continued by saying to local news media, “They are almost identical to the piranha… It’s just that they have different teeth. Flatter and stronger, perfect for crushing.”

“It normally eats nuts, fruit, and small fish, but human testicles are just a natural target. It’s not normal to get your testicles bitten off, of course, but it can happen …,” said Mr Carl.


[youtube Smmvv1VNmNM]

Source: Aussie Pete

Crazy Apple Store Meltdown Lady Cannot Be Singaporean – She Hates To Queue!

By , July 25, 2013 10:42 pm

Source: Aussie Pete Legacy Blog

The video is very poor quality and short (on loop), but it’s gone viral all thanks to actress, Porscha Coleman.

Crazy Apple Store Freak-Out Lady

Crazy Apple Store Freak-Out Lady

The incident occurred when an unidentified woman entered the Grove Apple store in Los Angeles pushing a stroller and asked for some parts for her phone… a staff member at the Genius Bar advised her that if she didn’t have an appointment she would have to wait.


[youtube iHO72tjJZ7M]

When she was given the bad news, she began screeching at the top of her voice, “I was told by Apple care that I could walk in the store and get the parts!!”.. all the while taking it out on her poor baby by smacking her hand into the pram.

In the video, stunned customers and staff can be seen looking over in absolute bewilderment.

Actress Porscha Coleman captured the video, looped it and posted it online. It has since been shared thousands of times on social networking sites (including also now, my blog).

Porscha captioned the short video: “This lady is goin OFF in the Apple Store! LOL U don’t have an appointment, lady!”

Below is a picture of Porscha – now I’m wondering why it really went viral??

Porscha Coleman

Porscha Coleman

The Apple store at The Grove in Los Angeles was the scene of one woman's meltdown

The Apple store at The Grove in Los Angeles was the scene of one woman's meltdown

Our Luxurious Staycation – Raffles Hotel (Where the Legend Began – and Where it Continues Today)

By , July 10, 2013 12:08 am

Source: Aussie Pete Blog

As is becoming quite the norm these days, I am way behind posting articles on my blog that I’ve been meaning to get to… along with this post, I still have many ‘WTH’ articles lined up, for which my blog has for a long time become synonymous with.

When Sammi, the boys and I were invited to attend the long weekend at the world renowned Raffles Hotel, I can tell you – we did not need to be asked twice.

A term that is widely becoming popular, is ‘Staycation’ – now you certainly won’t find it in the common English dictionary, and you will absolutely get the red squiggly line underneath it when you type the word into any office application (for incorrect spelling), but the term is obvious in and of itself – a vacation where you stay close to your home location.

In the case of Raffles Hotel, we knew it first as tourists many years ago (that place where all visitors go to try the ‘Singapore Sling’ at the Long Bar), and now after 8-years living in Singapore, we have tried it first hand – as hotel guests and as diners, drinkers and vacationers.

Welcome Gifts & Drinks:

Here’s a fun fact – or perhaps busting an urban myth… Sir Stamford Raffles never stayed in the hotel – in fact, he missed it by around a century or more. This is probably no news to Singaporeans… but for those lacking in lessons on Singapore’s history, it was quite surprising to us.

If I were to describe the hotel itself as ‘luxurious’ or ‘full of splendor’, I would in no way be doing it any justice at all. Baked in tradition and a feeling of opulence of yesteryear, words could not begin to describe the nostalgia that emanates from every corner of the place.

Another fun fact – the Raffles Hotel is the first choice for travelling dignitaries and celebrities alike. To think that I had to tell Jaime not to stand on the lounge chair of the ‘Sir Stamford Raffles Suite’ – the very same lounge where both Michael Jackson and Queen Elizabeth II have deposited their posteriors.

The Queen Of England actually sat here on these same cushions??:

Before I take you on the journey of our Staycation, let me tell you how you can discover it all for yourselves and also take part in this wondrous adventure.

From now until September of this year, Raffles HotelSingapore is having a special suite package, available from S$550++ per suite per night for any day in the week.

From September onward, it will only be available for the weekends. The package is aimed at locals and includes:

  • Children below the age of 12 stay (using existing bedding) and dine for free with their parents at hotel-operated restaurants (adults must dine at the restaurant)
  • Welcome Singapore Slings and fruit upon arrival, while children will enjoy fruit smoothies and cookies
  • Complimentary breakfast at Tiffin Room on the first morning
  • Complimentary Buffet Dinner at Bar & Billiard Room or Tiffin Room (once during the stay)
  • Complimentary in-suite internet access
  • 24-hour Butler Service
  • Complimentary S$500 Raffles Hotel Arcade Shopping Discount Vouchers
  • Complimentary late check-out until 6pm
  • Complimentary parking

As I mentioned, this promotion is aimed at locals, with these special rates only for residents of Singapore (Singapore Citizens, PRs and work pass holders).

So here we go… as soon as we were greeted by the famous and iconic Sikh doorman and stepped foot into the lobby on the Friday afternoon, our collective jaws dropped at the sheer elegance.

The hotel staff at check-in were not just accommodating, but made the entire process swift and painless (not always the way, as any oft travelers will attest). It was at this point that we were assigned not just a concierge to carry our bags to our suite, but were given our very own butler who would remain at our service for the rest of the stay…. I couldn’t help but wonder how he came to be a butler and what he had done (thinking back to an old Seinfeld episode – apologies to non-Seinfeld fans who will have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about).

Our Suite, Balcony & View:

After the family opened their gifts from the hotel, which included the boys’ very own Sikh doorman stuffed toys, we enjoyed our welcome drinks – smoothies all round and a Singapore Sling for me – believe it or not, this was the first time I’d ever tried one… so sweet and fresh – perhaps even a little dangerous?

We were in total amazement as we checked out the suite – the sheer size alone is something to marveled at – a bathroom alone, the size of perhaps a standard living room.

The décor was historic and rustic in feel, with all the modern amenities to which we have become accustomed. Absolutely outstanding!!

After lounging around a while, we decided to take a walk around the hotel itself, the shops and restaurants around the courtyard. We also took a quick wander around the surrounding area, and realized just how convenient the location is to the major downtown shopping district.

Alfresco Dining at Raffles Courtyard:

Boys being boys, Jaime and Casey immediately showed immense interest in the lovely roof top swimming pool (right next to the  well-equipped gymnasium and the relaxed atmosphere of the Raffles Spa (which Sammi also had the fortunate task of trying out). So we made arrangements (deal) with the boys that if they behaved themselves while eating the lovely fresh Italian salads, pizzas, pasta and gelato we enjoyed for dinner at the Raffles Courtyard alfresco restaurant, followed by the specialized session of making cocktails at the Long Bar – including of course, the one and only Singapore Sling!

Mocktails & Cocktails at The Long Bar:

Even the kids got to make their own mocktails… ONLY if they behaved themselves, we would go swimming in the evening breeze at the pool – of course, they are so spoiled that they would have got to have gone swimming even if they were their usual naughty selves. 🙂

Playtime at the Pool:

The next morning (along with another swim), we had breakfast at the Tiffin Room. Eating fine foods seemed to be the theme of the weekend – all good in my opinion!

We then went on a guided tour with resident Historian Leslie Danker… where we got to experience the life of the famous and infamous alike… the highlight being the aforementioned Sir Stamford Raffles Suite (got a spare S$10,000 for a night’s stay?)

After the tour and a quick rest, we took the boys home and Sammi and I settled in for a rare evening without kids – what happen at Raffles Hotel STAYS at Raffles Hotel (nudge, nudge… wink, wink). We had a great local dinner at the Empire Café. Serving local Singaporean food and Asian delicacies, I was a sucker for dessert.

Somewhere amongst all of this, Sammi managed to fit in an hour of pampering with an aromatherapy Swedish massage at the Raffles Spa – I must say, this made me a little jealous, but looking back on it, giving me an hour for a power nap on a Saturday afternoon was quite the treat for me :p

The next morning, after a quick run back to Sengkang West to collect the kids, we found time for another swim before what I consider to be one of the absolute highlights of the weekend – Brunch at the Bar and Billiard Room.

My, oh my!!! Guys – you want to impress your ladies – this is the place to bring them. 3-hours straight of eating nothing but the finest seafood, pasta, cold dishes, meat galore (Australian grain fed Prime Rib on the bone, US Beef tenderloin “Bordelaise” sauce, Roasted Welsh leg of lamb, Roasted Welsh rack of lamb with herbs crust, Slow oven baked Welsh lamb shoulder, Organic milk fed rack of veal & BBQ Iberico pork ribs) – mouth watering – desserts, pan-fried Foie Gras (and I’m only just touching on what’s available)… top it all off with free flow champagne… need I say more?

Brunch at the Bar and Billiard Room:

Probably the world’s most famous hotel. ‘While at Raffles, why not visit Singapore?’ Indeed.

Not just a hotel, an icon; Raffles Singapore is an oasis of colonial style, calm and charm in the heart of modern Singapore – exclusive, historic, and one of a kind.

The Original.

“Perhaps the world’s greatest hotel, Raffles Singapore stands where it has always stood, at the crossroads of civilisation and culture, a colonial oasis in the heart of one of the world’s most exciting cities.

No trip to Singapore is complete without a stay at Raffles; tradition demands it. First opened in 1887, and since then a destination in its own right, Raffles Singapore epitomises the romance of the Far East – an intoxicating blend of luxury, history and colonial ambiance that no other hotel can match.

Immortalised by writers including Somerset Maugham, Rudyard Kipling, Ernest Hemingway and Alfred Hitchcock, Raffles is the perfect place from which to explore Singapore. Or in which to merely sit and watch the world go by. The legendary Palm Court, the white marble colonnades and the unique air of romantic grandeur transport you back to a more elegant age, while the seamless service, contemporary technology and attention to detail is completely of our time.

Liveried Sikh doormen usher guests through an ornate wrought-iron portico into a lobby that seems unaltered from the turn of the century. Stroll the polished teak verandas past tropical gardens to suites with an elegant parlour, period furnishings, a bedroom that leads to a dressing room and en suite bathroom. Luxuriate in the history, in the scent of frangipani in the evening, in the Raffles Spa, or order room service from the legendary Raffles butlers.

15 restaurants and bars also await; from the famous Long Bar, home of the Singapore Sling, to the Bar & Billiard Room, Raffles is alive with history, infused with atmosphere, and open to the moment. Conveniently close to the financial hub of this entrepreneurial city, Raffles makes business a pleasure, a luxury of leisure – and any visit an indelible memory.

Where the legend began – and where it continues today – Raffles Singapore is exciting, enchanting and loved by those with an adventurous spirit and a taste for the very best.”

The story continues…

The Shame Of Timezone Singapore – The Adult Animal Kaiser Boss Man Nerd

By , June 17, 2013 2:50 am

Source: Aussie Pete

I’ve got to be brutally honest here – I hate using my blog and the traffic I get to promote negativity and have a whinge or complain… it takes away from the all around ‘niceness’ and good feelings that I try to promote (and anyone who knows me or reads my blog regularly would know that the following post must be the result of  something highly irregular to make me so p**sed off).

But if something occurs in the real world outside of the blogosphere that upsets my kids, I’m going to have a rant. Especially when the incident could well have been taken care of by a company the size of Timezone. I will be sending a link to this article to the PR guys from the global family entertainment giant and hopefully they will do something to address this moment of shame.

Here’s the background – for those who are not aware (mostly anyone without young kids, I suspect), the latest in crazes sweeping the globe among young children, is the brain-child of Bandai Namco Games. It takes the age-old hobby of card collection (when I was a kid, we collected football player cards) to the next level by combining it with modern-day computer gaming… it’s kind of like the old Pokemon card collection on steroids.

The way it works, is that by collecting cards – animal cards, strong cards and miracle cards – kids can scan the barcodes and use the combination of their strongest collected cards to fight other animals. At the end of each game, they will receive a new card (whether they win or lose).


Rightly or wrongly, it’s something that my 5-year old and his mates are right into. They collect the cards and each day after kindergarten, spend the time comaparing cards and swapping any duplicates that they may have collected.

So that’s what Animal Kaiser is… really they are just printed pieces of cardboard that end up getting sold by the geniuses behind the craze for a retail price of around $2 a piece. Unimaginable profit margins, if you ask me!

In Singapore, Animal Kaiser machines can be found in innumerable locations – from 7-11 stores to banks of machines at all Timezone outlets. The game is so popular, one can see queues of kids waiting for their turn to fight the computer battle and collect their latest card – even more, they are now at ‘Evolution 7’ of the machines, because the demand for even newer cards than the first sets available is increasing.

At the top of each machine are the clearly printed words – “Kindly Respect Others Behind You Waiting To Play”… words that have absolutely no meaning when it comes to grown adults (nerds) who hog the machines from young kids and play for hours on end.

This is where my rant begins! Under any other circumstances, grown men who ‘loiter’ around games that are clearly designed for kids could raise eyebrows. My son has (on many occassions) been approached by these strange creatures, who have asked him to swap his newly acquired card with one of theirs, because they have been trying for weeks to get a particular card to add to their collection. This is strange enough in itself, but the attempted exploitation of children in this way by strangers, is almost criminal. I fear for those kids whose parents are not with them in Timezone while these ‘predators’ are floating around.


One of the highlights of my 5yo’s week (and I know it’s a fad that he will very soon outgrow), is to get a few new cards after his drawing and inline skating classes on a weekend. So I take him for around 10-minutes to Timezone to play a few games and add to his collection. It’s great to see his face when he receives a card that he really likes.

The Shame… this Saturday just gone past, we attended the Timezone centre at Parkway Parade for Jaime’s weekly game of Animal Kaiser (Evolution 7) – I also took my 2-yo Casey with us. As is often the case, the bank of machines was full with players, so we took patiently took our place in queue awaiting for one of the players to finish.

It was at that moment, that I noticed that one of the players was a grown man (as mentioned above, this is not so unusual with the ever-growing number of Animal Kaiser adult nerds – NERD ALERT!!). What amazed me, was that he was multi-tasking… playing on one machine, while his son (or perhaps, nephew) was playing on the machine next to him. This still would have been ok, but he was actually not ‘playing’ the game – he was just scanning his payment card in his machine and then allowing the game to ‘play itself’ – that is, by not pressing any buttons, the machine (after 30-seconds each time) makes selections for him – making the process last twice as long. So he starts a game and then just chats with an old auntie sitting next to him – every now and then, reaching over to press a button on his young relative’s machine or to collect a card or to scan his payment card for a new game.


He was completely oblivious to the growing queue of kids behind him. I use this term lightly – he knew how many kids were gathering and patiently waiting, because occasionally he would glance back and then continue on with his hogging of the machines (plural).

This is where things began to get ugly – I almost thought that I might have been on hidden camera on that American show ‘Boiling Points’… my kids were starting to get restless after around 20-minutes. I reminded them (in earshot of the uncle nerd) the importance of remaining patient (at the same time, feeling my own patience growing very thin).

Finally, the Animal Kaiser adult hog looked like he was going to finish and give those in queue a chance to play – but hold the phone!!!! He asked a young girl who he obviously new (but was not in queue) to come and sit at the machine and start playing – many of the kids and adults waiting behind all looked at each other incredulously, but still nothing was said directly to this guy – perhaps the girl had been in queue at some stage and went away for some reason – so we gave them the benefit of the doubt.

The hog now sat behind the young boy we suspect was his relative – we all heard him tell this kid to finish playing after his next game – yoohoo!! Finally other kids will get a chance to play. But alas!! It was not to be!!! The girl on the machine he relinquished passed it to another boy who was not in queue – by now everybody behind was getting restless, and complaints were changing from simple looks to actual comments suggesting that people should queue up and wait their turn.

The Animal Kaiser adult nerd, now changed into the ‘Animal Kaiser Boss Man’ – he turned and said “it’s ok, they are family” (so they don’t need to queue up – because the boss man said so).

By now, my wife had arrived at Timezone, wondering why we still had not finished the mere 10-minutes that the kids wanted (this was almost an hour later at this stage). I explained in ear-shot of the ‘Animal Kaiser Boss Man’ what had been going on and how the entire crowd now waiting were beginning to get frustrated.

This is when I lost it!! The young boy in front of the boss man now had finished and stood up. As my 5-year old moved toward the machine, this rude and arrogant ‘pr*ck’ who had been causing all the frustration quickly jumped in the vacant seat, laid out his books of game cards and swiped his payment card… he took over this newly vacated machine as though he can just change from one machine to another and not consider this jumping queue (again).

Everybody behind now began getting vocal – I reached over this knuckle head and pointed to the sign “Kindly Respect Others Behind You Waiting To Play”… his reaction now was to completeley ignore me and he did not even have the courage to turn and face me… he just continued on with his oblivion.


It has been a long time since I have felt so angry that I thought a vein was going to pop in my head. It wasn’t me I was worried about – it was my kids, one of which was now crying becuase they could not get to play any machine because of this arrogant, thoughtless, ungracious and downright rude a**hole!!

My wife rightly pulled me away from the situation before I completely lost it (which would have been the worst thing for everybody). By this stage, I was creating my own scene, yelling at this nerd about what it means to be gracious, telling him to look at the group of kids now crying behind him. I am ashamed of my own lack of composure – but this had gone on long enough… and he was upsetting my children.

We decided it would be best to leave (even after waiting so long) and drive to somewhere else for Jaime to play – which we did.

This is where Timezone should be ashamed… I approached the counter on the way out and told the staff what was going on – how and adule had gone from playing two machines at once, not actually playing but scanning his card and chatting to an auntie every time, how he was directing traffic as to who could get to a machine next, regardless of any queuing going on and his direct cutting of queue himself.


The male staff memmber raised a broad smile on his face and said, “what’s wrong, you are waiting for the machine so you’re angry?”… and then giggled at the girl working there… WTF!!!?? My son was crying at the hands of a nerd who has no respect for others, ignoring all the signs on the machines and acting as the Animal Kaiser Boss Man… and the staff member had the hide to smile and laugh about it??? SHAME ON YOU, TIMEZONE!! SHAME ON YOU, ANIMAL KAISER NERD!!

Now I feel better that I’ve got all this out – I was seething with anger after this incident for hours… the only thing is that I wish I had have taken the guy’s picture to post here on my blog – or a video of his behaviour – perhaps I will go back looking for him to do so, next weekend… 🙂 And to any of my readers – if you want to ridicule someone – go check out the Animal Kaiser Boss Man at Parkway Parade Timezone – he’s a sight to see!!

Here Kitty, Kitty… Some Contraband for our Criminal Friends…

By , January 6, 2013 9:59 pm

I’ve heard of ‘cat-burglars’, but a ‘cat-smuggler’? – Well, I’ll be…

A seemingly stray cat is the latest perpetrator in a prison smuggling attempt.

Guards at a prison in northeastern Brazil thought there was something suspicious about the little white kitty – perhaps it was something to do with all of the contraband strapped to its body as it sneaked through the prison gates?

According to prison officials, the animal was found to be in possession of a mobile phone, small saws and drills – among other items that would come in handy to incarcerated criminals.

Cinthya Moreno, the spokeswoman for the Alagoas state prisons, said that the cheeky feline was caught on New Year’s Eve at a medium-security prison in the city of Arapiraca.

According to Marcelo Avelino, who is the head of the prison guards’ union, “An agent saw the cat and went to look at it closely because something about it seemed wrong… the agent found a bag tied to the animal’s body filled with saw blades and drill parts for concrete drilling and digging tunnels, along with a cell phone complete with battery and charger”.


The cat was recognized as a frequent visitor and had often been seen coming in and out of the Alagoas jail, and prison officer Luiz de Oliveira Souza said that “prisoners had raised the cat and relatives would often take it home after a prison visit… We were very surprised by this new tactic of prisoners who trained the animal so that it returned to the prison and even managed to carry materials”.

A report in ‘The O Estado de S. Paulo’ newspaper stated that “all of the prison’s 263 inmates are suspects in the smuggling attempt”. A prison spokesman said however, that “it will be hard to discover who is responsible since the cat does not speak”. (Way to go, Einstein)!!

Source: Aussie Pete Legacy Blog

Sweet Justice? – Zuckerbergs Stung By Facebook Privacy Policy

By , December 27, 2012 8:27 pm

Now for those old enough to remember, Canadian singer Alanis Morissette was brought to account many years ago when people questioned the lyrics of her hit song, “Isn’t It Ironic” – many of us thought that the various examples she gave were more those of bad luck as opposed to true irony. For example, “…isn’t it ironic… don’t you think. It’s like rain on your wedding day…” – just plain old bad luck, but certainly not irony in my mind.


What is ironic however, is the fact that the older sister of Mark Zuckerberg (he, of Facebook founder fame) got caught up by the social network’s privacy settings. Even more surprising, is that Randi Zuckerberg then got embroiled in a debate about ‘online etiquette’.

Randi has become somewhat a celebrity in her own right, after she quit her job managing Facebook public relations to pursue the launch of a Silicon Valley themed online reality show.

This latest online debacle began when she posted a family photo on Facebook (above). The post was intended only for those people on her friends list, but inadvertently ended up going public and subsequently, viral.

The picture can now be found just about anywhere across the world wide web and shows Mark Zuckerberg and family members in the kitchen who are ‘hamming up’ their reactions to messages with the latest FB feature, “Poke”.

For those who live in a vacuum and are not already aware, ‘Poke’ lets people send messages that end up ‘self-destructing’. Many people have alleged that the ‘Poke’ feature is designed for “***ting” and for sending ‘private’ (*nudge nudge, wink wink*) pictures… you see, the senders can have them quickly erased.

The problem that Randi ran into with her family picture on Facebook, was that she posted it for those people on her friends list only, however it also ended up being shared on the timelines of ‘friends of friends’ (the people she had tagged in the picture).


So isn’t ironic (again) that the image then ended up getting posted on Twitter. The rest, as they say, is history…

Randi Zuckerberg was clearly not happy with this turn events, as she tweeted, “Digital etiquette: always ask permission before posting a friend’s photo publicly… It’s not just about privacy settings, it’s about human decency.”


Heated debate then raged on at Twitter and hundreds of forums – the most common response was that after the way that Facebook handles the privacy of its users, this is ‘poetic justice’ – I call it irony.

Randi has since tweeted that the whole topic of online etiquette elicits “passion, debate, anger & Twitter crazies”, and she is thinking of making it the next subject on her reality show.


Since I am now well down the path of obviously not having any ‘digital etiquette’ myself (by posting the picture in question above), then I may as well go one step further… I’ve posted more ‘candid photographs’ of Mark Zuckerberg with his partner Priscilla and dog, ‘Beast’ on my main blog. I didn’t take the pictures – so please ‘don’t hate the player, hate the game’


My Dog Didn’t Eat My Homework! My iPhone Is In A Cow’s Bum!!

By , November 19, 2012 11:01 pm

Just in case you missed this one, dear constant readers!!

Many people have many excuses for many things… the boy who claims to his teacher, “My dog ate my homework”, “I’m only overweight because I’m happy”… the list goes on.


But what about some of the weird and wonderful excuses that insurance companies hear through their claims processes?

The British website, mobileinsurance, say that they have heard it all, and as such has decided to publish some of the most far-fetched claims it has received over the last 12 months.

Each and every claim has been investigated, and believe it or not, many of the most outrageous claims were accepted!!

For instance, a farmer claims to have lost his iPhone up the rear end of a cow while using it as a torch during calving.

In another case, a woman lost her Nokia when she baked it into a Victoria sponge cake intended for her daughter’s birthday party.

Or what about the couple on a cruise who tried to photograph themselves acting the parts of Jack and Rose in the “I’m the king of the world” scene from the epic movie, Titanic… but in the process, lost their phone over the side and into the deep blue.


Sometimes honesty might not be the best policy? Imagine the embarrassment (or lack thereof) of the twenty-something woman from Bristol who openly admitted to insurers that she had worn out the vibrate function on her BlackBerry Bold 9900 by using it as an “adult toy”. REALLY?? – Did she receive that many phone calls?


Another lady stated that her Samsung Galaxy was snatched by a sneaky seagull while she was walking her dog on an island in South Wales.


Wait there’s more!! – the man who told his insurance company that his iPhone had been stolen by monkeys at a Safari Park while he was filming them… a construction worker who claimed that his phone had dropped down the toilet (this one I believe – I’ve seen it happen!! *embarrassed smile*)


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Source: Aussie Pete

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